February 27, 2015

Sixers vs. Boston: Renewing a Rivalry or Just Getting Blasted?

Not long after the Sixers signed Elton Brand all the Sixers vs. Celtics rivalry talk started up.  Boston now atop the league as the defending NBA champion after years of bad basketball.  The Sixers late surge last season pushing the Detroit Pistons in the first round of the playoffs.  The signing of Elton Brand, supposedly the “missing piece,” the rivalry will be renewed – on paper.

“On paper” was all the talk during the off-season.  How good the Sixers looked.  Why now is the time to take the next step and compete with the big dogs. So far this season that “paper” is a D- term project that many fans would love to wipe their ass with.

There is still no rivalry.  Not until the Sixers act like they want their to be one.  Meaning they start playing basketball at a very high level – all game, every game.  Not 5 minutes here, one quarter there.  Every game for 4 quarters.

Tonight the Sixers face by far their toughest opponent in the Boston Celtics in their house.  How will they respond?  Will they rise to the challenge, compete with the defending champs and come out of there with their best win of the season? Or will they simply continue to play they way they have which assuredly will lead to them getting blown out of the TD Banknorth Garden?

I am really looking to see how Elton Brand plays.  Kevin Garnett is extremely competitive and takes it personally when he goes up against the better big men in the NBA.  I watched him completely take Chris Bosh out of the game when they beat Toronto the first time season.  Brand and Garnett are familar with each from their Western conference battles and I am really excited to watch this match up.

Can Thaddeus Young slow Paul Pierce down?  Pierce has not shot the ball particular well but he has come up big late in a few games.  Young will be put to the test defensively all game.

I said in my earlier post I was going to try and track uncontested shots allowed by the Sixers.  This is actually the perfect game to do it because the one thing I distinct thing I noticed with Boston last season was their relentless contesting of shots.  The Sixers will need to do the same thing tonight if they want a chance to beat the Celtics.

Sadly though, when it’s all said and done, I just don’t think the Sixers will be able to score enough points against their defense to win this game.  I hope they prove me wrong.

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  1. jjg says:

    Globe article today had Rivers disappointed in last 2 wins as offense had to bail defense out.  Both games Celts allowed over 100.  Might be “uh-oh” time for the Sixers.  On the other hand, Boston may not have mended their recent defensive holes (or disinterest).  Will be fun to watch.  

    Good lead picture, Dannie.

  2. John says:

    Have the sixers mended their recent (if a couple seasons is recent) holes in their half court offensive sets?  (If non existent is a hole?).

    Have the wide open 3s and poor defensive rotations been cured yet?

    When it comes to holes, the sixers have more, and less talent, than the celtics, and per usual mo is the second best head coach on the court…

    Sigh, if only andre miller had been traded when he had trade value

  3. The Greek says:

    Maybe we ought to punch someone in the face just so we could change the soft attitudes around here.  I grew up watching Barkley, Malone, charles oakley, anthony mason and rick mahorn and his 3 asses.  Anyone of those guys would eat Dalemberts liver with some fava beans.   Im really annoyed because I just found out that the terrible boston announcers are doing this game on the league pass.   Heinston is the worst, even worse then those two clowns who do the clipper games.

  4. The Greek says:

    john I am so with you on cheeks.  The other day I proclaimed him the worst coach in the league.

  5. John says:

    I proclaimed cheeks the wrong coach for the sixers the moment they hired him – it reeked of a nostalgia hire like bowa for the phillies – i HATE nostalgia hires – if mo wasn’t on the 83 roster he probably doesn’t get hired – so don’t hire him at all.

    Oh yeah – KG is a girly man who has gotten away with a foul and goaltend in the first 3 minutes of this game – refs in all sports suck

  6. The Greek says:

    10 to 4 celtics, sammy once again failed to make a simple 2 foot pass to thad and then lets perkins get an easy dunk when any other player with heart would have given a hard foul.  What a soft, scared, and heartless player this guy is.  HIT SOMEONE, THAT MIDDLE SHOULD BE YOUR PLACE OF BUSINESS YOU IDIOT.

  7. John says:

    Sam has always been grossly over rated and over valued – he’s barely a mediocre player who has never ever bothered to learn the basic fundamentals of big man basketball but somehow thinks he’s 19 foot jumper is a good think…he can’t do the small things, like catch, or dribble, box out or defend the pick and roll (though no one on this team can do anything)

    At some point – all these issues with all these players point to poor coaching – and ed blew his chance to clean house – so now he has to wait until they tank it….one of a few mistakes stefanski made this off season.

