February 28, 2015

Ten Best Uniforms In Philadelphia History

Alright, after dissecting the horrid array of Philly sports attire, we can move on to the second installment, which is obviously, the 10 best uniforms in Philly sports history. Some of these were easy, some were tough, but I’m sure there will be opinions about all. Here we go…

Ten Best Uniforms In Philadelphia Sports History

1. Philadelphia Flyers, 1967-Present

The Flyers are the easy choice for #1. They are the only Philly team that got it right from the start, and then kept it relatively the same throughout the history of the franchise. The Flyers uniform features both a unique and cool logo (its a “p” with wings AND a puck with wings) and a unique color scheme. The main feature of uni, the logo in the middle, has never changed (save for the 3rd uniforms that we covered in the “worst” list), making this the only true classic uniform currently worn by any of our 4 franchises. I could have chosen any of the slightly different versions of this jersey the team has worn, and would like to hear which you guys think is the best. This is my favorite of the old ones.

2. Philadelphia Sixers, 1978-1991

The jersey that started it all. Brand sporting this uniform is his post-signing photo shoot got me entirely too pumped up. In 1991, the Sixers made arguably the worst decision in team history by switching these uniforms for the ones that were #1 on my worst list. The basketball gods punished them with horrible, horrible teams. None of the important, older franchises in the NBA have changed their look except the Sixers. What would happen if the Celtics changed their jerseys? The Lakers? The Knicks? People should feel the same way about the Sixers. This uniform has a great red, white and blue color scheme, and belongs on the court every night.

3. Philadelphia Phillies, 1925-1937

The Phillies lost their chance to have a truly classic jersey along the lines of the Yankees and Tigers in 1937, when like the Sixers, they went away from roots to another jersey, this one #2, on my worst list. In a perfect world, the Phillies would have kept these jerseys until now, making only slight changes. The jersey the Phillies should be wearing today would be like the one above, with pinstripes, in a dull red (see #8 for what color I mean) and no name, just a number on the back. Too bad, another opportunity lost by the Phils. Another look at the jersey here, and please note that in my perfect Phillies jersey I would change the hat to a solid red.

4. Philadelphia Eagles, 1985-1995

These green jerseys are just great to look at. For some reason, I really think that the black outline around the lettering and the eagle on the shoulder make this uniform. I’ve always been a fan of the wing-helmet and the green and gray was a very unique color scheme.

5. Villanova Wildcats, 2006

This Nova jersey accomplishes something that is very seldom seen in sports these days, simple AND stylish. Love the number, the simplicity of “Villanova,” the “V” above it and the trim. I think in terms of logos, not uniforms, the current Villanova “V” has to rate up there right behind the Flyers. Unfortunately, college bball uniforms change almost every year now.

6. Philadelphia Phillies, 1970-1992

The powder blues! Let the debate begin. I don’t think that these were in place the whole time the Phillies went with the maroon look, but I couldn’t find exactly when they were. What I’ve seen in the comments field here is that older guys who were around when the change was made do not like this uniform, and younger guys who came after the uniform was gone love it. I’ve always loved this uniform. Many of the classic uniforms in sports use powder blue (UNC, Chargers). I was never a huge fan of the “P” logo used here, but the powder blue/maroon combo is one of the most unique you will ever find.

7. Philadelphia Sixers, 1966-1970

If someone can find a better picture of this jersey, please let me know. Once again, I really like this color scheme, but I’ve always loved the Sixers jerseys that say “PHILA” on them, including their new one. I have no idea why they did it. My guess is they couldn’t fit “Philadelphia” on the jersey back in the day, but I really don’t know. Either way, a great look.

8. Philadelphia Phillies, 1950-1970

Just dull down the red a little bit, thin out the letters and the “P” on the hat, and all of a sudden you’ve turned the current Phillies jersey into the much better version they wore for 2 decades. It’s amazing how a slight change in red makes you think of a burnt red clay color instead of a licorice whip or Minnie Mouse’s bow. In 1993, when the Phillies went back to this look, they should only have changed the way the uniforms fit the players. A better look at the front of the jersey here (I wanted to use one with the pinstripes).

