March 2, 2015

New Andre Iguodala Contract Murmurs

Quite frankly I am a bit tired of writing and talking about the Andre Iguodala contract situation so this will be short. But since the goal is to keep the conversation going on this blog and stay updated, I felt the need to at least put it out there.

Tom Moore, Philly beat writer, is reporting…

A source indicated that the Sixers and agent Rob Pelinka are discussing a deal worth more than $70 million over five years. That would mean $12 million next year, with annual raises of $1.26 million.

That deal would exceed those of fellow fourth-year pros Luol Deng (six years, $71 million) and Emeka Okafor (six years, $72 million). –

“Exceed their deal” is an understatement. I am hoping and praying the “5″ in terms of years is a typo that was meant to read as 6 years. But considering the dollar figure, Moore’s write-up is probably on point if his source is reliable. You guys can do the math if you want, but that looks like a final year salary of 17.04 MILLION DOLLARS (forgive my Dr. Evil impression).

Hmm, don’t think anyone saw that coming.

Bombard the comments with this in mind… Assuming these figures are legit, if you could sit down with Ed Stefanski and Ed Snider what would you ask or say to them if they do give Iguodala this deal? I’ll start:

  • Why only 5 years?
  • Do you really think Andre Iguodala is that much better/worth more to the Sixers than Luol Deng, Emeka Okafor and the like?
  • If Andre Iguodala isn’t a $17M player right now, where do you see him improving to warrant that salary in the future? He is 20-5-5 right now, do you really see his production or role increasing? I don’t. I think this contract would be completely out of line.


By the way, I will have a non-Andre Iguodala Sixers post coming as well to mix things up.

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  1. Noah says:

    wow, i’m a big iguodala fan, but that’s just too much money. it really limits what we can do in the future to improve this team. i understand that this is a business, but we’re trying to build a winner here. i always kind of assumed that despite andre’s contract demands he was committed more than anything else to playing for a winner. i’m beginning to question that.

  2. Dannie says:

    @Noah – Just another young ball player looking to maximize his dollars. I just can’t understand why the Sixers would go that far. I am still skeptical of this until something is more official and concrete. Eddy S hasn’t had any mishaps or blunders and this would be one if it actually goes down like that.

  3. bski says:

    If this intel is correct, it changes everything. I have been an unwavering supporter of Iguodala, but I do have my limits. As much as I like him and what he brings to the team, $17 mil + in the last year and a yearly average of about $15 mil is out of the question. That’s entering #1 territory. He is not now, nor do I think he will become a #1.

    If Iguodala is holding firm on this, then I say either work a sign and trade or bring him back with the one year qualifying offer. If we do the latter, I’m going to guess we will be looking to move him by the deadline. I doubt his contract demands will decrease, so if he’s pricing himself out of here now there is no way we will be signing him next off season.

  4. TTM32 says:

    I’m hoping that it’s six years as well and besides that, the report I read said that the deal would keep them from going over the cap as far as the luxury tax and they would still be able to sign another veteran big, because if Sammy goes down there in trouble. Also this is the problem with the NBA, is Iggy worth 12mi a year, absolutely not! But what do you do? Let him walk, back the deal with incentives and I think it works.

  5. bski says:

    Noah…It is a bit disappointing when these situations arise. I will never fault a player for trying to get the max for himself in any contract negotiation. Still, when I hear one guy after another speak about how winning a championship is the only thing that matters, I’d like to be able to believe it (at least a little). Brand gives him a legitimate shot at a ring. It would be great to see him take a bit less for that opportunity.

    I think Iguodala is overpricing himself here. I don’t know who else out there would be willing to pony up that kind of scratch for him. Maybe he’s deliberately doing this to force the Sixers to bring him back for the qualifying offer so that he will be unrestricted next year. Will there be more teams under the cap next year? Is he counting on a bidding war for his services? It’s either that or he is trying to make the Sixers realize that if they don’t sign him now, they will lose him after next year. Maybe he’s trying to create some pressure to see if they’ll blink and sign him for what he wants.

