March 6, 2015

Sixers Miss Opportunity, Lose Game 2

Deflating loss for the fans and a missed opportunity for the Sixers that they need to quickly move on from and make the most of their new found home court advantage.

Analyzing Game 2 Using the 6 Keys

Put up more shot attempts.

  • Sixers: 75
  • Magic: 79

Minus 4

Force turnovers and take care of the ball yourself.

  • Sixers: 16
  • Magic: 13

Plus 3

Control the boards with a team approach.

  • Sixers: 37
  • Magic: 44

Minus 7 overall and minus 5 on the offensive end

No more “hope” perimeter defense.

  • Magic FG%: 43%
  • Magic 3pt%: 26.1% (6-23)

The perimeter defense was decent but far from great.  Orlando still continues to get and miss some open three point shots, but whenever they are attempting to shoot off the dribble those shots are highly contested.  Where our perimeter defense broke down is on containing penetration all the way to the rim.  For the second straight game Courtney Lee was able to get to the rim with ease.

Foul Dwight Howard.

Howard was 3-7 (42.8%) from the line in 30 minutes while the rest of the Magic were 19-23 (82.6%).  I thought the Sixers did a nice job confusing Howard in the post and make him hesitate and eventually kick out the ball without us fully committing to doubling him.  All night the Sixers dug down on him darting in and out raking at the ball.  He didn’t know whether the double was coming and he should kick out or if he was singled covered and should attack.  That coupled with his foul trouble made him extremely passive finishing with only 6 shot attempts.

Take Hedo Turkoglu out of the game

3-10 from the field, 3 turnovers and only 3 assists. Sounds good right?  Yes, except he was 9-11 from the line scoring 16 points.  Same goes for Rashard Lewis as well.  4-14 from the field but 7-8 from the line for 16 points.  We’ve done a good job keeping these guys from lighting us up and contesting their one-on-one shot attempts but we can’t continue to foul them and give them easy points at the line.

Game 2 Specifics

I am going to attack this with a few concerns in the from of questions that should spark some conversation going into game 3.

Where was the bench?

  • 83 minutes
  • 12 points on 5-20 shooting
  • 18 boards
  • 3 assists
  • 3 steals
  • 1 block
  • 5 turnovers

The bench gave the Sixers very little in this game.  In fact no one gave anything besides the Andre’s and Thad.

Lou Williams makes me want to vomit.  After a nice game 1 he reverted back to the player we have all come to loathe.

Where are the free throw attempts?

Season average: 27 FTA per game

  • Game 1: 20
  • Game 2: 18

Why are we not getting to the line?  Are the Magic players that sounds defensively (they gave up 27.5 FTA per game during the regular season)?  Are we afraid to attack the rim with Howard defending?

Where are the offensive rebounds?

Season average: 12.7 per game

  • Game 1: 7
  • Game 2: 9

We must win this battle in the series. It’s literally strength vs. strength.  We are the 2nd best offensive rebounding team vs. them being the #2 defensive rebounding team in the NBA.  I understand Sam gets in foul trouble, but what is the reasoning for never bringing him back in the game?

Where are the fast break points?

Season average: 17.6 / +6.5 differential

  • Game 1: 9 / +2 differential
  • Game 2: 12 / +2 differential

With them shooting so poorly it makes no sense to me why we aren’t getting out and running much more.  The first game they only had 7 offensive rebounds, how did all those long defensive rebounds not lead to fast break opportunities converted to easy points?  Is the Magic’s transition defense that good or are we not attacking enough?

What Does it All Mean?

I point these things out because they represent the identity of the Sixers.  Their core strengths.  And even in the game 1 win they have not excelled in those areas.  This is serious concern for me and makes me really think long and hard about what is really going on here.  Are the Sixers really playing well or have we simply not seen Orlando play a good game yet, particularly shooting the three ball?  And if they do start to shoot to form, will we simply get blown out of the gym?

This is the reason I harp on missed opportunities.  In the back of my mind I can just see the Magic starting to shoot the ball better and making them significantly tougher to beat home or away.  Tonight the Sixers had another game on the road where the Magic shot poorly.  Lewis and Turkoglu had bad offensive games.  Dwight Howard only takes 6 shots and fouls out with3:11 remaining in an 8-point game.  A team that needed to be carried by a rookie shooting guard.  And we pissed it away.