    Theo in for Sam before Speights – good move Mo

  8. Dannie says:

    Thank God Brand is sharp tonight.

  9. John says:

    If I have to hear one more announcer talk about how ‘brand won’t fit the system’ – i’m really going to vomit.

    How can he fit a system the sixers don’t have

    How did Billy King NOT get Rondo and Jefferson?

  10. jjg says:

    1st quarter tally:  Elton, finger-lickin’ good.  Sam, he is.  Miller:  Rondo looks like Hondo next to him.  

  11. John says:

    I mean I knew miller was going to age this year – it was inevitable – and i knew last year was an aberration that couldn’t be repeated – but dear god it seems like he aged 20 years  in the off season.

  12. Dannie says:

    Did you just see that f’ing terrible display of defense by Andre Iguodala on that Allen spin.  He completely bailed on the play.  He is a terrible waste of money.

  13. jjg says:

    Iguodala:  3 TOs in first 14:18.  Thrilling stuff. 

  14. John says:

    Iguodala is a waste of money but until this season I didn’t hear many people pointing out what a giant waste of money both willie green and sam dalembert were.

    Iguodala will be fine – he’s over playing his contract – and people need to stop expecting 20 a game from him – it’s not his game.

    Sam on the other hand has had his big deal for years and constantly sucked and willie green has always sucked – thank god he got a five year deal

  15. Dannie says:

    John -  I have no clue where you talk about basketball if you didn’t hear people complaining about Sammy and Green.

  16. John says:

    Well, there used to be a few places, but i tended to get banned, I’ve been anti sam and anti willie since before they signed their deals.

    I would have signed salmons over green if they HAD to keep one of them

    I would have traded Dalembert for Childress when the deal was offered

    I would have traded Andre Miller before the 07 draft (yes I know)

    I’d stop trying to make Louis Williams a point guard

    I’d never have hired Mo

    And i’d never play reggie evans forever.

  17. John says:


    It sucks that Rondo and Jefferson aren’t Sixers

  18. jjg says:

    Iguodala is an Arizona player only.  He needs to see the whites of Lute Olsen’s eyes to earn his pay.  He’ll be fine alright - when puts on his street clothes.  A colossal mistake by Stefanski.     

  19. John says:


    Sorry – but I wholeheartedly disagree – Iguodala isn’t the type of player that Sixers fans want him to be…he’s not a team leader – and he’s not a primary scorer – but he defends, rebounds, passes, and he does almost everything on the court well when he doesn’t over press…he’d make a great point I believe, and he’s never ever led his teams in scoring (all the way back to high school)

    His salary is not out of line for the type of player he is – he didn’t get a 100+ million dollar lebron salary for six years – he’s a scottie pippen type player who has been asked to lead a team which isn’t his nature – which goes well with the sixers asking players to do things they aren’t cut out to do – like making Lou Williams a point guard…or asking Andre Miller to be good.

  20. John says:

    Until Mo gets fired nothing else matters…he finds ways to coach games away

  21. Dannie says:

    People please stay using Scottie Pippen and Andre Iguodala in the same sentence unless it’s saying he isn’t even close to being as good as Scottie was. 

    Also, Iguodala isn’t even good enough to be a side kick he is a third level player IMO.  Great athleticism but lacks overall skill.

  22. John says:

    I disagree with you – he has no ‘dominant’ skill but he has skill in all areas of the game and to me too many people ignore the things he does because they want ‘more points’

  23. John says:

    I hate when a game is so ugly it affects my mood or desire to eat what i planned on cooking for dinner…left over turkey is just unpalatable right now after this embarrassing display.

    Sure, I didn’t expect them to win but I hoped they’d come out with SOMETHING, you know doing something better, something strong, after the heart break of the Magic game, but they look flatter, like they had a big turkey dinner before the game, than they have in a while, even against the best team in the east, on their home floor, this is an embarrassing showing in the first half

  24. jjg says:

    “When he doesn’t over press”? … that’s often, especially in the crunch.  As paid and promoted, I think he’s an albatross.  Great point??  Are you kidding?  He’s a turnover waiting to happen.  You sound like a serious fan of his, so I’ll stop here.  We’re at opposite ends on #9.      

