March 1, 2015

Sixers Still Can’t Shoot, Drop Third Straight in Loss to the Heat

Finally another Sixers game.  I know as a player I wanted to get back on the court ASAP after a loss, not to mention two straight.  Biggest question is will Andre Miller play?  He has said he will, Lou Williams believes he will and given his track record I see no reason to think otherwise.

But let’s think for a moment.  If he doesn’t who would you start in his place?  Do you go big and insert Marreese Speights and have Willie and Iguodala share point guard duties?  Start the erratic Louis Williams?  If you do  start Lou do you have him on or off the ball?  What about Royal Ivey at the one?  Choices Dileo probably won’t have to make but what do you think he should do if it came to it?

In a article about Lou potentially getting his first ever start I found this quote by Williams particularly hilarious:

Derrick Rose, he’s not a traditional point guard.  Myself, I’m not a traditional point guard. But we’re young guys that find ways to get the job done. I think that’s what teams are paying attention to now. – Louis Williams

Really?  Mentioning yourself in the same breath as Rose? Interesting perspective.  Lou, please let me know when you start “getting the job done” period, let alone to the level Derrick Rose is now and projects to be.

The Miami Heat have a new look and are not without injuries of their own.  They finally signed off on the Jermaine O’Neal for Shawn Marion trade (Heat also got Jamario Moon) and he was less than spectacular in his debut racking up 13 points and only 1 rebound in 27 minutes.  He also suffered a bruised eye which makes him day-to-day going into the game.

Dwayne Wade will play but he was suffering from flulike symptoms on Thursday and James Jones could miss the game with a bruised shooting hand.

Last game against Miami the Sixers dominated the fourth quarter winning it 31-15 and that was the game.  They did it with a great balanced attack.  7 players in double figures and no one scoring more than 15.  That’s a nice team effort.  They will need to step their game up if they don’t want to drop their 3rd straight game after the break.  I was at that game and it looked like Wade coasted through that game.  I doubt we get another effort like that from him.  He is coming off a 37 and 12 assist game so I expect him to be sharp and motivated at home against the Sixers.

I have concerns that Miller’s calf strain will make him even more ineffective defensively.  Last game Chalmers had 18 and 7 dimes and is always full of energy.  Could pose serious problems for the Sixers if Miller isn’t moving as well.

Looking forward to another tough game.  Let’s hope this one doesn’t turn out like the first time we visited Miami.

Sixers vs. Heat Game Notes

At the core of the game there is a rather simple task – put the ball in the hole.  Well the Sixers simply are not very good at doing that.  You look at the boxscore for this game and the Sixers did a fair amount well except that core basketball activity – put the ball in the hole.

  • Only 7 turnovers
  • 15 more shot attempts
  • 4 more made free throws and shot 84%
  • 42-38 rebounding advantage and 15-8 on the offensive end

But none of that matters when you continue to shoot below 40% from the field.  37.1% to be exact.  The last three games this team has shot: 38.5%, 32.6% and now 37.1%.  It’s simple, it really is.  You can’t beat anyone shooting like that.

The other disturbing problem that has been masked by the horrendous shooting is the Sixers overall defense.  Not only are they not shooting well, they aren’t making up for it by getting stops either.  In the last three loses the Sixers’ opponents have shot…

  • 49.4%
  • 48.7%
  • 51.4%

This is something to watch even more than the shooting woes.

Thank GOD for Andre Miller.  Dude single handedly keep the Sixers from getting smashed and he did it with a sore calf.  I have to make a confession.  I REALLY didn’t want to Miller to play. Since he came here he obviously hasn’t missed a game.  But we have to consider the realistic possibility of life with out him.  This minor injury almost gave us a taste of what that would be like.  Personally I don’t think the Sixers can win at all without Miller in the line up.  He is the only guy that steps up with regularity when the team needs a bucket.  And he is the only guy that keeps things in any sort of order on the court.  He is quiet naturally but having been at a ton of games this season and even listening to him when watching on TV he is very vocal on the court.  He is always telling guys were to be and what to do (see #2 point below).  I don’t think we have anyone that can replace that presence at the moment.

My regular feature in game recaps: YES, Louis Williams still stinks!  Don’t be fooled by the point total.  It was an inefficient 22 points and he did little else to help the team. 1 rebound and 2 assists and 0 steals in 30 minutes.  Two things about Lou tonight one everyone saw the other I doubt anyone gave much thought to…

  1. Crucial turnover on the travel call late in the game.  Why does he have the ball?
  2. More subtle thing I noticed in the 4th quarter that speaks to Lou’s complete lack of real point guard potential.  There was a pick and roll between Andre Miller and Marreese Speights that that Heat switched.  That left Joel Anthony on Miller and a guard on Speights.  Miller had the ball at the top of the key and saw this.  He passed the ball to Lou on the wing with the intention of having him then feed Speights who had deep post position and a clear advantage.  Louis Williams caught the pass and promptly put the ball on the floor not even looking at Speights and started to drive middle.  Andre Miller yelled at Lou and pointed to Speights. Lou stopped, took Miller’s directive and gave Mareese the ball.  Easy lay up.  Hmm.

