March 1, 2015

Phillies Payroll Analysis and Organizational Depth Chart


Here you will find an up-to-date analysis of the Phillies payroll situation and organizational depth chart for the next several years.

The payroll analysis includes arbitration estimates as well as potential buy-outs. I add $5 million as “extra” for other contracts we may be paying, pro-rated bonuses I might not be counting and incentives in the contracts that may be earned. ORANGE shading represents an arbitration estimate on my part, and GREEN shading represents a buy-out.

The organizational depth chart has the following rules…

  • No assumptions. Once a players’ contract is up they are taken off the chart. If a player has a club or player option for a season, they stay on the chart, because they are a possibility. An asterisk signifies a club option, two signify a player option, three signify a mutual option.
  • No players lower than single-A will be considered.
  • Only players I see as possible starter-caliber players will be on the chart. If there is no one signed, and no viable minor league option, the space will simply be left blank.
  • I only put players in a year where they are a potential option. For instance, one of our top prospects, Trevor May, doesn’t show up until 2012 because that is the absolute earliest he could make the majors.
  • For now, I am excluding relief pitchers because usually, MLB relief pitchers are starters in the minors and I don’t want to get into predicting who will be a starter and reliever.
  • Players will only be included at multiple positions if the team has tried them there, or at least talked about it. I will not assume position changes.

Phillies Payroll Analysis

Phillies Organizational Depth Chart

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