March 3, 2015

Ten Worst Uniforms In Philadelphia History

This is the first installment of our ongoing series of the Best and Worst in Philadelphia Sports History.

My idea for the first segment, uniforms, came immediately after Elton Brand’s press conference, when instead of the current Sixers jersey, he raised an updated version of the old red, white and blue version. I freaked out.

I couldn’t tell if I was more excited for the Brand signing, or the fact that the Sixers finally returned to their classic roots (note: They haven’t).

How many of these would I buy? Which player(s) would be most appropriate? Would they make Shavlik Randolph jersey’s even though he was released? I talked to several other people, and some of them were equally excited about the possibility of a new jersey and others simply nodded disinterestedly and said “mm hmm, that’s nice.”

Regardless, I’ve done my best to bring together my favorite and least favorite Philly jerseys (it’s really hard to find pictures of old jerseys on the internet). It’s also tough with only 4 teams, so I included the Big-5 squads as well.

Alright, I’m done whining. I’m going to start with the worst jerseys and will do the best later in the week.  Here goes.

Ten Worst Uniforms In Philadelphia Sports History

1. Philadelphia 76ers, 1991-1994

Certainly the man wearing the jersey doesn’t help the look of it, but this uniform was the first of many attempts the Sixers made to “modernize” a Sixers uniform that didn’t need change in the first place. Nothing strikes fear into a opponent quite like an array of shooting stars that look like Rainbow Brite should be on the other end. The saddest part of the whole thing? I owned a Shawn Bradley jersey in that style. Paid money for it. I will list all the jerseys I have ever owned in the comments section, and you might not find that fact all that strange.

2. Philadelphia Phillies, 1938-1942

This recent Terry Muholland picture was the largest I could find with this uniform, and that’s probably a good thing. The “P” on the jersey and hat is so boring you’d think that they would have just put a plain rectangle on the jersey if it were allowed. They also went for the rare bright yellow and royal blue combination. This uniform looks like something I drew when I was little and could only draw straight lines and had access to about 4 crayons.

3. Philadelphia Eagles, 1933, 2007

It’s a cool idea that the original Eagles squad had uniforms that matched the colors of our city flag, but the result was just not a good thing. I believe that these uniforms were only worn for one year but were brought back last year for the team’s 75th anniversary. I actually really like the design on the helmet, very simple, and reminiscent of the Princeton/Michigan/Delaware helmet, but you can’t take a grown man seriously when you have to squint to look at his uniform.

4. Villanova Wildcats, 1995

I’m pretty sure this is the same font they use for Pokemon. This Nova jersey was yet another example of the horrendous trend in the 90′s of teams going away from their classic uniforms to try to create new, edgy unis. Unfortunately, these Wildcats only found new, edgy ways to disappoint their fans.

5. Philadelphia Eagles, 1970-1973

The famous Eagles white helmets. It wasn’t the white helmets as much as it was how stupid they looked with the green jerseys. With white jerseys and green pants, they might have been able to pull it off. Maybe not.

6. Philadelphia Phillies, 1993-Present

Sorry guys, but I HATE these jerseys. It’s bright red, it’s cartoon lettering and the color scheme is shared by 3 other teams (Reds, Nats, Angels). We are one of the oldest franchises in all of sports, we should have a classy, classic jersey that is unique to the team (think Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers, Dodgers). We’ve changed uniforms so many times we’ve really already ruined our chances, but I do know exactly what I want our uniform to look like, and I’ll reveal it in the “best” category.

7. Philadelphia 76ers, 1971-1976

Disco, baby! I could leave it at that, but I have to think someone was on serious drugs if the thought that the final letter on this uniform looked like an “S.” Seriously, look at the “S” I just typed and then look at the “S” on this jersey. It looks like it got hit by a car. Also, the “e” is Pacman, and is about to eat the “r.”

8. Philadelphia Flyers, 2005-2006

The Flyers are the one Philly team that took a good logo, stuck with it, and made it classic. However, as hockey teams went a little crazy trying to one up each other with strange alternate uniforms, the Flyers gave in a created this uniform that made the classic logo look like it was an ad for a Terminator film. I know a lot of people liked this look, but I was never a fan.

9. Villanova Wildcats, 2007

With this uniform, I almost got the sense that Nike (Nova doesn’t have much say over what they wear) was trying to expand what they’ve done with the Oregon Ducks and make “ugly” uniforms cool. Why the different colors along the shoulders? Why go back to the stupid “am I wearing a jersey or a cut-off t-shirt” look. Hopefully they get this fixed up for the next couple sweet sixteen appearances.

