March 4, 2015

Exclusive Conference Call With Ed Stefanski

So I’m sure you guys were wondering why I put you through the exercise of “What would you ask Ed Stefanski?” out of the blue. Well it was in preparation for what came this afternoon.

Pete and I, along with a select group of bloggers/sports writers including…

…had the opportunity to talk with Sixers President and GM Ed Stefanski on a conference call. Stefanski came on about 4:00p.m. with some quick remarks about the teams off-season and for the next 20 minutes was an open Q & A session.

Ed Stefanski Conference Call

I apologize in advance for the background hissing noise. This was my first attempt at creating a podcast. Enjoy!

Ed Stefanski Conference Call

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  1. Pete says:

    Really was a great time. Ed is one of the most personable people you will talk to. He had some interesting things to say about Speights, Young and ‘Dre (don’t call him Iggy). Ill comment more once Dannie gets the podcast up.

  2. Looking forward to the podcast. It’s pretty amazing how far ahead of the other teams the Sixers are in blogger-relations.

  3. Jordan says:

    Ya, I couldn’t see any other team or GM doing something like this.

    It was a blast and hope to do it again. It was also sweet to interact with you guys after months of web communication.

    Can’t wait for the podcast.

  4. deepsixersuede says:

    Another reason to dislike B.K., HIS “VEIL OF SECRECY”. E.S. is out in the open, not hiding at all!!! Dannie, any interest in D.Marshall ?

  5. Dave T says:


    I just noticed the Sonics waiving D Marshall as well, and think he would be a great vet minimum pickup.  6’8, a hybrid SF and PF, has always been an interesting mix of top flight rebounding and the ability to knock down threes.  Obviously he’s at the end of his career, but I’m sure he has enough left in the tank to provide occasional minutes, injury insurance, and a nice veteran presence in the locker room. 

    Maybe he could even teach Dalembert what boxing out means, since Sammy seems to have such a tough time understanding it. 

    Danny & Pete,

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast, great stuff!  Props to Ed Stefanski as well for having a nice mix of national as well as local bloggers in on the conference call.  I totally agree with others that love his mix of great personality, humor, and basketball mind…and I love the fact he’s a true Philly guy with basketball roots here.

  6. gcl138 says:

    My family has held Sixers season tickets since 93.  After the season ES invited long time season ticket holders to come out to a meet and great happy hour.  My dad went and he spoke of how open he was to questions and how he evaluated every player that we had and what type of players were in free agency, and what the Sixers would be going for.  These are the type of people that need to be running our Phili teams.  Our fans are very smart and I just cant stand when GMs or owners (like the eagles) talk down to the fans as if they were stupid.  Once again thank you ES.

  7. AaronMcKieforMVP says:

    Donyell Marshall ?  !! ! ! !      we should definitely sign this guy.    good all around player ,  at least in his younger years.   even a good 3 point shooter. 

  8. 2one5 says:

    Wow that was awesome glad to see Ed is willing to be questioned the Sixers franchise is def on the way up in terms of fan support if they continue these kinds of things along with victories their popularity will skyrocket. I went to both games 3 and 4 last year in the playoffs and was really disapointed in the fan turnout. I am really excited for the season, I also def feel a buzz growing about this team. It is also interesting that they had this session with bloggers so they must be reading these blogs also. This is one franchise that gets the city and it will pay off for them. I was just a little disapointed that no one asked a question about Allen Iverson as he was a major topic of discussion on this blog. I know Ed probably wouldn’t have really answered the question anyway though. Ed seems like a pretty straight shooter he has to say things more politically correct but he gets what the fans want. Thanks to the bloggers and to Ed great stuff.

