March 3, 2015

Sixers / Heat Game 2

Doug Collins

Adjustments that is the name of the game in the playoffs.

What does Doug Collins have planned to get the Sixers over the hump? Something needs to happen and unfortunately he hasn’t been able to figure it out all season. Why this team just can’t seem win close games (18 losses of 5 or less and counting)?

I actually don’t think the Sixers need to make many adjustments, they play the Heat well. The only thing Collins needs to be more reactive with is the zone. You can’t have Meeks on the bench when the Heat go to a zone for more than one possession. Frankly, Meeks should be on the court more. At this point I don’t see any reason to play Turner or go 10 deep unless foul trouble becomes an issue.

What needs to happen is better late game execution offensively in the half court and a better defensive game plan now that you know Miami’s approach. Watch Boston and Doc Rivers a little bit, those guys are the excellent at the end of games.

Here’s the thing, even if they sure that up I am not sure we win. Miami didn’t play their best game and you have to expect the scare they got will at a minimum earn the Sixers more respect. That means no soft playing and starting slow again. Miami did out score the Sixers by 20 from quarter 2-4, if they don’t get down the game doesn’t look as good.

This is the real reason I am not sure what adjustments to make yet aside from guys just playing better overall. We’ll see.

Side note – Andre Iguodala still not getting respect as one of, if not the best defensive wing player in the NBA.

This is your game thread.

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  1. Zack says:

    Just 11 points with a minute and a half to go,   Pretty bad offense.

  2. Zack says:

    In 1 minute of play, Evan Turner with a +2!  Keep him in there coach!

  3. guest says:

    What in the world are we doing.
    The only positive is that we aren’t down by 17 points right now.

  4. Zack says:

    I know Thad’s going left, they know Thad’s going left, Thad needs to go right…

  5. Zack says:

    Thad almost went right!  But he digressed…

  6. Zack says:

    guest, I don’t know what we’re doing, but what do you want to see?  I honestly don’t think there’s anything tactical we can do, something has to come from someone out of nowhere (Jason Kapono?).

  7. Zack says:

    I know one thing I don’t want to see – Iguodala trying to carry us with his scoring…

  8. Zack says:

    Something else that can help us but I don’t want to see – an injury to Wade.

  9. Zack says:

    LeBron’s out of the game, get Kapono in there now!!!

  10. Zack says:

    our offensive decision making has been terrible

  11. Zack says:

    Give the ball back to Turner please pleaes plase

  12. Zack says:

    enough of this equal opportunity offense crap, give the ball to the only guy who’s hitting shots (Evan Turner!!!)

  13. Zack says:

    one thing the sixers can focus on 26-19 rebounding, miami, close that gap

  14. Zack says:

    what did i sya, give even turner the damn ball!!!

  15. Zack says:

    damn, jinxed the guy…
    and he can’t stay in front of lebron
    good little duel, it reminds me of that movie troy, Hector vs. Achilles, you knew Achilles would win but hector went out valiantly

  16. Zack says:

    I hope Bill Simmons’ theory applies with Turner, that what’s happening with him right now is that he’s getting his reps in, and that what LeBron and Wade are doing to him, he’ll be able to do that to some other young guy in the future, hopefully the near future

  17. guest says:

    Honestly, we’re hopeless right now.
    When they are making electrifying plays to get the crowed involved… our only shot is to be on fire from the field. We are just about the polar opposite from “on-fire”. It’s pretty rough to watch.

  18. Zack says:

    I can’t believe our offense, its Minnesota Timberwolves-pathetic offense.  A lot of credit to the Heat though.

  19. Zack says:

    I think you can use “crapping the bed” as the opposite of “on fire”.  “The Sixers crapped the bed in that first half.”  Yeah, sounds right.
    Still, it seems like the Heat are trying to make them take jumpers, but I’m not sure, not focusing on the details right now.

  20. Zack says:

    goal is to get it to 10-11 at the end of the 3rd
    it can be done

  21. Zack says:

    …but not with LeBron making 3′s

  22. Zack says:

    The team looks beat down.  Let’s lower the goal – 15 points deficit by the end of the 3rd.

  23. guest says:

    Everytime the chance opens up to make a run, they close it with a tough shot or a 3.
    We are getting completely outplayed, those who predicted the Sixers would show their true colors this game were dead on. We don’t belong in the same gym as these guys right now.

  24. Zack says:

    I’m conflicted here.  The current lineup is playing like crap, do you take them out or do you keep them in and say something like, “I’m not gonna bail you guys out, you need to figure this out on your own.”  I don’t know.

  25. Zack says:

    I wonder what Collins the announcer would be saying right now.

  26. Zack says:

    Okay, we absolutely need to get this under 20 with Eddie House out there.  Eddie freakin’ House.

  27. Dannie says:

    Well lets throw this one in the trash and start over again at home next game.