  6. Feet in the Paint says:

    Would Iguodala have stayed for any less?

    Okafor just came off a 14 and 11 season while missing the playoffs. Deng is coming off a 17 and 6 season while missing the playoffs also.

    Free-market, I guess. He’s produced better statistically and he believes he should get an in-kind pingback.

  7. raro says:


  8. Dannie says:

    @Feet – To your question would he take less – YES if that was the only choice given to him, which it should be considering this is well above market value for what he brings to the court.

    Sure he should get paid more than those other guys but not by this much.

    • Iguodala – $14.52M/year
    • Okafor – $12M/year
    • Deng – $11.83M/year
    • Ellis – $11.17M/year
    • Biedrins – $10.33M/year

    My big question again remains how much more will his production increase from a 20-5-5 level? If not at all, we can eliminate the thought of considering his future production and ask whether his current production should warrant a contract like the rumored one in this post?

    Also, could we get someone cheaper who produces at nearly the same rate?

  9. bski says:

    Dannie asks, “could we get someone cheaper who produces at nearly the same rate?” If $14.5 mil per is what Iguodala wants, I’m sure the search has already begun. I don’t see ES caving in. Either Iguodala lowers his contract demands a couple mil per, or he won’t be here long.

  10. deepsixersuede says:

    Don!t like it one bit; a] how does it affect resigning A.Miller 2] what does Thad get down the road. Does this make moving Willie or Reggie a necessity?

  11. iggydala09 says:

    this is actually pretty upsetting for me. i am a huge sixers fan and caught right on to iguodala as soon as he became the team leader. He has stated many times that he does indeed want to be a sixer, so taking the qualifying offer would really upset me.

    all those players though, i think iggy is better than all of them, however not that much better than them. i would sign him to 13 mill per year, putting him at a 5 year 65 million dollar contract. i think that is a fair deal for both sides because at some point….enough is enough.

    i can understand iggy’s thought process with this rumored deal though. he thinks he is better than those players mentioned before, and he lead his team to the playoffs, unlike all those players. i mean, iggy has done a whole whole lot for this team, stepping up and being a leader.

    If we attempt a sign and trade, i dont think there is anyway we could get a player with as much upside as iggy has. so in my opionion i wouldnt be happy at all with a sign in trade. iggy just does everything so well, that he really is the complete package.

    i think the sixers will end up signing him with a slightly overpaying contract, but its a sacrifice i think the sixers have to take. there arent too many young players that can do everything that iggy does, and we need to lock him up as soon as possible

  12. 2one5 says:

    This pisses me off, we sign Brand and think it’s all good. Now the “leader” of this team has some ridiculous contract demands. Get him outta here if he wants that much money or if he’s gonna sulk cause he didn’t get what he wants see ya later.

    There is no team in the league that will pay him that kinda money. He has no leverage and does not deserve that $. I don’t care what Bogut, or Okafor got they play for franchises that are a joke. We have a franchise and team on the rise, if Iggy wants to be apart of it get real and take a 5 year 60 mil contract or 6 year 70 mil contract any more than that see ya later. I still think thats a little high for him but at least I could live with those numbers.

    I liked Iggy on and off the court before hearing about his ridiculous contact demands c’mon in the last year of this proposed contract he’ll be making more than Brand was supposed to be for he opted out. Iggy will not be a much better player than 20-5-5 he should just be much more effective with better teammates, like maybe a slightly better shooting percentage and less turnovers.

    Iggy has gotten a free pass in this town cause since he has been the #1 guy on the Sixers no one expected anything from this team. It has been great that they were near 500 at any point in a season. Now with Brand and the kinda $ he wants there are gonna be major expectations. We dont know how he will handle that or how effective he will be as a 2 guard. The only example of how he will perform under those circumstances was in the playoffs, and he was terrible and did not take over like someone who warrants that kind of $ should have. NO WAY do you offer that deal ED, NO WAY!

    I am kinda worried though cause wasn’t Ed part of the decision to resign Vince Carter to his crazy contract extension in NJ that they are now trying to unload.