I said before the game this team needed to start showing a collective killer instinct.  Well that takes a higher level of concentration, competitiveness and sheer determination to win, and win more than your foe.  We are still waiting…

Game 3: Friday at 8pm on ESPN

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  1. Johnnylaptop says:

    Dannie, we need a higher level of coaching, Dileo needs to be punched in the face. We had the momentem in our favor at the end of the third quarter,start the fourth quarter with your secret weapon, Marshal, and Ivey, give them a chance. Asswipe Dileo, waits and put Marshal inwith eight min. left thats  not enought time, a couple missed plays and we missed the oppertunity to win the game. What is he thinking, why wait so long. Give shit head. Williams 28 min. results, 4 pt. 3 reb. 3 ass. 3 to what the f___ .  Ding Dong Dileo, why does he continue to make the same mistakes, giving green all those min. the last two game. what was his point total for both games? 4 ?  Give Ivey some min. if Williams is off Don”t wait to long sub him and try something else. I give alot of props  to the way they handled Howard and company in the third and fourth quarter.Getting down by 18pts. two games in a row is a real problem, Dileo is responsable for this, he should be more proactive instead  he is reactive, why doesn”t he change his lineup, play who”s playing good, make changes,Use your brains Dileo! I really believe  we can win this series, we can beat the Magic, as long as Dileo doesn”t fail his team. SIXERS IN SIX,  GO SIXERS

  2. deepsixersued says:

    As far as L.Will., it seems they play him hoping he will go off offensively and care less about the other things he is not doing [effort,defense]. My feeling on that is put Ivey in for defense [Lee] and go to Thad and hope he can provide the offensive burst. If I!m a gambling man that to me is a better option if I had to bet my house on it. It seemed Orlando did a better job of packing it in [less free throws] and I expect that to continue. As far as not running, it seemed A.Miller was the main reason for this because he wanted to post up and attack Alston. More times than not it worked for points but it seems to take us out of running, ball movement, other guys attacking the rim and I am just not sure it makes us a better team. It reminds me of Barkley, how everybody watched when he posted up BUT with nobody else hitting an outside shot early can you blame him for not kicking it out!!

  3. Dannie, I had the same title, we saw the same game :-)
    Off rebounds are an underrated key, especially with Howard out we didn’t do a good job under their glass, and with the shots not falling we didn’t get ourselves second chances
    If you want to feel bad, compare Green’s and Lee’s numbers, I just did it and it’s scaring…

  4. The Greek says:

    The game shifted when Sam got his 3rd foul near the end of the 2nd.  Of Course it was a stupid foul, as always.  Then he went and got himself a technical foul on his way to the bench.

    What else can I say, you all know how much I hate this guy as a player.  
    Willie Greene is the worst sg in the league, nothing else to say.

  5. RRose says:

    What’s worse about that Technical Sam got is, he laughed on his way to the bench as if to say whatever it don’t matter.  He is the true poster child for giving a player to much money too soon.  He never developed into the type of player he should have become for the money he was given.   I would have played him until he fouled out.  Oh yeah Dileo stinks.  I still think 4-2 Sixers win, despite Sam and this coaching staff. If Green is going to start he should be guarding Lee not Miller.  Alston’s not a threat but Miller isn’t quick enough to guard Lee.

  6. Joe says:

    “My feeling on that is put Ivey in for defense [Lee] and go to Thad and hope he can provide the offensive burst.  If I’m a gambling man that to me is a better option if I had to bet my house on it.”

    Couldn’t agree more, Suede.  Dead on.

  7. Dannie says:

    To a degree last night’s game was to be expected.  We got good performances from our big guns.  That needs to be the constant in all games home or away. 

    The benches tend to play better at home than on the road.  Well we got a strong bench performance in game one, so for them to maintain that level of play in two straight games would have been a bit atypical.  They didn’t.

    The problem: Who will be our Courtney Lee?  That other guy that steps up consistently to help you win the series?  Right now I struggle with who that guy could even be.

  8. The Greek says:

    Sammy, what a thief.  What a loser.  It pains me to watch every freakin game that the sixers play and have this clown starting every game. 

    The thing about Miller is that he needs to be hidden, which leads to crap defense, which leads to wide open looks.

  9. 2one5 says:

    If Lou Will is not getting to the line he is a waste on the floor. The three he took towards the end of the 4th out of a timeout was one of the worst plays all night if Dileo called that play he needs his head checked. Turnovers killed us A Miller played a great game all night but had two critical turnovers in the 4th. 

    I think the lack of free throws can be attributed to the refs. There were acouple early no calls and early questionable charge calls which slowed the sixers aggression. The 2nd half looked like the normal sixers, driving and getting to the line is their game they need to do it no matter what.  

