March 1, 2015

Quick Analysis: Sixers Get Elton Brand

Elton Brand Sixers

It didn’t really sink in until I saw him sitting at the Press Conference with a Sixers logo on his name tag: Elton Brand is a Sixer. A couple days ago, this seemed like an impossibility. Word was that Brand had told the Clippers he would take a pay-cut to allow them to sign, and team him up with, Baron Davis. His other offer, also in California, was for far more money than we could give him. Whether he stayed home, or took the money, we weren’t an option. Yet, there he sat today, next to Ed Stefanski, looking positively menacing in his black suit. It’s easy to see why many Sixers fans spent the day in delighted shock, something we haven’t felt since we acquired Dikembe Mutumbo in 2001.

Not much hasn’t been said about this deal in the comments section of our post below, but here are my thoughts as I know how to put them best, in bullet-point form.

  • When the off-season started, I wanted Josh Smith over Elton Brand. But, now that we have Brand, I feel much more confident in how good this team can be than I would have felt if we got Smith. With Smith, I would have been excited about the highlight reel dunks during the game, and his potential over the years. But I still wouldn’t see him as a #1 guy on a championship caliber team, I think we would have been looking for more than just a shooter to complete the puzzle.
  • As I’m sure everyone has heard, the only active players who average 20 points and 10 rebounds for their careers are Brand, Tim Duncan, Shaquille O’Neal and Kevin Garnett. The other 3 guys have won 9 of the last 10 championships since Jordan from the Bulls. I don’t think Josh Smith is on any lists like that.
  • Brand is also a VERY efficient player. In his last 5 full seasons, Brand was 9th in the NBA in PER (Player Efficiency Rating) behind only Garnett, Duncan, Nowitzki, Shaq, Kobe, T-Mac, Wade and LeBron.
  • The only season Brand played with Andre Miller, for the Clippers, Brand made one of his two all-star appearances.
  • The only time the Sixers have ever had a player average, for a single season, what Brand has averaged for his career (20 pts, 10 rebs, 2 blks and 50% shooting), was Moses Malone…in 1983…do we all remember what happened then?
  • The last time the Sixers had 2 players who averaged 2 blocks per game was Shawn Bradley and Manute Bol in 1993-94. I’m not sure what to make of that stat.
  • From his rookie year to his last full season, Brand was 12th in NBA in total points, 4th in rebounds and 3rd in blocks.
  • The person who I think will benefit most from the arrival of Brand is Samuel Dalembert. There has always been too much pressure on him to score since we’ve gotten zero offensive production from PF. Now, he can just do what he does best and offensive rebound, block shots, and take the occasional alley-oop.
  • Elton will be able to run with us. Watching his highlights, he is a lot slimmer than I thought he was.
  • There is absolutely no reason, NO reason, why the Sixers shouldn’t go back to the uniforms that Brand is wearing above. They can keep the red the “Phila” jersey’s as an alternate. All the other old, historical teams of the NBA (Celtics, Lakers, Knicks) have relatively the same jerseys they have always had, we should do the same.
  • Bottom Line: I think this puts the Sixers in the Top-4 in the East, probably at 2 or 3. Definitely behind Boston, and depending how the rest of the off-season turns out, in the mix with Detroit, Orlando (great signing of Pietrus, by the way) and Cleveland.
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  1. Joe says:

    I come bearing bad news…

    “If a team is below the cap, then their Disabled Player, Bi-Annual, Mid-Level and/or Traded Player exceptions are added to their team salary, and the league treats the team as though they are over the cap. This is to prevent a loophole, in a manner similar to free agent amounts (see question numbers 29, 30, 31, 32). A team can’t act like they’re under the cap and sign free agents using cap room, and then use their Disabled Player, Bi-Annual, Mid-Level and/or Traded Player exceptions.”

    No, we don’t have the Bi-annual exception sadly.

  2. Ryan F says:

    Joe I dont even know what that means…but I do no I am more excited to be a sixers fan than ever. Ed..youve done so well, dont let IGG get away please

  3. Joe says:

    @Ryan F

    It means that shooter will have to come here for the minimum or via trade. Basically, we can’t outbid anyone for anyone.

  4. Dave T says:

    A fun trip down the Sixers PF and PF/C’s of the past 15 years after Charles was traded:

    -Shawn Bradley
    -Clarence Weatherspoon
    -Sharone Wright
    -Derrick Coleman
    -Matt Geiger
    -Tyrone Hill
    -Todd MaCulloch
    -Kenny Thomas
    -Marc Jackson
    -Corliss Williamson
    -Chris Webber
    -Steven Hunter
    -Reggie Evans

    …I think I’m echoing a lot of people’s sentiments when I say, “Wow.”

    Welcome to Philadelphia Elton Brand. We’ve been waiting for a guy of your caliber for a long, long time.