    Sign and Trade him or let him keep his qualifying offer and trade him at next years deadline, he will find the year before real #1 options come into free agency like Wade and Lebron no one will give him their kind of money.

    I’m just mad that it looked like everything was going to fall into place but now we have this issue. Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of these people mad cause ball players make so much $, and don’t fault him for trying to get as much as possible but you gotta be real, why not just ask for more than Gilbert Arenas of Kobe while your at it, maybe your agent will claim you have more “upside” since your younger.

  13. Duracorr says:

    I’m very disappointed. Yesterday I defended the fairness of $75m for 6 years which was similar to Deng and Okafor and the others who signed 5 year deals. That was slightly more than the 5 for $57 offer from last year, with the addition of a 6th year. Five years for $75m seems $1-2m per year too high based on what the others received and based on some of the statistical comparisons I read yesterday on this site.

    We need to remember that AI would supposedly be playing SG and that is somewhat new for him. With his jump shot a possible weakness, he is a gamble at the higher number unless he does very well. At 6 for $72-75m he is marketable. I’m not sure about his marketability at the higher number. However, if ES knows his jump shot is better, then I guess he’ll decide to pay the $$. Hopefully we can trust ES to make the right decision.

    It would be funny in a way if ES ends up paying what BK wouldn’t give.

  14. Pete says:

    lets wait until we sign him and see the actual details before we rip Iggy.

  15. Dannie says:

    I agree with Pete, I am not going to rip Iguodala until I hear more details specifically about his demands and asking price. I am also just a bit skeptical about those figures. I just don’t see Stefanski doing that, but then again none of us really know how much he values Iguodala as a player.

  16. jjg says:

    In face of demands, Ed should present option offering of 2 one-way tickets for Iggy & agent to Kalamazoo, Timbuktu or the beachfront at Marcus Hook. Imagine what he’d ask for if his team rose above .500. Or if he ever improves his game enough to be selected as an All-Star. Unmitigated gall and greed. By the time he gets to Phoenix (or another NBA stop), I’ll be smilin’. If Stefanski accedes to reported numbers, I’ll be shocked and flabbergasted. “Iguodollar, dollar, dollar… .”

  17. bski says:

    I’m with both of you guys. I used IF about 10 times in my previous posts because, at this point, we just don’t know where this situation stands or how it will end up. Hopefully this initial report is a bit off and they are close on a more reasonable deal.

  18. deepsixersuede says:

    We all thought he had no leverage but truth be told ,what leverage or options do e.S. have; as stated above, everything was coming together, but!! My biggest issue is whatever we pay him affects what A.Miller will get because no matter how you rank them last year they were 1a and 1b and other than the age difference, A.Miller is gonna have a good argument for 11 or 12 per if Iggy gets 14 plus. Dannie and Pete, could this have been leaked by the team to give Iggy a wake up call because I!m sure he reads these blogs and listens to other media outlets.

  19. iggydala09 says:

    i would actually have to say that iggy probably doesnt pay too much attention to these types of things, and i dont think the team would leak personal information like this. at least not to give iggy a wake up call.

    i just want this thing done and over with because the sooner we lock up iggy, the better

  20. jjg says:

    Why wait for confirmation of this year’s numbers? Spurnin’ 57 for 5 last year told you what he’s about.
    He’s not a burgeoning civic instititution, he’s a traveling profiteer – with a half-baked game.

  21. Dave T says:

    I can’t see Ed paying that much. I think, in the end, as long rumored, it will be a $12.5 million a year, or $13 million a year, tops, average.

    Suede makes a great point in that how Ed handles Iggy’s contract may effect A-Miller’s asking price…why would’t A-Miller get more greedy and bump his own price up 1-2 million if Iggy does the same thing?

    Who knows if this is an errant report or what though, so let’s not go too crazy until he is signed or not signed.

  22. L. A. Steve says:

    Well, I don’t have too much to say, except, I hope it isn’t true. His agent. (Rob Pelinka), is the Scott Boras of basketball, he’s all about the money.