    In ref to Lou Will and Willie G if they miss their first 3 shots than they should sit till the 2nd half than give them another chance then. Ivey should get their mins if they struggle offensively. 

    Lets Go in Game 3

  10. The Real Rob says:

    Main objectives for Sixers:
    -Keep contesting that perimeter
    -GET THOSE OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS (especially when Howard sits)
    -IGGY MUST START OFF BETTER!! (then it opens things for others)
    The Sixers MUST take care of their games at home and they need an all around effort from EVERYONE!!
    Lou has to look back to Game 1 and see where he went right and look at Game 2 to see where he went wrong. 
    The free throw disparity is big. 
    Sixers:  12/18  (66.7%)
    Magic:  22/30 (73.3%)   w/o Howard:  19/23 (82.6%)
    The point is the Sixers MUST be more aggressive and drive to the basket, especially when Howard is NOT on the floor.  They had a tendency to settle for JUMPERS!!  That is NOT Sixers Basketball.  Also, the officiating was VERY FAIR– I had no problems with the calls.  Did anyone have any problems with the calls? 
    Iggy must get off to a better start.  That way it opens things up for Lou, Marshall, Ivey, and even others for possibly those perimeter shots, like in Game 1.  The perimeter shooting was nonexistent in Game 2.
    The Sixers had an opportunity to win this one and they did such a great job on Howard, Lewis, and Turkoglu.  Ratliff and Dalembert in early foul trouble hurt us in that first– we could have made a huge run there.  The key is to get those offensive rebounds and take better care of the ball.  Really, DiLeo should have inserted Dalembert after Howard fouled out, that way he could get the rebounds and perhaps score on a couple lobs over Gortat.
    BRAND RECOGNITION:  This series would be different if Elton Brand were in it.  He can defend Howard one-on-one for a longer stretch with his strength, plus he can give you Howardlike numbers on the BOARDS especially those OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS.  Like Ratliff, his timing of blocks is huge, but can secure rebounds better than Ratliff.  Like Dalembert, his rebounding skills are huge (maybe bigger and  more secure), but can avoid silly fouls and has more strength unlike Dalembert.  Plus, Brand can take Howard out of the paint and hit that midrange shot–Speights hitting that jumper over Howard made me think of that in a small scale.  Anyway, get well Brand!!) 

    If the Sixers want to slow Courtney Lee, it will be based on the play of Lou Williams.  In Game 1, Lee had an excellent 2nd qt (and half of the 3rd qt), but Lou outscored him the 4th and made him play honest defense.  That MUST happen if we want to win any more games.  The Sixers plan will still be contesting those perimeter shots (especially Lewis and Turkoglu) and play Howard one-on-one to the best of the team’s ability.  At least, the Sixers are doing something RIGHT in that aspect.  But I would not mind having Dalembert play against Gortat and perhaps give Sammy some lobs, which was one of Salmi’s keys to trying to win Game 2.  

    The Sixers need everyone in that roster to contribute and play with energy, but not force the issue-which leads to unneccesary turnovers.  They need to not play like Ryan Howard and not go for the homers, but make the singles, the doubles, the sacrifices, and playing defense.    

    Also, if Willie is not giving you much offensively or DEFENSIVELY.  (This is where the Sixers need to hone on next season–a starting SG that can score easily and play some defense for a whole game–Anthony Parker, Mike James, and even Von Wafer would be my picks.)  In the draft, we should get an Iggy backup if we cannot get that SG this June.   

    I know some of you guys might disapprove, but why not play Kareem Rush for some spot minutes.  Iggy is going to be double teamed and we need guys who can hit shots when open.  A guy like Rush needs some daylight and this is an opportune moment for him.  He is our “other secret weapon”.  The Magic have seen Marshall and perhaps will see more of him, but we have another shooter.
    Remember this playoff moment(in a home game):


  11. bski says:

    Suede……I’ll second Joe by saying that I too think you are dead on about Ivey.  No reason he can’t start alongside Miller and defend Lee.  Willie is 2-11 from the field so far, so it’s not like we’d be giving up a ton of offense without him in there.  

    Thing is, it won’t happen.  I’m sure you heard Goukas talking about Green in the 3rd quarter.  He said a couple of times how Green was hurting the Sixers.  He also mentioned how Thad hadn’t touched the ball well into the quarter (I think Thad’s first touch and shot came with around 3:30 left in the 3rd) and how Willie’s opportunities were taking away Thad’s chances.  His broadcast partner asked why DiLeo would continue with Green on the floor in that case.  Obviously trying not to offend, Goukas replied that coaches are creatures of habit, that they settle into rotations, and they tend to stick with them.