9. Philadelphia Eagles, 1996-Present

Yes, I liked the old jerseys a little better, but the Eagles did a great job of updating their look in 1996. They created a color of green that is now immediately associated with the Philadelphia Eagles. The helmet is one of the best in the NFL, and is better than the older ones without being too flashy. I might change the font they used for the numbers, but considering how our other franchises have modernized their uniforms, this one is a slam dunk.

10. St. Josephs Hawks, 2004

St. Joes has a different look here with the number in between the name of the school, but I like it. Also like the updated version of the hawk above “saint.” Doesn’t hurt that a lot of good memories come back with the sight of this jersey.

Alright, that’s my top-10. What did I miss? As always, I’ll add to this list if you guys mention some that I think should be on there.

My next best of Philly is a big one, the top-20 individual seasons in Phillies history (limit 1 per player). Chime in with any ideas, I pretty much have the 20 set, but some could be bumped off.

Keep up with the Best and Worst of Philadelphia Sports series.

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  1. AaronMcKieforMVP says:

    #1 . Yeahhhhhh!!!!!

  2. bski says:

    As I type this I am attempting to come to terms with the fact that I now belong in the “older guys” category (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Regardless of where you pigeon hole me, I still did not, do not, and will not like the powder blue road uniforms the Phils wore during their glory days of the 70s-80′s. I know I’m opening myself up for berating again, but I just can’t make myself like them. Like I said last time, the toughest part of the whole thing is that I cannot ignore them or forget them because they were worn during the most successful run of winning baseball in club history. This is really the only reason they are held in such high regard. All of the romanticizing over the golden days of yore softens everyone’s view to the point where even a uniform like that becomes beloved.

  3. Pete says:


    what would your perfect phillies uniforms be?

  4. bski says:

    Actually, I agree with what you said under #3. Add pinstripes to that jersey, with that P, a solid red cap, and you’ve got it. I like the clean, classic style of #3, but it’s a bit too staid as it is. I like the pinstripes from #8, but Phillies in script across the front is a bit too showy for that uni. Combine the best elements of each one and now you’re talking. Having the player’s name on the back is fine with me also.

    I also agree that it would have been great if they had stayed with one uni, only making periodic, minor updates. It would be nice to have that seamless tradition/tying of one baseball generation to the next thing going instead of breaking up our history into distinct blocks of time defined by the uniform changes.

  5. TTM32 says:

    Are the Sixers bringing that Jersey back?

  6. Jordan says:

    #2 is my favorite of all-time.

  7. Jim says:

    Good list overall. Have to disagree with #4 though. I always thought the Randall-era Eagle jerseys were kind of boring, and looked too much like the Kotite-Jets jerseys.

    Now the Jaws-era Eagle jerseys, with the wide shoulder stripes, THAT was a fantastic jersey.

  8. Jef says:

    Here is another picture of the 1966-1970 Sixers Uniform. It is a scan of the Topps Stadium Club card of Wilt Chamberlain that I found.


  9. Jef says:
  10. The Duke says:

    I really like the current Eagles uniforms. Taking out all nostalgic emotion, they might be my favorite on the list.

  11. Ed says:

    Count me in as a fervent fan of the powder blues. I also grew up in that era, but I don’t think it’s the nostalgia that makes it popular. I think it’s the maroon they use for the P and numbers. Also, I think it’s the lack of the “Phillies” with stars on top of the “i”s that makes this so much better than what we have now. I never knew we had those old style Ps on #3 though. That would be a TERRIFIC uniform if only we had stuck with it like Detroit. I’ve always liked Detroit’s logo too.

    Count me in as well in hoping we dump the current sixers unis and go with those classics. What was their aways, the deep red ones?

  12. cd says:

    Love the powder blues, but only with the zipper front! But man, I feel old…

  13. Dannie says:

    Love those Sixers uniforms. I want to get an authentic but I am still debating which player to get. I am thinking if I can find the white home Moses Malone jersey I am all over it.

  14. I am by no means a Philly sports fan, but you’re on crack if you think powder blue should be used for any sort of apparel other than pajamas, which is what the Phils, Braves, Royals, and any other team that wore those eyesore unis in the 70s and 80s looked like they were wearing.

    I agree with you on pretty much all the other calls (especially the Sixers), but the uni the Phils wear now looks just fine. In my opinion, of course.

