February 28, 2015

We Landed A Legit Shooter: Reggie Evans Traded for Jason Kapono

Sixers trade Reggie Evans for Jason Kapono

Here is a portion of the official Sixers press release.


Kapono is tied for the highest 3-point field goal percentage in NBA history.

Philadelphia, Pa. – June 9, 2009 – Philadelphia 76ers President and General Manager Ed Stefanski announced today that the team has acquired forward Jason Kapono from the Toronto Raptors in exchange for forward Reggie Evans. The trade will be finalized pending both players passing their physicals.

“We are very excited to add one of the league’s most prolific three-point shooters in Jason Kapono,” Stefanski said. “We feel that this move addresses our goal of improving our shooting from the perimeter.

“I want to thank Reggie Evans for his contributions to the team and we wish him only the best.”

Some Analysis and Thoughts

First let me say this deal came out of nowhere, and it’s a beauty.  Moving Reggie Evans, a player I projected not to see the floor next season for one of, if not the, best catch-and-shoot three point shooter in the NBA.  Could Stefanski have done any better – seriously?  I guess this is the legit shooter he has been saying he will bring in since he got here, and he did it by moving a player of little to no value for the Sixers going into next season.  Well done.  If money is going to be spent on a one-dimensional player, this is the guy we would want it spent on.  Stefanski probably bought himself a half a season free of criticism from many fans with this deal (and the right draft choice *cough* Ty Lawson *cough*).

If the hype surrounding Eddie Jordan’s offensive genius is even remotely true, adding Kapono only strengthens the potency the Sixers offense can have (players still need to “get it” and execute).

I am typically not a believer in the “threat” of perimeter shooting.  Make shots and teams will respect and have to play you closer.  Pretty hard to threaten to make shots you know?   But in this case, when you have a proven, well-known sniper on the court the idea of a “threat” does work.  Teams will not leave him open even if he is having an off shooting night, worrying about him getting hot.  It will be up to the rest of the Sixers players to take advantage of the extra time and space they should have offensively.

Now we lose a lot defensively having Kapono on the floor.  He can’t guard anyone at any time.  So the point Jordan made about being able to cover up for a weak defender with strong team defense MUST be realized.  Otherwise Kapono won’t be able to stay on the floor long enough to have a real impact with his shooting ability.

I think having a strong defensive assistant is more important because it’s pointless to do a deal for Kapono and not find a way for him to stay on the floor productively.  At this point all we know about Jordan’s staff is that Aaron McKie is staying on, but I am unaware in what capacity.  I will try and find this out next time I see him at the pick-ups game we play in.  Jordan is bringing his long-time lead assistant Mike O’Koren on staff.  He also would like to bring a shooting coach on as well (*cough* Dave Hopla *cough*).  Not sure if McKie will head the defense as he did under Dileo and I am not sure about O’Koren’s background as a coach, but from what I read Randy Ayers headed the defense for Jordan in Washington.

What’s Next? Other Things to Consider

Kapono makes more than Reggie Evans so it shrinks the amount of money the Sixers have under the luxury tax a bit.  I am estimating the Sixers will have somewhere around $7 million to spend which would push them right against the tax line with 9 guys plus most likely Royal Ivey  and the 17th pick locked into the roster.  That’s 11 guys.  A team must carry at least 13 players on average throughout the season (12 active and 1 inactive).  So what do they do?  Some options:

  • Resign Andre Miller and a veteran min player preferably a center
  • Let Miller walk and use their mid-level on a guy like Gortat and sign a vet min player
  • Buy more draft picks and fill the roster that way
  • Another trade(s) including sign-and-trade involving Miller
  • Some combination of the above points

Overall Depth Chart As of Today

  1. Lou/Ivey
  2. Kapono/Green
  3. Iguodala/Thad
  4. Brand/Speights
  5. Dalembert/Smith

I will end with this for us to talk about in the comments…

Which projected starting line-up do you prefer?