    I think I’d roll the dice with Ivey because Lee has proven to be the Magic’s most consistent, dependable scorer so far.  It doesn’t look like that will change either.  If we can keep him under control, along with Turk and Lewis, I like our chances a whole lot more. 

  12. Morty says:

    Igoudala needs to bottle his 2nd half, and play that way the entire game. There is not reason he cannot.

  13. Dannie says:

    Something that has been overlooked…

    As much as everyone loves the kid, Thad has played 2 games, 70 minutes and only had 4 rebounds.   This is a big issue for me considering rebounding is suppose to be a strength of this team and Thad is logging heavy minutes as the “power forward.”

    We can all (at least I can) vividly recall a few offensive rebound and put backs Lewis had while Thad was checking just watching him go after loose balls and offensive boards.

  14. The Real Rob says:

    Through 2 Games in Orlando for the Sixers, here is a summary of:

    What went Right:
    -Turk/Lewis: 14/43 (32.6%)     -Regular Season Avg:  11.6/27.1 (42.8%)
    -Assists:                        Magic-  32 assists              Sixers-   38 assists
      Regular Season-       Magic- 19.4 ast (29th)   Sixers-  20.1 ast (24th)
    -Three Point Shooting(and Percentage):
      Magic: 11/41 (26.8%)          Sixers: 12/28 (42.9%)
    Most of the Sixers threes are in the 4th quarter!
    -Dalembert: 0 TOs  (no goofy plays and playing to his limits,so far!)

    What went Wrong:
    -Trailing 18+ in the second half
    -Outscored (103-79) in the 2nd & 3rd quarters
    -Willie Green: 2/11 (18.2%) + lack of underrated defense playing  
    -Andre Iguodala: 10 TOs  (In Ratatouille terms, “getting (too) fancy with the spices”)
    -Courtney Lee (perhaps by design, but still):  18/34(52.9%)   attempting 17 shots twice this series.    Reg Seas:  3.2/7.0  (45.7%)
    -Dalembert:  26 min, 7 reb (o in Game 2).  If Sammy boards, we WIN!

    -Continue contesting Lewis/Turkoglu.  It’s working!
    -Continue contesting perimeter shots.  It’s working!
    -letting Courtney Lee score.  It’s working*!
    *However, I would put Royal Ivey all over him if I were DiLeo and perhaps make Ivey the “Courtney Stopper”.  If possible, Green, Williams, and even Rush have to make Lee play honest defense on the offensive end, Lou especially(see Game 1).
    -How should the Sixers approach Howard? (should we let him score everything or contain him?) 
      1) I think we should let him score most of the points, which could prevent others from getting possessions and looks.  They are 29th in assists in the regular season and that ball sticks.
     2) How are Howard’s free throws on the road?  
    -When do we put Kareem Rush in besides blowouts?  (If we are 3-1 and want to close the game out in 5, put him in.  Otherwise, I don’t know, but he could break the Magic’s zone given the looks available.)
    -Our BENCH (especially Lou) must come through!  I need to hear more Lou for Two from Matt Cord.   

    This is now a best of 5 Series with the Sixers having homecourt.  They MUST use that well!!


  15. Zack says:

    Stephen Curry has entered the draft!  Yes!!!  I can’t wait to argue with people why the Sixers need to do whatever they need to do to get this guy come draft time.

    guest, Dannie, suede – a quick fyi, it looks like I’m going out to watch Friday’s game.
    Dannie, I really like Thad, but his attitude about being a power forward really bothers me.  It seems like he cares more about making himself into a small forward than the team’s success.  That’s why I brought up the Tim Thomas comparison earlier (a very long tme ago).  I’m deathly afraid he’s working hard and trying to market himself as someone who belongs up with the ranks of Carmelo/Gay/Granger just to get that big contract.  This is where Iguodala really outshines Thad in my eyes – AI2 is willing to do whatever it takes to help the team, whereas Thad doesn’t seem like he is; it’s more like he’ll do whatever it takes to help the team…  as long as he does it as a small forward.  It’s a minor issue right now, but if the Brand-Thad-Iggy combo doesn’t produce good results next year, then I see some drama coming.