This team is consistent at doing one thing – being inconsistent.

I think I am going to say this over and over until everyone gets it.  And not only do I want you to get it when they are losing but don’t forget about it when they are winning.

I don’t know how many times I have to say it. Just because the Sixers go on a run doesn’t make them good. It just means they are on the positive side of their inconsistency.

Winning streaks are part of inconsistency just as much as losing streaks.  If a team just won games most of the time they would be consistent.  If they just lost games most of the time they would be equally as consistent.  .500 teams are the model of inconsistency because they win and lose equally.  And that is exactly what the Sixers are. Don’t forget it, otherwise you will continue to fall pray to the fool’s gold this team offers every other month.


Next Game: Monday @New Jersey

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  1. Tom Moore says:

    Williams, as does many NBA players, has a highly inflated sense of self. I was there when he said this.  I didn’t write it because of the post-trade deadline conference with Stefanski, which was more timely, and then Dalembert’s diatribe Friday.

    Williams is shooting 42-for-129 (32 percent) over the last 12 games, with 42 assists and 27 turnovers in that time. Those are not the numbers of a decent point guard. He looks for his own shot too much at the expense of others.

    I’d be quite surprised if Miller doesn’t start today. For the Sixers’ sake, he’d better.

  2. Tom Moore says:

    If Miller cannot go, Williams would start for the first time in his career. Green and Iguodala might handle the ball a little, along with Ivey.

  3. Dave T says:

    I think we all need to stop referring to Lou Williams as a PG. He is not a PG.  He has never been a PG.  Will never be a PG.  He did prove last year he is a capable NBA player, and someone that can be an excellent combo guard off the bench to give our team a quick offensive scoring punch.  Who knows whether this year is one giant fluke for him and he’ll return to form during the last 1/3rd of the season, or whether this has just proved how inconsistent and unworthy of the contract he is.   But Lou is NOT a PG by any stretch of the imagination, nor should he back up A-Miller in that role.

    If A-Miller ever goes down, Royal Ivey should always be plugged in as the starter. I don’t see how anyone can argue this.  At Texas, Ivey played plenty of point and shared ball handling duties with TJ Ford.  In Atlanta, they trusted Ivey for almost half a year with the starting PG duties, and he did an admirable job.  For us, he has been:  our hardest worker, our biggest professional, does whatever the coach wants, plays INCREDIBLE defense, takes care of the ball and doesn’t turn it over, proved he can run both the fast break and a half court offense effectively, is rock solid and reliable, makes great decisions with the ball. 

    If anyone’s EARNED more minutes, and EARNED the right to be a backup PG, it is Ivey.  Just because Lou makes money and happens to be 6’2 doesn’t mean we just chuck the ball over to him when our top 10 PG goes down. I want substance over style running the show…not Lou.

  4. bski says:

    About Lou, couldn’t agree more, Tom.  I have always been in the Lou-will-never-be-a-PG camp.  Can we all finally agree this?

    I had always hoped that he would/could become our 6th man, spark off the bench.  That’s not looking too likely either.

    He’s just too inefficient to be a solid, dependable contributor.  He shouldn’t be getting the minutes he is, IMO.

    If Speights and Young can be benched for not rebounding and/or not defending, then I see nothing wrong with Williams being benched for selfishness and sloppy play.

    I guess DiLeo loves him just as everyone else does and wants him to play through it.  It just doesn’t seem to be working though.

  5. Ryan F says:

    Agreed.  Ivey hands down.  I don’t even think lou should get off the bench for a couple games as lousy as he has been lately.  Give Ivey 30 minutes and see what he can do over length.

  6. jjg says:

    Royal’s a nice little player, goes about his business well.  He’d be exposed some as a starter though imo.  Doesn’t have frame and stamina to play it as he does for 35-40 NBA min.  He’s a ’plus’ team component 
    when utilized smartly, in contrast to Williams, who’s a showboatin’ drag.

  7. sfw says:

    Let’s hope Lou Will gives us more quality performances that not for the remainder of the season. He could be that piece/or part of a package that we use to acquire that two guard/shooter we’re longing for. He’s just like DRose(He finds ways to get the job done?) and he also doesn’t need to get stronger.  I guess he really doesn’t get it. What a shame.  