  25. John says:

    I’m a fan of #9 I’m a fan when he was #4 and he has his flaws no doubt, he still can’t finish at the basket…however he’s not the biggest problem with the sixers right now, nor has he ever been, i can name three of the top of my head that are bigger problems and have been problems longer (or were so obviously coming any competent GM should have seen em)


    All bigger problems than #9

  26. The Greek says:

    The thing about Iggy is that as long as he is trying to justify his contract by jacking up soon to be brick Jumpers his  defense suffers.      

    John, everyone has ben destroying willie G and Sammy Idiot for years dude.  

    This teams sucks right now, and that just hurts.

  27. John says:

    The thing about Iggy is that as long as he is trying to justify his contract by jacking up soon to be brick Jumpers his defense suffers.

    That’s kind of what I was saying, he’s trying to out play his actual game…to ‘justify’ the money…combine that with some bad coaching, a declining point guard, and a center who is clueless and a real PF (but still, no low post game?) trying to fit in and this team isn’t going anywhere Though I didn’t think they’d be better than 3rd place in the division this year it’s disappointing so far this season, not the record per se, but the WAY they are playing…it’s just disappointing

  28. deepsixersuede says:

    Dannie, I know your tracking uncontested shots, I!m going to count the number of times a Sixer catches the ball in the 1/2 court and doesn!t dribble before shooting or passing in the 2nd half. Every guard ,other than Rush, has to put the ball on the floor for us before even looking at a teammate, no wonder our offense has no ball movement against a top flight defense!!!

  29. The Greek says:

    Agreed On Iggy, with his neck high dribbling he is a disaster just waiting to happen

  30. Dannie says:

    John - Having no dominant skill in any area basically means he is simply an average player in all respects to his game.  He is a dominant leaper but that certainly is not worth $80M.

  31. John says:

    Every guard ,other than Rush, has to put the ball on the floor for us before even looking at a teammate, no wonder our offense has no ball movement against a top flight defense!!!

    It would help if they had a half court offensive set, or plays, or a coach with a clue.

  32. jjg says:

    John  Unfortunately, I agree with you on Mo, Sam & Miller being worse fits than Iggy.  This team is a mess at present.  Some moves will be made this winter, I suppose.  

  33. John says:

    John – Having no dominant skill in any area basically means he is simply an average player in all respects to his game. He is a dominant leaper but that certainly is not worth $80M.

    Respectfully I disagree…there’s a spectrum between ‘dominant skill’ and average…Iguodala is above average in court vision, man defense, and GETTING to the basket in my opinion (even though he needs to learn how to finish)…he’s not good at the perimeter shooting (but neither is anyone else on this team really)…and when he stops trying to be a fancy behind the back guy he’s an above average passer too…I still think he’s the best back up point guard the sixers have on this roster…Again, he’s not pefect, but I think people don’t understand what an ’80 million’ dollar player is in the NBA today…they look at 80 million dollars in a vacuum compared to their lives or knowledge of 80 million dollars without looking at it in the confines of the NBA salary structures…at least that’s how i see it

  34. The Greek says:

    Like Mckie has said in the past, Iggy is a nice player who should be making 7-8 million a year and come to think of it that might be even too generous.  The only thing that he does above average is dunk.  His dribbling has somehow gotten worse.  

    Andre miller had a decent mid game jumper last year, now its like a fart in the wind. 

  35. John says:

    Andre Millers season last year was a career year aberration and no one should have expected him to repeat it…and the sixers should have been prepared for a step back – and they weren’t – that’s a failure on the front office.

    Running WIllie Green and Lou Williams out at the same time is a failure of coaching

    I won’t get into the “iguodala isn’t worth 7 mil a year” thing – it’s not worth it.

  36. Dannie says:

    4 uncontested shots in a row for Allen.

  37. John says:

    Uncontested shots are on my list of things that should be fines

  38. Dannie says:

    John - Like JJG said we just disagree with Iguodala.  But don’t forget he is also an above average complainer to the refs as well, I gotta give him credit for that.

  39. Dannie says:

    John – Fines mean very little to these guys.  But I’d be OK with lashes to the back the next day at practice for not contesting shots.

