March 1, 2015

Sixers Stink: Lose 4th Straight to the Bulls

No hardcore analysis of the game from me tonight because I only got to watch a small portion of it.  I listened to about half of the first and third quarter on the radio.  And watched the entire fourth quarter when I got home from my basketball game.  So I will leave the analysis to you guys in the comments.

As far as I can tell, it looked like a typical Sixers game this season.  Got a big lead, lost it, turned the ball over and fell to a team many people thought they should beat.  This team is the definition of inconsistent, and that inconsistency makes the Sixers a very mediocre team as a whole.

Sixers vs. Bulls Game Thoughts

  • Derrick Rose is the real deal.  I didn’t think he would be this impactful right away.  Needless to say, I was wrong.
  • Elton Brand had the production we expected coming into this season 21-12 on 8-15 from the field.  Elton Brand’s post game interview was telling.  He was visibly frustrated, and the reporters kept asking about offense.  Well the Bulls shot 52% from the field and 53% from three.  He probably said “we gotta get defensive STOPS” emphatically like 8 or 9 times.  This is two games in a row they couldn’t stop anyone.  This hasn’t been their problem all season.  Teams weren’t scoring or shooting well against them.  But I think they’re floundering offense has turned into a cancer that is now negatively effecting them on the defensive end.  Bad news.
  • Thaddeus Young bounced back with a solid game: 17 points, 5 boards, 4 assists, 1 turnover on 8-14 shooting.  He was 4-6 in the first quarter and only had 8 shots the rest of the game?  Why does this happen in every game when he has it going early?
  • Andre Iguodala vs. Luol Deng: Battle of the overpaid and overrated 2004 draft guys.  Both guys held out for big dollars, and their teams stupidly gave it to them. Both guys had 8 points.  Both guys only made 3 shots.  Iguodala turned the ball over 4 times and had 4 personal fouls, 6 dimes and 4 boards on 3-9 from the field.  Deng had 3 boards, 3 assists, 2 turnovers on 3-7 shooting.  Overpaid role players.
  • Ben Gordon killed the Sixers in the 3rd quarter when the game got completely out of hand.  Say what you want about him and his taking a lot of shots.  He is a professional shooter and showed that tonight.  The Bulls made a mistake not paying him and paying Deng.  That’s what happens when you try to make a soft, non-dominant, non-go-to player something he is not.
  • Drew Gooden’s stat line looks like he was back at Kansas.  Who was defending him most of the game?
  • 29 assists on 36 field goals.  That was good; just couldn’t stop anyone on the other end.
  • Royal Ivey played 14 minutes.  Help me out, how did he look?  I just think he should be playing Lou Williams’ minutes right now for stability at the point and defense up top.
  • Speaking of Lou Williams, 1-9 from the field 3 turnovers in 15 minutes.  Why is he shooting 9 shots in 15 minutes?
  • Who on the Sixers would put forth the effort to make that play Derrick Rose did on Andre Miller?  Thad is the only guy I could come up with.

Finally if you watched Mo Cheeks’ press conference I think it’s pretty clear he has no clue how to fix this team, and he knows it.  They are disappointing, don’t play with fire like he did as a player and, for whatever reason, he hasn’t been able to get the same level of energy out of this team like he did at the end of last season.  Reality is Cheeks probably needs to go because although the players aren’t performing, neither is he.  And GMs always fire coaches when teams struggle because you can’t fire players.

Personally, I think this team and certain players (Iguodala and Lou) came in to this season thinking they were better then they are.  They thought they could just show up and roll on teams.  Just show up and opponents would lay down without them physically and mentally putting them down.  Well I think the Boston loss was a reality check for the Sixers that said, “Hey, you aren’t that good; in fact you are pretty bad.”  The next few games against the Lakers, Pistons and Cavs will probably be about the same.

Next Game: Tuesday at Chicago

Does anyone believe they will beat Chicago on Tuesday on the road?

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  1. guest says:

    I want to just say what I did on the other topic:

    All this game did was make me want to bite my pinky finger off.  What needs to happen to make this team play hard for 48 minutes? It’s ridiculous!  Im beggining to think that Mo Cheeks does need to go.  At first I didn’t but in the 3rd quarter we got outscored 31 to 11. I blame this offensive and some defensive breakdown on line-up issues. I think at one point, when the game was still within reach, I counted:  Lou, Ivey, Speights, Reggie Evans, and Rush were in the game.  How are we going to come back with that line-up on the court. I dont mind those players playing but at the same time?  I don’t see us making any kind of progress with those substitutions.

  2. deepsixersuede says:

    Dannie, Ivey looked pretty good offensively and played off the ball on Gordon for some of his minutes. L.Will. thinks he is B.Gordon. How can you miss so badly and just continue to jack them up. Players tend to tune out a yeller like L.B. because they get tired of hearing him but Mr. Niceguy Mo has to get tougher because nice is not working. He is playing Sam less with a rookie as an option yet L.Will. continues to do what he is doing with 3 options to go to. He is in it deep now, Mo I mean, but who could you get to light a fire under these guys.

  3. Rob says:

    From the previous post:

    We still have to be patient with this team, but this is brutal!

    Andre Iguodala, Samuel Dalembert, where are you guys? They cannot capitalize on mismatches, which is sad! 

    Kudos to Royal Ivey for playing hard!!  I like this guy in a scrappy defensive way.  He should definitely eat Lou’s many minutes.

    Also, Rush and Marshall need to play and be put in better situations to hit shots!!

    Questionable rotations.  Something has to change.  December is coming up and that month has been “judgment day” the last two seasons for the Sixers.  Ed Snider forced Billy King to trade Allen Iverson December 19, 2006.  Ed Stefanski replaced Billy King as GM and STRONGLY & BRILLIANTLY encouraged Mo to play the young guys more and to play an uptempo game.  In addition to that, we traded Korver for Giricek to clear salary.  Keep an eye out for this December.  Let’s see how they play in that following stretch after we play the Lakers, Pistons, Cavs twice, and all those games in between those teams I mentioned. 

    The point is Santa Claus is coming to town and will soon determine who has been naughty or nice on this Sixers team!! 
    HO HO HO!
    MO MO MO– Might have to GO GO GO!!

    GO GO GO– in an effort to duplicate the FO FO FO!

  4. deepsixersuede says:

    Dannie, I agree with you about our earlier discussion. By the trade deadline I would not be surprised if Sam is moved for an expiring contract to package with A.Miller!s expiring to put us in position to upgrade with a top free agent AGAIN BUT NOT SURE WHO.

  5. guest says:

    Well, keep in mind, most of our free agent pick-ups during the off season, were only for one year.  Marshall, Ivey, Theo, and Kareem, will all be un restricted free agents, so we will have our own hands full during the off season.

    What do you guys think about us making a run at signing Allen Iverson?

  6. deepsixersuede says:

    Guest, In the back of E.S.!s mind attendence is an issue but he looks to not have much left and if 1/2 of Karl!s comments hold water then I would probably pass. Every p.g. he defends is having a career night. [D. Harris, Rondo, etc.] But next year, other than Sheed, I don!t see an impact guy at the 1 or 5, our two NEED positions.

  7. jjg says:

    Brand’s interview was telling – about himself.   Saying we gotta get defensive stops 8 or 9 times was his slick way to deflect personal responsibility for his own defensive shortcomings and point finger at teammates.  Gooden had 16 or 18 in or near the lane in first half.  How good could big man Elton’s defense have been if Sixers get shredded by Gooden?  Throwing teammates under the bus again; that’s the 3rd or 4th time this season in post-game comments.  Brand thinks he’s a winner because he gets near 20 & 10.  A winner is somebody who wins.  Clam up, Elton.  Get it done.  Then maybe your comments will have more merit.  You win as a team, you lose as a team.  Take your medicine and quit cryin’. 

  8. John says:

    Armchair (BS) psychology aside…

    Mo must go

    Sam must sit

    Miller is toast

  9. Dannie says:

    JJG - I think you are way off.  He said we have to get stops.  Not this guy, or that guy.  He said we.  Since when did we not mean team focus?  He didn’t call anyone out or throw anyone under the bus.  All season he has said we (which by definition includes himself) need to do a better job.  The only time he didn’t say we was when he was referring to the second unit.  Saying they need to do a better job holding/extending leads.  Or they need to provide a spark and bring some energy.  Both accurate statements.

    I already know we simply won’t agree on this by your above comment.

  10. John says:

    I’m not sure what people want him to say, and it’s my experience that no matter what he says some people just want to try and figure out what he’s ‘really’ saying.

    This is a average NBA team roster wise with a below average NBA coach.  Two guys currently starting shouldn’t be starting, many of the bench players wouldn’t be in the rotation of NBA championship caliber teams, and the coach should have never been hired.

    The expectations for this team were ridiculous in my opinion…they’re pretty much doing what I thought – by the end of they year they’ll be in 3rd place ahead of the knicks and nets.

  11. jjg says:

    Dannie  You don’t publicly criticize 2nd team for not holding leads (subtext:  I helped build one; they let us down), especially when you’re not performing well yourself.  That’s not leadership. 
    If you can, watch tonight’s comments again.  The “we” that he is pointing to is the collection of defenders who aren’t getting out on perimeter shots.  If you think his oral frustration was self-inclusive, you and I interpret differently.

    I don’t think it’s coincidence that he’s arrived and the team is falling apart at the seams.      

  12. jjg says:

    John  Did you get Elton’s autograph yet?  And what is your psychology behind Mo going, “must”-ly?

  13. Ryan F says:

    I know it is still a little early, but not that early. I say lets look at other coaches and start shopping Miller and IGG. It already seems that Miller isn’t going to be worth the dollars after this season, and it doesn’t look like IGG is a good fit at SG, and SF is pretty much wrapped up. So lets not wait till the deadline, or until their value drops more and try to make a move, do it now.

    Maybe I am just frustrated. This is the first time in a very long time I haven’t looked forward to watching sixers games.

  14. jjg says:

    Dannie  Sequential order is good.  What happened?

  15. Ryan F says:

    Agreed Dannie, he has been a good sport so far and it is not his fault this team is struggling. It is everyone’s. He and Thad have been the only people on this team I know are gonna show up this season. The only gripe I have about EB is the TO’s, and I attribute a lot of them to him forcing shots because no one else has been able to make one after the 2nd quarter.

    Gooden had the half of his life but EB was right there on almost every shot, those numbers were deserved, even the sun shines on a dogs ass now and again.

  16. Dannie says:

    JJG – Sequence issue is an anomaly to me.  Some how my comment screwed up the space-time continuum.  Should be corrected now after a big of manual tweaking.

  17. Dannie says:

    JJG – Regarding the EB comments.  I do think they are inclusive so we do interpret differently.  From my knowledge he has never been that type of player and he has sure been on his fair share of bad teams.

    Calling out the second unit doesn’t bother me as much as it does you.  We have a cupcake coach who whispers politely to players when he should be setting a fire under their ass.  Someone has to say something.  EB said what we all have witnessed. Bad defense in that game both on the perimeter (Bulls backcourt getting off) and inside (with Gooden getting off) and another game where the first squad did a good job of building a 15 point lead only to see a distinct drop off when they left the game.  I actually think this is a shot at the coach just as much as it is to the second guys.  Hey maybe they just aren’t good enough and that is on the coach not to allow them to blow leads like that every other game.

    I think there are different approaches.  Some coaches call players out, some don’t.  Some players call teammates out, some don’t.  How the group the comments are directed towards responds determines what approach is most effective.

    And honestly right now I don’t think it matters what anyone says, this team is not good enough as a whole.  They don’t know how to adjust to varying situations and are about as bad as I have seen executing offensively and that is with marginal defense.  Boston showed us what they look like when they are defended heavily.

    I’ve been holding back, holding back until that 20-game grace period that everyone (but me I gave it 10) is giving this team.  I fully expect the Sixers to be a few games below .500 at the point and then much of what I write about will be about changes that should be made.

  18. jjg says:

    “Cupcake coach” – good description.  One of his post-game quotes:  “Our game is not based on favorable match-ups in terms of taking advantage of those match-ups.” – Huh?!?  Why not? … Like I said before, he’s a natural born second assistant.

    The calling out is fine, if you’re cutting it on the court, and it’s done privately, such as in a meeting or at a practice session.  Glass houses, no stones.  Keep it in-house.

    Smith, Carney, Ollie, Booth – 2 developers, 2 pros; lost some chemistry.

    Dannie, thanks for tweak-correction.    

  19. Dave T says:

    Since I’m still shellshocked by the last three quarters of that puke that was a basketball game, thought I’d address the 1st quarter and some things I liked:

    Thad Young: This kid was absolutely steller in the 1st quarter.  I’m honestly shocked he is only 20 years old.  He showed three post moves on the block and midpost area that had footwork down like a 5 year NBA PF veteran.  He played unselfishly and distributed, also looked to score, shot looked nice, hustled on defense when others were not.  I’m just stunned at his progress from last year to this.  

    Speights:  Thing I liked most about him yesterday was just how quickly he pulled his moves on those guarding him.  Sometimes you get post players in from college, and they either really hesitate when making a move, allowing the defense time to adjust, or they just wildly throw themselves in there and jack up a wild shot outside the offense.  Not Speights…this kid knows WHAT he wants to do, HOW he wants to do it…and DOES it.  Very, very impressive, and it seems like Brand is really taking him under his wing by all accounts as a nice understudy.

    Brand:  His comment was totally legit.  I love it when star players call out the team, or an aspect of how they are playing.  As Dannie said, he included himself in the comment, and while Brand was clearly frustrated, he was shifting the blame to everyone, this was not a “These guys are not doing what I am” deal.  Kudos to Brand.

    Also…I’m extremely pleased with the way he’s started to act on the court with the rest of the teammates.  The last five game he has been extremely vocal, is actively taking players aside to teach them little points, is being frank with Mo and the assistants, is looking to be much more aggressive and get himself involved, and is trying to cheerlead to get his guys into the game when he can.  Not saying it’s been amazing, but the last five games have been a huge difference from the first ten.

    1st quarter: We played a great first quarter.  Like, really great.  That was the first time in a long while I’ve seen them play like they could.  We PASSED THE BALL, moved it effectively, people were setting great screens, and Brand was very involved in the offense.  We played with fire, aggression, a bit of a swagger, and teammates trusted each other.  What changed during the rest of the game?  Three things:  

    1.  We went back to the “One pass, contested jumpshot…two passes, ISO play” ball.  This will never cut it for 75% of most teams in the NBA, and especially not our team with the personnel we have.  We do not have amazing individual offensive players that can just take over a game via iso plays and jumpshots.  We need to be sharing the ball, moving the rock, and getting 3-5 passes in our halfcourt sets.

    2.  We stopped running the offensive through Elton Brand.  1st quarter he got a LOT of looks.  And I don’t think his own scoring in this case was that important… because he fascillitated movement on the floor by running many sets from inside out, instead of outside in.  It was the first time I REALLY saw the team know where to move without the ball when we gave it to Brand in the high and low post, and we saw glimpses of the effect he can have when utilized as a second PG in the post.  And for the rest of the game…we didn’t look to get him the ball and react off what he was doing.  Argh!

    3.  Help defense, help defense, help defense.  1st quarter our defensive effort was @!#$ing great, we contested a lot of shots, really made some suffocating doubles, pressured the ball full court very nicely a couple times, were communicating, and guys were anticipating where to rotate on a drive ahead of it happening.  Rest of the game, we let our offense totally effect this kind of defensive play and literally 180′d.  Again, argh.

  20. deepsixersuede says:

    Dave T., a lot of what you brought up has to do with 1 position, the back up point guard [L.Will.]. He both offensively and defensively thinks he is A.I., and a change of one substitution, Ivey for L.Will., changes our defense and offense and if they don!t see it on film they are blind. Willie is moving the ball off the bench and L.Will. is playing like Willie tried last year. I am fed up with him and I have been a backer of moving him to the p.g. up to this year. Ranting to S.F.W. after the game he said if L.Will. was playing like last year, passing and shooting better, we would have 3 more wins, what do you guys think?

  21. deepsixersuede says:

    P.S. : When a new coach arrives [Rambis?] that doesn!t feel an obligation to play him, I want to see him pull this shit!!!!

  22. noah says:

    I was at the game, and have a few observations:
    -this team has no idea what they are doing on the offensive end, and i think it’s because nobody is sure what their roles are. other than brand, everybody either looks uncomfortable creating shots (both andres, thad, sammy), or pounds the ball all shot clock just to jack up long jump-shots (lou, willie, ivey).
    -speaking of Brand, he got called for traveling 4 times tonight.  he has happy feet.
    -Drew Gooden had a great night, but the defense on him wasn’t really that soft.  he just consistently got good position and hit his shots.
    -this time really doesn’t value the ball, and it shows.  most of their turnovers are careless mental mistakes.

    most of all, the players look like they don’t know what they can do to be successful, and it shows in their inconsistency throughout games.  when something is working they need to go back to it.  this season, the only consistent production has come from Thad on the perimeter and slashing, and Brand on the pick-and-pop.  but those plays mostly only get run during the first quarter.  distribution of minutes might be a factor.  Brand played sparingly after the first quarter and Thad was visibly winded the entire second half.  things are looking grim.

  23. noah says:

    oh, also, i ran into Ed Stefanski before the game and he did not look like a man that is sleeping well (though he was very friendly).

  24. jjg says:
  25. jjg says:

    Sorry, typing omission of . before com.
    Corrected address of Sixers article:

  26. Dannie, can we get an all Iggy post here?  I’d be interested in a Sixers vs. ReclinerGM post on the subject.

    The Sixers (the pro side) believe Iggy is an all-star max player and presumably have some reasons

    ReclinerGM (con) believes Iggy is a second tier supporting role player 8 mill a year (I’m guessing)  reasons why would be interesting

    and more interesting would be a reasonable path to how Iggy could get from where he is stuck, to a max player.  If you’re the GM what would you do force him to shoot 500 shots (supervised) per day over the off season?

  27. jkay says:

    i thot i would not have to say anything but this is forced. to anyone who cares, this is a sort of yes-you-were-right note. to anyone who doubted the sixers ability, yep we probably do not have a good team. I was watching the 1st quarter when they were killing the bulls and realised that even though they were winning, they were not playing well at all. it struck me that even when we win, they are not good wins. all the clumsiness we complain about here were all present. my conclusion is similar to the rest.
    sam and miller will be gone by the end of this season. the leadership, passing and defense they brought respectively is now expendable.
    from an iggy fan: iguodala is an great defender, average passer and effecient in attacking the rim, for all else he seems to be completely incapable, he needs to lose the ego or we will never win. bench him. it will help in the long run.
    Mo Cheeks need to go, regardless of what happens.
    Lou will be all right with some Carney-treatment.
    Speights may have to be our future center ( J.Smith has no D)
    The key to winning will be crushing some egos and giving thad the ball.
    It pains me to admit all this though. I may not even be able to watch them for a while, I don’t care who they beat.
    Like deepsixerseude, i’ll be waiting for the trades and coach change.
    To anyone who wants to stay positive; we still have the makings of a contender, it’s just a lot further away now  than we thought.

  28. John says:

    Andre Iguodala did not get a max contract, the sixers did not think he was a max contract player nor did they pay him as such.  It would be nice if the people who felt Iguodala wasn’t playing ‘to his contract’ actually understood his contract, but that’s probably expecting too much

  29. Morty says:

    Didn’t see the game, but sure looks ugly. The first move is to replace the coach and see what happens. After that, Miller and Dalembert are probably your best trade chips. On the positive side, Brand’s FG% seems to be coming around.

  30. jjg says:

    34 pt. swing against average team on last leg of 7 game road trip?:  Pale imitation of effort; nice start, but going through motions last 3 Qs without concerted commitment. 

    Malaise was on both ends of court, not just D as Brand & Salmi forwarded from their pulpits.  Yes, trouble starts there, but it doesn’t end there with Sixers.  In halfcourt, gotta execute – space, move ball quickly, rub defenders off picks, take shots like ya mean ‘em, follow shots/pound boards, make foul shots.  

    Cheeks has gotta decide which 3 are gonna sit and watch – and make it clear.  Spell out to other 9 the minutes they can expect, and give an approximation of when.  And then remind all of the importance of flexibilty and readiness as it pertains to rotations and substitutions. 

    I see a team with internal struggles and uneven effort; some wear & tear on last season’s 2nd half esprit de corps through Stefanski’s changes & Cheeks’ infirmities.  Too much in doubt.  Can’t have guys looking over their shoulders, others muttering under their breath (both, educated guesses) - it’s a losing mix.  Clarity would go a long way to righting ship.  Mo leadership, or new leadership.  Or this team will be a bust.

  31. John says:

    Millers playing like crap and his contract expires in 09 not 10 so probably doesn’t have as much trade value as he did last year, or before last season, the optimal time to trade him.

    As for Dalembert, his contract runs past 10, and only the stupidest of GMs doesn’t realize how bad he really is.

    Those are the sixers ‘best’ trade pieces?  No – they’re the ones that should be moved but the best trade pieces are the young guys with tremendous upside you trade if you are going to try and ‘win now’ – miller and dalembert won’t net much I don’t believe

  32. Dannie says:

    John – That isn’t right either.  Miller is the most valuable trade piece not only as a veteran point guard but as a $10M expiring contract.  So he would benefit a team that wants a vet point guard for a playoff run this season and/or a team that wants to dump salary immediately following this season.

    The young players don’t have much trade value for the Sixers because they have no salary (relatively speaking).  So you can’t trade Young or Speights for a proven impact player straight up or even together for that matter because that guy is likely making over $10M.

    Most likely the best chance for the Sixers to really get a very good player would be a package of a solid young guy and Miller’s expiring contract or another high priced Sixers player of their liking.

  33. Rob says:


    Eddie Jordan’s resume:
    -Assistant coach to Byron Scott and the Nets (Stefanski worked with the Nets organization).
    -Has worked with “Iggy” type players and has developed them into recognizable names:  (Jefferson, Hughes, Butler)
    -Turned Arenas into an All-Star.
    -Antwawn Jamison having his better years in Washington
    -His teams have been great rebounding teams and excel in both full and half-court games.
    -Prior to his firing, he was the Longest Tenured Eastern Conference Coach (5 and bit years).
    -Managed to keep his teams competitive despite numerous injury woes.

    Mike Dunleavy Sr (next on the hot seat)
    -Someone who wouldn’t mind giving people an earful about woeful performances.
    -Former Sixer player
    -His teams excel in rebounding and shot blocking
    -Dunleavy-Brand connection (Hopefully can put last summer aside)
    -Coached Maggette (an Iggy type of player)–although Iggy needs muscle and aggression like Maggette
    -Someone to get into Dalembert’s mind. 

    ONLY SUGGESTIONS!! But let’s see how they play after that tough stretch once we finish the home and home with the Cavaliers!

    Next games after the home and home are:
    -v.s Washington
    -v.s Milwuakee
    -v.s Indiana

    HOWEVER, the Sixers need to be consistent!!

  34. Rob says:


    I would consider Eddie Jordan and Mike Dunleavy Sr (if he gets released by the Clippers).

  35. John says:

    A.  Expiring contracts while more valuable now haven’t had a lot of value recently and only so many teams are in the ‘clearing space’ business and usually only have crap to send back – harrington for crawford?  Randolph for Mobley?  Those are excellent cap clearing deals.

    As for our young guys – I’m not sure if you know this but you can trade more than one player for one player

    Miller plus Speights has a lot more value than Miller alone.

    And why does veteran automatically mean good?  The reasons everyone wants miller out of here are the reasons no one will trade for him…why is it fans always think other GMs will not see what they do…they see it, and they saw it first

  36. Dannie says:

    John – Try reading my third paragraph one more time and see if you didn’t basically repeat exactly what I said.  Better yet read the entire comment before you make yours next time.  I think that would work better, right?

    People want Miller out because he doesn’t seem to fit with the way the team is assembled now.  Poor perimeter shooter who likes to play inside the arc which creates spacing issues on offense now that we have a inside player that draws double teams.

    Just because we are bashing a player also doesn’t mean we don’t understand what value he does have and could bring to another team and the right situation.  He is a home player that’s what we do as fans of the home team.

    Millers numbers this season aren’t really that bad either.  We all fully expected his shots attempts and scoring to be down this season with the addition of Brand and hopefully bigger role of Thad – they are. 

    No one (at least they shouldn’t have) expected him to shot 49% from the field again (and no GM would either) so no surprise there. The biggest surprise is that he fell to 43%.  I don’t think anyone thought he would come out the gate that bad either.  But we didn’t think Brand would shoot so poorly either and he seems to be turning around a bit.  No reason not to think Miller would get back to his normal 45%-46% which isn’t a stretch by any means considering he is still getting the same shots as he did a year ago. 

    Boards are even, ft% way up, assist down by 1 and turnovers slightly down.

    For all those interested check this out and see #10.

  37. jjg says:

    Please, no Wally Szczerbiak.  The dude is done.  A defensive liability.   Quick as a ’73 Pinto. 

  38. Morty says:

    John: You are forgetting the value of expiring contracts just last year when the Lakers got Gasol for, essentially, Kwame Brown’s expiring contract.

  39. AaronMcKie4MVP says:

    we just need to accept the fact that we signed Andre Stinkadala to a horrendous contract when we knew we already had a young stud to play the 3.    now we have a 2-guard who shoots sub40% from the floor, cant hit 3s, and cant create points when we need them.     dont ever mention he and Pippen in the same breath.    iguodala is a worse-defending but much more athletic version of Bruce Bowen who cant hit threes

  40. RROSE says:

    What do you guys think of starting Brand Center, Marshall PF, Thad, SF, Iggy at SG and Miller at the PG.  Now, my reasoning with Marshall is he can play about 15-18 minutes a game.  Start him and give him minutes right before half time.  Start him again 3rd qtr.  

    This will provide more spacing on the floor and someone to swing the ball to when Brand gets doubled.  Sammy is playing about 20 minutes a game anyway.  He can be the defensive presence off the bench when they have the 2nd unit on the floor to keep leads during that bad stretch they seem to have.

  41. jjg says:

    And the Sixers’ brass had a 322 NBA game sample on which to base their summer direction, and then their offer, regarding Iguodala.  Lesson:  stature and wisdom, coincidental brothers. 

  42. Rob says:

    They’re a perplexing 7-10, and have lost their last four. To a man, from the coach on down, they say they have to live off their defense, creating opportunities with quick hands, strong rebounding and the open-court approach that triggered last season’s late run to the playoffs. Hopefully, that was one of the subjects they discussed when they met Saturday.
    “We do that all the time,” Andre Iguodala said. “It can be as simple as being on the plane [and talking]. We talked a little more in depth. We didn’t push the panic button. We’re still trying to grow as a team. Last year, we had nothing to lose. This year, we might be pressing sometimes. We have the same work ethic. We compete hard in practice.”

    “To be honest with you, I thought we played solid defense because the energy was there and we were scrambling around,” guard Lou Williams said after another poor shooting game. “I thought offensively, that was the problem for us. We stopped making shots.”

    Now when certain guys say that after a loss, that is disturbing.  So far Ande Iguodala, Lou Williams, and Samuel Dalembert are the guys that are not doing their respective jobs.  The record certainly would have been MUCH better had those three showed up and do the things they do best. 

    Andre Iguodala– defense, versatility, the 19.9pts per game scorer from last year
    Lou Williams– energy, Mr.4th quarter for Sixers, taking it to the hoop.
    Samuel Dalembert–defense, shot blocking, rebounding, put backs.

    The pressing is from those three guys doing TOO much!!!  That is where the pressing is from Iggy.  All three fumble and dribble the ball and it is costing us posessions!!

    Also, Andre Miller is fine, but he needs those three to play to their capable and necessary levels, so that way he could just focus on distributing the ball. 

    Plus, Mo has to set Kareem Rush and Donyell Marshall properly in terms of setting up plays for them to shoot the threes with ease.  Potential this bench has something special and is perhaps a distant  2nd or 3rd to the Lakers in terms of a versatile roster. 

    Marc Zumoff is starting to campaign a change in the starting lineup.

  43. John says:

    A.  AM4MVP – with a screen name like that I can’t take you all that seriously anyway – but it’s rather obvious your hatred for #9 started long before this season

    B.  The Pau Gasol trade was a fluke because Memphis was looking JUST TO SAVE MONEY – not to clear cap space for a certain year – look at the larger picture of what expiring contracts have gotten recently – purely from a contract standpoint – look specifically at what the sixers got (albeit with a different gm) the last two times they had big expiring contracts (the answer is bubkis)

    C.  Andre Miller and Elton Brand doesn’t work – it had already been proven that something about them on the same team didn’t work – in Los Angeles – yet Stefanski brought brand in without moving miller – so this is on stefanski – and maybe he can con someone into believing that Miller hasn’t started the inevitable slide as he moves on to the wrong side of 30 (yes he’s old for basketball)…but I doubt he’ll get much for Miller and depending on what he gets, who starts at point guard then?

    Yes they are only 17 games in and yes they started slow last year too but every time Mo speaks I am baffled – his comment regarding that the team doesn’t ‘go after mismatches’ or what ever nonsense he used last night to justify NOT taking advantage of Ben Gorodon on Iguodala is ridiculous

    The team is a giant mess but maybe a better coach (an actual coach) could do something – so personally I think they should fire Mo first and then figure out what comes next…until you know who your next coach is bringing in players who might not fit the coach is asinine.

    So it’s probably what the sixers will do

  44. BoomDizzle says:

    Rob- That was an interesting article by Zumoff, and I think altering the starting lineup is a necessary step to take before any more drastic measures are taken (firing Cheeks, trading anyone).

    I think this starting lineup should be considered-


    With Iguodala as the sixth man for either Miller or Green. 

    This could allow for Young’s establishment early (along with Brand) as a primary scoring option, and Green’s outside shooting would mesh a little better with this mostly interior-oriented lineup.  Iguodala coming off the bench should help avoid the mid-game collapses we have seen to our early leads.

    Would anyone be opposed to this? Does anyone else have any other suggestions on how to shake up the starting lineup?  Hopefully we see some change, it sure as hell couldn’t hurt.

  45. Dave T says:

    Andre Miller: Wow…sounds like a lot of people hear want his head and that he should be traded.  I disagree.  He’s not hitting his 15 footer now particularly well right now.  This will improve given time.  I couldn’t care less if he was shooting 38% from the floor…it’s not his scoring we desperately need, it’s his floor leadership.  As far as that area is concerned, he’s been very inconsistent in showing the veteran poise that should be his trademark. 

    As the season goes on, I’d bet A-Miller’s play is a little less sloppy and becomes more polished like the player he can be.  Also, for everyone calling for A-Miller’s head…do you guys have any idea how screwed we’d be if we traded him?  He might be playing not up to his talent level right now, and looks a little confused (our whole halfcourt offense does for 2/5′s of each game), but he is our PG.  We have no one else to groom, and while Ivey can ball, we need him in a backup role. 

    I’m not opposed to trading A-Miller…as long as it’s after new year’s and closer to the trade deadline.  We need to all collectively support Andre Miller and hope he plays well…because if we are going to trade him, we want to do so when his stock is really high, and he’s showing the ability to make the players around him better.  Obviously right now, this is not the case. 

    I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, we really need to explore making some kind of package to go after a PG to groom while A-Miller is still here.  This PG to groom’s name rhymes with:  JAVARIS CRITTENTON. The kid can flat out ball, and getting him and Thad on the same team would be awesome for both.  Although if these Conley Jr. for Outlaw rumors are true, that might complicate things a bit. 

    Going after Mike Dunleavy?  Please tell me you’re kidding?:
    I swear to god if we ever attempt to go after Dunleavy…after proving numerous times he is TOTALLY INCAPABLE of dealing with any type of chemistry situations (see: Bucks, Milwaukee, Big Dawg/Vin Baker combusting…Trailblazers, Portland, allowing the Jail Blazers to run over his authority…Clippers, LA, the one time this team had success was because of Sam Cassell + Brand’s career year, and no other reason) I will become an ex-Sixers fan.  Also, why on EARTH would we want a half court, X & O’s set play type of coach?  We need a guy that can balance solid halfcourt offense with freelancing and getting out and running.  Dunleavy…does not equal that. 

    I could go on for hours bitching about Mo, but I’d rather have just about any available coach (Avery Johnson, Jeff Van Gundy, Paul Silas, Flip Saunders, Eddie Jordan, Dwyane Casey) over Dunleavy, if we were to go the route of firing Mo…which won’t happen for a while anyway because we just extended him.  I’m not quite sure Eddie’s ready to bite the bullet on this yet.  Unfortunately.  Ugh, please no suggesting him again. 

  46. John says:

    I’m opposed to ANY starting line up with Willie Green – dear god haven’t we learned yet – WILLIE GREEN IS NOT AN NBA STARTING PLAYER.

    You don’t need to change the starting lineup to get young into the offense earlier – YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE PLAYBOOK (which seems non existent at the moment) to get young into the game earlier.

    If you’re going to pull anyone from the starting line up – pull the wasteoid of a center who at least has someone playing better than he is.  Start Speights, and if you want to try something really creative, start Iguodala at the 1 and Lou at the 2 (offensively) because Lou ain’t a one and ain’t never gonna be a 1.

    If Mo cheeks thinks that is whats wrong with the sixers is defensive, he has to be fired immediately, because the offense while ‘bad’ is at least ‘league average’ – the offense is damn near putrid

  47. Dannie says:

    Dave T – How do you acquire Crittenton?  Meaning what is the package that would make the salaries work within the 125% plus $100,000 trade rule?

    Javaris only makes $1.3+ million.  And the other guys I could see Memphis willing to give up have more years on their contract like Marco Jaric ($6.5M-$7.5M) over the next 2+ years, Greg Buckner ($3.7M-$4.2M) over the next 1+ years with a player option on the 3rd, Damon Stoudamire is the only expiring contract at $2.3M.

    Is it worth getting Javaris if we are sattled with guys that won’t play but eat up salary for more than one year?

    And this is all assuming you really think Javaris is not only that good, but also the right fit on this team both of which I personally am struggling with.

  48. The Greek says:

    I Would love to see us with a triangle offense with Brand at the free throw line with Thad and Speights down low on the blocks.   Those two baby fliers have the makings of a devestating low post game, the only problem is to make this system work your going to need 2 snipers beyond 3 point range.  Miller and Iggy would be the last starting guard tandem in the history of basketball that I would want hanging outside the 3 point line.  But the point is that we have 3 tremendous pieces for that offense.  Either way, how could any coach not salivate thinking up plays with brand up high and Thad down low?  Probably anyone but ours.

  49. Dannie says:

    Dave T - Also what about your 20 game grace period?  Aren’t you jumping the gun on your own statement?  They still have 3 more games to turn it around.  haha

  50. Rob says:

    How about Mike Fratello? 

  51. 2one5 says:

    Wow I real almost all the comments on this page it is sad to think about the state of this team right now and how excited we all were. My thoughts

    A Miller and Sam are def going to be shopped, we will have to wait till later in the season when some teams get desperate to make moves. A team like Washington might want Sam for some defense but I don’t know who they give up logically for him.

    I liked the idea of having Iggy come in off the bench but not sure who replaces him in the starting line up I do not want Willie G in the starting line up again. What about Sam, Brand, Marshall, Thad, and Miller. Bring in Iggy as the first guy off the bench for Marshall, Ivey for Miller, and either Lou or Rush for Thad. 

    Stinkadala I like that nickname and it’s easier to spell. He angers me every time I watch him because I know we are locked into him for at least another 4 years. I still don’t know why we out bid no one for him. Josh Smith only got like 50 million and I think he is a way better talent. Oh well anyway ES has got to do something and he will very soon cause I don’t see this team winning for a while with their upcoming schedule. 

  52. deepsixersuede says:

    Dannie, after the Charlotte game I kidded S.F.W. that a Spieghts for Augustine trade works for both teams, I was 1/2 kidding but he is a good fit, not sure about Crittenden who is a slasher type, similar to what we have at the 2 and 3 now. I am thinking along your lines of clearing cap room by packaging Sam and L.Will. to Minn. or Miami for Walker and Collins or Marion. L.Will. may have enough upside to draw interest and Sam next to Jefferson or Love may work. But this stuff won!t happen till the trade deadline anyway. As far as a new coach, do you or Pete have any college guys that may bite  for bigger money, hate to see a retread type.

  53. deepsixersuede says:

    Oops, sorry Memphis now has Walker but Sammy for Collins and another player may work.

  54. BoomDizzle says:

    I understand why some people are averse to Willie in the starting lineup, but can’t you consider the situation this year a bit different than last year?  Instead of Reggie Evans / rookie Thaddeus Young starting at the 4, we have Elton Brand who has now become the top offensive option.  Green’s role would merely be to play solid D and hit the open jump shot.  Iguodala can still start games against teams with superstar 2 guards (Celtics, Hawks) but against teams like the Magic and Raptors, I see a Willie Green start as not all that terrible.  If it doesn’t work I’m sure they can change back.

    What I don’t understand is all the Donyell Marshall love.  I’m sure if he was as good as everyone thinks he is, he would have played more than 20 minutes this year.

    Marreese Speights is another option to move into the starting lineup, but I don’t know how I feel about having a rookie in there at this point.  I guess it couldn’t hurt?

    Other than that, who else off the bench would fit in the first team?

  55. deepsixersuede says:

    Boomdizzle, With guys not sure of their roles I would have no problem going back to what worked last year in the 2nd half. Start A.Miller/Willie/Iggy/Elton and Sam and bring L.Will. in first to play with A.Miller and Thad and Spieghts can split the 3/4/5 positions.

  56. Dave T says:

    Greek: Can’t see the Triangle working for us.  As you said, we don’t have the shooting…but more then that, with the type of athletes we have, I feel we need a more movement based system, one with lots of screening, backdoors, curling, cutting, etc.  I love the triangle offense, but you really need to have a certain kind of personnel for it…Brand is a great fit for the intelligent, passing high post player, but after that, with the make up of our team, I think it’s the opposite of what we’d need. 

    Rob: Fratello…and for that matter, Van Gundy…I would never want as coaches only for one reason, and this is just a completely irrational, fan comment: Fratello has produced some of the most boring-to-watch teams in NBA history.   He can teach any team to run a successful half court offense, real tightly, in his sleep…but I’ll be damned if I want to watch that. 

    I really think Avery Johnson would be an excellent fit for us…no nonsense, demanding guy…understands what roles people should have and carves them out nicely…really understands spacing, cutting, and people’s strengths in the halfcourt, but lets guys run their butts off if there’s an opportunity.  One thing I’d worry about is those Dallas teams shot an awful lot of iso jumpers, which we clearly have no ability to do…but they certainly had great ball movement, even if the assist numbers were always low. 

    Dannie: I wasn’t thinking specifics of a package to land Crittenton.  But they need frontcourt help, and we have a medium sized contract of Reggie Evans that they might be willing to bite on, if we also threw in a future #1 pick, and took back one of their bad contract guys (something I’m not opposed to, if it means we land a young PG).  I’d also shop Jason Smith around to see if teams would laugh us off because he’s injured, or if they see a healthy return of a 6’10 big guy that can shoot a jumper as something at least in the B- range.  We could also combine some of our 1 year deal guys that could come off their books for a multi year guy…plus we have Willie…there’s enough pieces to at least attempt a discussion.

    I more suggest this because if you look at the NBA landscape, there are really only three or so young PG’s that are not being groomed, or only quasi-groomed, by the teams they are on, worthy of a look because of their talent:

    -Javaris Crittenton
    -Sergio Rodriguez
    -Ramon Sessions (I only list him because I think Ridnour has a few years left on his deal, as does Charlie Bell, and they just signed Ty Lue…but they might very well consider him their PG of the future, I know I would). 
    -Shaun Livingston/Mario Chalmers possibly, for the right price.

    Other PG’s that teams may look to trade: Kirk Hinrich, Earl Watson, Ray Felton…and all of them would be more stop gap options, bench guys, or Felton who can’t shoot. 

    I’m sure I’m forgetting a few because I’m just going from the top of my head…but that, combined with the fact that I don’t see the college PG situation as anything to speak highly of…we really need to get moving on the PG to groom deal, or some kind of quality veteran in place if we traded A-Miller near the deadline.  And yeah, our trade assets suck…but I think Willie combined with a future pick, or taking someone’s salary…we could try to get creative. 

    We should not make any other trades right now: Getting harder and harder to be patient…but I believe any trades involving A-Miller and Sammy Dalembert would be HUGE mistakes.  Trading A-Miller now we probably wouldn’t get equal value on a PG in return, and his stock is low…and I do not like the idea of a Speights/Brand combo with Evans/Ratliff as backups if Sammy were gone.  Plus, I think people are undervaluing what Sammy D is able to provide when he’s playing well.  He and Brand have shown enough flashes to prove that these guys can really be a huge asset in cleaning up the glass when the REST of the team is doing something of merit as well. 

    I also would be patient with Iguodala, as his well rounded numbers and defense could be a strength with Thad’s continual improvement.  Although if we were miraculously offered Jason Richardson, Kevin Martin, Michael Redd or someone like this…Ben Gordon maybe, even though I can’t stand him…obviously, pulling the trigger would be a fine idea.

    What I would change: Coach.  And this ain’t happening because I don’t think Ed wants to swallow the fact he just extended the most overrated coach at the end of last season to an extension yet.  But I really see about 85% of the complaints people have go back to how Mo is handling this team.  You throw a Lawrence Frank, Scott Skiles, Avery Johnson, Byron Scott type (I’m obviously ignoring giant names like Phil, Pops and Sloan) that hold people accountable and actually can change a culture…and this team would not be underachieving. 

    My optimism (which some very well might call denial): We are 3 games under .500 in a conference that has about 20 teams saddled within 1-3 games of each other.  This team is frustrating, but we aren’t going to keep being this bad.  Just won’t happen, we’re too talented, and it’s far too obvious what we need to work on.  Even if Mo doesn’t get canned and even if no trades are made, I am still optimistic we have a 47-49 win team on our hands. 

    If is VERY, VERY regular, if you look back at NBA regular seasons, for teams that eventually wind up with 3-6 seeds in the playoffs to get off to horribly shaky starts where things look horrible and the rumblings of discontent begin.  We’re there now.

    Doc Rivers made a great comment, about the C’s getting KG and Ray, and Denver with Billups, something to the effect of: “With some teams, change happens right away…guys are just on the same page, and it works.  Other times you need half a season, a full season to get things right.  I think the Sixers are one of those teams.”

    Chemistry is the single hardest thing to develop in basketball.  I’m going to do my best to be patient (aka: bang my head in frustration) while we work out the kinks (aka: hopefully fire Mo or give him a personality makeover) in our system.  Now is not the time for knee jerk reactions, although exploring what’s out there is always a good thing.  Go Sixers!

  57. guest says:

    I don’t see Iggy coming off the bench at all.  He gaurds the other team’s best offensive threat majority of the time.  I would hate to see what someone like Lebron would do to Willie Green.  Our best bet if we are going to adjust the starting line-up, would be to bring Thad and Sammy off the bench, Starting Willie (at the two, moving Iggy to the three) and Speights in their places.  This would provide Offense, Defense, and rebounding to the second unit, while still having those same things in the starting unit.  What that would mean for Iggy, is him having to rebound more than usual since he would be a three instead of a two.  I still say they should play the “wait and see” card for a couple more weeks.

  58. AaronMcKie4MVP says:

    Dave T -  god bless you if you still think this team wins 48 games.   
    John – i didnt hate Iguodala until we gave him a big contract.   i thought we should have gone in a different direction because i was sold on Thad Young being a star.   i didnt think Iguodala was a good fit at SG for us.    As much as i like being right, we are paying the price for it.    i know you think sammy and andre miller are the bigger problems right now, and i agree they both need to go.   however,  the miller/sammy problems are fixable in the short term, where the Stinkadala problem is long term and expensive.   i focus my energy on Stinkadala because i think are other problems will go away sooner. 

    you continue to defend Stinkadala so i would like to hear your thoughts on where he fits long term.   do you think trading Miller and Sammy will help Stinkadala play better?  what moves would you make with Miller and Sammy ?   who are some players you suggest we bring in?   how will they allow Stinkadala to thrive and play more efficiently on offense.   do you see him as a long term SG for us ?    i dont think he can start at SG in the NBA but you seem to disagree.  

    you seem to be the only person who think iguodala is playing well.   do you realize he is 13th in the league in TOs per game with 2.9?  this is 5th worst among SGs.   i know he handles the ball more than most SGs so i also looked at assists/TO and he is 7th worse among SGs with 1.82.    but look at the players who are 1-6 – Roger Mason, Ray Allen, Ben Gordon, Kobe, Iverson and Joe Johnson.   5 of those guys bring a ton of offense to the table so they more than offset the damage done by a few turnovers.   iguodala does not bring any offense !   he is averaging 13 points and 5 assists with 40%, 26% and 69% for FGs , 3s and FTs.   so please help me understand why you think this guy should be a key piece to our team?    