  8. Mike says:

    this team is the definition of mediocre

  9. jjg says:

    Not winning many games when 3/5 of your starting lineup plays poorly (Iguodala, Dalembert, Green) and a fourth starter disappears after a strong initial 8 minutes (Young).  Rode back of “injured” [boy, was that angle overblown] non-distributing PG Miller (2 assists, 9 boards, good scoring game, determined effort, not enough).  Spurts of Young, Williams and Speights contributed but team’s half-court offensive imbalance kills.
    Wade did what supers do – took over; the guy’s impressive.  O’Neal & Haslem punked Sixers’ frontline for the most part. 

    On the positive side, Sixers’ made their foul shots and took care of the ball.  Missing:  a jump shooter, an inside offensive presence and a go-to guy.  Same old song. 

  10. Mike says:

    i’m very concerned that they cannot find a way to pull out these close, grind it out games

  11. Rob says:

    jjg: Funny how you mentioned a lack of an inside presence.  That is why Ed Stefanski signed Elton Brand.  He can play through these half-court, grind it out games.  This team is more about finding ways to win.  And Brand in the previous encounter with O’Neal had the strength to wear him down and he was able to score over him.  That is of course, when Brand returns next season.  Plus, he has more strength than Dalembert.  I thought Ratliff did a better job on O’Neal defensively.
    Also, where was Royal Ivey down the stretch?  His defense could have really pestered Wade all the way.
    Also, we have to put Rush and Marshall in shooting situations.  Lou, as your option? There are times where they show Rush and Marshall on the bench and at times show a body language saying, “Hello, I can shoot these threes, effortlessly and with a quick release.”  After all, Marshall helped us beat Detroit.  Another team we’re trying to pass and keep them past us, in addition to keeping them off the race for the #4 seed. 
    Anyway, the Heat play the Magic and the Pistons play the Cavaliers, both on the road on Sunday.  The Hawks are struggling a bit on their West Coast Trip.  Now it is up to the Sixers to do their part! 

  12. Rob says:

    And where was WILLIE GREEN??  This guy is better off coming off the bench.  And this is another reason why the Sixers should pursue Anthony Parker.

    Had Willie and Sammy contributed more offensively, we could have won the game and with the next meeting at home!!

  13. bski says:

    You’ve got it JJG, same old song.  We were singing a new tune for a while, but now we’re back to our familiar melody (which must mean that our uptick in shooting was an aberration.  Just a brief surge, not beginning of a turnaround).

    Last 3 games from the 3-point line: 2/15…4/13…4/18 

    FG% last 3 games: 38%…32%…37%

    That just won’t get it done.  We end up with more close games because of this.  If we’re a little ahead, we can’t hold on.  If we’re a little behind, we can’t catch up.  If other areas of our game falter (free throw shooting, turnovers, rebounding), we get blown out.  There’s no mystery to it.

  14. jjg says:

    Bob Salmi has the answer, partner.  In the guts of the game, go to Marc Zumoff - - “in rhythm !! …”  (That young man is crafty, has instant amnesia, an internal shot clock and finds a way.)

  15. Rob says:

    Also, the fastbreak points have NOT been pretty and look more like the team that started the season with Brand.  The irony though is that we’re not playing with Brand in these last three games.  

    Plus, give Andre Miller credit.  This guy plays with toughness.  Every time people criticize him or he gets hurts, he comes back stronger and his competitive side comes in full force.  Expect him to go crazy and perhaps help this team get on a big run, courtesy of Andre Miller.  Now Lou Williams, had one of his better games in a while, actually taking it to the hoop and then getting in rhythm for a couple threes.  But he still has to not fall too much in love with the three ball.  In fact, he and Thaddeus are at their best when they go inside, then work their way outside.  When the stuff outside isn’t working, then go back inside and also get some free throws.  This team needs to be very consistent from the FT line and make their free throws.  Also, Reggie, great job on working on that stroke from the line!   

  16. sfw says:

    Lou playing pretty good game then turns it over at THE crucial time of the game. typical……………………………………………………………..

  17. Brian says:

    @sfw: “Lou playing a pretty good game.” 19 shots for 22 points is not a pretty good game. 1 assist in 30 minutes is not a pretty good game. Getting toasted by Chris Quinn on the other side of the floor is not a pretty good game. This guy needs a couple of DNPCD’s and he needs them now.

  18. Dannie says:

    Brian - Agree.  In fact you read my mind as I was just posting that exact sentiment.

  19. Dannie says:

    I kept my game notes short.  But Dileo’s coaching has not been good lately either.  Second half of the season games are tougher and now team’s have  a book of Dileo and more footage of who he has the Sixers playing.

