March 5, 2015

Detroit’s Reaction to the Game 3 Blowout

Do you think the Detroit Pistons and their faithful have changed their tune about the underdog Sixers after last nights blasting?

ogrady500 on the ESPN Detroit Pistons message board:

“No respect is deserved. The Sixers are a little more than a collection of scrubs, but at least they are putting forth an effort, which is more than I can say for the disgraceful Pistons.

This is about the Pistons playing like complete A-Holes and has almost ZERO to do with anything the Sixers are doing.”

Chauncey Billups after Game 3:

“They’re not supposed to be where they’re at,” Pistons guard Chauncey Billups said. “They’re up 2-1 against a team nobody thought they could beat. I could understand why they’re happy.”

Umm, 11.3ppg, 4.7apg, 3.3rpg, 31% from the field and 25% from three. Mister Billups, I think you need to check yourself because looking at those numbers it appears YOU’RE not supposed to be where you’re at!

The Piston Post is calling last nights game – Humiliation. But may be changing their tune regarding how much better Detroit is than the Sixers.

This has been stressed, and I agreed with it: The Pistons are a better team than the 76ers, they’re just not playing up to par. Well, now I’m not so sure. How good can a team be when it works so hard to grab a comeback, statement Game 2 win, only to get absolutely annihilated in Game 3.

Was there no lesson to be learned? Or are the playoff-seasoned Pistons just too experienced to have any lessons left to learn on the playoff stage?

The fact that the Sixers were able to destroy the Pistons with our leading scorer ending the game with only 10 points and 6 turnovers speaks to Detroit’s deterioration.

Fellow Sixers fans you have been called out by JackDutch over at Detroit Bad Boys:

“i respect the philly team and the philly coaching staff immensely. i just don’t respect philly basketball fans right now. they’ve had one of the BEST stories in the nba all season and they still haven’t shown up. even one of the 76ers beat writers admitted today that he didn’t expect this from the team so he had a vacation in disneyworld to go to for games 1 and 2. what kind of “alleged” basketball city is that? the truth of the matter is philadelphia doesn’t deserve this sixers team. and the sad part is that detroit fans don’t deserve this sham of a pistons squad either.”

Guys any idea who that 76ers beat writer is if that comment is accurate? That is pretty sad if it’s true.


I give the 76ers 100% credit for beating Detroit. They have been given nothing. The Sixers could easily have been that inexperienced team that goes down 15 in game one and folds. Then go on to get swept and think it’s not a big deal because no one expected them to win anyway. They didn’t and are giving the Detroit Pistons the business right now.

With that said I think most of us agree Detroit is the more talented team, although this series is proving that to be slightly less true. But I think Detroit fans needs to face facts. The Pistons don’t come to play every game anymore, and you can’t win like that in the playoffs. The Sixers are very young and don’t have as much experience as Detroit, but they sure do work harder. And there is something to be said for effort beating out talent, especially in the NBA where everyone is a pro. That used to be a signature of the Detroit Pistons, but not anymore, evidenced by 1-6 in the last 7 playoff games to perceived lesser opponents. No need for Piston fans to jump off the ledge just yet (wait until after the game on Sunday), but I think Detroit fans should finally come to the realization that they can get beat in this series by the same thing that made them so great during their title run – hard work and defense.

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  1. Tim says:

    Elitist…out of touch…not middle class Americans, but Pistons fans. The beat writer that nitwit was talking about was actually Daily News Columnist John Smallwood. Who planned the family vacation to Disney in February.

  2. Danny Rogers says:

    Great blog. Very timely. Check out my blog below on the same exact issue. Keep in touch

  3. Dannie says:

    Tim – I should have known it would be Smallwood of all the Philly writers. He is an on again, off again Philly guy.

    Danny – Thanks, I grabbed your blogs feed. Will keep an eye out for stuff I can link to.