  9. Jon says:

    Hey guys, it was great to have you on the call.  Especially the Willie Green question:)

  10. bski says:

    Great podcast guys! Sounds like there will be more of these conference calls in the future, which is fantastic.  It is difficult to get a true sense of a guy by only reading quotes, which is why we all wondered if he would do everything he said he would.  Obviously he has.  For me, actually hearing the honesty and sincerity in his voice cements the fact that the Sixers are in very capable hands and headed in the right direction.  ES is so relaxed and forthcoming.  There was no evasiveness or hesitation in his responses.  Definitely the straight shooter we think he is.

    On the basketball side, it sure seems like Thad will be a key to the rotation.  The better he plays, the more minutes he gets at the 3.  More minutes for Thad at the 3=more minutes for Iguodala at the 2=less minutes for Willie at the 2.  That formula works for me.

    I’m also glad to hear that we are sticking with our style of play.   It has been successful for us (meaning our core players to whom we are now committed).  I think blending the new additions into what we do will better serve our philosophy of building on what have than going back and reworking everything would.

    The next time you guys have a conference call with ES, my question is this: Could he handle two teams in this city?  Pat Gillick is leaving after this season and I would love to see ES in charge of the Phils.

  11. sfw says:

    Dannie, Great podcast! ThanKs! Regarding D. Marshall. Have seen him as far back as highschool for Reading.  Not sure how he is now as a veteran when he no longer can get by primarily on his talent. Not really a good rebounder. The perimeter threat and his decent length I think are his best attributes. He and Crosshere would play exactly the same position if willing to play a small role here. 

  12. sfw says:

    When is the Pat Gillick podcast coming?????????????????

  13. Wilson says:

    That was very cool of the Sixers organization to give the bloggers/fans a chance to speak directly to them .  Everybody on that call represented the 76ers fanbase well and asked some great questions.  This was a great oppertunity and I think each and every one of the bloggers handled themselves in a professional manner.  Ed seemed to be very candid and respectful in his responses and I look forward to hearing more of these question and answer sessions and podcasts in the future.

    My favorite part was when ES was talking about what would happen if Speights had ”sucked” during the Summer League.  Very funny to hear a GM speaking like that!  ES rules so far! 

  14. bski says:

    sfw…Gillick is on the Phillies’ pre-game radio show every Saturday and he takes calls from fans.  I’ve caught it a few times.  He is very patient and gracious, but he gets asked the same questions over and over.  Plus, a lot of the callers don’t even have questions.  Many of them just vent and tell Gillick that Ryan Howard needs to stop pulling off the ball and stay on the outside pitch, among other tired observations.  All in all I’m sure Gillick would choose a weekly root canal surgery over taking these calls if he could.  So, if there is a Phillies question burning a hole in your brain, call into the show tomorrow and ask away.

  15. bski says:

    By the way all…..Talking about Gillick made me think about something.  I’m looking for some Phillies talk, but the Phillies Ramblings topic has now been bumped onto the next page, so it’s basically gone.  Here’s the thing, we have been doing a lot of talking about the Sixers during the baseball season.  I realize this off season has been atypical for the Sixers.  With a new GM, a major free agent pickup, two RFA’s to re-sign, and a few lesser trades, there has been an awful lot going on with them.  Nevertheless, I fully expect a steady diet of off season Phillies topics throughout the winter, which happens to be during the Sixers’ season.  Lord know the Phils have lots of issues and fair is fair, after all.

  16. AaronMcKieforMVP says:

    bski,   no one is coming to the Phillies topics and talking Sixers.   happy to talk Phillies under the topics related to the Phillies.   but under the Sixers topics, the conversation should stay Sixers.   you can have your diet of Phillies rants if Recliner decides to post about the Phillies (which im sure they will).    i have passionate hatred for baseball and id hate to see the segregated topics get mixed.     

    there will be an avalanche of Sixer talk all season, and i dont think you’ll get much attention if you start talking about the Phillies under the heading of “Brand’s 35 and 15 lead Sixers over Celts”   

  17. bski says:

    AaronMcKieForMVP…I would never attempt to have Phillies discussions under Sixers topics! Please re-read my post.  I was specifically asking for a steady diet of Phillies topics, under which I can have a baseball discussion, to continue during the basketball season, just like there has been a steady diet of Sixers topics during the baseball season.