    Why didn’t they go for a quick two, instead of a terrible three point attempt that was highly contested that he air balled?  Why even put the ball in Lou’s hands there?

    What was Lou on the court at the end instead of Ivey for defensive purposes?

    Lot’s of questions.

  20. guest says:


    I agree with your quote about inconsistency.  The Sixers have the ability to be good.  But don’t have the consistency to be great.

    In my version of game notes vs the Pacers tuesday…  I posed the important question, “Can the Sixers win with Andre Miller having a bad game?”

    I’ll now pose this question.  Can the Sixers win without Andre Iguodala having a good game?

    Think about it.  All the “key” games we have won this season, in your game notes I have seen “The Andres played well”

    Without Brand I think it is crucial we get both of them playing well early on.  Thad can go for 10 points in the first 3 minutes but name more than one or two games where he has kept up that pace.  That is why we never rely on Thad in late game situations.  He is too Inconsistent.  Just like this team.

  21. Dave T says:

    East standings: What pisses me off most is that the past two weeks have been the perfect opportunity to put some room behind us and other teams in our conference.  Detroit has been TANKING lately and have played awful and with no confidence.  The Milwaukee Bucks are missing 3/5′s of their starting lineup to injury.  The Nets have been playing like crap as well and are sliding…etc. 

    Only the Hawks and Heat have maintained relatively good play.  We had a @#!$ing chance to lump ourselves in with the group of quasi-acceptable East teams, and blew it. 

    With the Bulls having new life after improving their roster with their trades, the Bobcats playing scrappier than ever, and Nets and Pistons due for a win streak somewhere along the line, this is NOT the team to be sliding back down to .500 or below. 


  22. Dave T says:

    *time to be sliding.

  23. jjg says:

    I have a few questions that only one person can answer:  Why does Andre Iguodala stride around the court with a sour puss most of the time around like he’s being put upon?  He’s young, healthy, wealthy and celebrated but shows little joy as he goes about his work lately.  I
    wonder what the story is behind that?  Or is the stone face just a new public posture or facade he’s taken on?  Is the pressure of performing up to his new contract making him glum?  Does he think he’s above his teammates?  Is he having a pity party over a perceived All-Star snub?  His play in the 3 games of this resumed season has been poor. 

  24. tk76 says:

    Dannie, couldn’t agree more with your overall assessment of the team.  They are young, lack shooters and lack a post presence.  This means they are destined to be either horrible or streaky until these underlying issues improve.  So I guess streaky is better than the other option. 

    They have talent and a great stabilizing influence in Miller, so when the shoot well they can beat most teams.  When they don’t hit their shots they need either a perfect game or luck to win.  Look at the Pacers loss.  Typically when the Pacers shot <30% from 3 they lose.  yet the Pacers only hit 5 threes and still won easily due to the Sixers having a bad shooting night.  On the flip side, they shot lights out in January and beat a lot of top teams.

  25. Tom Moore says:

    Sixers aren’t getting stops, so they can’t get out and run. They’ve been outscored in fast-break points (43-40) in the three-game skid. They’ve allowed two of the three teams to score 30 in the fourth quarter and the three teams shot a combined 49.3 percent against them.

    Miller shot 11-for-21; rest of team was 22-of-68 (32.4 percent).

    Green in last five games: 13-for-48.

  26. Tom Moore says:

    When Miller scored 30 vs. Miami, he became the first Sixer to reach that number this season. The Sixers are the last of the league’s 30 teams to have a 30-point scorer.

  27. deepsixersuede says:

    As bad as Willie and L.Will. are playing, why not give Rush a little run, can he be worse than L.Will. defensively? Or go with Iggy at the 2 again and give Marshall some minutes, worst case it lights a fire under somebodies but.

  28. Mike says:

    jjg, this bothers the hell out of me too.  he’s been speaking a lot lately to the press about feeling underrated & underestimated by the general public.  i think it also bothers him that no one is ever at the wachovia center.  dude needs to get his focus on the court.

  29. kennyursohot says:

    was there dale for chandler rumors going around?… doctors in philly never woudla cought that messed up toe

  30. jjg says:

    Considering the chorus of Andre Miller hosannas, why isn’t he ever realistically evaluated and called out for his play on the most important end of the court?  Effort is there most of the time but basically he’s a slug of a PG defensively (soon 33, and aging like the rest of us), and his getting scorched from up top and the wing contributes to the young team’s confusion when ‘stops’ are needed.  Odd, that this 
    subject is seldom broached.  He’s the glue of an inconsistent .500 team – - whoopee!  Not a top 10 PG overall as many assert, unless you’re basing it on name recognition.  Were it not for the business of pretending to be contenders and selling tickets, moving him for future talent was the correct – and opted out of – tact.  What’s the difference between a 42 and 35 win team?  2 weeks in April.  And a near-future hole to fill.    