  4. sixerzguy says:

    I can’t believe the Eagles traded the pick again, what a waste of time waiting, I should’ve known…

    Flicking back and forth between the draft and TOR-ORL, as a potential 2nd-round matchup, ORL worries me, I just see just three after three after three…

    rickortreat, you used to be on Deep Sixer, right? I think, if you do need to talk Sixer ball, this is a great alternative place to rant, I’m glad that horrible format change to Deep Sixer couldn’t keep you down, lol… Anyway, keep up the good, eh… work?

    The Iguodala issue could be debated for much longer, but I think it’s time to turn the focus on the game tomorow. This time, the Sixers MUST anticipate how Detroit’s gonna change things up tomorrow, or Detroit could “steal” one from us. Still mulling over Detroit’s adjustment possibilities…

  5. sixerzguy says:

    Dave T, quick take on Iggy – the original offer was for 5 yrs/$57M, a little more than $11M per year, or ascending in some way, which puts him on Sammy’s salary scale. From Gilbert Arenas’ blog, talking about what he heard about Iggy: “An assistant coach told me a great story about him. When he was in Arizona, he said he was like 9-for-11 from the field and he apologized to the team for shooting 11 shots.” From the PTI clip that Dannie put up, Iggy said “…that money would be there after the season…” If he had to take a contract right now, I think he’d feel so bad about how he’s done that he would take that original offer. But if you’re right and we move onto the 2nd round and he plays well against Orlando, then I wouldn’t be surprised at $13M/yr. I’d say around 25% of your salary SHOULD be earned in the playoffs (THAT can be debated endlessly, too).

  6. Dannie says:

    Sixerzguy – I read that same thing on Gils blog. Ok this is the last thing I will talk about regarding Andre Iguodala. I agree with you that he is genuinely think Iggy is pissed at his play right now. Here are some recent Andre Iguodala quotes:

    I’m frustrated for myself, but I think I opened things up for the other guys

    This team can still win with me being a decoy,” Iguodala said. “I found out that I don’t need to score in order for us to win. It’s not about me, it’s about us. I pride myself that I don’t have to score in order to be an effective player in this league.

  7. Well said, D. No need for Pistons fans to panic too much, we’re only 3 games in. But it is terrible that the Sixers aren’t given any credit.

    At least Jalen Rose has been giving them the props they deserve!

  8. Adam says:

    I think it was John Smallwood. I’m looking for a link but I read the article this morning on Can’t remember if it was in the Inquirer or Daily News. But it is true.

    Found it

  9. Dannie says:

    Thanks Adam, I cleaned up the long link.

  10. Dannie says:

    Feet – sad part is even up 2-1, playing at home tonight, winning by 20 on Friday, Jon Barry (one of the worst player analyst) still just said the Sixers have no chance of winning this series.

    He had the nerve to just say give the Spurs some credit (umm I think they have been getting plenty) after what he just said about the 76ers. He is an idiot!

  11. rickortreat says:

    The thing is Detroit fans are living in the past, in the confortable, conventional wisdom. The problem with conventional wisdom is, that by the time everyone gets it, things have changed.

    Newsflash: The Sixers are better than Detroit!

    Jon Barry and Charlie Rosen and a bunch of other sportswriters aren’t watching the games, they still believe in the conventional, behind reality wisdom.

    Younger, more athletic, longer, faster, and much harder-working. They are better.

    Who would you rather have Igoudala and Miller or Billups and Hamiltion? Who would you rather have Tayshaun Prince or Thad Young? After the last game would you take Rasheed over Dalembert? McDyess or Maxiel over Reggie Evans?

    This is the Pistons starting 6 we’re talking about and the youthful Sixers have the edge.

    Nothing the Pistons do can stop the Sixers. They’ve taken our best player out and they still can’t win. No lead is safe, because they are old and they fade in the later part of the third quarter.

    All the Sixers have to do is keep it close and work hard the entire game to force the Pistons to do the same, and they will have the energy and legs to take out the Pistons at the end. They don’t have enough scorers and and they can’t stop the Sixers from scoring.