  40. John says:

    Well remember who Iguodala spent his ‘formative’ years in the NBA with…the best (and most successful?) complainer in the game…i think it had a bad long term influence on him that maybe the coach should work on

    This team right now is disappointing in almost every aspect of the game, aside from Brand no one not on a rookie deal is playing up to their contract…fire Mo, he’s terrible, hire eddie jordan now before someone else does, i bet his offensive system would work better (but whose wouldn’t since mo doesn’t have one)

    Assuming the sixers of course find a point guard

  41. John says:

    Oh my list of fines is extensive though by the way

    It includes entry passes to either Sam Dalembert or Reggie Evans – fines for missed bunnies by any big man (that could get expensive for evans) – fines to andre miller for taking a 3 or not passing the ball in an offensive site – fines to willie green for various offenses – dalembert fines for defensive 3 seconds or shooting from beyond 3 feet – fines to iguodala when he tries to do those stupid fancy things when the simple would work – just a little incentive

    seriously – does anyone see any evidence of coaching yet this seeason?

    God I hate Kevin Garnett

  42. The Greek says:

    Its funny I just got off the phone with my buddy who was also watching the game and thats all he was talking about.  All he does is complain.  ok so were all pissed and we all have someone different on the top of the list. 

    Here is my sh*t  list in there order of stench
    #1 Mo Cheeks
    #2 Sammy idiot
    #3 Iguodala
    #4 andre miller
    #5 Lou W


  43. John says:

    What’s the sixers record for lowest point output in the 3 point era?

  44. jjg says:

    If Iguodala makes 80 million plus incentives for 6, that’s at least $13,333,333 per year; or $12,933,333 more per year than than our country’s President, who labors at a mere $400,000.  That’s absurd, and a certain waste of fan generated-funds and good will by Stefanski & Co.       

  45. John says:


    jjg proves my point by comparing the presidents salary to an NBA salary…and since the fans don’t even sell out during the playoffs i’m not sure what they are going to complain about…sixers are fourth in the city anyway :)

  46. Dannie says:

    Just curious are you guys still watching this game?

  47. John says:

    Sort of :)

    Like to see speights do some stuff

  48. AaronMcKie4MVP says:

    i dont understad why iggy still gets defended by some people. $80mm is a big enough number where you dont just hand out to a guy who has no defined role and see if he can figure it out. we saw this guy stink up the Detrot series and that should have been enough to warrant not getting that kind of money. so we just ‘sign him up’ and hope the other pieces fall into place ? if you cant play big in big games and make plays when we need them then please explain how exactly you can get $14mm a year ? the players who create plays in the clutch are the guys who should get $14mm plus. and dont tell me he is worth $14mm. because he cant hold tayshaun prince’s jockstrap who signed for $10mm a year in 05. when prince gets a new contract it will likely be somewhere near Iggy which is a joke. the teams that use their money on guys like Iggy are teams that never get past mediocrity,. i know this team has other problems too but iggy has not impressed me 1 game this season.

  49. John says:

    The Detroit series was 5 games

    This season isn’t even 20% over yet

    If you base Iguodalas worth to the sixers on just 5 games against one of the best defensive teams in the league – I’m not sure what I can say to sway you anyway.

    It’s like the reverse Dalembert, he had a great series against the Pistons one year and then everyone thought he was worth a bucket of cash.

    Why is small sample size such a difficult thing to comprehend?

  50. AaronMcKie4MVP says:


    btw, Willie Green is actually exceeding expectations and playing well this season in his role.   the people that killed on the board are the guys we expect to play much, much better.     Brand is coming around lately, Green, Speights and Thad are all playing well as far as im concerned.   all the other major players are stinking it up

  51. jjg says:

    Dannie  Not much, I have my back to the game.  It’s 3rd quarter garbage time.

  52. AaronMcKie4MVP says:

    sure, when it mattered the guy stunk. not sure how big a sample you want. this season, he stinks through 15. bad shots, poor shooting, turnovers moistakes, overall hurting this team more than helping it. mpt worth 15mm to me

  53. John says:

    Whatever, Green still isn’t drawing fouls or passing and shooting too damn much…he and williams are redundant and williams long term is better than willie – giving willie a 5 year deal was one of the stupider things billy king ever did (and if you think about it he did it TWICE)

    Green has 4-6 good games a year and makes people forgot how bloody awful and inefficient a basketball player he is for an entire season – again the small sample size and limited memory of fans allows people to be fooled by willie green again and again.

    He has no upside either

    Williams has upside

    But again – until Mo gets fired nothing else matters

  54. AaronMcKie4MVP says:

    take every 4th quarter in close games this year .   the guy never comes up big.

  55. Dannie says:

    John - to answer your question about the lowest scoring Sixers game.  57 in 1996 against Miami.  Crazy part is Miami only scored 66.