  31. Ken says:

    Essentially by not making a trade Ed is throwing the towel in on this season. Because the Sixers are so far over the cap Ed’s hand are tied. To bring in a quality shooter or two either Miller or Sammy will have to be traded this summer. The other might come in the draft. If the Sixers continue their tailspin they might fall between picks 10-13. That probably doesn’t bring a impact shooter but again, maybe Ed can swing a trade. What amazes me is how long it’s been since the Sixers had a great that was a great shooter, no not Ivy. Have we had one since the days of Andrew Toney?

  32. jjg says:

    Hersey Hawkins, Dana Barros and Kyle Korver have been the best ‘catch-and-shoot’ guards since Toney.  I don’t count Jeff Hornacek, as he didn’t want to be here and had his worst year ’arc’ pct. (.313) of career (outside of rookie year) when wearing that ridiculous Bradley-era uniform.

  33. deepsixersuede says:

    Jumpin, the alternatives are slim to none plus guys like Stuckey get praised and from everything I read he is as bad defensively as L.Will. . I think he is a top ten p.g. by default sort of. It is not a strong position in the league and all these young guys that get drafted take years to develop, but to me he is not the problem. This summer E.S. will have to move somebody from our frontcourt [surplus] along with a future pick to get a 30 minute shooter in here, overpay if possible. I say try the Thad /Iggy experiment for the rest of the year and if it doesn!t work move either over the summer for a legit score at the 2. E.S. has to give the “Elton era ” a chance to succeeed because in 2010 there is gonna be a window to succeed while all the teams are changing their rosters to acquire that “instant fix” through free agency. We need to get our group together next training camp and make our run. A Sam/Elton/[Thad or Iggy]/[J.Rich.,V.Carter, M.Redd] /A.Miller lineup could win with our young bench group I believe but this win without a legit score mindset has to change.

  34. deepsixersuede says:

    By the way, I meant young guys that aren!t top 5 picks take long to develop because we are in the dreaded noman!s land as far as the draft.

  35. Ryan F says:

    I have been thinking the same thing about Dileo lately.

    WHY WHY WHY on earth would you go for 3 when there is 20 sec left and we are the WORST 3pt shooting team in the league and the Heat were missing FT’s all night?

    When the offense is stagnant on the break and Speights is on the floor, why does he not get more touches, he puts the ball in the hole.  He may not be a great rebounder yet and is a little weak on D, but he puts the ball in the HOLE.  Utilize him while he’s on the court.  I just dont get it.  I really think he needs to find a way to get him on the court more, especially when the rest of the team is proving not to be able to score.

    Lou williams..ugh.  38% from the floor, and 28% from behind the arc for the season.  He cannot stop ANYONE, not even Travis Diener, makes horrible basketball decisions, shoots out of rhythm constantly.  He needs to be played off the ball, and should never see the court without IVEY or MILLER on it.  I really wish they could of found a way to unload his contract.

  36. deepsixersuede says:

    Jumpin, big Hornacek fan, I don!t think it was a coincidence that Utah got to the finals back to back with him and Stockton in the backcourt.

  37. Ryan F says:

    Another point about LOU When they opted to go for the dribble hand off for 3, and he noticed the defender’s junk was already at face level when he got the ball, why did he not try to go to the hole instead of forcing it? Anyone?  Because he’s garbage.  Hell with DNPCD, I say how about some D league action in his future

  38. deepsixersuede says:

    Ryan, He can be moved if they want to , but do they ?  Zack, check out K.Weaver!s line last night.

  39. Tom Moore says:

    I agree that Miller is not a good on-the-ball defender, but he is not quick. What is Lou Williams’ excuse? When he’s asked, he says how no one player can stop another in this league. How about at least trying?

  40. sfw says:

    I rescind my previous comment about Lou playing pretty good. I was watching a DVR’d version with half an eye BUT he did make that big turnover. I guess it is his turn to be the wipping boy for a while and lately it’s been well deserved.   

  41. Tom Moore says:

    Williams is 49-for-148 shooting (33.1 percent) in the last 13 games with 43 assists and 29 turnovers. He’s a 2 with the body of a 1 and not a point guard, though he’s used some there.

  42. RRose says:

    This team is so frustrating.  I know this is just fantasy but I would rather have Marshall starting in place of Thad at the PF spot.  One to be a trailer on the break for wide open 3′s like korver was when Ai was here.  Two it would also put thad at the 3 off the bench to play with Speights when he enters the game.  Right now they are getting very little offense with the 2nd unit on the floor.   They go into a scoring funk with Evans, Lou, Ivey, Speights, Iggy on the floor.  That’s too many players with little creativity while the balls in their hands.  Too many poor shooters Evans, Lou and Ivey (of late) on the floor at the same time.  Its time to shake up this rotation.  This is where coaching plays a big role, and a rookie coach may not know how to fix it.

