March 6, 2015

Top 20 Individual Seasons in Phillies’ History

I’ve wanted to do this series for awhile… the top 20 individual seasons in Philadelphia Phillies history. This is the kind of stuff I started this blog to do. I love the history of the game and I love debating about baseball and players from different eras. And, I’m not going to lie, I love listing things.

I’m going reveal one season a at time, moving back from #20 to #1.

Here are the rules for how I did this:

  • Only 1 season per player, which means there will be 20 different players on this list. This creates some additional debate about whether I picked the right season for that individual player.
  • Took into account the seasons’ place in Phillies history, but also how that season compared to the rest of the National League in that particular year and all-time against all MLB seasons.
  • Postseason was only taken into account to break what I saw to be ties.
  • I tried to keep the number of pitching and hitting seasons about equal.
  • I only list the NL season rank if they are top 10.
  • I only list Phillies all-time rank if they are top 25.
  • I only list MLB all-time rank if they are top-100.

Top 20 (now-22) Individual Seasons in Phillies’ History

1. Steve Carlton, 1972
2. Pete Alexander, 1915
3. Mike Schmidt, 1980
4. Chuck Klein, 1930
5. Ryan Howard, 2006
6. Robin Roberts, 1952
7. Jim Bunning, 1967
8. Roy Halladay, 2010
9. Sherry Magee, 1910
10. Dick Allen, 1966
11. Jimmy Rollins, 2007
12.  Billy Hamilton, 1894
13.  Ed Delahanty, 1895
14.  Curt Schilling, 1997
15.  Lefty O’Doul, 1929
16.  Brad Lidge, 2008
17.  Chris Short, 1964
18.  John Denny, 1983
19.  Tug McGraw, 1980
20.  Greg Luzinski, 1977
21.  Gavvy Cravath, 1913
22.  Lenny Dykstra, 1993

Individual Seasons That Didn’t Make the Cut