10. Penn Quakers, Not Sure

I remember these shorts because they always reminded me of Fruit Stripe Gum. For the #10 spot, I also considered Temple Football uniforms with the Owl, not the “T”, on the helmet, the Sixers blue uniforms with their current logo and the Phillies black and gray uniforms from 1942-1948.

10a. Philadelphia Phillies, Late 70′s

Is that Don Carmen? I can’t tell, might have been too early for him. Anyway, I’ll let our reader, Drolz, take it from here:

Once upon a time, we booed Santa Claus. He felt so bad he couldn’t bring cheer to our honorable town that he later decided to make amends. As a gesture of goodwill, he sent his pajamas to the 1979 Phillies.

Alright guys, have at it. What do you disagree with? What unis did I miss? I’ll continue to add any good ones you guys can find.

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  1. The Duke says:

    Well those Sixers uniforms were definately the worst. They made me embarassed to be a fan of the team.

    I actually like the Eagles old school yellow and aqua though and am not opposed to the current Phils uniforms, though it does bother me that we share the color scheme with so many clubs.

  2. Drolz says:

    Once upon a time, we booed Santa Claus. He felt so bad he couldn’t bring cheer to our honorable town that he later decided to make amends. As a gesture of goodwill, he sent his pajamas to the 1979 Phillies.

    Weren’t those burgundy uniforms a beaut? :)

  3. LAWRENCE says:

    I remember the Phillies wearing an all burgandy outfit in the late 70′s. Top and bottom. Looked like they had pajamas on. It may have been around the time Astros were wearing their red orange rainbow shirts on the belly. Also hated those old timer looking hats with the three stripes around the cap. I think some teams were wearing for ’76 celebration. Pirates started with them and Phils and others followed.

  4. aaronmckie4mvp says:

    i will 1-up you on the Bradley jersey … i bought it twice. first when it came out right after the draft with (#45 which he never wore), then when the replica came out with #76. luckily this was back when Champion was making all the $40 replica jerseys as opposed to the $250 nutz we have to lay out for today’s

  5. bski says:

    LAWRENCE: Great call on those caps. I was thinking about them as I read the article, but then I saw you beat me to it.

    What jumps out in my mind is the Phillies’ road uniform of the late 70′s-early 80′s. That powder blue was horrific. Maybe the worst part is that they wore them during what has been by far the most successful run of winning baseball in club history. This means that every time we want to relive those old glory days, which we must in order to remind ourselves that we were at one time among the best organizations in the game, we have to look at footage of all of our greatest teams playing in atrocious uniforms.

  6. Pete says:

    bski -

    i know you didnt just insult the powder blue. i know that didn’t just happen.

  7. Pete says:

    as promised….here are all the jersey’s i’ve owned (all the bball and football ones are replicas, and most of the bball ones were bought in middle school)

    McNabb – Eagles (Green)
    Shawn Andrews – Eagles (Black)
    #83 – Notre Dame (Green)

    John LeClair – Flyers (White)
    Paul Coffey – Flyers (white, signed and stolen)
    Canucks (blank)
    Maple Leafs (blank)

    Jim Thome – Phillies (Baby Blue)
    Chase Utley – Phillies (Cream Alternate)
    Elizardo Ramirez – Philles (BP – Game Used)
    Nomar Garciaparra – Red Sox

    Iverson – Sixers (rookie year red)
    Iverson – Sixers (red phila alternate)
    Eric Snow – Sixers (signed)
    Tyrone Hill – Cavs
    Darko Milicic – Pistons
    Nick Van Exel – Lakers
    Jalen Rose – Nuggets
    Kevin Garnett – T-Wolves
    Jason Kidd – Mavs
    Hakeen Olajuwon – Rockets
    Bryant Reeves – Grizzlies
    Shawn Bradley – Sixers
    Ray Allen – UConn
    Jameer Nelson – Magic
    Charles Barkley – Suns

  8. Tommy G says:

    I’ll agree with most.

    I actually don’t mind the Villanova 2007 jerseys. But those Kerry Kittles/Jason Lawson jerseys of the 90′s were horrific.

    And the early 90′s Sixers uni’s WERE horrible. I emphasize WERE. There seems to be some sort of cult following on ebay with them. A recent auction for a Manute Bol jersey went for $86.01! And not game-worn or signed! Straight-up Champion replica!