  43. guest says:

    If were looking to be a real contender in the near future… We need to keep the guys that have proven their worth and try as best we can to get rid of the ones that haven’t.  Who has and who hasn’t can be debated.

    Players who in my eyes have proven they belong here:
    - Andre Iguodala (worth the money and worth the sluggish walking around the court)
    - Andre Miller (defense is horrendous, but in my opinion is a key component in starting the fast break off of defensive rebounds)
    - Royal Ivey (plays defense and has obviously improved from the beginning of the season.  He also is playing with a lot of confidence)
    Mareese Speights (Young and athletic.  Seen these types of players before.  As a rookie he has been nothing short of fantastic)

    This next one Im kind of up in the air about but I’ll include him.

    Thaddeus Young (Can put the ball in the hole at will sometimes, but other times it seems like he falls off a cliff for the last 44 minutes of the game.  He also can’t seem to play the 4 defensively and with Iguodala at the 3, he will have to come off the bench.  If we can get a quality 2 guard for him than we need to pull the trigger in the off season)

    The rest of the team have not proven that we are better with them than without.  Willie Green just went 0-9. Sammy is good sometimes, but other times he doesnt know his right from his left.  Lou is the most annoying player on this team to watch.  I want Elton Brand on this team but right now there is just too many questions unanswered.  

  44. Tom Moore says:

    Sixers are shooting 36.1 percent from the field in the three losses, with a season-low 32.6 vs. Denver.

    You can live with Ivey going 3-for-25 (12 percent) in the last five games because he defends. But Williams and Green struggling like they are is tough.

  45. bstring says:

    Will they make a move to get Green out of the starting lineup this season?
    Shooting after the break  9-34 (26%) and 0-8 from distance. Has missed his last 13 3 pointers.  Green must have some sort of hold on the organization because Cheeks and now DiLeo keep him in there regardless of how he plays.

  46. Dean H says:

    Was Sammy willing to waive his “trade bonus” to be traded?  If he was, what a mistake not to trade him.  I saw your blog about defense and I saw several times Sammy just stood around while the Heat drove down the lane and laid it up.  What a waste he can be when he is not playing.  I wish he played like that before the trade deadline, he would have been gone for another bad contract……

  47. Tom Moore says:

    Hi. That’s a good question about Dalembert waiving his trade kicker. I’ll try to ask him about it Monday in Jersey or Wednesday in Washington. My guess is he wouldn’t have waived it — players are rarely willing to leave money on the table.

  48. Dean H says:


    I expected that answer but it bugs me to make the statements that he wants to be traded…. and make it impossible to be traded. Is that not talking out of both sides of your mouth?  He was playing awesome before the break and now he stinks again (in my opinion).  Very inconsistent.

    Thank you.  Btw, I love reading your blog, it is kept up to date and informative. 

  49. Johnnylaptop says:

    I  feel  Dileo,    has lost his way  since  when he took over.  Dileo,  is suppose to have the  final  say who is on the court and who is not. It looks like to me,  he”s listening too,  to many people telling him what to do.   He is responsible for the players to practice their  free throws, ball handling skills  and  shooting skills,   he is in charge, of practicing,  good solid defense,   and having   the best  players  to be out there at any given time. He has to coach with what we got.    It is  in   Dileo”s    hands how we finish this year.       Dileo,    has to       MOTIVATE,    we lack motivation as a team, a few select player bring it every night but not as a team .      We all know our player pluses   and  minuses.     I sure hope he gets back on track.    I have a strong feeling,     Royal  Ivey   is a real hidden talent ,   he is in his fifth year in the NBA ,   he is 27 years old he will be 28 in Dec. over his four and a half career,   when he was given min. consistantly  he has responed very well,   he can handle it.  I sure hope Dileo doesn”t miss this oppurtunity.                                                                                                                                  If   he were to ask me for advice I would say,  use Ivey at  point guard every chance he can and give more min. to   Radcliff   and Marshall.    Again,    it”s up to Dileo,  to motivate this team and have them ready to play.    We have talent,   somebody is asleep at the wheel and he better wake up.                                                                           

  50. Tom Moore says:

    DiLeo on Dalembert’s Friday complaints: “The only thing that I was surprised about was that he expressed his views to the press. I think if you asked anyone in there (the locker room), they’d say they should play 48 (minutes).”

  51. Zack says:

    suede, I almost went to the game.  Weaver’s messing with my head, he should be better defensively, worse offensively.  That ability to snake his way to the basket carried over from the NCAAs better than I thought; his defense hasn’t… yet.  Good find by Sam Presti.

    Stefanski, your team is boring.  You should’ve found a way to make the Portland trade work by discussing other players, draft picks.  Then for the press conference, you could’ve come out, jumped around and made the Sam Cassell I-have-giant-testicles gesture, said something like, “I got your Philly Max right here, two of ‘em”, then walked off with a smug look on your face.  Oh well, there’s always next year.

  52. deepsixersuede says:

    Miami and Detroit keep losing, the 4th or 5th seed is being handed to us.

  53. bski says:

    Dave T. is going to love this one, but is anyone else thinking that DiLeo’s “honeymoon” is over?  Is the bloom off the rose?  Has all the “accountability”, “defining of roles”, and “challenging of players” run it’s course already?

    Or, does this have nothing to do with DiLeo at all?  Is all of this nothing more than that we were on the upside of our mediocrity for a while and now we’re on the downside of it?

    How much of this is DiLeo and how much is the players (or at least some of the players) we have?  If Jerry Sloan walked in here today, would he get this thing turned around?  If so, would he be able to sustain it? 

    Just a few questions rolling around in my head.

  54. jjg says:

    Dileo’s no Red Auerbach or Red Holzman, but he’s luckier than Red Klotz.  9 of his 18 wins have come in “battles” with Wiz, Knicks, Bucks, Grizz, Clips (collective record:  92-189; .327).  Schedule eventually threshes the wheat from the chaff.

  55. RRose says:


    If I was a casual Sixers fan and I looked over at the sidelines I honestly couldn’t tell you who is coaching most of the time.  DiLeo who seems to be a nice guy and up front at his press conferences after games isn’t noticeable on the sidelines.  He has no presence.  He isn’t demonstrative .( not saying you have to be in order to be a good coach)

    With a bunch of young guys there needs to be someone kicking their rears at every game.  Pushing them hard, keeping the energy up.  I would love to hear him mic’d up at a game like they do on ESPN just to listen to what he says.  Sloan does far greater with lesser talent, his coaching and style makes him the most underrated successful coach in the NBA.

  56. Tom Moore says:

    Did you see that the Sixers won’t be raising ticket prices for 2009-10? Here’s an excerpt from my phillyburbs blog:

    The Sixers announced Monday that they won’t raise  ticket prices for the 2009-10 season. The Sixers will also make more tickets available at the $15 price level.

    The Sixers raised season tickets in the Wachovia Center’s lower bowl by 4.4 percent for 2008-09, with floor seats increasing 8.9 percent. They didn’t change the price of seats in the upper bowl.

    The Sixers are ranked 25th in home attendance in the 30-team NBA, with an average of 14,790 fans this season. They are 28th by filling just 72.8 percent of the available seats at the Wachovia Center.

  57. jjg says:

    It’s simple.  Sloan – Evansville College great and an original Bull starter - populates his roster with coachable basketball players, sticks to fundamentals, isn’t wowed by the sensational aspects of the game.  Coaches as he played – direct and tough, without flash.  Players who abide by his system play.  Those that don’t – benched, eventually gone.  The standard and the continuity are in place.  Sixers, on the other hand, are constantly in flux, leadership & system-wise … Ayers, Ford, O’Brien, Cheeks, Dileo since 2003.  Any wonder that there hasn’t been success lately? 

  58. Tom Moore says:

    Lou Williams says he doesn’t recall the last time the Sixers played the Nets — an epic collapse in which they missed their final 18 shots to lose at home 85-83 on Jan. 31.

    “Amnesia,” Williams said.

    Williams wouldn’t mind forgetting his shooting of late, having gone 49-for-148 (33.1 percent) in the last 13 games.

    The Sixers are in Jersey tonight.

  59. jjg says:

    Which raises the question, why does he still get significant PT from DiLeo (& co-coach Stefanski) if his only asset – offensive punch –  is seriously flagging?  To have him on the floor as they do (23 mpg) runs counter to strong coaching if intent is to win now.     

  60. bski says:

    JJG & RROSE…..Thanks for your 2 cents (which combined makes 4 cents and a lot of sense).

    I just keep turning it around in my head because I’m trying to determine whether we are going about this thing ass-backwards (committing to the core group of players and then trying to find a coach that can get the most out of them) or if we are in a chicken-or-the-egg situation (we commit to the players….then find a coach…only to find that we still need a few players…..which then means we need a new coach…ad infinitum).

    That’s why I brought up Sloan.  How we get ourselves a coach like this I don’t know, but at least we would be certain in one area.  Then going forward we would know that once we get the right players it would work.

