March 5, 2015

ReclinerGM 2009 NBA Mock Draft: Dannie vs. Pete, 2.0

OK – here is our 2nd mock draft, with us switching places and Dannie taking the 1st overall pick, Pete 2nd, and so on. Lots of changes since we’ve had the measurements and the workouts to look over since our last mock. To reiterate: This is not a prediction of how the draft WILL go, rather how the draft WOULD go if WE ran the teams.

1. Los Angeles Clippers (Dannie): Blake Griffin, PF, Oklahoma

Aside from being in LA this is the worst place for the best player in the draft to go.  Not only a terrible team but a terrible franchise who very easily can waste all Griffin’s talent by mismanaging his development and jerking his playing time around with the glut of front court players they have.  The good thing, Marcus Camby is there (for now) who is a great big to learn how to play high level NBA defense from.

2. Memphis Grizzlies (Pete): Hasheem Thabeet, C, UConn

Ugh. First of all, If I am the GM of the Grizzlies, I am on the phone 24/7 trying to get as much as possible for this pick. I thought about simulating a trade here, but it got too complicated. Rubio’s camp has inferred they don’t want to be in Memphis and they already have Mayo and Conley anyway. Thabeet is big, sure, but it’s my personal opinion he’s soft and will never be more than a so-so pro. I actually think “a taller, slightly better Sam Dalembert” would describe his game and his attitude. Thabeet is the pick though, because they are so desperate for size and defense (and already have young talent at PG, SG and SF) and Thabeet will at least provide that.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder (Dannie): James Harden, SG, Arizona State

Russell Westbrook is my point guard and Kevin Durant should be playing SF while he is on the floor.  So James Harden is my guy.  This works out great for a number of reasons. He has some point guard skills and a high basketball IQ so if they want to run Westbrook off the ball a bit they can.  He also can be a good spot up shooter when Durant is getting double teams. Also I think his passive style is less of a concern on a team with a superstar already.

4. Sacramento Kings (Pete): Ricky Rubio, PG, Spain

Oh happy day! The Kings are in desperate need of a PG, and it just so happens the best one in the draft falls to 4. Rubio is a project, no doubt about that, but the Kings aren’t exactly expecting a playoff berth next year, and with a new coach and a young nucleus, they can ease Rubio in to the American game.

5. Washington Wizards (Dannie): Stephen Curry, G, Davidson

This is just a solid pick for Washington.  They want to move this pick to shed cap and get a veteran player to go along with their other veteran players but I honestly am not sure they could get a player better than Curry in a deal.  Furthermore Curry is ready to play now and provides two important things for the Wizards.  Insurance in case Arenas has another set back.  Curry, like Arenas is a combo guard who can score and really shoot the ball.  And second Curry allows Arenas to play off the ball a bit more in a more traditional scorers role as well as provides the best spot up shooting option in the draft to create space for Jamison and Arenas to work.  Not to mention properly place DeShawn Stevenson in a reserve defender role off the bench.

We will update this as we get to it, feel free to chime in as we move along (click-thru to see where we are)

6. Minnesota Timberwolves (Pete): Tyreke Evans, G, Memphis

I wanted Rubio or Curry here, but neither dropped, so I’ll take Evans. Like Rubio and Curry, Evans isn’t a prototypical PG, but a backcourt of he and Randy Foye would give the Wolves an athletic duo that could create some match-up problems for opponents. Some mocks have Evans going as high as #2 and several teams see him as one of the elite prospects in the draft, so I’m fine with getting him here.

7. Golden State Warriors (Dannie): Jrue Holiday, G, UCLA

I can’t determine a glaring need here. I would be hoping Jamal Crawford opts out which would open up another guard spot.  This team probably needs a #1 superstar and they won’t find one in this draft.  They have players (two solid young players) locked up to relatively big and long contracts at every position except power forward and at that position they already have two first rounders from the last two drafts.  Then you toss in the fact that Monte Ellis has apparently been telling the Warriors not to draft a point, that it’s his team to run you can see the dilemma.  Ideally I’d love to pair Ellis with a big-time shooter but Curry is already gone.  I just took best available player with idea that they already have a ton of guys that like to have the ball, like to shoot and need to upgrade their defense as well.  Holiday fits the bill since he is more of a pass-first player and a proven defender with size to play either guard spot.