  15. bb says:

    got to agree on the flyers, can’t wait to see the new orange third jersey this year

  16. J Dubbz says:

    I gotta say that the Penn State football uni’s shold be up there in the top 5. I know Penn State isn’t a “Philly” team, but over 60% of the students there are from Philly and what other college football team do we have, Temple??? (in a sarcastic tone) Those uniforms have endured the ages and are still the best in all of college football in my mind. JOE PA FOR PRESIDENT!!!

  17. jjg says:

    As an adjunct nominee for best logo design in terms of affiliate sychronicity, bold simplicity and regional statement, presenting…


  18. jjg says:

    re #17: make that “synchronicity”

  19. Smith says:

    I don’t know, I think #3 looks way too much like the Tigers. Are you kidding about the current Eagles look?? There is no look more dreary and depressing than the current. The colors are so dull and lifeless, it was a terrible update. #4 is superior in every single way.

  20. Renbo Slice says:

    I totally agree with your list. …But, Is it just me or do we seem to fall in love with these uniforms only because we’ve enjoyed relative success or a Championship in them?

    • Carl says:

      HUh?I love the Eagles colors on their new uniforms.My favorite look they have actually is the green helmets/white jerseys/green pants.I absolutely love the green pants with the white jerseys.Would actually think black pants with a green and white stripe woould look better with the green jerseys over the white.

  21. Chris K says:

    The current eagles uniforms are COMPLETE garbage. They need to go back to the Randall era or Jaws era jerseys. I also wish the sixers would go back to the uni’s they’re teasing us with in these elton brand billboards!!!!

  22. jjg says:

    My opinion of bests:

    Sixers – Their first one, with “PHILA” on front, ’76′ inside 13 stars on side of pants, 13 stars encircling player number on back. See Sixers.com, uniform history, bottom picture (Chet Walker #25). Not fancy, just cool.

    Eagles: Anything kelly green & white from past, emphatically excluding present Main Line/ Lurie “midnight green” get-ups and their computer numbers. Preferred look on game day: white pants, white shirts, kelly green helmet with silver (only) wing -no highlighting black or white outline. Jurgenson to Retzlaff on a cloudy, cold November day – yeah!

    Phils: Easy one. Late 50s and 60s attire. If it was good enough for Art Mahaffey, Chris Short, Tony Gonzalez and Richie Allen, it’s good enough for me. Today’s ‘P’ on cap doesn’t compare.

    Flyers: The one that acrobatic flopper Doug Favell wore in goal in franchise opener – simple but bright, with their classic logo.

  23. jjg says:

    easy access, Sixers uniform history:


  24. jjg says:

    correction re #22: Sonny’s last name – “Jurgensen”

  25. Dannie says:

    Pete why the hell do you like those 1965-66 jerseys? Seriously, are they the only basketball uniform ever with the number above the team name?

  26. JS2 says:

    I have a love/hate thing with the powder blues. The most successful clubs in Phils history wore it, but powder blue? Baseball? I know it was the 70′s, but… ah, forget it. The home unis from that time would have made the list instead as a compromise. Side note: The Phils wore powder blue in that style from 73-88 (the road unis were gray the other years.)

    I love the Flyers classic look, but #1 has to be the Randall-era Eagles uniforms. The helmets looked better, the green was true Eagles green, and most of all they wore SILVER pants! Those Eagles teams looked like #$@!*& superheroes. The new Eagles unis are decent, but just not the same.

    And it’s just my opinion, but I would have fit either the 76-77 or 77-78 Sixers on here somewhere.

  27. Rogo99 says:

    I’ve been able to deal with the midnight green Eagles unis, but the wings on the helmet are too cartoony. I’d like to see the previous more “realistic” wings returned.
    Keep in mind that Lurie and co. were thinking about not using them. And their all-white combos are not as boring as some other teams’, but silver or grey pants would be tremendous. The 76ers unis (black??) and logo since Pat Croce have been a disaster-the only bad thing he did. Their classic design with the number and stars is an all-time classic. Flyers latest unis were probably dictated by the paramaters of the new materials, and fortunately stick to their classic template. Wouldn’t mind revisitng the full length sleeve trim. Phillies? Why would you want to go back to a design that lost a million games?