    Ugly has a following…

  9. mole says:

    Pete: i sure hope the shawn bradley, big country reeves, and ty hill jerseys were gifts or hand-me-downs b/c if you spent money on those you really let me down….

  10. Pete says:

    mole -

    shawn bradley was the first big draft pick of my young life and i thought he was going to be awesome (he’s 7’6”, how could he not be!)

    reeves I bought because I wanted a grizzlies jersey. they were the new team at the time. didn’t care who was on the back.

    and the Ty Hill I bought in HS for $10 when he was on the Sixers.

    I dont think that made it better.

  11. Pete says:

    here is a link to the “pajama” uniforms mentioned above. they should definitely have made the list

  12. bski says:

    PETE: I have lived and died with the Phils for 35 years, but I cannot abide those God awful powder blue road uniforms. I accepted them years ago because I was a kid and I absolutely, unconditionally loved the Phils. Now, even considering all the warm and fuzzy, goose bump inducing, nostalgic feelings I have for those years, I just can’t get past them.

    Hey, at least they weren’t the worst baseball unis of that time. We beat the Astros, with their almost indescribably ugly unis consisting of multiple bands of varying shades from light yellow through dark orange.

  13. jjg says:

    Pete, 10a pictorial subject is righthanded pitcher Larry Christenson (11 career HRs); lefty Don Carmen was a mid-80s mediocrity.

  14. couldn’t agree more about n. 1, and great research job Pete, too bad I don’t follow the other sports, anyway difficult to say those Eagles, Phillies etc jerseys were nice !

    as for the Sixers uniforms, I take offense that my campaign to bring back the old ones hasn’t been mentioned/linked in the post (LOL), we need only two signatures to reach 100. Guys…..

  15. jjg says:

    Astros’ rainbow uni was indeed an aesthetic disaster, but has stiff competition as worst of all-time: ’72 Padres’ mustard yellow and taco brown duds, ’74 Indians’ all-bloodclot red threads and ’76 White Sox’ avant-garde black & white wide-collared shirts w/short pants and knee socks (legendary owner Bill Veeck’s creation) were spectacles too.

  16. Dave T says:


    Eric Snow…had a Jersey?!?!


    I second Pete about knocking the old school powder blue/maroon…shame on you.

    Uniform on the list I really like:

    -The current Villanova unis. I actually think it’s one of the best home uniforms in college basketball. I love the “is it a jersey or a cutoff T?” look in general…love the navy stripe on the shorts, love the font on the lettering, love the color scheme…and while I’m with Dannie on the different shoulder colors looking dumb…I love the idea of the shoulder color, and if they were both navy, this would be the perfect home jersey.

    -Also…I’m curious where people stand on the current Sixers unis? I’ve always thought our away black/gold jerseys are some of the best in the NBA, and really don’t want those changed. It’s never looked as good in white, but that gold Sixers curvy lettering on black, with red on the outside of the lettering, and the gold basketball with the swoosh trail behind it…money in the bank.

    -Favorite bball jersey of all time: Duke’s alternate road game jerseys in the early – mid 00′s. Black, with navy blue lettering for the Duke name and symbol. Flat out a badass jersey.

    -Great call on those Astros 70′s – early 80′s unis…definitely a 1st ballot Bad Jersey Hall of Fame candidate.


    Is “the” Sixers jersey to buy now Elton Brand, or Iguodala? Sure is a lot less clear than in the AI era. I always have a tough time buying jerseys of recently signed free agents…they don’t seem part of the team yet…I always feel like they need to earn that with time.

  17. Pete says:

    Dave T-

    The current sixers uni’s are OK. My problem is that we are the only landmark NBA franchise (Knicks, Lakers, Celtics, Pistons) to have completely altered our look. Can you imagine if the Celtics or Lakers changed their unis? People should feel the same about the Sixers.

    The “it” jersey to buy is a GREAT question. Let’s look at it for the 4 philly teams.

    Sixers: I think it’s Brand. He’s new, he’s the #1 guy. Though I would throw Thaddeus’ name in there, I think he’s the young player people are most excited about.

    Phillies: Utley. He’s signed through forever and is a Philly-type player.

    Eagles: This is tough one. McNabb could be gone next year. Westbrook is unhappy. Shawn Andrews (my current eagles jersey) needs prozac. Asante Samuel is already hurt. Do you go with Dawkins, even though he’s old, because it will always be classic jersey? Or a young guy under contract for awhile like Trent Cole? Hmmmm… I guess you have to stick with Westbrook, assuming they will get his contract worked out.

