March 6, 2015

Phillies’ 2013 Preview: Road to Redemption or Ruin?

As I said, I will briefly come out of retirement when I feel the need to write something more than 140 characters (follow on Twitter here). And I'm always a sucker for previews. A new baseball season will always get my juices flowing, so here is my quick take on the Phillies 25-man roster and my predictions for the season. Catcher Carlos Ruiz - Ruiz is the only reason the Phillies didn't finish well below .500 last year. He will miss the first 25 games due to suspension. Chances are, at … [Read more...]

What the hell happened to the 2012 Phillies? And how to make 2013 better


I'm alive! While the blog is not officially retired, it more or less is. I write a lot of stuff on Twitter these days (follow me @reclinergm) but simply don't have the time to maintain the blog here full time for a variety of reasons. HOWEVER... I do plan on occasionally posting longer stuff here that doesn't really fit in 140 characters. This blog was originally created because I do stuff like this on my own all the time and thought others might find it interesting. I will continue to … [Read more...]

The last-place Phillies through the quarter mark

The Phillies season, despite what you may think, has gone about as expected... Without Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, the offense has been inconsistent (yet, still 7th in the NL in R/G). The starters, for the most part, have been excellent, with a combined 2.90 ERA in 260.2 IP. The bullpen, which was a question mark after Papelbon, has been flat out bad. With non-Papelbon relievers sporting a whopping 5.97 ERA with 8 losses. For all the focus on the offense, it's the bullpen that has … [Read more...]

Why the Phillies will be just fine, and other 2012 predictions

Hunter Pence

OK - so obviously new jobs/responsibilities/life events have killed off Dannie (blog-speaking) and have severely limited me. But the reason for this blog was never to make money, it was as a creative outlet for reasonable sports discourse, and the start of baseball season still gets me very fired-up and in need of that outlet... I only got to one part of my Phillies preview, the now-doomed infield. So I'll summarize that here and shoot through the rest of the team, based on how I think they … [Read more...]

ReclinerGM’s 2012 Phillies Preview: Prospects To Watch in 2012


Writing prospect updates for the Phils isn't quite as exciting as it was in these days, but there will always be young guys in the system to follow. Instead of doing a write-up for each, I'm going to recap how the experts (read: folks who know more about scouting prospects than myself) rank the top guys in the Phillies system and then give a cumulative top-20 with my comments. For the purposes of this chart... BA = Baseball America BP = Baseball Prospectus KL = Keith Law FG = … [Read more...]

ReclinerGM’s 2012 Phillies Preview: Infield

carlos-ruiz rookie

The Phillies will debut 2012 with the same theoretical starting infield for the 3rd straight season. However, much like last year started without Chase Utley, it appears that this year will start without Ryan Howard. The entire group is on the downside of their careers but are all still productive players for their positions. Catcher: Carlos Ruiz 2011 refresher: Ruiz followed up his career year in 2010 with a solid 2011. His specialty remains getting on base, and had a team best .371 … [Read more...]

The Philly Fifty, #27: Curt Schilling, Phillies


For the complete list and explanation of criteria and scoring, check out the Philly Fifty page Longevity - 4 Schilling was traded twice (Red Sox to Orioles, Orioles to Astros) before he landed with the Phillies in 1992 for Jason Grimsley. That trade started an 8 1/2 year career with the Phillies, more than twice his time with any other franchise. Peak - 4 Schilling's career peaked in Arizona, but for the Phillies, he peaked in 1997 and 1998, when he pitched a combined 523 innings, … [Read more...]

Phillies Spring Training: 10 Biggest Questions


Spring Training is here, and with it, lots of questions. You can see how this is going to work, so let's just get to it... 1. Should we be prepared to be disappointed by Vance Worley and John Mayberry Jr? I hate to start out with a negative, but these two guys are probably my biggest concerns in 2012. Both of them will be relied upon heavily after very solid 2011 campaigns, and both of them have no track record to suggest that they can replicate that performance for a full season in … [Read more...]

The Philly Fifty, #28: Chuck Klein, Phillies

chuck klein

For the complete list and explanation of criteria and scoring, check out the Philly Fifty page Longevity - 5 Klein spent his first 6 years with the Phillies, then came back for 2.5 after a couple years with the Cubs, then after a one year stint with the Pirates, he finished his career with 5 years as basically a bench player. All told, there were parts of 15 years as a Phillie, and over 1,400 games. Peak - 5 Klein finished in the top-2 in the MVP voting from 1931-1933, winning in … [Read more...]

Pre-Spring Training MLB Power Rankings

Is everyone getting the itch? With the Mariners reporting for pitchers and catchers this past weekend, spring training is officially underway. I have already begun crunching numbers and messing around with pointless predictions because that is how I cope with the anticipation. That being said - here is how I currently have the 30 MLB teams ranked. Keep in mind I did not do this solely subjectively - rather I took the rosters for each team, looked at the 25-man roster's 2011 WAR, adjusted … [Read more...]