  16. Dannie says:

    Zack – That’s why in our back and forth on previous post I said we just need to sit back and wait.  Wait until we get some legit results on the Brand-Thad-Iguodala core before we start killing the GM.  We just haven’t seen it enough to really know how it will pan out.  I don’t want to get into it now because it’s a bigger picture off-season conversation.  But I just look at the core pieces we have now and the current make-up of this team and it looks absolutely nothing like the prototypical championship team or like the existing championship contenders (Cleveland, Lakers, healthy Celtics).

  17. deepsixersued says:

    Zack, E.S. was on E.S.P.N. radio this afternoon, here are some tidbits. Thad at the 4 is a major matchup problem for other teams. The Elton, Thad and Iggy lineup didn!t get enough time together and also wasn!t handled well. You are dead on Dannie. This draft is strong at the one and two spots. Good for us. Last years draft was strong with bigs which was good for us also. I!m paraphrasing E.S. there. As far as Thad Zack, I disagree as far as his mindset; I think what they like about him is he plays the 4 like a small forward and though rebounding is an issue, it becomes an issue when Sam can!t stay on the court and get his 10 rebounds a night. They are working on his shooting and ballhandling to allow him to become a better perimeter player because he was a post player in high school so he is doing, in a way, what they ask.

  18. The Greek says:

    Don’t ever question( throw and f’n fbomb in here) Thad Youngs attitude.
    Is it his fault that that Iggy’s shot  is soo putrid that he can’t  play the 2?

    Is it his fault that Dre Miller can’t defend a dead man, which forces Willie Stinkin Greene to start?

    Is it his fault that even though he is the most talented half court player that we have that he can’t get a look for long stretches of time because Greene and Iggy are chucking up bricks?

    Say what you want but don’t ever question this kid’s attitude, especially when the the rest of the team is made up of thieves and losers.

  19. guest says:

    The Greek, I know you don’t really like Iguodala, but why would Iguodala play the two.  I don’t understand why people want him to play the 2 so much.  He has the perfect body type for the small forward position, and has played their his whole career.  So it’s not his fault him and Thad play the same position.  Maybe our GM should have thought about that before signing Elton Brand.  Having said that, I don’t question Thaddeus’s attitude.  Iguodala is the one that is always complaining.  Although Thad has to be more aggressive one defensive rebounds.  He goes hard after offensive rebounds, but it seems like he sits back on defense sometimes.  Maybe he is a little too anxious to get out on the fast break.

  20. The Greek says:

    Guest I actaully Like Iggy.  But he needs to be the 3rd scorer or at best the 2nd scorer.   Im just annoyed that because of his lack of a jumper willie greene starts and plays way too much. 
    If Iggy can’t play the 2 then he needs to GO!   There is no putting Thad on the bench, thats B.S. 

  21. guest says:

    Greek, Like I said.  They should have thought about that before they signed both Iguodala and Brand long term.  Andre still might be able to play the 2, that still has not been decided.  But I think our team need shooters and needless to say, it’s called a shooting guard for a reason.  I think we need a shooter to play the 2 for this team to have success in the half court.  The question remains to be answered, Can a starting line-up of: Miller, Iguodala, Thad, Elton, and Sammy, contend.  If not then we have a lot of re-evaluating to do.

  22. jkay says:

    before all the Thad/Iguodala debate goes wholesale and export, our rebounding problem and i think why we lost that game was cos Sammy cant stay on the floor. he has played like how many minutes. the minutes he played, he kept howard in check STRAIGHT UP! for all the damage he causes, we need him out there. Everyone loves Ratliffe’s play. Ratliffe is not gonna win you a game against Dwight Howard, Sammy will. He needs to play smart (i know its literally impossible) or be lucky with the refs.
    all that aside, we missed a golden opportunity. momentum killers like the  Andres’ careless turnovers in the 4th and those offensive boards (whihc would have been none existent if Sammy was out there). Uh well good news we can beat them alright. if this is their game so far, its not impressive. bad news; they are getting more familiar with how to play us defensively. i think the reason we cant fastbreak yet is part them getting back quickly. no way we turn the ball over so much next game.

    well i’m not heartbroken; actually optimistic. the Pistons are a veteran team that could turn it on like that. i dont think the Magic can do that that easily. I think we have a VERY GOOD chance. we’ll see.

  23. jkay says:

    Zack: Curry, like most young players with upside, will go early, with Lou Williams’ stock aty zero right now, how do you even contemplate getting him?

  24. jkay says:

    Dannie: how do we stop Lee from killing us?? do we take our eyes off the ball (lewis and turk) or stick with it and hope the averages play out? is our series gonna depend on this guy? so far 2 games, he’s money.