    Hell, I thought I was being generous when I stated $10 million a year was a fair price. In my opinion, the numbers Dannie put out there is outrageous. If he could shoot the ball, maybe, it would be a little bit more palatable, but take away his dunks, and his points at the foul line, and what’s left? Plus, I agree with jjg, his arrogance and greed is a total turn-off.

    I remember after the Detroit series was over, a reporter ask him what he needed to do to keep this from happening again. He response was, I need to become more selfish, I need to look for my shot more. I said to myself, uh-oh, that’s the last thing I want to hear.

  23. Dannie says:

    @Suede I don’t think it’s Stefanski’s style to leak information about contract negotiations. He has been pretty much the quiet assassin this summer, swooping in and snatching Elton Brand while everyone was sleeping. And the other signings didn’t have any leaked info we found out about them pretty much as they happened.

    The Sixers do have leverage and if Iguodala has demanded an outrageous contract they may finally be pushed to use it.

    His qualifying offer is only like $3.8M and if he is as money hungry as we perceive he is being right now in no way does he want to play next season at that price. That is not something he realistically should be using as a threat to the Sixers but a absolute last resort for him since he would stand to lose $7-$9M compared to what he would get if he signed a reasonable deal. Whereas a guy like Ben Gordon’s qualifying offer is $6.4 and much better option for him if he doesn’t get a deal he is happy with.

    The rest in my opinion lies in the head of Iguodala.

    Does he really want to play for a winner and be in position to compete for a championship? If so that leverage is with the Sixers after all Stefanski has put together so far.

    Here is a question no one has asked? Does Iguodala actually want and prefer to play shooting guard? He could use his size, strength and athleticism on both ends to his advantage much better. With the Sixers the stars have aligned for him to play SG now. Other teams may think the way many of the fans do and think he isn’t a good enough shooter or capable of doing it and won’t guarantee him that opportunity. Leverage with the Sixers.

    Let’s be real, what irreplaceable or highly difficult to replace skills or production does he really bring? I think we all agree his strengths are in his athleticism, ability to run the floor, finish at the basket and defend (when he wants to).

    He is a good player who could be very good with some improvement and over time consistency (lets not forget he has only proven in two full seasons not 4 like some of the other free agents). But he is by no means exceptional at anything and has not at all proven to rise to the occasion when the team desperately needs him to in the playoffs. He and his agent can talk about regular season all they want, but what possible rebuttal could they have for his playoff performance? We aren’t talking one or even two games we are talking an entire series as not only a no show but a detriment to the team. In my opinion leverage Sixers.

    I am sure the Sixers have tried to avoid being cold and callous by calling attention to his weaknesses and shortcomings. Especially since they want him here long term. They don’t want to strain that relationship between management and player through these negotiations. But at some point I gotta imagine the organization will reach their boiling point, and truly begin to push back HARD.

  24. Joe says:

    If Minnesota is willing to part with Mike Miller on the cheap, he is the target in a 3-4 team deal for Iguodala if nothing can be worked out IMO.

  25. jkay says:

    error?? straight up. thats all you can read. ohh seude: i doubt iguodala reads anythin AT ALL. most players dont unless they’d probably be takin prozac. GMs like ED do tho.

  26. Dave T says:


    Love your thinking, and Mike Miller is probably right below Michael Redd and Kevin Martin as the most ideal SG for our current lineup if we were to even think about sign-trading Iggy, or orchestrating a trade. Couldn’t happen with Minny or M. Miller though because he was just traded. I think the clause in operation says a team has to wait for a period of time (60 days, 90 days?) before a player involved in a trade can be traded again.

    But…WOW…a 6’9 lights out shooter that’s a great overall offensive talent (admittedly, a pretty bad defender) would be a beautiful fit for this team. That said…I still think Iggy will be on this team in a matter of two weeks signed at $12.5 per, $13 per tops.