  28. Zack says:

    Wow, now we’re attacking the rim.  Yes, let’s wait until we’re down almost 30 and then let’s attack the rim.  And while we’re at it, it’s great time to start making good cris passes.

  29. Zack says:

    Last comment for the night – why is that when Turner’s our best player, everyone else plays like putrid sewer filth?  the only exception is Hawes, because that man needs no reason to play like putrid sewer filth.
    I hope we get better basketball on Thursday.

  30. RRose says:

    P-U. Iggy, Hawes, Brand all stunk today.  I’d start Battie in place of Hawes until the series ends. Brand hasn’t shown up on the boards with any offensive or defensive rebounds. Too many Wet Willies smoothies and Mango chicken wings on Ocean drive. South Beach will do it all the time.

  31. Kevs says:

    A.IGOU Had plenty of time to reflect on his 4 pt. gm 1. and that’s what he game planned.

  32. deepsixersuede says:

    Just an old fashioned ass whipping, did any of us not expect one of these games at least? The proof will be in the pudding in the next 2 games; their personality all year is to bounce back from this type of game so I expect a war Thursday and I hope Collins starts Battie or Spieghts at the five.

    Miami is the one team that dares us to play small and we happened to draw them in the playoffs.

  33. Dannie says:

    Can I just ask a quick question…


    He is horrendous and I specifically want to hear from the people talking nonsense about resigning him at ANY salary number.

    • Pete says:

      I was admittedly someone who would have considered re-signing him to be the back-up center at close to the league minimum.

      It is now clear that someone like Tony Battie has far more value that Hawes, who runs like his wrists are dislocated,  is softer than the world’s softest pillow, and can’t even shoot it all that well anymore.

      Please, please, please don’t resign him.

      On a positive/draft related note. In many mock drafts, Kenneth Faried is available at 16. Gimme.

    • jkay says:

      hehe, Dannie – I rarely hear anyone talk positively about Hawes, even less re-signing him, on the few blogs I frequent. There is the occasional anomaly of course, you should disregard that.

    • Adam B says:

      I’ve hated Spawes since the minute we made that trade shipping our sweet Sammy D to the West Coast. I actually thought when the trade happened that Nocioni was the prize return. This dude is pretty much a joke. He’s awful. The only thing he can do decently is pass the basketball.

  34. guest says:

    Funny how one of the weak positions heading into the season for the Heat was the center position.
    Spence can’t even get on the floor right now, he’s just too useless. Let him walk, look elsewhere.

  35. Dannie says:

    What did everyone think of Doug Collins’ comments after the game? He was honest and a realist, but saying publicly Miami is the better team? Good, bad, indifferent?

    • guest says:

      Didn’t love the comments, didn’t hate them.
      They are certainly true, but the Heat didn’t force us to miss layups, make weak fouls, etc.
      Bottom line, they are making us look like chumps even though this is probably the best overall team we’ve had in years… and we aren’t doing ourselves any favors with how we’ve played. I don’t mind DC saying that, even if it’s in front of cameras.

      (Haven’t made the honest effort to compare this team to the one a couple years ago, I’m just assuming with the bench, 3pt shooting, and defense that our numbers were better this season).

    • The Real Rob says:

      I love it when Doug Collins speaks his mind, as well as the truth.  I wonder how some of the players will react to that.  Evan Turner was the only positive in that game.  Good for him. 

      After missing a lot of easy baskets and free throws, the Sixers were their own worst enemy.  They were discouraged and then the Heat defense took over.  The Sixers in the 1st quarter were playing better defense, but could not make the transition baskets.  They need to take a page from the Pacers, another young team.  Although they trail their series 2-0, they are giving the Bulls everything they could handle (even without Darren Collison). 

      Hopefully Games 3 & 4 will be different and make this series a series.  From the Sixers, at this point, that is all I want.  It is obvious that winning the series against Miami will be tough and impossible, but they need to make it series because you never know what might happen.  Teams have rallied from 2-0 deficits before, but it takes EFFORT and a better MENTALITY. 

      I’m no shrink, but it is all in the Sixers head.  The Heat mentally overwhelmed the Sixers than they did physically.

      The Sixers NEED Andre Iguodala offensively.  There is no dancing around that.  This team has nothing to lose, but do not let the Heat sweep you.  Look at the Pacers and how tough they are making the Bulls’ life.   

      I would start Battie instead of Hawes, but this is quite frankly a learning moment for Hawes. 

      The Heat are that schoolyard bully that nobody wants to deal with.  I can see why Boston dropped to three to take on the Knicks.  I can see why the Pacers wanted to take on the Bulls.  The Heat are the only team the Sixers have yet to defeat in the Eastern Conference this year.  That is why I would have preferred Chicago or Boston.  Oh well.

      Next year, the objective has to be different.  Every game has its importance, especially for seeding purposes.  The Sixers need to work hard to earn a #4 or #5 seed. 