  18. deepsixersuede says:

    I like the addition of Ruland as a helper to our big guys because he had a knack of using fundamentals in the post unlike Moses, who I felt outworked and outmuscled most centers. If Spieghts, J.Smith and even Sam listen they should be able to learn from a guy with short arms and limited [jump over a magazine] hops who could get a double/double on any given night. A good hire in my opinion.

  19. Pete says:


    im home from vacation tomorrow, so ill have something phillies up shortly. been working on a full NFL preview up here. 
  20. Rob says:

    Congratulations Dannie on getting the interview with Stefanski.  How did you contact him?  My dream one day is to work for the Sixers GM Staff.  I thought to myself after your interview with Ed that anything is possible!!  Not only that, Ed is a knowledgable fan, just like you and me!!  Also, kudos go out to this forum!!  You guys are the most smart and mature forum guys that represent this team in true colors!!  Thanks!! 

  21. bski says:

    Pete…Thanks.  I don’t mean to be demanding or to ruffle any feathers.

  22. sfw says:

    bski, no issues with gillick. Just reacted sarcastically to previous post. I think he has done a good job with the resources at hand. 

    Suede, I thought Ruland’s hiring would give you nightmare flashbacks. Good to see you are over it. My next post will be from OCMD. Can’t wait!

  23. Joe says:

    Thanks for the upload Dannie.

  24. Dave T says:

    Truehoop/Henry Abbot made the Sixers bloggers podcast into the headliner for his feature column on ESPN NBA.  He reiterated everyone’s thoughts on here: that it was a great, open minded move from Stefanski to do something like this.

  25. it really sucks that Sixers set up this in the only week of vacation I had all year… I got the invitation from the PR dept but couldn’t be part of it because I read the email one week later, needless to say I would have joined you guys, and provided some good laughs with my guidoesque english :-)

    Many thanks to Recliner GM for sharing the podcast, it’s great that Sixers keep bloggers in consideration, I hope there will be more chances in the future

    thank you again for the file, great job guys

  26. TT32 says:

    Still waiting for the Iggy at the 2 guard post. Forget the Phillies, they don’t spend money when they need to and won’t make the playoffs this year with Howard having over 200 strikeouts!

  27. Dannie says:

    @TT32 – all over that this weekend.  If you are into football we have a full NFL preview coming Tuesday then Iguodala post later next week.  Then we will get into our full NBA preview.

  28. TT32 says:

    Great, can’t wait. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about an upcoming Sixers season. I hope they bring back the old unis too.

  29. JMKinLA says:

    Fast Eddie at it again — Donyell Marshall now a Sixer.  Nice move.

  30. Dave T says:

    Just read the news as well, and agree that this is a great signing.  He can really hit he long ball at a great clip, and is a monster rebounder, especially given his size.  I have to say…I feel a LOT more comfortable having all these veterans on our team.  Andre Miller was the lone quality vet we had last year…possibly Reggie Evans if you want to count him as well.  Brand, Ratliff and D Marshall will really help to bring a steady hand in setting an example for the youth of the team. 

    Looks like the lot of us here are doing a great job at playing mock GM…between a lot of our comments we’ve predicted a Speights pick, Rush for shooting, Ratliff for backup big, and Marshall for a versatile veteran forward.  Let’s keep it up as the season goes along!

  31. deepsixersuede says:

    Another shooter, beautiful !!!!!

  32. Dannie says:

    Dave T – It’s “Recliner GM” not mock GM, come on man get it right!

    Good news will do up a quick post hopefully this morning.  Nice to have some fresh Sixers news.  Iguodala as shooting guard post is done, just needs to be cleaned up.  Things should start to pick back up on the blog leading into the NBA season.

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