  27. dre says:

    Wow such anger, that’s why I try not not to comment on salaries too often. It’s all Monopoly money to me. If Iggy and his agent can ask for the moon and stars maybe the compromise is a nice chunk of the ozone layer that will be needed to cushion his fall to earth if he doesn’t live up to whatever contract he signs.

  28. Duracorr says:

    To be angry is a little over the top. After all, it’s not our money. If the Sixers are good, the income will cover the expense. The Sixers are over the cap and under the Tax so an extra million or two per year doesn’t matter much. I’m just disappointed because of what I think is an unrealistic demand. That tells me something I didn’t want to believe about AI. But if his jumpshot continues to improve, he’ll be worth the $$ because his size and athleticism at the SG position will make him one of the best. Don’t forget Michael Jordan didn’t develop his jump shot until he had been in the league two or three years and the 3 pointer came even later to MJ. It took Jerry Stackhouse 6-7 years to realize he needed to work on his J.

    I just keep hoping to open up a website and find out AI is signed.

  29. AaronMcKieforMVP says:

    this is my worst nightmare. this guy totally choked in the playoffs !!! how can we warrant paying him $15!!! I dont understand. Welcome to salary cap hell !!! join the CWebb all star team !! ! the wrong f’in players all the time! !!! the trap of throwing money around to whoever is there regardless of whether they will win for you !!!

    For the record, 6 months ago on DeepSixer, my suggested offseason move was to sign for Brand and somehow work a trade for Mike Miller (before the Miller piece was posted by Marc). Miller is a far better fit and value for us than Iggy.

  30. dre says:

    Remember Kobe choked in his early playoff career also. Let’s not forget how he shut his teammates out by hogging the ball and the infamous airball game. One playoff series (no matter how horrible) is not worth a multi-million dollar “discount”. If it becomes a trend ala Tracy McGrady then I would worry.

    Thank goodness there is not a direct quote that can be attributed to Iguodala about this latest “demand”.

    Ed Stefanski does not seem like the type of guy that would cave to ultimatums. I trust him and his basketball IQ to get a deal done that makes sense. If Ed says Iggy is worth $100M then so be it, I just want to see the final roster so the fun can really begin.

    P.S. Mike Miller is not “a far better fit” a good fit , yes, better fit, not at all.

  31. Morty says:

    I’ll echo raro: yikes…

  32. AaronMcKieforMVP says:

    a lights out shooter for $7mm is a better fit than a $15mm SF with a mediocre jumper trying to play SG

  33. deepsixersuede says:

    Question: is this team with Iggy good enough to win it all? Second question: Can we still resign A.Miller and not be in luxury tax territory? Third question: can we add a bonifide shooter next year with the midlevel exemption [Korver?] without getting in luxury tax territory? if the answer is yes to all three than E.S. should sign him, or am I wrong.

  34. deepsixersuede says:

    By the way guys, as currently constructed this team needs Iggy because other than Thad who can play the 3 for us. Isn!t Rush as big a question at the 3 as Iggy is at the 2 and suppose Thad has a sophomore slump, which does happen, than what? We can!t just add a shooter if Iggy walks, we need to add a 2/3 shooter.

  35. RROSE says:

    Boy, before the playoff series with the Pistons we all were praising Mo, Iggy, A Miller and the rest. Nobody expected them to beat the pistons I mean really. That iggy played poorly isn’t a surprise. I recall the old (Ai) having a lot of difficulty playing against the pistons in the playoffs in years past. And iggy is no Ai. So relax, the market demands he makes 5-6 yrs 70 mil it was set by other players not as good as iggy. The grass isn’t always greener.. Trade him and what do you get?

  36. AaronMcKieforMVP says:

    im anxiously awaiting Dannie’s new topic. ive argued to my death about Iggy. cant do it anymore.

  37. Morty says:


    If I read the article right, the Sixers would be 5+ mil under the luxury tax, at least in year 1. It would, however, mean that the Sixers would end up over the tax limit as soon as the season after next, given annual increases to AI2, Brand and maybe Lou (not sure how his contract is structured). Also, we expect the team to use the full mid level exception 5+ mil next summer.
    So, longer term we are talking about paying the luxury tax.