  5. Jordan says:

    2 things.

    1. I also wanted Smith over Brand, but now that Brand’s a Sixer it feels oh so good. I’ve gotten over Smith quicker than I thought.

    2. I wonder if we should read anything into the picture above/the Sixers website/Brand holding a throwback jersey at the press conference. Does this mean we’re going back to the old uni’s for good? I sure hope so. There’d be nothing better than to watch Brand and Co. ball in those uni’s all year. Man, it’s a great time to be a Sixers fan!

  6. jkay says:

    wow i’m still in shock. who knew we would be the ones to make headlines. is there a trade iggy buzz? can someone tell me how that makes sense at all? well lets see what happens; i think iggy is waiting for a team like GS wit cap room to make a Josh-Smith like offer for him so that the sixers will have to match. what does he do now that he knows they dont got that kinda change around? will he leave? heck after this shocker i thinkl anything goes right now. well ed should have seen this and planned and endgame unless we maybe stuck like the clippers: davis in, brand and maggete out.

  7. jkay says:

    ohh yeah deep sixer alumni here; as someone accustomed to such, i’d say either reclinergm totally rocks or that deep sixer blog totally sucked. amazing lol

  8. Dave T says:

    Looks like Roger Mason Jr. just signed a two year deal with the Spurs. Given the fact the Spurs now have Michael Finley, Brent Barry, Damon Stoudamire and Roger Mason under contract, I’m sure they’d be open to trading one of the four.

    All of them can shoot the hell out of the rock:
    -Finley would bring some defense as well, some toughness, and the occasional vintage scoring night. -Brent Barry brings deadeye 3 point shooting, great passing, and a great feel for the game.
    -Damon Stoudamire is a nice combo of real good outside shooting, very good passing (when in that mindset), and great quickness in getting to the hole.
    -Roger Mason Jr…has no versatility whatsoever, is black hole-ish on offense, and is really only good for jacking up wild 3 point attempts.

  9. Joe says:

    @Dave T.

    He won’t be chucking in San Antonio lol. They don’t allow that down there. I think J.R. Smith could even be saved down there possibly.

  10. AaronMcKie4MVP says:

    i like josh smith too but he doesnt fit a need like brand. dont you guys understand this was the only move that potentially makes us winners? (see my Deep Sixer posts up to 4 months earlier )

    also, i don’t sweat the celts, i tink they are way over rated. cleveland and atlanta took them 7 games in the playoffs and for the most part they played uninspired and very beatable. i think they lucked out in getting the lakeshow who they matched up with very well. they may be the team to beat in the East at the moment, but they really dont scare me. i dont see them winning the east again. i love paul pierce. i remember the day the sixers passed him up to draft larry hughes. but KG is a$100mm role player.

  11. AaronMcKie4MVP says:

    by the way, you should check out the movie, “Rescue Dawn” produced by our new PF Elton Brand. its actually pretty good

  12. Kevin says:

    I cant see GS making a move for Igoudala since they just signed Maggette. He may get an offer from somewhere, but it wont be GS.

  13. deepsixersuede says:

    I apologize for mentioning Z. Randolph [if Smith,Jamison or Brand] weren!t available on deepsixer, please forgive me!!! Could we possibly gotten better character wise than we were. I think E.S. could sell me his 1950 Nova sitting in his backyard before he got Brand, now I think he has the ability to sell any free agent shooter on Sixer basketball.

  14. deepsixersuede says:

    JKay, if Iggy doesn!t want to be part of this, he is a fool, we may become the best defensive team in the league; I expect a Garnett like effect on this team and add the fact Iggy may be guarding the 2 guards and Sam showed major defensive improvement and Thad will only get better and”WOW”!!!!

  15. Ryan F says:

    @Joe I see what you were saying, well maybe we will be able to do that. If not I think well be just fine without a “shooter”, I agree with Stefanski, I think e can get better internally.

  16. Pete says:

    I do not understand the Iggy trade talk one bit. He’s perfect for this team now. He doesn’t have to be the #1, but can still score 17 a night, play good D and make some big plays.

    also, I would like to thank the Bucks for reminding us what the Billy King era was like by signing their own player (Bogut) for an ABSURD contract (only 7 mill less than Brand)

  17. mole says:

    pete that is so true about the bucks…too funny.

  18. Dave T says:

    @Ryan…absolutely not, about the internal growth. We NEED a shooter. We could have maybe gotten away again with a combo of Lou Williams, Carney and Iguodala shooting 3′s…but now without Carney, we are pretty desperate for any player that can spread the floor from the outside. There are plenty of guys available that we can sign at the vet minimum to fill this role (even if it’s only 15 minutes a game), or to make a minor trade for one.

  19. Jacob says:

    Has a Dukie ever won a ‘ship?

  20. Broady says: