March 4, 2015

Sixers Sunday Conversation

Moses Malone authentic home uniform

They Are Coming Back

First order of business is to let everyone know our friend over at Sixers 4 Guidos had a petition going for a while trying to bring back the old Sixers uniforms. I know I was in complete support of that among many others.  Well it appears his efforts have come to fruition.  He sent me an email this week informing me that…

Kate Price, Sixers’ Vice President of Business Operations, told yesterday to a group of season ticket holders in a fan forum that the franchise will be switching back to the old logo and the old 1982-83 uniforms (white/home, red/away) starting from next season. – Sixers 4 Guidos

That is tremedous news.  I love those uniforms, now it’s a question of which player do I like enough to fork over a few bucks for the jersey.  For me personally chances are I will grab a Moses Malone and Andrew Toney white 1983 authentic.  I just prefer the old school players to the current roster.  But that’s just me.

His current petition is for the Sixers organization to retire Moses Malone’s #2 uniform.  Check it out.

Exclusive Q&A With Ed Stefanski and Tony Dileo

At a recent event for Sixers season ticket holders Stefanski, Dileo and a few other people from the Sixers organization spoke with the group about the state of the team and were available for questions.  Someone recorded the Q&A session with Ed and Tony and sent it to Brian over at the Depressed fan.  Having had the opportunity to be on a conference call with Stefanski I will say he is  a straight shooter.  Very little B.S. and tells you straight up how he feels and what he is thinking.  Dileo seems to be the same way which is probably why they work well together.

Go watch the video over at the Depressed Fan now.

Here are some discussion points that I pulled out of the conversation.

From Stefanski

  • He was “disgusted” with the early season play, notable all the one-on-one basketball on offense.
  • He attributes the slow start more to poor performance by guys like Iguodala, Miller, Lou and Sam and poor execution (bad floor spacing and no movement) rather than the addition of Elton Brand.  He doesn’t view those two occurrences as one leading to the other.
  • He wants the Sixers to be a 100 ppg scoring team while not sacrificing on the defensive end.
  • The jury is still out on the Elton Brand signing and he is optimistic about his return and integration.  He points to the Detroit series when they completely took Iguodala out of the game.  Having another player who can get baskets is important.  And when they aren’t fast breaking team’s to death that is where Brand’s impact (positive) will be felt the most.
  • 65% of the time the Sixers are in stone cold slow it down half court offense based on the Sixers charting of plays (fast break, early offense, stone cold half court offense)  this is a major reason Brand is here and shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • Elton is going to just come in and complement the Sixers.  Brand has told the team that and Stefanski and Dileo have emphasized this.  (another reason for Cheeks firing, maybe he didn’t do a good enough job at this.)  Guys may have subconsciously deferred to Brand as well, even though they were never told explicitly to do so.
  • The long-term coaching decision will be evaluated at the end of the season.  But he is very happy with what Dileo has done thus far.
  • About the trade deadline “we really like our young players and would be hard pressed to throw one of them in a trade.”  Also John Nash was hired as pro personnel guy when Dileo became head coach.
  • About Andre Miller: It’s too early to make a decision on that.  Trade deadline was mentioned as an option to be evaluated.  Also the point of “does he want to play here next season.”  I like that Stefanski said something about “if his number is unreasonable in our eyes that’s an issue.”  Suggest they won’t overpay to keep him and that waiting until after the season might be the best choice to really see what the market says his worth is.
  • Ed Snyder gave Stefanski a lot of money to spend.  “He didn’t say no to anything we asked for.”  That is great to hear.
  • The conversation about Dalembert is very good.  Take this nugget for example: “Sammy has definite rules of where the ball is and where he is suppose to go now.  Before he was floating out there at times…”  “I think the way Tony has handle him has been perfect.  When he does what he is suppose to do (rebound, defend) he plays heavy minutes.  When he doesn’t you see where he is.”
  • Statistically the line up the Sixers started the season with (Sam, Elton, Thad, Dala, Miller) was excellent in terms of point differential.  It was the bench that wasn’t getting the job done.

From Dileo

  • Goals for the team since Dileo took over:

    • Be one of the best defensive teams in the league (top 5 in FG% defense).  “We are trying to be a defensive team first.”
    • Score/average 100 points per game
    • Run more
    • Shoot more threes
  • Is Lou Williams the point guard of the future? I got the impression they think not as of right now.  Or at the very least he must prove himself capable.  Dileo prefers to have Miller but if he moves on via trade or free agency he thinks Lou will get his opportunity at that position purely out of necessity to fill that spot by the Sixers.
  • Two biggest things Dileo has emphasized: Defense and offensively moving the ball and moving players.  Which is why we have seen a lot more lob plays since Tony has taken over.
  • The reason Rush and Marshall don’t see the court much even though they were brought in to be shooters is because the emphasis is on defense and frankly they don’t consider them to be strong defensive players.  (This is what I mean about the no B.S. by these guys.) And the emergence of Royal Ivey who is a good defender who has been shooting the ball well has played a big part as well.
  • About the smaller line up when Brand returns. “we will do both.”  Brand will play some five, Speights will be on the court with Brand and Thad will continue to play some power forward.  But he didn’t reveal his eventual starting line up.
  • Pressing is part of Dileo’s defensive strategy.  Right now they do the majority of their pressing after free throws which is a 2-2-1 three quarter court press that is more passive and designed to take time off the shot clock.  That way teams don’t have as much time to get into sets and the Sixers don’t have to defend as long in the half court.  Also to try and speed up the game at times baiting teams to play our uptempo style.  They have been working on a more aggressive trapping type press that we may see in the second half of the season.

The more I listen to these guys talk the more I believe they can make this roster work and help this team maximize it’s potential.  They know what they are doing.



If anyone gets a hold of insider information or footage like that for any of the Philly sports, please don’t hesitate to let Pete and I know.  We will post it with attribution.

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  1. Pete says:

    I love how I get information from my own blog sometimes…

    THATS AWESOME!! I wrote in an Elton Brand signing post that they had to go back to these unis. We are one of the classic NBA teams, and all the others (Lakers, Celtics, Knicks) never screw around with their logo. 

    Great news. 

  2. Pete says:

    as for a jersey….I don’t know. 

    I thought about getting a new one this year, since I dont have anyone on the current team… but I don’t love Iggy or Brand, the teams 2 best players. 
    Maybe Lou-Will. Or see who they draft. 
    Red or White?
  3. Dannie says:

    I want two jersey’s.  A red and a white.  To be honest if I had to pick a player right now I would probably pick Royal Ivey.  Waiting until they draft someone I really like is probably the route I would take aside from scouring the earth for a Malone and Toney jersey in my size.

  4. Ryan F says:

    Great Videos.  It’s always nice when you get to see an unscripted Q&A with the people who make decisions.

    The Jersey news might be the greatest I’ve heard in a while.  It is a shame they can’t switch right now.  I haven’t been proud of our players uni’s in a many years.  The one’s they are wearing right now aren’t as bad as ones of the past few years but they aren’t much better either.

  5. guest says:

    I don’t have too much of a problem with our current jerseys.  I guess it’s because im kind of new school.  I havent been alive long enough to realize our old jerseys were better.  But I dont wear jerseys.  I wear sherseys. (T-shirt in the design of a jersey.)  Im a big fan of Iguodala so ill probably update my shersey to the new uniforms.  Maybe a red one?

    Dannie, do you believe we can be a top five defensive team?  I think were in the top 10 already so its not too big of a stretch to say top 5.  I like Dileo’s strategy of shooting more threes.  I would have never thought to shoot more when we clearly aren’t very good at shooting them.  Seems to be working wonders for our team though.  In an interview on NBATV, Royal Ivey said the biggest part of his 3pt shooting is confidence.  He said Dileo gave him the confidence to shoot and since then hes been knocking them down.

    For the first time this year, I have been excited to be a Sixers fan!

  6. Pete says:

    the only change I would want…. “PHILA” not “SIXERS” on the red road unis

  7. deepsixersuede says:

    How refreshing is it to hear exactly what your coach and G.M. are thinking. I did not hear anything I disagree with and look forward to seeing the new press sometime soon.

  8. Rob says:

    I think there should be a hybrid between these retro jerseys and the “Phila” jerseys that we have now.  Basically, a modified version of the 80s jerseys. 

    Old or new jerseys, I really love the way this team is playing and I am looking forward to every single game now.  (Red, White, Blue)

    However, we will miss that famous quote, “Here come the black shirts!”

    The New Orleans game should be interesting.  Even though we are in the Hornets’ nest, I think the Sixers have a chance to win this one, especial with Tyson Chandler and probably David West out.  Elton Brand could get into a much better grove in this game and the Hornets frontcourt is very thin (even with Chandler and West).  I went to New Orleans over the Winter Break, they have a modest fan base– but are high on their Saints and Hornets.  (Believe it or not, they are envious of us for having a great quarterback like McNabb.)  They are ”polite” fans.  Anyway, I went to see the Hornets when they were taking on the Rockets (another team the Sixers will face this Wed), on 12/26/08.  They have their fans remain standing until they score a bucket.  They are very patient with Tyson Chandler, even though he gets into foul trouble, similar to Samuel Dalembert.  Although people’s patience in Philly are very thin when it comes to Dalembert’s foul trouble.  I say the Sixers win this game by 5.  The Sixers have to defend Chris Paul the same way they defended Tony Parker in our victory over the Spurs.  Also, defending the perimeter is a MUST!!! (Peja, Posey, Brown, Peterson, etc).  

    In regards to Houston, it appears that Tracy McGrady and Ron Artest have returned from their injuries based on their appearance at Detroit today!  However, Yao was out!  So the Sixers have to be prepared for every scenario.  That 4th quarter without Yao was a tough quarter.  Hopefully, we will make the necessary adjustments necessary in getting through those tough stretches and matchups like that.  I think the Sixers will win that game, but I don’t know what the margin will be.  It will be a close one!  


  9. Mike says:

    one thing that crossed my mind during last night’s game, and i know it’s nothing new, but have you ever seen a player with a more inconsistent looking jump shot than iguodala?  in the 1st quarter he was hitting everything.  it’s pretty obvious that when he gets in a groove driving and scoring in the paint, his confidence in his jump shot rises and he can frequently convert those shots.  but some of the jumpers he missed last night, even with wide open looks, were just so off.  i think there were 2 that didn’t even hit the rim.  i just don’t understand that at all.

  10. Dannie, thanks for everything, really.

    For putting the link to my posts, for the support to both petitions (unis/Moses) etc.
    You know what I like among us bloggers? that we cooperate well and don’t consider each other “competitors”.
    To me the most Sixers coverage I can get on the web, the better I feel. It’s a pleasure to me reading what you, or Brian, or Libery Ballers, or  others write about the Sixers, and comment there, we might disagree sometimes but the interaction is great.

    I like Pete’s idea to put “Phila” on the unis, I think that was done in the 70′s, right? I rememeber some retro jerseys we wore 2 yrs ago in a home game vs Lakers if I am not mistaken, I liked it.
    Thanks also for breaking down the points covered by Stefanski and DiLeo, since I coudln’t get them all by the video. I like how Stefanski is 100% clear in what he says, no BS or smokescreens there… he made some serious Cheeks bashing, LOL

    let’s keep in touch, later guys

  11. Wilson says:

    Dannie, there are Moses jerseys available online at the NBA store. 

  12. Dannie says:

    Guest – The Sixers are 14th in FG% defense and 18th in eFG% defense and 8th in defensive rating (points per 100 possession) right now.

    Here is how I see it.  The Sixers get steals (8th), blocks (9th) and turnovers (5th) and all that contributes to their 8th overall defensive rating although they aren’t in the top 10 in FG% defense.

    Just just tells me the Sixers defense is more about limiting shot attempts and blocking shots at the basket to keep teams from scoring.  That is important but incomplete.  When they have to defend a team for a good portion of the shot clock man-to-man they tend to break down and allow their opponent to get good looks.  They don’t rotate well consistently in double team situations, penetration situations and they are absolutely horrible in defending the pick and roll in my opinion.

    The top defense teams like Boston, Cleveland, Orlando, San Antonio etc. they really defend you straight up, with mostly high % gambling and strong rotations for the entire 24. 

    The Sixers aren’t at that level yet. Capable?  Maybe.  They have some players capable physically.  That isn’t my biggest concern.  It’s about having a coach and defensive strategy that is sound and teaches guys to be in the right place.  And individually it’s clearly understanding how to play defense that way, developing an instinct to do it so they aren’t thinking (thinking slows down rotations) and then exerting the effort to get it done for as long as it takes to get a stop.

    Defense is hard, and you have to have tough minded and physical players to be top 5 in the league.

  13. sfw says:

    Dannie, Thanks for the inside info! Nice to see the Sixers brass continue to look at things logically.    

  14. Tom Moore says:

    The biggest part of tonight’s game will be for Miller and Williams to prevent Paul from getting to the basket — to either score for himself or set up his teammates on the perimeter — whenever he wants. If they can’t do it, perhaps DiLeo will try Ivey, who is the best of the three at on-the-ball defense.

  15. jjg says:

    Ivey and Green is your best defensive backcourt combo.  Since Paul dominates ball and generates most of Hornets’ scoring, makes sense to increase this duo’s minutes tonight in an attempt to reduce Paul’s production, at least make him work for what he gets (and gives).  I recall Miller resembling a turnstile against him.  With Chandler out and West iffy, odds are he’ll try to assume even more of the scoring load than usual.    

  16. Ryan F says:

    David West is not expected to play tonight.  I feel there should be no reason for the 6ers to lose this game, on the road or at home.  With a starting front court of Melvin Ely and Ryan Bowen they should be going hard to the rim all night and if they play how they’re capable it should be an easy W even with CP3 being so nasty.

  17. Adam says:

    I’ve had a red sixers hat with the old school logo for a good 4-5 years now.  It’s the only had I own.  I love that it will not be an old school logo anymore.  I first read about this on the 700 level website and they made the great point that all the Philly teams need to do this.  The Flyers just brought back their orange jerseys.  The Phillies should definitely go back to light blue and maroon and the Eagles need to go back to the kelly green.  All the modern jerseys were a step in the wrong direction.