March 4, 2015

My Eagles 1st Round Draft Board


The Eagles hold the 15th pick in tonight's NFL draft. Almost everything, except the top-2 picks, is in play, and the Birds have stated, as they always do, that they will go with the best player available on their board. Well, this is how I think their board should look, based on player talent and team needs. Hopefully they get someone in my top 15... 1. Robert Griffin III, QB - Yes, he's not in play, and yes, Luck is atop most draft boards, but I think the Eagles would be one of the … [Read more...]

The very simple reason the Eagles can’t reach the next level

Brandon Graham

The Eagles have had tons of scapegoats over the years. Reid and Donovan McNabb have obviously been the most popular, Juan Castillo the most recent and it probably won't be long before it's Michael Vick either for his inability to stay on the field or his inability to be Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. But to me, the reason the Eagles haven't found themselves hoisting the Lombardi trophy in February has been very, very simple. The Eagles are completely incapable of drafting, and developing, … [Read more...]

The Philly Fifty, #26: Brian Westbrook, Eagles

Brian Westbrook

For the complete list and explanation of criteria and scoring, check out the Philly Fifty page Longevity - 3 It seems like longer, but Brian Westbrook spent 8 seasons with the Eagles, only 5 of which he was a full-time, and healthy, starter. Peak - 4 At his peak, Westbrook was one of the top 2 or 3 offensive weapons the league. 2007 was his best season, when he led the NFL with 2,104 yards from scrimmage. He ran for over 1,300 yards that year and was only the 7th RB in history to … [Read more...]

The Philly Fifty, #30: Steve Van Buren, Eagles


For the complete list and explanation of criteria and scoring, check out the Philly Fifty page Longevity - 3 Played 8 seasons, his entire career, with the Eagles. Was drafted in 1944 out of LSU with the 5th overall pick and played until he was 31. Peak - 4 A top-5 player at any position for much of his career. Led the league in rushing yards and total touchdowns in the same year twice. Popularity - 2 You don't run into a ton of Van Buren jerseys on game day. Team Success - … [Read more...]

The Philly Fifty, #33: Randall Cunningham, Eagles


For the complete list and explanation of criteria and scoring, check out the Philly Fifty page Longevity - 5 Randall was drafted by the Eagles in the 2nd round of the 1985 draft. He would spend his first 11 seasons in the league with the Birds. Peak - 3 His best season as an Eagles was 1990, where he passed for 3,466 yards and 30 TD while rushing for 942 yards and 5 TD. Still he was never 1st team all-pro and was probably never more than a top-5 QB in the league. Popularity - … [Read more...]

The Philly Fifty, #34: Harold Carmichael, Eagles


For the complete list and explanation of criteria and scoring, check out the Philly Fifty page Longevity - 5 Carmichael played 13 years and 180 games for the Eagles. The only players to play in more are David Akers (188) and Brian Dawkins (183). Peak - 3 His best season was probably 1973 when he led the league in receptions and yards. He was often a very good player, but not really one you would categorize as elite. Popularity - 3 Very well known, and relatively popular among … [Read more...]

WTF Eagles

Frank Gore

The "dream team" is now the 1-3 and the season is seriously in jeopardy of becoming a debacle. I have so many things to vent and talk about. I am sure you do too, which is the sole purpose of this post. VENT! YELL! Get it all out. I am writing a post that will be up in Monday morning quarterback fashion to discuss this teams struggles going into next weeks game vs. the Bills. Until then - let your frustrations out here and take solace in: The fact that Michael Vick played and … [Read more...]

The Philly Fifty, #41: Pete Pihos, Eagles

Pete Pihos

For the complete list and explanation of criteria and scoring, check out the Philly Fifty page "Pete could play any position on the team better than the person we had playing it --- in fact, in most cases better than anyone else in the country." - Indiana University Coach, Bo McMillan Longevity - 4 Pihos spent his entire career in Philadelphia, 9 seasons from 1947-1955 Peak - 4 Pihos played both sides of the ball (WR/TE and DE) and was undoubtedly one of the best players in the … [Read more...]

Sizing up the Birds after Week 1 win

LeSean McCoy Eagles

It didn't feel like a dominant effort - but the score indicated it was. Either way, it was a great start to the season for the Eagles, as they beat the playoff-hopeful Rams on the road 31-13. Here is my take on the game - I'm going to go through each group... QB - Vick made some great plays, but there were a couple things that made me nervous. First of all, his 14 of 32 (43.8) was simply bad. Of the 28 QB's who started yesterday, Vick had the worst completion percentage. He ran the ball … [Read more...]

2011 Philadelphia Eagles Preview: Offensive Line and NFC East Overview


Prior Previews WR/TE Defensive Backs QB/RB LB DE Depth Chart Well - this isn't how we planned it... Ryan Harris hurt and released, Herremans to RT, Mathis starting, Kelce beating out Jackson, Watkins demoted and Kyle DeVan signed and put in the line-up about a week before the season. Considering this group has the most vital task of the entire season (keeping Mike Vick on the field), this is all very, uh, concerning. Most Important Player- Jason Kelce I remember the … [Read more...]