  25. The Real Rob says:

    jkay– I would not worry about Courtney Lee, the Sixers have to make sure he does not get any open layups.  If I were DiLeo, I would assign Royal Ivey to match him stride for stride and pester him one-on-one.  Also, Lou Williams mostly (yes even Willie and Kareem) need to make him play honest defense and outrun him.  

    I LOVE the way the Sixers have defended the perimeter thus far in this series.  That has been the bug-a-boo all season.  If they continue doing so, then perhaps we have turned a corner as a team defensively.

    Superman v.s Iron Man  (It’s a dunkathon!!)
    Man of Steel v.s Man of Iron
    (This should be Iggy’s tune to rock or dunk on!!)



  26. Dannie says:

    jkay – I absolutely think we need to worry about him.  How can you not?  He has been the best player for them in two games and he is attacking our defensive weak links (Miller/Lou).  Tonight will be the big test though.  How does he perform on the road?  If he keeps it up then the Sixers have a serious problem.

    But it’s a bigger issue than Courtney Lee.  Why is he killing us? Is he killing us because whoever is defending him in incapable? (individual problem that can be fixed with tactical personnel shuffling in game)  Is it because we flat out aren’t paying attention to him and his scoring opportunities are too easy? (strategic and lack of focus problem)

    I don’t think it’s a matter of “things averaging out” the kid can play.  He was an good shooter over the course of 82 games at 40.4% from three and 45% from the field.  In 2 games he is shooting:

    • 52.9% from the field and only
    • 25% from three

    So for me averaging out just means he starts making threes at his normal rate and maybe misses a few more 2′s and it ends up about the same if he continues to get 17 shot attempts per game.

    I keep coming back to this.  Orlando is shooting 28.6% from three and we aren’t up 2-0.  That is worrisome IF the reason for their poor shooting is more about them missing shots than us forcing missed shots.

  27. jkay says:

    guest: ‘Maybe he is a little too anxious to get out on the fast break.’ – exactly!! you just need to watch him on the floor to figure it out. how do you think he’s flat out beats his man all the gain something you have to give something. but the big picture is all the sixers wanna take off as soon as the opponents’ shot hits the rim. Sammy’s defensive rebounding in the regular season gave you that luxury. Sixers will have to sacrifice some of that fastbreak opportunity now.
    Andres combine for about 25% of team defensive rebounding, Sammy and bigs take bulk of it. Thad, Green and Williams; usually the main recepients of fastbreak passes contribute much less than average.

  28. The Greek says:

    jkay, bro if we need to rely on Sammy playing smart to win then we are  screwed. 

    Agreed on needing to stop Lee, but hey the sixers way is too start WIllie Greene and Sammy D so winning a playoff series at any point with these 2 scrubs would be a huge bonus.

  29. jkay says:

    Dannie: ‘Orlando is shooting 28.6% from three and we aren’t up 2-0. ‘ -    throw the stats out of the window. the sixers average like how many fastbreak pts per game in regular seasoon? how many now? and i dont think that will change either. this is the way the series is being played. as for the magic woes from 3land, i (if i were DiLeo) would take it game by game. i know at least 2 games they will get hot, we will just have to make adjustments IN that game. i think part of the reason they are in a funk is that we have disrupted their rhythm by making the game more physical. maybe i’m giving us too much credit but i think making shots have a lot to do with style. swinging it around the perimeter for wide open looks…how many times have they done that this series as opposed to the regular season games against us? well who knows but i’d forget the stats. all we know; they are a very good 3pt shooting team. guard the arc!

  30. jkay says:

    Greek: well its still possible…

  31. Tom Moore says:

    Sixera averaged 17.6 fast-break points in the regular season (third in league) and are getting just 10.5 in the two playoff games. They probably won’t average 17.6 for the series, but they need more than 10.5 because relying on the half-court offense so much is going to lead to low-scoring games.

    Also need more free throws (38 to Magic’s 55) and to shoot better than 60.5 percent from line.

    Ratliff is averaging 23.5 minutes so far to Dalembert’s 13.0.

  32. jkay says:

    ‘Ratliff is averaging 23.5 minutes so far to Dalembert’s 13.0.’

    now those stats get me worried!

  33. Dannie says:

    jkay – What is your basis for throwing stats out the window?  I posted the fast-break points the actual post game write up above.  And they averaged 15.7 fast-break points against this Orlando team during the season.