    Flyers: Mike Richards. No brainer. Best player on the team, just signed a 10-year extention or something.

    • branderson says:

      yeah about that mike richards jersey?
      haha of course I have richards and carter. sucks. also a gagne and a biron

  18. Jacob says:

    You shelled out money for a Jeff Samardzija jersey? Was Tom Zbikowski not available?

  19. Commish says:

    I believe the pitcher in the burgundy uni is Larry Christensen

  20. Rocky Balboa says:

    Yo! The Phillies current uniforms are great….whadddya punch drunk or somethin?

    How could you not put the Eagles current uniforms on there with the mutant numbers. SUCK. If they had normal number they’d be glorious. Oh and if they were kelly green. And had silver pants and a straighter wing. See Randall Cunningham for an example.

  21. Rob says:

    Aren’t the current Phillies uniforms a kind of return to retro thing like they wore back in the 60s? I thought that was what they were supposed to be after what they wore throughout the 70s and 80s.

  22. Pete says:

    yeah, the current phillies unis are a version of these:

    the old ones have a much better color scheme. less super-bright and the writing is more cursive than cartoon-y

  23. Brian says:

    When will you be posting your “Best” list?

  24. Jonee says:

    I’m sorry, but those ’71-’76 Sixers unis are awesome. The funky lettering, the stars on the side panels; beautiful.

  25. Pete says:

    Brian -

    Probably early next week. I have most of them picked out. But EVERYONE, feel free to chime in any you think should be on.


  26. Pete says:

    by the way, just to clarify. I did not steal a Paul Coffey jersey, it was stolen FROM me.

  27. jjg says:

    Pete, Good picture of Robin Roberts. Games started: 609; games completed: 305 – an incredible statistic, along with 4700+ career innings in 19 seasons! And Hamels is present “plowhorse” with 2 complete games of 22 started. No one else on staff has “pulled fully into the barn.”

  28. Pete says:


    I don’t think people nationally, or even in Philly, realize just how good Robin Roberts was. He was the best pitcher in all of baseball almost ever year during the 1950s.

    If they gave out the Cy Young back then, he would have won in 1950, 1952, maybe 1953 (him or Spahn), 1954 and 1955.

  29. jjg says:

    Pete, You’re right. He was a true great. Schilling’s in his ancestral line (at least in mindset), not many others of present.

  30. David says:

    I can’t beleive that nobody has mentioned the long pants the Flyers wore for two seasons (’81-’82 and ’82-’83). They were black and their goalies complained that they couldn’t pick up the puck through all the black pants in front of the net. And they were butt ugly.

  31. jjg says:

    David, Those long pants drove Bobby Clarke straight into retirement…uuuhhhglee, they wuz.

  32. dj says:

    the unis that we loved during the 80s were really an aberration in phillies history (even though they are nostalgically awesome for me.)

    i also hate the phillies current unis. i appreciate that they are going for a “classic” look, but i think it’s too bright and blocky. tone down the red and make the lettering a bit more flowy. sadly, i think they’ll stick with these unis for a while.

  33. logan says:

    I saw some ‘alternate’ Phillies unis the other day. No stripes, more blue in the uni and a blue hat, and I thought it was pretty cool. I’m transplanted in a non-NL city, so don’t get to see them as often.

  34. Dave T says:

    I hadn’t seen pictures of the 1960′s Phillies unis that the current ones are based on…they really do have a nice classic look to them. If we toned our current ones down a little (those two bright blue stars over the damn i’s have always pissed me off) to match the old ones, we’d have some great retro unis going on, a la Boston.

    A suggestion for the “best of” list. Maybe not top 10 material, but I always thought the mid-late 90′s St. Joe’s bball unis were great. More fire engine red then the current maroon ones (which rips off Temple too much). Plus they had this sparkly sheen to the white/red that most jerseys don’t have:



    (Rashid Bey, star PG of the ’97 team, is pictured…people tend to forget how nuts Philly went over that team’s Atlantic Ten title win, Sweet 16 run, and double OT victory against heavily favored Boston College in the 2nd round).

  35. Dan says:

    Didn’t the Flyers wear the awful cooperall unis in the eighties? Shouldn’t they be on the list?

  36. Blaise says:

    “but you can’t take a grown man seriously when you have to squint to look at his uniform.”

    Number 5? Those should have been much higher up the list. The one and done unis from 33 would’ve been okay lower on the list had they not been resurrected if only to say to Eagles fans. “It could be worse, We could wear THESE every game!”