  56. AaronMcKie4MVP says:

    i dont think green is great.  but i think this season, so far, he is doing what he has been asked to do , and doiing it well.   i have bigger fish toi fry than a guy coming off the bench making $5mm .  

  57. John says:

    sure, when it mattered the guy stunk. not sure how big a sample you want. this season, he stinks through 15. bad shots, poor shooting, turnovers mistakes, overall hurting this team more than helping it. mpt worth 15mm to me

    The whole team ‘stunk’ when it ‘mattered’ – I’m not sure WTF people expected – the sixers were a SUB 500 team last year…they were not that good and they have a bad coach, pretty much did what I expected against the Pistons. As for your ‘bad shots, poor shooting, turnover mistakes, overall hurting the team more than helping it’ Are you talking about Andre Iguodala or Andre Miller?

  58. John says:

    i have bigger fish to fry than a guy coming off the bench making $5mm .

    And you should have bigger fish to fry than Iguodala as well…but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…it’s the ‘big money’ syndrome

  59. AaronMcKie4MVP says:

    a guy making iggy money should be unquestionably good enough to garner 100% fan support. the mere fact that the majority of this board is anti-Iggy should tell you something.

  60. John says:
  61. The Greek says:

    Great dunk by Speights!   The announcers for boston were wondering if he was a rookie or soph.  Freakin geazers.   2 more baslets for Speights as I was typing this.  I love this kid, and im guessing it will take about 140-160 games before he gets a start.  Cant wait!!

  62. AaronMcKie4MVP says:

    im talking about igguodala. look, miller is awful this year too, so is sammie, i agree. i just have a personal issue with Iggy because i screamed and i begged for us not to sign him all summer. so i now feel compelled to ride him into the ground and say i told you so.

  63. jjg says:

    John  Off the top of my head, Iggy’s CAREER SAMPLE: 14 pts, 5 rbs, 4 assists, 3 TOs - wow.  Is that big enough patch to prove his reliable mediocrity?

  64. John says:

    a guy making iggy money should be unquestionably good enough to garner 100% fan support. the mere fact that the majority of this board is anti-Iggy should tell you something.

    I can see from comments like this that rational discussion with you is going to be pointless…Belmont Shore syndrome

  65. John says:

    John Off the top of my head, Iggy’s CAREER SAMPLE: 14 pts, 5 rbs, 4 assists, 3 TOs – wow. Is that big enough patch to prove his reliable mediocrity?

    Not really, but again, like with AM4MVP – I don’t believe it’s worth going into here…he’s having a bad season – didn’t say he wasn’t – but the sixers as a team blow holy crap right now and there’s more than enough blame to go around

  66. John says:


    Speights should already be getting more minutes than ratliff or evans

    Hell maybe he should start over Sam – who cares if he cries like a bitch when benched – he’s earned it

  67. The Greek says:

    The thing about Willie G is that he is only making 3.3 million this season.

    Iggy on the other hand is making 11.3 million

    IS IT REALLY TRUE THAT WILLIE GREENS CONTRACT ISNT GUARANTEED FOR NEXT YEAR?  this is the first that i have heard about it

  68. John says:

    It doesn’t matter how much money Green makes to me – NO PLAYER like willie green gets a long term deal – they are fungible dime a dozen players who bring nothing special – that deal alone should have had King fired – offering it twice was unconscionable.



    Yes, Greens contract isn’t guaranteed for 10/11 – anyone doubt he’ll pick up his option?

  69. John says:

    Flagrant 2 for Speights – rookie mistake

    but Lou is the on calming him down?:)

  70. jjg says:

    “Big money syndrome”?  Nah, “big lack of finished game syndrome”, sloppy player.  Didn’t like his game on a rookie contact.  You take him, I’ll take the other guy.     

  71. The Greek says:

    Two year from now like him or hate him Iguodala will be playing Sf for another team. 

  72. John says:

    This team really just needs to start over – maybe some plays would be a good idea?

  73. John says:

    Two year from now like him or hate him Iguodala will be playing Sf for another team.

    And the sixers will be farther, not closer, to a title if such a thing happens.

  74. The Greek says:

    Well they do have a whole buch of plays that revolve around Posting up sammy

  75. jjg says:

    It wasn’t fun.

  76. John says:

    Well they do have a whole buch of plays that revolve around Posting up sammy

    And here I thought not having any plays was the worst thing possible…

  77. John says:

    BTW – Do you think Stefanski bothered to see how bad both Brand and Miller performed the one year or so they played together in Los Angeles?  For some reason these two just don’t work together.