8. New York Knicks (Pete): Jonny Flynn, PG, Syracuse

Flynn is a sparkplug who won’t be intimidated by the bright lights of New York. He’s super quick, creative with the basketball and can score. He’d be very exciting to watch run Mark D’Antoni’s offense and would allow them to stop playing the completely horrible Nate Robinson. I’m sure they would also consider Jordan Hill here, but if I’m running the team, a middle-of-the-road PF doesn’t do much for me.

9. Toronto Raptors (Dannie): DeMar DeRozan, SG, USC

Toronto needs a versatile shooting guard and DeRozan is just that as well as the best available guard left on the board.  Ideal fit.  Especially since I would be pairing him next to a very good shooting point guard and a three-point shooting 3/4 man in Bargnani.  So there should be plenty of driving lanes for DeRozan.

10. Milwaukee Bucks (Pete): Jordan Hill, PF, Arizona

I don’t particularly like Jordan Hill, but, like Thabeet and the Grizz, the need for size is just too big to pass up here. If Hill can be a solid rebounder and contribute some points, he and Andrew Bogut will at least make up an average front court to go with the above average backcourt of Redd, Jefferson and Sessions.

11. New Jersey Nets (Dannie): Tyler Hansbrough, PF, UNC

Bobby Simmons and Yi aren’t the answer at power forward and Ryan Anderson is a cup cake.  Brook Lopez needs help on the boards and the team as a whole needs more toughness.  Hansbrough is all of that.  No one thinks he will be a good pro, I do.  Especially after he measured taller, more athletic and with a solid wingspan than anyone thought.  He has legit PF size and a great motor.  And since NJ doesn’t need scoring at that position he fits nicely.  Finally, give me the winner at a position of need – period.

12. Charlotte Bobcats (Pete): Gerald Henderson, G/F, Duke

The only players I really like at this spot are PG’s, and the Bobcats just drafted two (Augustin and Felton) so I’m looking to trade down if I am them. If not, I’m going for the best non-PG available, and in this scenario, that is Gerald Henderson. Henderson is a freak athlete who showed the ability to improve his game through his time at Duke. At this point in a weak draft, you are really just looking for guys who can can contribute and Henderson can do that at both ends.

13. Indiana Pacers (Dannie): Brandon Jennings, PG, Italy

I think the Pacers need long-term answers at the point and shooting guard.  I don’t know if they will pick up the team option on Marquis Daniels but after having the best year of his career they might.  I would not.  $7.3M for him is too much.  And their other rotational guard is a restricted free agent.  Jennings fits well with the Pacers.  While he isn’t the three point shooter O’Brien likes, he will thrive as a penetrating guard and passer to open shooters in that offense.  Plus if Jack is gone you must have insurance for the often injured T.J. Ford who only had two years left (final year is a player option he won’t opt out of at $8.5M) on his deal anyway.  A line-up of Jennings, Granger, Dunleavy, Murphy and Hibbert isn’t that bad.

14. Phoenix Suns (Pete): Earl Clark, F, Louisville

Clark is a do-it-all 6’10” small forward with a whole lot of upside. On ability, he’s a sure lottery pick, but he falls here because his game is a little soft and he wasn’t very assertive in college. But on a team with Nash, Barbosa, Richardson and Stoudemire (and Shaq, for now) all he’d really have to do is what he was good at in college, which is let the game come to him. Both Grant Hill and Matt Barnes are free agents, so Clark would be cheap bench help that could come in and take some of their minutes right away.

15. Detroit Pistons (Dannie): DeJuan Blair, PF, Pitt

Detroit will have a lot of cap space to bring in proven NBA players to fill their needs.  They also already have three nice players in the starting line-up in Hamilton, Stuckey and Prince.  They need starting front court help which I don’t think they can get at this spot in the draft and depth at all positions.  So I just went with the best available big man because you just don’t know what will happen with Kwame (player option) and McDyess (old free agent).  I will say I am REALLY torn between Blair and Mullens here.  Detroit needs to true center, but Blair is more of a Piston type of player.

16. Chicago Bulls (Pete): Jeff Teague, G, Wake Forest

I know they just drafted Derrick Rose, but there is no guarantee that Ben Gordon will be back, and if that is the case, the Bulls are going to need some more scoring in their backcourt. Teague isn’t really a true PG and could play in the backcourt with Rose. He is a streaky player, but long-term, I think he could be a Jason Terry-type off the bench.

17. Philadelphia 76ers (Dannie): Ty Lawson, PG, UNC

This is my guy, everyone knows it already.  I just think he really knows how to play the game well, is a winner and a leader and I think this teams needs to start adding guys like that.  In today’s NBA size matters, but not as much as in the past because you can’t man-handle perimeter players anymore.  So smaller but quicker guys are thriving now.  Also Lawson is very strong and is able to bounce off and take contact well on drives and at the basket.

One thing that is extremely important is his efficiency on offense.  He doesn’t take bad shots and when he does shot he puts the ball in the whole or gets to the line.  And he doesn’t turn the ball over (we don’t need more turnovers on this team!).  When you see a young player improve drastically during his career it tells you the type of work he puts in to get better as a player.  Ty took all the negative criticism about him over the years (too small, can’t shoot, injury-prone etc.) used it as motivation and just got better.  All culminating in dominating NCAA tournament performance.  For me he is the guy to the point that if he is there and we don’t draft him I will be furious even if we take Maynor who I also like.  If we do grab him that very well might be enough for me to renew my partial season tickets.

18. Minnesota Timberwolves (Pete): B.J. Mullens, PF, Ohio State

Got me some guard help at 6 with Tyreke, and now I’ll take a chance on a talented, but unproven big man in Mullens. Mullens came out of high school expecting to have a similar impact on Ohio State basketball as Greg Oden, but instead he pulled a Kosta Koufos. He’s needs a lot of teaching, and could use some toughening up, but the talent level is there. I don’t know any legit 7’1” guys who can dunk between the legs so fluidly. Might as well take a flier with 3 picks in the first.

19. Atlanta Hawks (Dannie): Eric Maynor, PG, VCU

Hawks have passed on points in the past they probably shouldn’t this time especially with Bibby’s game declining with age and uncertainty whether they can even afford to resign him and Marvin Williams and to a lesser degree Pachulia.  They need depth at guard and in the front court.  I went with Maynor because he will be a good floor general but also fill the combo guard role likely left by free agent Flip Murray.

20. Utah Jazz (Pete): Austin Daye, F, Gonzaga

The Jazz are devastated here as Hansbrough didn’t fall to them and Luke Harangody pulled his name from the draft. In all seriousness, Daye could be a good fit in Utah. He’s well suited to back-up Mehmet Okur and play the “I’m tall and can shoot, but super soft” role in the Utah offense. Like Mullens, he has loads of potential but needs to keep learning and for God’s sake, at 6’11” 195 lbs, dude needs to eat something.

21. New Orleans Hornets (Dannie): Terence Williams, SG/SF, Louisville

At this point in the draft it’s about best available player and Williams is that. He adds some much needed athleticism around Chris Paul, call play SG or SF and is a triple-double type talent.  Also Williams will add some perimeter defense as well.  And on talent along he could easily become the Hornet’s #3 next to Paul and West.

22. Dallas Mavericks (Pete): Patrick Mills, PG, St. Mary’s

If Jose Juan Barea is getting minutes for your team, it’s time to find a new back-up PG. Mills can fill the role of energy guy off the bench behind kid better than Barea, though that probably isn’t saying much.

23. Sacramento Kings (Dannie): James Johnson, F, Wake Forest

Pete drafted the Kings point guard of the future with their first pick so I am looking for talent and depth.  James Johnson in my opinion is a forward whose game leans more towards being an undersized power forward.  That’s ok because the Kings already have Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes in the front court who they like.  They could work with Johnson to be a hybrid 3/4 man off the bench.  The other option here would be taking someone like Dajuan Summers and hoping he pans out into an NBA starting small forward.

24. Portland Trailblazers (Pete): Danny Green, F, UNC

I know, I know. The UNC bias on the blog is nauseating. But, in reality, I’m not really an UNC fan (more of a Kansas guy after the Big-5 and ND) so there isn’t really bias in this pick. Green strikes me as a very solid player who was hidden by his 3 teammates at UNC. He’s big, can defend, and hit the 3. I heard David Thorpe of ESPN compare his skill set to Ron Artest. I don’t know why there isn’t more 1st round buzz around him, probably because his upside is minimal.

25. Oklahoma City Thunder (Dannie): Taj Gibson, PF, USC

I drafted Harden with the first pick so I think the Thunder are solid at the 1-2-3 spots.  I am not a Jeff Green fan, though I think he is a decent player.  I actually like Collison and think he is a worker but not a starting center.  Unfortunately this is the worst draft for centers.  I’ll take some size, rebounding, defense and athleticism with Gibson here.  He could wind up being a capable starting PF in the NBA.

26. Chicago Bulls (Pete): DeMarre Carroll, F, Mizzou

The Bulls don’t need more guys that need the ball in their hands to be effective. Carroll is a gritty, power, motor player like they had with Nocioni without the flopping. He and Joakim Noah on the floor at the same time would flat out annoy the competition.

27. Memphis Grizzlies (Dannie): Wayne Ellington, SG, UNC

Having taken Thabeet, Memphis actually has quality players at every starting spot.  They need depth everywhere and perimeter shooting.  Spot up shooting to be precise since they have Gay, Conley and Mayo who all like to drive.  It was really between Ellington and Budinger and I just think Chase is a punk and is allergic to defense.  Ellington also has more mid-range game and is willing to get after it defensively.

28. Minnesota Timberwolves (Pete): Omri Casspi, PF, Israel

While I wait to see if BJ Mullens can develop, Casspi can help off the bench as a tough enforcer and back-up to Al Jefferson and Kevin Love. I could see him being one of those solid role players who gets drafted down here and everyone wonders why their team can never draft a guy like that late.

29. Los Angeles Lakers (Dannie): Sam Young, SF, Pitt

The Lakers may have a problem. Two big time role players at forward in Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza are unrestricted free agents and to a lesser degree so is Shannon Brown who played quality minutes as a combo guard for Phil Jackson.  The Lakers need to cover themselves in case they get outbid or choose not to sign both guys.  Sam Young is older, mature and has 4 years experience and with solid production.  He should be able to step right in and help the Lakers off the bench in the same type of role as Ariza.  I think he can compete with Luke Walton (who I hate) right away for his minutes even if Ariza and Odom are back.  I thought point guard but non that are left on the board have more talent or potential than Jordan Farmar.

30. Cleveland Cavaliers (Pete): Chase Budinger, G/F, Arizona

The Cavs goal is to get pieces to win a championship while LeBron is still around, and there is absolutely nothing that will help them in that goal here. Budinger is a freak athlete with a 40+ inch vertical and nice jump shot, but I don’t think he cares enough about basketball to be successful. Still, it’s worth a shot here since there isn’t much you can get from this pick anyway.

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  1. Stu says:

    I live in DC and freaking hate DeShawn Stevenson.  He is such a piece of crap and his little hand wave in front of his face is tiresome, much like K-Rod on the mound.


  2. deepsixersued says:

    Dannie, I think Curry is perfect for Wash..Pete, I think Memphis and Sac. are good trade partners. 1]#4 and #23 for #2   2]#4 and J.Thompson for #2. What do you guys think of Minn. taking J.Hill at #6 and getting their p.g. at #18?

  3. Dannie says:

    Suede – Minn. has two PFs in Love and Jefferson (playing out of position).  I think they need a true center who can play defense and rebound (Thabeet would fit there).  And need both a starting point guard and starting shooting guard more than anything else. I’d prefer Foye come off the bench as a combo guard than start him.  Unfortunately in our mock the 4 guys that fit most are all gone already (Thabeet, Rubio, Curry and Harden).

  4. Adam says:
  5. Dannie says:

    His agent is an idiot.  If he doesn’t have a promise or strong indications in the top 6 that is a financial mistake for his client obviously but I think Holiday’s style fits well in Golden State which thrives on penetration and the running game.

  6. deepsixersued says:

    Dannie, I agree with you but like Okafor in Charlotte, I wonder if Jefferson can cover today!s p.f.!s.Hill may be long enough to guard some 5!s but if they would take Sammy? PPPPPLEASE!!!!

  7. Dannie says:

    Suede - Let me ask: If you draft Hill who starts?  Hill or Love?  Remember they just spent a very high draft pick on a PF.  How exactly does drafting another one high help the team now or long-term?  Unless they plan to move Love I don’t see how drafting Hill makes much sense when this draft is filled with tons of guards AND that is a position of need for them in the starting line-up.

  8. Adam says:

    As for Holliday, from that article it doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with expecting to be drafted in the top 6.  It has everything to do with Golden State and Don Nelson.  Holliday has worked out for Phoenix who has the 14th pick.  Has a college player ever refused to sign with a team?  Obviously you see this is MLB (J.D. Drew), NFL (Eli Manning and others) and even the NHL (Eric Lindros), but not really in the NBA.  The only thing I can think of is Glenn Robinson, but I don’t think it has to do with team, I think he just wanted $100M guaranteed.  I don’t count foreign guys here (Yi, possibly Rubio).

  9. deepsixersued says:

    Dannie, I think everyteam needs 3 bigs to rotate at the 4/5 spots.You can get a guard later but with Lawai going back to school a physical defensive big won!t be available later.I think Lawson,Maynor or Teague will be there at #18 but we agree to disagree.

  10. guest says:

    I still think you guys are underrating Thabeet a little bit, but that’s another whole story.

    I completely agree with where you guys have Harden, Rubio, and Curry. I think there are still some question marks in regard to Tyreke Evans’ game, but the T-Wolves would take him there if everything plays out the way you guys have it.  I’m still surprised that McHale is out as the coach.  It seemed as though the players really liked him.  I’ll be interested to see what Pete does with the Knicks.

  11. Dannie says:

    Suede – I don’t disagree that you need at least 3 bigs.  But I don’t need my 3rd big before I secure my starting backcourt.  Now if there was a front court player that was discernable better than the guards that is a different story.   But  when the players in the first tier I would be drafting in are at least of equal value with many believing Evans having more upside selecting the based on my priority of needs is the way to go.  Why would I use my most valuable pick for the least valuable position I need to fill? 

    I can solidify my starting backcourt by taking Evans as my SG first and the best available point guard at 18 sorting those guy by who is the more pure point.  So if it’s between Teague, Maynor and Lawson I would take Lawson first, then Maynor than Teague whoever is available. 

    That addresses my two biggest needs with my first two picks.  Then I look for my third big with 28th pick.  I can pick up Taj Gibson or Jeff Pendergraph as my third big.

  12. deepsixersued says:

    Guys, the wildcard big seems to be J.Johnson.Don!t know much about him but seems to be a good offensive 4/3.Dannie, 2 weeks ago I would have said there was a 10 % chance of Hansbrough going ahead of Blair,now I would say it is up to 45%.

  13. Dannie says:

    Suede – I think there are three guys like that.  Johnson, Clark and Daye.  All should just be categorized as forwards with Clark to me being the best physically and in terms of skill to play both forward positions well. 

    Daye is a light weight and really soft so he would benefit from playing more 3 early in his career. 

    I agree Johnson you just don’t know much about but I think he is more of an undersized 4 at barely 6-8 in shoes but long and strong already who could be a post with a nice face up game to take advantage of slower PFs.

  14. Ryan F says:

    I wonder who you’re gonna take at 17 Dannie.  I have a gut feeling he’s going to be a shorter guy..

  15. deepsixersued says:

    Can the Pacers afford to let Jack go,he seems a good compliment to Foed size wise and getting an athletic big [Clark,Johnson,Blair] would help.Do you think Bird is a Hansbrough fan?

  16. Dannie says:

    Suede – Yes I think Bird might be a Hansbrough fan.  Could he do what Jeff Foster is doing currently?  Rebound, play defense, hustle, hack and piss off the other team?

    Jack is a tweener himself at 6-3 with no true position.  I think they are actually small when in the backcourt together.  I think they need a true shooting guard so Granger can play his natural position at 3 long-term.  And I think they need a straight point guard for when Ford eventually gets hurt this year and misses games and when they let him walk/or trade him in the last year of his deal.  This is the draft to get one. 

  17. Dannie says:

    Agree athletic big would help.  But in terms of Jennings and Johnson I think I like Jennings at the pick better long-term.

  18. Stu says:

    Hansborough is definitely dorky/annoying enough to anger every big man he matches up against in the NBA.  Isn’t that a negative against drafting him?

  19. jjg says:

    Kurt Rambis was no James Bond or ‘grand marshall of the Rose Bowl Parade’ in his under-the-backboard relationships.  And he served Lakers quite well on championship entries.  Hansborough could be the forward equivalent of unflashy Bill Hanzlik, former Notre Dame/Nuggets 80s swing/utility player who didn’t “swim like Esther Williams” but earned applause just the same on hustle, awareness and team-effective results.  I see Hansborough as a real asset on NBA level. 

  20. Dannie says:

    JJG – Agreed.

  21. deepsixersued says:

    I like the Scola comparison, nothing flashy but helps you win games.

  22. deepsixersued says:

    Dannie, 2 guys I would like to see here as undrafted free agents in a Reggie type role are either J.Brockman or J.Adrian, what do you think of them and will they get drafted?

  23. Dannie says:

    Brockman will get drafted in the second round Ford has him as the 9th ranked PF in the draft.  Wouldn’t be surprised if Adrian did as well (16th ranked PF).

  24. Dannie says:

    Suede – I think I will do an undrafted guys to watch for the Sixers at some point.  Guys off the top of my head might be:

    1. Robert Vaden
    2. Josh Shipp
    3. Alade Aminu
    4. Wesley Mathews
    5. Josh Carter
    6. Goran Sutton
    7. K.C. Rivers
    8. Courtney Fells
  25. deepsixersued says:

    Suton is a good fit for our new offense, he showed good high post passing ability and sets a solid screen. Shipp seems to have gotten better athletically, we discussed him last year,remember, and could play 3 as much as 2. Rivers is also interesting, can he play some p.g. .

  26. deepsixersued says:

    Dannie, every which way I tinker with a mock draft, Lawson is always there for us,question;is he a better N.B.A. player than Curry down the road,is he as good a fit for us,if he can be a good spot up shooter, and why is he slipping down to us at all, when Flynn, to me does nothing better.

  27. The Greek says:

    All I know is lawson was a lottery pick the whole season.   He was named acc player of the year right?  Then while still hurt he goes out and plays great during the tourney, his team wins the championship.  Then about 3-4 weeks ago his stock starts taking a serious nosedive, at that point I said that I wish that I could just fast forward to June 25 so that he will be there for us.  Well with a week to go, his stock is still in the crapper.   Great for us, now lets just hope that the teams above us don’t get any smarter within this next week.

  28. The Greek says:

    Dannie could you tell us about Lawsons on-ball defense?

  29. Dannie says:

    Greek - Not to disappoint you (or me) but read this:

    After publishing the Tiers story this morning, I got some interesting feedback from several NBA scouts and executives. A couple of players out of Tier 4 threaten to crash the top-10 party. Who are they?

    North Carolina’s Ty Lawson has taken some abuse during the draft workout process, but it sounds as though teams are starting to come around. Lawson was, without question, the most productive point guard in the draft. Teams are skeptical because of his size and his style of play. But he’s been great in several recent workouts according to sources and apparently is in the mix with the Knicks at No. 8 if guys like Curry and Hill are off the board. Lawson also is still on the board at No. 10 to Milwaukee and the Pacers at No. 13 and the Sixers at No. 17 are also giving him a serious look. If Lawson ends up crashing the top 10, that would probably push either Holiday or Flynn out.

    Look like Ty might now be getting the due he deserves.  Bad for us though.

  30. Pete says:

    Hollinger just did his draft rater on ESPN (his formula that predicts NBA success based on college stats, age, and some other factors) – he had Lawson #1 overall.

  31. The Greek says:

    Thanks for pissing on my picnic guys!   I respect the hell out of hollingers formula. 

  32. eagles3217 says:

    If Curry falls to 17 (which won’t happen) but if it does, the sixers need another shooter and would obvioulsy help us out there. I like Lawson because he fits our fast-paced offense. Je was the quickest guy with the ball his entire career in the NCAA.

  33. The Real Rob says:

    I have some sad news to report, Action News’ Gary Papa has passed away!  Rarely do I watch local news, but when I do, I would tune to Gary Papa at 11:20PM on the weekdays!  He will be missed!

  34. 2013 ? says:

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    you get a lot of spam remarks? If so how do you protect against it, any plugin
    or anything you can recommend? I get so much lately it’s
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