    As it stands, I don’t have a whole lot of faith.  I don’t know how much of our struggles are attributable to the players and how much to the coaching.  Not knowing this will make me question our moves going forward because I really can’t trust in either side of the equation.

  61. jjg says:

    bski, Your mistrust is well-placed.  The organization’s picture includes a lot of hair and little combing.

  62. bski says:

    JJG..….Reminds me of a goofy little saying.  Experience is like a comb that life gives you after you’ve lost your hair. Although I think we could really use a trim, if not a completely different hairstyle.

    Regarding Lou Williams’ “offensive punch”.  As you know, it’s not enough to throw a lot of punches, you need to land them too.  I guess DiLeo would rather “go down swinging”.

  63. jjg says:

    bski, You’re right, that was a goofy little saying.  As for boxing analogy, ya go down swinging with your best punches, not rabbit punches.

  64. bski says:

    JJG….DiLeo apparently feels that these are our best punches! (scary thought)

  65. Morty says:

    bski: Those are our best punches. A team that starts Willie Green is not exactly deep in the backcourt. Look at our guards: Green, Williams, Miller, Ivey and Rush. Miller is solid, Rush contributed nothing even when he did get PT, Williams and Green can’t hit the side of a barn and Ivey is a nice 10-15 minute player. This situation is why many, including myself, were in favor of moving Igoudala to SG.

  66. The Greek says:

    Bski, agreed on what Morty said about a team starting Willie Greene.   We have zero outside shooting, every team in the nba has better jump shooters and Im sure most teams in college have better jump shooters then us. 

    Im going to the game tonight so if you guys see or read about a crazed Greek yelling at Sammy Idiot, then you will know its me.  Sammy, I am going to light you up just like I did the first minute of the opening game when you and your teamates failed to show up for opening day.

  67. jjg says:

    Morty, Despite recent slump, Green is a better all-around player than Williams every day of the week.  I won’t bore you with statistics.   Damning with faint praise though.  Overall, it is a thin guard line, no question.  

    Iguodala is not a shooting guard, though he’s plenty active on the perimeter.   If you want to sacrifice on that important position and play him there by default in order to field team’s longest, leapingest unit, that’s an option.  Not a dandy one for long imo.  Is he a playmaker, a shooter, a defender, a rebounder?  No.  A jack of all trades, a master of none.  Shoulda let him walk at that price tag.              

  68. bski says:

    MORTY & GREEK……I know.  It’s just frustrating to have such limited options.

    As per DiLeo, Rush and Marshall are both out of the equation due to their lack of defense.

    Moving Iguodala to SG really is our best move at this point.  Ivey can be the first guard off the bench, with Lou and Willie getting minutes as their production dictates.

    This would mean starting Thad at SF, which opens up the starting PF spot for… vote would be for Speights, with Evans coming off the bench.

    Dalembert continues to start at C, with Ratliff coming off the bench.

    The way I see it, that’s about the best we can do for now.

  69. jjg says:

    bski, If a rainbow jumper clangs off the rim in a forest of big men, does that count for any points?

  70. Morty says:

    bski: I’d side with your lineup in the short run. Long run, especially if Miller is resigned, I think I side with jjg that you need a true SG i.e. one that can shoot.

  71. The Greek says:

    As policy of the 76′ers  a  shooting guard must be 6’3 or less.  He must not be able to hit three point shots, never make  the right passes, and chuck up a s many bad shots as possible.

  72. bski says:

    Yeah Morty, I’m definitely talking short run here.

  73. jjg says:

    That qualifies us all for 10-day contracts.  See ya at the tryout!

  74. Rob says:

    Actually, Green was better coming off the bench.  He was more in control and the threes were falling for him then.

    Maybe Iggy was just rusty to begin with regardless of what position.  Had Miller, Lou, and Iggy avoided those slow starts, who knows where this  team would have been. 

    But in tonight’s game, something’s gotta give here.  Both of these teams are struggling teams.  One has a better road record, than home record.  The other just coughed up the last meeting due to a huge drought.  Both teams are without a win after the All-Star break!  I think the Sixers might eek through.  Watch out for Lopez!

  75. Tom Moore says:

    Asked Dalembert if he would’ve been willing to give up his 15 percent trade kicker — worth roughly $3.4 million — if it would’ve allowed him to be traded prior to Thursday’s deadline. His answer: “I’m not even to that point. I leave that business to other people.”

  76. Johnnylaptop says:

    I agree with    BSKI,   about his lineup,  it  makes the most sense,   get back to playing solid defense,   and that will open our running game which is our only hope for succsess this year.   Rob  made a good point with  Green  coming off the bench,  he can run,  plays defense, and when his shots falling give him more min.       GO    SIXERS


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