    Lets see where it all shakes out before passing judgment. This has obviously been leaked by AI2′s side, so who knows what is the Sixers position.

  38. jjg says:

    Reminds me of the homespun witticisms of prescient village square senior citizen Sylvester Stewart, aka Sly Stone: “Everybody is a star, one big circle going round and round.” Stefanski doesn’t need Avalon for “Hot Fun In The Summertime.” Pelinka & Iguodala supposedly left ComcastSpectacor premises groovin’ to “Family Affair”, “Dance To The Music”, and “I Want To Take You Higher.”

  39. jjg says:

    And what to make of Miller dropping agent and being incommunicado with Sixers, as was recently reported?

  40. iggydala09 says:

    im with rose

    there is nobody that we can get in a sign in trade that can do everything in the game like iggy can. we are going to end up signing him and overpaying him.

    whether thats the right decision, we will find out

  41. Backcourt Mate says:

    I think we are getting to caught up in positions. Is he a SG? a SF? Honestly, the only “position” that matters on the court is PG. Igoudala is a basketball player – a very good one and worth whatever he signs for. Again, if we let him go, we will certainly not get proper value in return. Please don’t sell me on Mike Miller – he does not bring to the table what Iggy brings. Personally, I like the prospects of Iggy at the 2. Besides Kobe, who could guard him? And if Thad is progressing the way we hope, 2 guards will have to guard Iggy, and he will dominate!

  42. jjg says:

    Stefanski, if I’m not mistaken, prematurely (at some point since season end) made a public commitment to signing AI2. Where’s the shrewd business sense in that? He’s in a negotiating box.

  43. RROSE says:

    Its great to play fantasy basketball getting all your favorite players on one team. It just doesn’t happen like that. Iggy is a solid player with many skills and still young. I’d rather have a multi talented player then a one dimensional player. I see Iggy flourishing in a role now where he is back to being Robin as opposed to being Batman. My last playoff comment, noone seems to mention how A Miller disappeared in that same series, do we get rid of him too?

  44. bski says:

    JJG…You are right. ES did go on the record stating that the Sixers were committed to keeping both Iguodala and Williams. I’m wondering if it was part of the plan to lure Brand. Maybe ES thought it would help on both ends. First, Brand would know that he would be an addition to what we have. He would be the difference maker that could get a young team on the rise over the top instead of it being a lateral move where he would only be a replacement for guys who were leaving. Second, maybe he thought having Brand in the fold, bringing the opportunity for a championship run would alter the thinking of Iguodala and Williams (and Miller as well) to the point that they would sign for less in exchange for that opportunity. Just a thought.

  45. bski says:

    RROSE: Robin has only been in one Batman movie, and it was a bomb. Maybe Iguodala talked with Chris O’Donnell about playing the role of Robin and decided that it would be a bad career move. Again, just a thought.

  46. jjg says:

    Backcourt Mate,

    “Besides Kobe, who could guard him?” Does Tayshaun Prince ring a bell? Raja Bell, Bruce Bowen, Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson and Shane Battier could stymie him too (among countless others). Admittedly they’re not all equivalent 2s, but theoretical numbers don’t play defense.

  47. jjg says:


    Part A of ES plan worked to perfection; part B may explode like a trick cigar.

  48. Feet in the Paint says:


    True. Good points. And you can get someone cheaper. I think I turn into Milton Friedman when I comment from work. Haha.


  49. matto says:


    with the exception of R. Bell every player you named plays the 3. if they guard Iggy then who guards Thad? The PF? THen who guards Brand? It will be a matchup nightmare for other teams.

  50. iggydala09 says:

    yeah he definetly is gaurd-able by the top defenders in the league but i beleive with a solid low post scorer, it makes it a lot harder to double team iggy, and sworm him once he gets into the lane. brand will help iggys game tremendously in my opionion

  51. JMKinLA says:

    It’s done. 6 years, 80 mill. Hey, it’s not my money, so who am I to complain???

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