  37. Todd K says:

    How could you leave off the Flyers with the long pants. That was a terrible idea

  38. joel m says:

    the current phillies uni is same as old ones in 50s and 60s
    and they still look great

    look at goofy blue and burgundy from 70s poor mike schmidt

  39. jjg says:

    dj, Agree with you – 50s & 60s Phils unis carried a deeper red and a quill-like originality to the cap ‘P’ and shirt-front script; bigger numbers and no individual names on back. And as Pete mentioned, present version is “super-bright” in red color and “cartoon-y” in overall effect; letters, straight up and crayon-fat. The older pinstripes and grays exuded more class.

  40. JS2 says:

    The Flyers long pants belong on here instead of the current Phils unis (not the greatest, but Philly teams have done far worse.) Otherwise, this list is dead accurate. Those early 90′s Sixers were awful in both uniform and in play. Those early 70′s jersey were no prize either. (Jonee: check out the late 70′s Sixers unis for funky lettering and stars on the sides done right.) And nice touch adding the one-game wonder Phillies burgundy uniforms from ’79 as 10a. Not sure if it’s true, but I heard that someone back then said that Greg Luzinski looked like a blood cloud in that uniform.

  41. Moose says:

    I wish the Phillies would ditch the pinstripe home uniforms and adopt the Sunday uniforms full time, those look sweet. When I was in Philly recently I got an Utley Sunday jersey and it is probably the nicest jersey I own.

    As far as duds go, I have to agree with the Flyers orange terminator jerseys, those are not fun to look at.

  42. John says:

    Pete, The “Worst Philly Unis” was the first I heard of your site, thanks to Paul Lucas at uniwatch. Unlike many sites on unis you were amazingly correct on all of them, especially your take on the current Phillies uni’s. I’m 60 and I grew up at Connie Mack, and the lettering was a beautiful, candy-apple red, and stiched (although the “P” on the hat never matched the”P” on the jersey!). The red on the current ones is definitely too bright. But I can tell you I’m not looking forward to the powder blues on the “Best” list. They were an abberation of the 70s. Wait, I bet you and most of the readers are in their 20s & 30s, so for you guys, they are classics.

  43. Jon says:

    This Sixers jersey was pretty bad too:

    I actually like the current Phillies and Villanova basketball unis. As long as they fix that collar color scheme and narrow the sleeve a little, of course.

    The blue alternative current logo jerseys for the Sixers were bad too. They were so bad, that I liked the red Phila ones from last year instantly. As second glance, those hurt my eyes.

    Sixers unis from the 76-77 season were the best, with the road ones being blue. Unfortunately, they were replaced after only one season.

    I don’t really like Penn’s current uniform. It’s too Southern Illinois/Xavier/Western Kentuckyish.

    You should mix it up and throw in the Soul. That sky blue color with the graphite grey is really bizarre. Might as well add pink and make Prada a sponser on the uniform.

  44. Pete says:

    Jon -

    you mentioned several jerseys that got consideration.

    Dannie (the blog counterpart) wanted me to include those jerseys. I actually really like the tops, so I didn’t, but the shorts almost got them in.

    the phillies current jersey is a controversial one, but I feel that, being around since the 1880s, our jersey should have the same feel as the Yankees or Tigers does, and we ruined our chance at it.

    I was going to put the blue sixers jerseys in too, but I bought my dad one back in the day, and wasn’t sure how he would take it.

    Penn got consideration too, but I went with the terrible Jerome Allen shorts.

    The Soul did not, but maybe should have. I’ve never watched a Soul game, so they were left out.

  45. mole says:

    pete, not a question on this blog but only way i could get a hold of you—where can i get stats on batting average with RISP

  46. jjg says:

    ‘Orange, green, yellow and white’ anyone? Try those fabulous Philadelphia Firebirds–mid-to-late 70s minor league hockey team, played at Convention Hall. (click on team picture to enlarge)

    • Firebird7478 says:

      I have a road and home jersey of the Firebirds. Every time I wear one of them to a game or an event, somebody always comes up to me with a high five or a hand shake. You’re in the minority. Great logo, great sweaters.

  47. Pete says:


    go to their espn player page (here is howard) and click on “splits”

  48. Phil says:

    The Firebirds jersey’s were pretty bad, but I think the Phillies were worse.

    • Firebird7478 says:

      You’re out of your mind. Best logo ever. Great color scheme. FYI, they were owned by Mrs. Paul’s and the colors were the company colors.