  78. sfw says:

    I think we are about to see a change in the starting lineup. Thad may be coming off the bench pretty soon. After this one the staff will finally be feeling the pressure. I think they’ve been coasting up to this point. The pressure is now on the coaching staff to make changes. Ed S. will be having a frank discussion with Mo after this one. If the adjustments with the current roster don’t work in the next 7-10 games there will be roster changes. Any suggestions?

  79. John says:

    Why would they bench thad?  That’s a mistake and who do you start over him?

    There’s not a whole lot of roster moves that CAN be made are there?  Who has the trade value?  Sam?  Miller?  WHo would you trade that is going to bring something back.

    The first move is to fire Mo – and at this point I feel you could justify it, especially if you hire a guy like eddie jordan before other teams get a chance.

  80. deepsixersuede says:

    Guys, tracked our great ball movement in the second half: 3rd quarter] 12 times in 12 minutes a guy caught and did not dribble: 4th quarter] 16 times; Spieghts led with 8 followed by Ivey with 4; the backups dribbled less, for what it is worth. R.Allen caught and shot more than our whole backcourt, flat out terrible.

  81. John says:

    Entire 4th quarter was garbage time – not sure anything can be read into that – the sixers don’t have a lot of ball movement – again it goes back to having no sort of offensive system in place i believe – bad coaching

  82. sfw says:

    It’s not about a benching. He minutes will remain as is but the sixers rotation will change.

    John Celestand is much better than Alvin Williams as an analyst.

  83. Dannie says:

    SFW - I was thinking the same thing about Celestand.  Williams was like a zombie with zero personality not to mention no analysis.

  84. deepsixersuede says:

    Theo set 2 more good screens tonight, that is 2 more than Sam in 16 games. Thad has to become a bigger option on offense. A change I make; start Thad and Rush at the 3 and 2 and attempt to spread the floor early and catch and shoot more. Bring Iggy in early with 2nd unit and trap and push the ball more. I!m not down on Iggy as a player but the 5 we start now don!t seem to be clicking.

  85. sfw says:

    I may actually watch the post game. Didn’t give it a chance up to this point but like what Celestand brought to the table. Like to get rid of the other guy…………………..

  86. jjg says:

    I like Gerald Henderson.  He tells the truth without soft slant, and with a sly ex-Celtic accent. 

  87. Dannie says:

    JJG - Henderson is good as well.  I play ball with his son when he is home, he goes to my gym.

  88. sfw says:

    JJG, I don’t mean get rid of Gerald, I mean the host. Although, not that fond of GHenderson.

  89. deepsixersuede says:

    Once we got down I actually hoped for a blowout because I !m tired of the false expectations, maybe now they have to change something minute wise.

  90. jjg says:

    Dannie  I like Henderson.  Think he’s gonna be a good NBA guard.  I’m sure his Pop gave him a bag of tricks.  And he’s got the requisite nasty streak.  What do you think of him and his prospects?  Better or worse than Ellington at pro level? 

  91. John says:

    Oh, anyone who thinks tonight wasn’t a blow out wasn’t paying attention – their starters beat the snot out of the sixers…this was a pasting of epic proportions.

    The two biggest holes in the starting line up right now are on the ‘end’ – the 1 and the 5 – Andre Miller and Elton Brand don’t work together – it’s been proven in LaLa land, maybe Ed Stefanski should have thought about that before holding on to Miller for too damn long.

    Any post game show commentary worth hearing would be appreciated for those of us not living in the Philadlephia/Comcast area

  92. jjg says:

    sfw  Host Marshall Harris or Harris Marshall (stumps me every time): I applaud his upbeat enthusiasm – only.  Should be a sports quiz show host.

  93. sfw says:

    jjg, agree. Recent Comcast hire(past 6 months). I guess he’s a big time talent? I’ve read your posts regarding his quotes.

  94. jjg says:

    John  At press conference, Mo said they got beat “top to bottom”, was glum, seemingly at wit’s end, said he’ll keep trying combinations until something works.  That, after 16 games.          

  95. sfw says:

    It’s a shame we didn’t play Boston sooner. Did the staff need this game to convince the players of their difficiencies???? It seemed obvious to most on this blog!!! I think they need to take a good look in the mirror. There is talent to win on this roster. They have their weaknesses but they should still be winning more than 50% of their games.