  28. Big 5 Fan says:

    Totally with JS5 on the Eagles unis. The new ones are fine but I still miss the old Eagles green.
    Also loved the Penn football unis in the mid/late-80s when they were constant Ivy champs, with split-P on the helmet and red numbers on the blue jerseys. Overall, Penn unis have not gone well since the 90s. I blame And 1, a Penn-alum founded company, who got their start by dressing the Penn basketball team, and not very well in their early years.
    Penn State’s are nice but not quite top-10…simple and classic, like the Villanova basketball shirts on the list, but lacking the details to make them truly distinctive. Still, I don’t want them to change a thing. They are a total classic at this point and are such an icon, they need NO updating.
    Temple has the same problem the Phils do, in trying to define its red over the years. Cherry? Burgundy? Garnet? They have it more together now but seem to have spent a lot of years trying to not look like St. Joe’s maroon and veering too far in to candy-apple red.
    And my father in law still pines for the Penn unis of his youth: see Heisman in his version here: http://www.explorepahistory.com/displayimage.php?storyId=32&imgId=5312 Obviously my father in law isn’t that old but does remember the striped sleeves and pants (socks?) and loved the look.
    Great list. Thanks for the memories.

  29. bobbyzee says:

    Phillies:  70′s and 80′s were horrible.  50′s and 60′s were great and the current pinstripes are close enough for me.  The classic old english P would have been great, and would be interesting to try to start now (the Tigers have always been my favorite team and I love their home uniform).

    Eagles:  the Randall-era green and silver was the best, and the previous green and white is nostalgic.  The current is acceptable, but only the green jerseys (the black looks terrible).

    Sixers:  The current uni is not bad, but lacks a classic look.  I wish they’d wear the red alternate road uni regularly.  I don’t know why everyone is so convinced that black is the thing.  But I agree with JS2 in comment 26 about the 76-77 and 77-78 uniforms.  Maybe it was that they were just getting good again after so many down years, but if they kept those uniforms, they’d be classics now.  I remember how good Julius looked in his first year as a Sixer, Lloyd Free, Doug Collins.  The ’78-’90 uniform was worn by great teams, but was really blahhhhhhh.

  30. Ronnie says:

    2. Philadelphia Sixers, 1978-1991

  31. anthony says:

    Temple football 2007 – Present

  32. Linda says:

    can’t wait to see the new orange third jersey this year

  33. Jim says:

    Without a doubt, my favorite Phillies “P” is the logo from the 1970′s and 1980′s. Burgundy uniforms of 1979, perhaps with white pants or grey it would’ve worked ?

    Actually, Majestic has a Mike Schmidt Cooperstown Stance burgundy jersey that has the 1970′s Phillies lower case stitched on the front that I prefer to anything I’ve pretty much seen to date, maybe even solid burgundy and no powder blue:


    That 1937 Detroit Tigers looking uniform isn’t bad, but that style lettering is really Detroit Tigers, nobody else can pull it off after switching.

    For pinstripes, this one looks better than the home whites:


    After the Yankees pinstripes, those are like the Detroit Tigers uniforms I mentioned. Nobody else can pull it off ? Red pinstripes is just harder to pull off. Red pinstripes says “Pimps” not “Phillies” ? I will say the gold trim helps them out as passable ?

  34. john baxter says:

    Did’nt the flyers used to wear a type of game pants it kinda looked like they were wearing slacks during their hockey games it was around the early 80s.

  35. Mike Appel says:

    Your point about the Sixers, a traditional franchise, changing their uniforms, was exactly how I felt when the Flyers switched to Black. The Flyers have a great tradition and have always been known as the Orange and Black, so when they changed, I couldn’t stand it. I almost couldn’t even stand to watch them in those jerseys because I didn’t feel as though I was watching “the Flyers”. It was some other team out there. I also think the hockey gods weren’t smiling on them either being that the Flyers never appeared in the Stanley Cup finals when they wore the Black jerseys. Thank God they went back to the Orange. Now the Eagles need to go back to the Kelly Green. Although as long as Christina Laurie is around that isn’t going to happen

  36. Johnny Cokenose says:









  37. wali says:

    big violation to leave off the eagles 1960 uni’s

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