  49. number one is indisputable. worst jersey ever.

    i do have to disagree with 1. late 70s sixers unis were boss 2. current phillies, not so bad, though i wish they’d go back to baby blues.

    also, LOVE the white eagles helmets.
    great blog, by the way.

  50. DANIEL says:

    I think the Phillies uniforms are fine,althought I would like to see them take that stupid number off of the shoulder,and put it in the bottom right front of the jerseys.Also they should put the alternate liberty bell logo on the should sleeve instead.For the Eagles,they’rre okay,although I would still like to see black pants with a green and white stripe to go with the green jerseys,and keep wearing the green pants with the white jerseys,because it makes those uniforms look so much better than the horrible white on white,like they wear in pre-season.For the Flyers thye should have put orange on the shoulders for the black jerseys,black on the shoulders for the orange  and white jerseys,kinda like the devils have theirs.Also on the orange jerseys,put black numbers with a white outline,and on the black jerseys use orange numbers with a white outline,and the white should have the same.And please put an orange and white stripe on the pants.

  51. DANIEL says:

    The Phillies need to get rid of those horrible alternate white jerseys with the blue p on the hat,and get a red alternate jersey instead.

  52. klkatz says:

    about the Phillies current jerseys – i think they are “classic”, but with a touch of modernity – they were based on the uni from the 50s… and to change the color scheme at this point would be ridiculous… what would your suggestion be?

  53. MikeRa says:

    What about some of the diffrent uniforms that the Philadelphia Eagles worn back in the 1960′s?  They changed uniforms so many times back then (the helmets were changed in 1969)

  54. tom says:

    phillies jersey’s kickass

  55. Garvey says:

    Amazing #7 sixers jersey…

    The E IS THE old ATL Hawks logo…

  56. klkatz says:

    the picture you thought was Don Carmen is Larry Christensen

  57. Jenny says:

    It a nice site collecting all info about Socks.
    I use to buy different variety of socks and i need this information.

  58. bob says:

    that phillies all maroon jersey and pants are from the 1979 season…and that pitcher is NOT don carmen…it’s larry christianson…..found a cool new philly sports site…….

  59. Linda says:

    I agree with you.

  60. yipeekyay says:

    I have never seen an Eagle up close; but are they “green’ or “black’? I love the Eagles black jerseys. I wish they would add black and silver helmets and black pants, to go along with those black jerseys.I love the Saints all black shirt and pants.

  61. Brian says:

    Santa’s pajamas on the ’79 Phils may have to be moved way up on this list. That was a hideous look and luckily I didn’t spend any money on one of those jerseys. No one would look good in those, but can you imagine how awful Greg Luzinski must have looked like haha. I may be wrong but I think that’s LC, Larry Christenson, in the picture. Fortunataly for Don Carman he was still in the Phils minors in ’79.

  62. Josephus says:

    Nothing wrong with today’s Whiz Kids Phillies uniforms. They are classic and classy. At least they don’t have eight different change uniforms like the l0w-class expansion franchise Mets…and there’s NO BLACK!!!!
    Imagine, a team apparel line without black…could it be?!

  63. schmenkman says:

    I also like the current Phillies uniforms.  And I don’t understand how 10a wasn’t #1 on your list, except perhaps for the fact that they were mercifully retired after only 1 game.

  64. Joe says:

    Yep, the Flyers pants were nasty, but at least that wasn’t a change to the Flyer logo.

    Just out of curiosity does anyone know who – or which department – of the Flyers is responsible for that 2005-2006 logo change travesty.

    Absolutely horrible…. Like job-losing horrible.

  65. Mike Appel says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s Larry Christanson in the all red Phillies jersey

  66. wali says:

    i pretty much like all the sixers jerseys im very happy they went back to original colors, as 95 nova uni’s i was digging them, like the home court setup and the team was good that brought me on board. as for the current phillies jerseys one of the best in the game and it is original design i believe the wiz kids were rocking them 

  67. Francis says:

    I cant understand how you can criticize the 1938 Phillies uniforms. Blue and Yellow are the city colors and unlike the Eagles that went with an all yellow and partial blue approach, the Phillies went with Blue with minimal yellow. It looks good and I wouldn’t mind if they went back to the same color scheme today.

  68. JOhn Green says:

    The last one is Larry Christensen.

  69. Roose (TTB) says:

    The current Phillies team had their unis before the Angels and Nats did.

  70. Dan says:

    I loved the white helmets also I really loved the Sixers jersey when Doc first got there. They should bring them back!


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