    Right now neither team is playing this series to their strengths.  For me that is better for the Sixers which is why the game 2 lose could end up being more devastating than it feels right now because of exactly what you just said ” i know at least 2 games they will get hot.”  I think that is likely as well.  Which is why you can’t lose the games when they are cold.

  34. deepsixersued says:

    I personally wish they would let Sam use all 6 of his fouls and tell him to just play aggressive and not to worry about it, Theo will have his back. He gets forgotten easily for whatever reason [Greek will give plenty I!m sure] but we are better with him on the floor. Theo, minus T. Hill isn!t physical enough to control the defensive boards and playing Reggie next to him probably doesn!t work in this series. I worry that this  [post A.Miller] offense is going to affect Thad and Iggy in getting involved although Thad with the corner three could benefit. If I!m Deleo and we are posting A.Miller it is an excuse to play Royal because he and Thad are our best corner 3 options.

  35. The Greek says:

    How about posting up Speights when he gets in the game?  Never happens, and as I have said this before that’s why he shoots the jumper all the time.   These guys refuse to throw him the ball in the post.  This has been a season long problem.  But whatever this doesn’t have much to do with the playoffs or maybe it does.

    Thad need to be the focal point of the offense, every half court set needs to revolve around him and until that happens we will not ever win a series. 

    Reggie Evans, I like the dude but he is really another selfish player.  Whenever he has the ball in his hands he looks to do a triple spin and brick shot.  Stop shooting Reggie!  Your 3 terrible shots in that 8 minute span were 2 too many.  Your stank let the magic go on a mini run.  

    So instead of feeding Thad the ball we had to settle for Iggy and Willie to showcase there mediocre jumpers.  Hence the loss.

    I don’t think that I have the energy to get on Sam anymore, at least not today.

  36. Dannie says:

    Greek – When is the man-crush wedding?  Haven’t seen a love affair with a non-superstar player…ever.

    Thad need to be the focal point of the offense, every half court set needs to revolve around him and until that happens we will not ever win a series.

    I don’t agree with this even a little bit on so many fronts I don’t even know where to begin.

  37. The Real Rob says:

    David Stern will be at the game tonight!!

  38. The Real Rob says:

    The Greek– however, we do need Reggie’s REBOUNDING down the stretch.  Remember that game against the Pistons, the game that clinched us an invitation to the playoffs.  His rebounding down the stretch was the difference with a minute left in that the 4th quarter. 

    If the Sixers continue smothering Lewis and Turkoglu, rebound better, and take better care of the ball, I REALLY LIKE OUR CHANCES!!  There I said it because it is true!!

  39. The Greek says:

    Dannie Lol, I love the kid in the non gayest of ways!   Soon enough you will completely come over to the Dark side.   You have one foot in already when you said a couple of weeks ago  that if push came to shove and we had to get rid of either Iggy or Thad that you would choose Thad.   In due time young Jedi you will be riding shotgun on the death star along with Dave T and the boys.  Lol, and that’s about all the knowledge that I have of star wars!
    But like I said,  Until Thad is our featured half court offensive player(hopefully nest season) we will not ever win a series.   I don’t think that the coaching staff is smart enough to run enough plays for the kid for the rest of the series.

  40. The Greek says:

    Rob I remember all the Reggie Reggie chants, but he needs to stop doing that spin move into an off hand shot in traffic.   He could take all the layups that are available, but if we refuse to feed Speights down low then we sure as shat better refuse to look for Reggie to create down low.  

    Why is this team allergic to posting anyone up other then Miller and Sam(insert curses)

    Post Thad
    Post Speights
    and for the love of god post Iguodala, the dude spent the whole offseason working on his post moves and he abanded them almost as quick as the sixers abanded using him at the off guard position.

  41. Dannie says:

    Greek – I have a major problem with featuring Thad as the offensive focal point.  However you want to look at it he is pretty one dimensional offensively.  Meaning all he does is shoot, and shoot without drawing contact (i.e getting to the line – 2.6 FTA per 36).  While his creation of scoring opportunities for himself is nice it’s only one facet of the game.  His ability to create for his team is well, well below average.  In fact it’s quite horrible, damn near nonexistent (1.2 assist per 36).  That is why Iguodala remains the focal point and is well ahead of the kid in those areas right now.

    I don’t make that kind of player the focal point of my offense at all.  I put him in places to shoot comfortably in the flow of my offensive system.

    You make multi-dimensional offensive players the focal point. Guys that are proficient at good shot creation for themselves, playmaking ability for teammates, foul drawing ability and low turnover rate (Thad is good here).