      Players needed for next season:
      -Shot blocker, rebounder, good touch inside
      -Additional defensive wingmen (Iguodala backups that can match Wade and LeBron defensively)
      -Backup PG (in case of an injury)

      November and April need to be winning months for the Sixers.

      Anyway they still have a series to deal with.  GO SIXERS!!

  36. Ken Bland says:

    but saying publicly Miami is the better team? Good, bad, indifferent?>>

    How did good and indifferent enter the equation?

    Respect to Doug’s long and storied NBA affiliation, don’t no playoff series start until a team wins on the road.  You’re up 12 in Q1 of game 1, you have underdogs playing competitively and winning across the NBA landscape, and you offer that quote for the public to see?  I don’t care how true it is.  The press conferences are about manipulative psychology of players and fans alike.  I see zero positively manipulated about that.  What the hell does better have to do with winning?  Upsets aren’t against the law. Terrible statement  .

    • jjg says:

      Man do I agree with that.  He spoke from a state of embarrassment.  Shouldn’t have approached microphone in that condition.  Organization needed to go into 4-corners stall vs TNT, protect Collins from shooting himself in the foot.  The transparency doesn’t help team’s cause one iota.  If players weren’t feeling inferior, they’ve met the shadow now.

  37. RRose says:

    First of all, Hawes has disappeared over the last 20 games. Instead of seeking a back up PG to sign from the D-league maybe, just maybe they should have sought out a 6’11 big man with some bulk. Daniels is seeing no PT, I wonder what a big man with size would’ve gotten on the court. As for his comments maybe that was his pyschological ploy.  Telling his players you aren’t good enough. Maybe they’ll want to show him something different. Funny thing is he’s said something similar to this before the game 1.

    The Sixers came out flat as if they had no chance. Weak layups, EB pump faking himself out of a shot scared to get it blocked. Hey maybe you get fouled if you go up strong. Novel concept. Playing hard has nothing to do with talent, that would take over eventually.  But easy layups, and 1′s are unacceptable in teh playoffs. Too many times LBJ and Bosh are getting baskets plus 1. Brand needs to put his hands up while defending Bosh as well. He does not deter any of his shots at all.

    Hawes is a joke of a center, he’s gone after this year.  DC wanted Nocioni and Hawes and even praised them both during that trade.  Someone needs to show some toughness or this will be broom city come Sunday.

  38. phillyfan says:

    I am enjoying the Sixers series.  Getting wiped off the floor by a good (not great) team is the best thing that could happen to this team.  Iggy….exposed finally as just another positionless dime-a-dozen player.  And what is the outcry over the play of Stephen Hawes?  What exactly did you expect from Stephen Hawes?  Jrue and Young are the ONLY players that belong on this team 2 years from now – and perhaps Lou as a 7th man.  Here we are, stuck in draft noman’s land.  Should have shopped Iggy and Brand for a bag of apples at the dealine.  It was set up perfect, they were on a streak and playing to their utmost potential for sale.  Dallas or Orlando might have taken them.

  39. deepsixersuede says:

    Dannie, I have been up and down on Hawes all year, like his game. But my main reason was lack of cap room and draft prospects for the center to replace him but good riddance, as far as I am concerned. My dream scenerio is a defensive big and Spieghts starting at the 4 next year, and Elton coming off the bench for 24 minutes a night. Elton may be more productive against 2nd teamers ans Spieghts, if allowed the same rope as A.Jefferson and Z.Randolph may put up solid numbers in points and rebounds. If they won’t spend money there aren’t many options.

    • dude says:

      I’m about ready to give up on Speights myself.  For where i sit, he’s they only guy on this team whose defense hasn’t noticibly impoved this year.  My opinion is that improvement on that end is they only way he can earn himself any kind of minutes.  I say bring as many bigs to camp as possible, and may the best man win.

  40. The Real Rob says:

    This team needs physical toughness if they want to handle the rigors of an NBA season and then go through the playoffs.  The Sixers need to be tougher and stronger.  This team needs to dive for loose balls and actually be bound and determined to head to the free throw line with a purpose.  The reason for our inconsistent free throw shooting (in takes and makes) is that they do not make a consistent living there.  The Sixers shy away from strong contact.  Iguodala could have been a LeBron 2.0 if he drove it more to the hoop and accepted the contact with clear determination.  Hawes is not right for playoff basketball, despite it being his first year in the playoffs.

    The Sixers need a big man (shot blocker, rebounder, IQ, defense, and can score around the rim in crucial spots) and more athletic defensive wing men, someone who can backup Iguodala (who can slow players like LeBron and Wade).  They could one of those from the draft or from free agency (veteran).

    Anyway, things can change when the scene shifts to Games 3 and 4.  GO SIXERS!! WE BELIEVE!!



  41. jkay says:

    I have a hard time believing the Lakers will even win this series. Gasol needs to get checked, he may have caught whatever Andre Iguodala has.

  42. Samu says:

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