  59. guest says:

    AaronMckie, I think your being a little bit too harsh.  While Stinkadala is a pretty good nickname, your forgetting the reasons why E.S. signed him to that contract.  It’s the upside.  Now that the team is struggling, we all focus on what Iggy is doing wrong, but are forgetting what he is doing right.  We have to give the guy at least some credit.  Yeah, of course his shot is off, he isn’t making free throws, and he is turning the ball over too much (and all of those are big issues, im not letting him off the hook), but at least he isn’t going out on the court and jacking up 20 shots per game.  I think this team can win with what he has done for the last week and a half.  He is shooting in the upper fourties shooting less than 10 shots per game.  He is rebounding and passing well and if you want to bring in the shooting gaurd statistics… last time I checked, he is doing pretty well in those categories.

    Im not trying to give the guy a free pass, but he isn’t the biggest problem right now, as even you mentioned…but remember: he is young, athletic, strong, can play defense, can run the open court, and still has plenty of time to develop skills around the basket and a jumpshot.  Also remember, it took MJ several years to develop a jumpshot, thats what all the LeBron fans say.  LeBron also has a pretty bad jumpshot but thats a diffferent story.  My point is, we need to give Iggy time to develop first off, but also find out his role in this offense.

  60. jkay says:

    to all who remember the deepsixer blog; its funny how we are back to talking trade scenarios in the early half of the season. kinda shows you the state of this thing.
     everyone seems pissed off (calm down aaronmckie4mvp! he’s here to stay for another 5 yrs so better learn to love him NOW) i’m just sad because i wont deceive myself into believing this team is going places even if they go on some kind of crazy winning streak. besides all the inconsistency or chemistry, they are just not good or better said not a good fit.
    andre miller is still a solid player. just not for us. i see no future.
    sam is a luxury that we can’t afford now. i will be a small miracle if anyone picks up his contract.
    if both go, we will be significantly worse but at least we would not be building our dreams in mediocrity. i havent given up on this team; just the 2008 version.
    deepsixersuede: i’m not that ball savvy but even i can see it. i am guessing you can too which explains all the trade talk. is it time to go crazy (ben gordon for the iggy-type money he will ask for) or just small stuff like the crittenton/augustine project?

  61. deepsixersuede says:

    J.Kay, unfortunately for Mo, the first move is the coach. A coach that makes these players accountable may right the ship. We are not too far off the pace of 45 to 48 wins, a little tweaking of lineups and rotations and a FRESH voice is coming soon I believe. Does E.S. do it from within ?[ Ruland?] I don!t know but it is needed.

  62. deepsixersuede says:

    J.Kay, The trade talk is a bit early but the reason I brought the Sam trade up is R.Wallace. He will be out there after this year and he would supply 3 things Sam can!t [outside shooting, smarts and attitude] But like Dave T. says, if you move Sam you hurt yourself defensively now.

  63. jkay says:

    @deepsixersuede: are you seriously implying that the coach is all that needs to go. really? 40-45 wins ok. but next year then what?  we can  only go so far as presently constructed even if phil jackson or some schmuck is coaching his brains out.
    good players that have defeciencies, we don’t fill those we don’t win; have you noticed when the shot clock is running down and everyone is passing the ball to each other terrified that they might end up with it?
    that defensive team we wanted is terrible offensively so rob peter to pay paul. sam has a good jump shot (yeah i said it, remember when he made the 3 in practice, he’s not bad for a big) he hits with consistency whenever he is open 12 ft or less from the rim. i would just stick with that cos  anything else is an automatic turnover. baseline open is where i’d put him. somehow through 3 or 4 different coaches he hasnt figured out simple stuff like that; terrible screens and double teaming AT THE 3PT LINE???????? so if you think that someone can change that, then good. i don’t. he has great potential. thats all it is.
    do you really think Pistons would let Sheed walk. his game is still tight. are they that frugal?
    @Dannie – the sixers have always been a 2nd half team so getting past 40 wins is not unlikely. what is your best scenario for this team now- playoffs? #1-3 pick? or just getting better team wise.

  64. Rob says:

    I hear that Ed Stefanski’s going to travel with the team! 

    He and Charles Barkley are going to be guests of Howard Eskin today on 610 WIP!

  65. Morty says:

    Let’s not lose sight of the fact that there is plenty of time for this team to turn things around. It does not help that the coach is a bit of a “wet noodle,” but the talent level on this team has not changed.

    Anyone who thinks Igoudala will shoot 40% for the year is mistaken, as is anyone who thinks Lou will shoot 34% for the year. Just as Brand has started to turn things around in the past 4-5 games, Igoudala and Lou will eventually do so as well. The legitimate question is whether this will happen too late to matter.

  66. jkay says:

    @Morty: That probably will happen and we will play better. It will be interesting to see how good the team plays once they are outta the funk. i am unable to get my hopes up, but dude if i could buy your optimism, i’d pay a pretty penny.

  67. Morty says:

    It’s only optimism if you think they can do that with the coach they have, and before it’s too late in the season to make a big difference. At this point, it’s hard to say. My biggest concern is actually Miller, since he is both of the age that he could have a sudden drop off in play, and it looks like, for whatever reason, it might not coincidence that his worst season as a pro was alongside Brand.

  68. Rob says:

    Here is an interesting interview between and Iggy.  It appears that the contract negotiations have neglected him from playing the pickup games.  No wonder he looks so rusty and Kobe probably took him to Disneyland instead of practicing with the guy!

  69. guest says:


    Iggy was also supposed to be practicing with the olympic team helping them prepare, along with Derrick Rose and some other young players, but he was unable to play because of injury.  I think that would have helped him a lot playing against that kind of team that won the gold.

  70. Dannie says:

    Guest/Rob – If my memory is correct Iguodala was healthy when he was on the U.S. Select team but didn’t want to risk injury while he still did not have a new contract so he didn’t participate in the scrimmages.  That was my understanding.


  71. guest says:

    Really? I thought there was question of injury. Oh I know what I was thinking of, training camp, he had a left ankle sprain.

    Well, if he did practice with the olympic team, I think it would have helped him greatly for preparing for the season.

  72. Rob says:

    This really is a head scratcher there based on the player and the hard worker he has been THUS FAR in his career!