    When you look at the two players this year you’ll notice Thad is actually taking almost 1 more shot per game on a 36 minute basis but scoring 1 point less because he doesn’t get to the line enough relative to his shot attempts.  Iguodala is better in true shooting percentage (encompasses all shooting – 2′s , 3′s and fts) while Thad is better from the floor (eFG%).

    Neither guy shots free throws well enough which is extremely disappointing.

  42. Dannie says:

    Greek – This isn’t really a “post-up Iguodala and Thad” series.  They are both facing bigger, slower and gimpy defenders in Lewis (knee) or Turk (ankle)  so I don’t mind them not posting up much and actually prefer they put those guys in jail and take them to the cup.   Lewis and Turk are both damn near 6’10″ wing players.

    As far as the posting up in general.  It’s a coaching issue more than anything else.  Once Brand went down they abandoned structured posting up for the most part.  What Miller does is freestyle in my opinion.   He often brings the ball up full court straight into the block and no one touches the ball on possessions if he isn’t doubled or highly defended.  I don’t know what coach in their right mind designs that type of offense.  That is Miller doing his own thing.

    Funny this is the only structured offense you can clearly point to with the Sixers is for Willie Green – haha.  He gets those pin downs for mid-range shots whenever he is in the game.

    The Sixers offense is almost entirely freestyle in my opinion which makes no sense to me at all considering the type of offensive players we have.  But that’s for another day.

  43. The Greek says:

    Dannie It’s more of a season long complaint that I have had,  just as you said when Brand went down they abandoned the low post game.   Your right we do need structure, and hopefully next season that will be in place . 

    I also agree with what you said about Thad not drawing any fouls but i feel that has a lot to do with years of service in the league.  By season 3 or 4 for Thad I do believe that he will get those calls that he wouldn’t have in years 1 & 2.

    I actually think that Thad is a good passer in the making, most of his turnovers come from him traveling and not errant passes.  I also believe the problem is that he has no one to pass it too.

    Dannie, do you have any confidence in Dileo bringing a positive structure to our offense next year?

  44. Tom Moore says:

    Thad needs to improve his passing and rebounding.

  45. Dannie says:

    Greek – First off I hope Dileo is not the coach next season.  So his ability to add structure isn’t of great concern because I am hoping he isn’t on the bench next year. 

    Actively drawing fouls and getting calls are completely different things to me.  Getting calls has much more to do with borderline situations where the star gets the benefit of the doubt.

    Thad’s  lack of getting to the line on the other hand has way more to do with his offensive game when he attacks than refs “giving” him calls.  Simply put he either doesn’t know how or doesn’t want to initiate contact.  It’s not in his game right now.  Before a ref is going to “give” you a call you have to prove you can draw contact (draw the call).

    I actually think that Thad is a good passer in the making, most of his turnovers come from him traveling and not errant passes.  I also believe the problem is that he has no one to pass it too.

    How are you judging his passing?  Better question how are you determining he is good at it?  Besides that I wasn’t talking about the technical capacity to pass the ball.  I am talking about playmaking ability leading to easy (assisted) teammate baskets.  Saying he has no one to pass too is pretty baseless.  The Sixers average 20 assists per game in the regular season of which he contributed 1 per game. 

    Right now he has a one track mind when he catches, which is to shoot.  He still needs to develop his court awareness and vision to pass the ball while he is in his offensive move and teammates are moving as well.  Also 64% of of his made baskets are assisted which suggests his scoring is more a product of other people providing him with scoring opportunities than him getting the ball and just doing it all himself.  For comparison Iguodala is at 51%, Miller is at 30%, Lou is at 36%.

    Furthermore I don’t understand why you feel the need to defend him all the time.  Thad is going to be 21 in June, he isn’t suppose to be proficient at everything and he’s not.  He has time to work on these things. But I always play the opposite side with regard to Thad because I think he is getting blown up way too much, way too fast and people only see the good and ignore the deficiencies (4 rebounds at PF in 2 playoff games).  Both sides need to be discussed.

  46. jjg says:

    Tom,  Excellent assertion, simply put; areas mentioned encompass key aspects of the game.  I’d add defense to the list.  Thad, though naturally talented, is far from being a complete player.  

  47. jjg says:

    Motown Willie Green, having read and absorbed the put-downs of the Greek and Dannie, is miffed and is gonna flash big tonight in the first quarter, score at least 8.  He’s goin’ to a go-go.  Fans could be dancing in the streets by midnight.  Can I get a witness?     


  1. Morning After Thoughts & Links…

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