March 5, 2015

2013 NBA Draft: Sixers Big Board

Draft time! It's enough to get me off of Twitter to write more than 140 characters. It's an interesting draft for the Sixers. There is no big talent at the top, but the Sixers, and their new radio-silent analytics-loving GM, have 3 picks in the top 42. Sam Hinkie showed that he could find diamonds in the rough in Houston, and there are certainly some players that can be had from 30 on that could be the next Chandler Parsons or Danny Green. If I'm the Sixers, here is how my Big Board would … [Read more...]

What the Sixers Big Board Should Look Like


Well, I enjoyed doing this for the Eagles so here I go for the Sixers. The basic exercise is to put together what I think the Sixers' big board should look like, based on my assessment of the talent in the draft and the needs on the team. Then I watch the draft and get super-pissed when they don't do what I said, as if I'm a professional scout or something. That being said... ahem... The Sixers are in a good position in the draft in that there looks to be a good player available at #15 … [Read more...]

Wrapping up the Sixers season – who should stay, who should go?

Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner

At the beginning of the Sixers season, I thought the best case scenario was that both Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner took significant steps forward and that the team could take advantage of the compressed season / short training camp and fight for the 3rd seed in the big group in the East behind the Heat and Bulls. Worst case was, well, getting the 7th-9th seed again, where NBA teams go to die. For a while there, it looked like the best-case scenario might come true as the team got out to a … [Read more...]

The Philly Fifty, #25: Moses Malone, Sixers


For the complete list and explanation of criteria and scoring, check out the Philly Fifty page Longevity - 2 Even though he's damn near an icon in the city, he only played for the Sixers for 5 seasons. 4 during his prime, and 1 return engagement on his way out. Peak - 5 The best player in the league in 1982-83, his first with the team, and darn near the best for his other 3 prime seasons. In his MVP year, he went for 24.5 points, 15.3 boards and 2.0 blocks per game. The next three … [Read more...]

The Philly Fifty, #29: Billy Cunningham, Sixers

Billy Cunningham

For the complete list and explanation of criteria and scoring, check out the Philly Fifty page Longevity - 4 Cunningham played 9 years here with two stints with the Sixers. He started off his NBA career with 7 years here, then took a 2 years hiatus to the Carolina Cougars of the ABA, only to return to the Sixers for his final two seasons. Peak - 4 Cunningham made first-team all-NBA 3 times as a Sixer. His best season was probably 1969-70 when he averaged 26.1 points, 13.6 rebounds … [Read more...]

The Sixers’ early returns: How players are stacking up


The Sixers' probably should be 4-1 right now, with a bad loss to a mediocre Jazz team, but I'm not going to complain coming home from an unprecedented 5-game road trip to start the season at 3-2. 5 games isn't enough to make full blown proclamations about players, but it does give you a chance to see how players' games might have changed from the prior year. Let's take a look at the 9-man rotation, sorted by minutes played per game. Jrue Holiday (35.8 min) - Was horrible in the opener … [Read more...]

2011-12 NBA Preview: Atlantic Division and Wrap-Up

Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner

Previous NBA Previews: Central Division Northwest Division Southeast Division Southwest Division Pacific Division 1. Boston Celtics (3rd in East, 7th in NBA) Who is new: Brandon Bass, Keyon Dooling, Chris Wilcox, JaJuan Johnson, E'Tuan Moore Why are they here: Certainly not because of how they played to start the season. With Jeff Green gone for the year and Paul Pierce hurt, the Celts have started 0-3. Most important player: Rajon Rondo. He's going to have to get the most out … [Read more...]

Thad Young talks to Denver – Someone wake up Rod Thorn

Thaddeus Young career high 27 points

This is LITERALLY the first rumor I've seen associated with the Sixers or any player on the Sixers other than us being one of like 15 teams interested in Bostjan Nachbar. Rod Thorn is either the least active GM around, or the sneakiest. I know what my money is on. Anyway, the rumor is that Thad Young had a meeting with the Nuggets today, it went very well, and they plan to meet again. The Nuggets are in a tight spot with Nene probably leaving and free agents Kenyon Martin, JR Smith and Wilson … [Read more...]

The NBA is back! 10 questions for the Sixers

Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner

The Sixers are coming back! As you know by now, a last second deal saved the NBA season, and games will resume on Christmas Day. While this is likely more exciting for fans of the Heat, Knicks, Thunder, Mavs, etc..., Sixers fans have plenty to look forward to as well. For me personally, here are the 10 questions I have heading into the 2011-12 season. 1. What will we learn about the new  owners? They have gotten off to a good start by slashing ticket prices, reaching out to the … [Read more...]

The Philly Fifty, #32: Maurice Cheeks, Sixers


For the complete list and explanation of criteria and scoring, check out the Philly Fifty page Longevity - 5 Cheeks, drafted in the 2nd round out of West Texas A&M University, spent the first 11 seasons of his career in Philadelphia from 1978 to 1989. Peak - 3 Cheeks was a very, very good player, but was never the best player on his own team. He was never selected to an All-NBA team but was considered one of the top-5 PG's in the league. Popularity - 5 Cheeks possessed a … [Read more...]