  • Sammy
  • Brand
  • Thad
  • Iguodala
  • Miller/Rookie/Cheap vet

Traditional minus Thad

  • Sammy
  • Brand
  • Iguodala
  • Kapono
  • Miller/Rookie/Cheap vet


  • Brand
  • Thad
  • Iguodala
  • Kapono
  • Miller/Rookie/Cheap vet

Louis Williams a Starting Point?

  • Sammy
  • Brand
  • Thad
  • Iguodala
  • Lou

Louis Williams a Starting Point minus Thad?

  • Sammy
  • Brand
  • Iguodala
  • Kapono
  • Lou

Undersized plus Lou

  • Brand
  • Thad
  • Iguodala
  • Kapono
  • Lou

Bench Sammy Line-ups

  • Jason Smith Or Speights take your pick
  • Brand
  • Thad
  • Iguodala
  • Miller/Lou/Rookie/Cheap vet take your pick

Bench Sammy Line-ups minus Thad

  • Smith Or Speights take your pick
  • Brand
  • Iguodala
  • Kapono
  • Miller/Lou/Rookie/Cheap vet take your pick

Pick your own line-up.

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  1. The Real Rob says:

    Wow,  a trade before the NBA Finals end!  I didn’t know that could happen?  Anyway, it was a bold move by Stefanski.  Kapono is a shooter, who has won two Three Point Shooting Contests and has an NBA Championship with the Heat for doing his job.  I can’t wait to see what else Stefanski does.  Get Anthony Parker as well!

    Also, on behalf of Sixers fans, I want to thank Reggie Evans for his contributions.  Since joining the team, our rebounding has been MUCH better the last two seasons.  I wish him luck up north, but certainly not a move that Bosh would not enjoy!


  2. jurnee16 says:

    How does this affect the Sixers’ plans the rest of the offseason?  I am assuming Kapono is a guy that will come off the bench to give the team some 3′s but does he play the 2 or 3?  I know we still need a PG  but what lineup do you think Stefanski is hoping for?  Will it be Miller/ PG acquired through draft/free agecy/trade at the 1, Iggy at the 2 with Kapono backing him up, Thad at the 3, Brand at 4 with Speights as his backup, and Dalembert at 5 with Jason Smith as his backup?  I am just confused with how this starting lineup is going to work when we have two 3′s (Iggy and Thad), only one true PG (Miller) who we don’t even know if we have, and a starting center who shouldn’t be starting in Dalembert.  What moves should we expect the Sixers to make from here on out and what will their depth chart at each position and starting lineup look like?

  3. Dannie says:

    Jurnee16 – I am working something up on that now.  Keep checking the post above for updates.

  4. bball says:

    Great trade.  When Jordan was talking about the Princton O and all the “options” all I could think of was the opposing D covering the backdoor cuts and forcing us into shooting 3′s all day which would have been dreadful with last years roster.  Having options on offense is good but you have to be able to execute ALL of those options for it to be effective – and Kapono will help.

  5. jurnee16 says:

    Thanks for the list of lineups Dannie…my preference (unless Sammy has an epiphany and learns how to play) would be the first of the bench Sammy lineups…allow Speights and Jason Smith to compete in training camp for the starting center spot (I think Smith projects as a center down the line and Speights at PF but Speights is more ready to play with all the PT he got last season)…let Kapono spell Thad and Iggy…and hopefully draft Lawson or Maynor if Miller can’t be resigned and let Lou continue to be a scorer off the bench which is the role that fits him best….

  6. The Greek says:

    Before I read any of Dannies post and any user comments I just want to say Helllllllllllll Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The Real Rob says:

    Tirico & Van Pelt just talked to Eddie Jordan about the move:

  8. The Real Rob says:

    Stefanski is known for pulling a lot of “heists”  (Carter, Nachbar, Brand,Kapono).

    Kapono is a smart player, which is necessary for the Princeton Offense.  He played in UCLA, a system of backdoor cuts and ball movement.  He will be comfortable with the Princeton Offense.

    I am feeling greedy and want to see more positive additions ASAP.  GO SIXERS!!

  9. Ryan F says:

    Really excited. Great move for both teams.  Toronto needed a tough guy as bad as we needed a shooter.  I don’t think he’s the answer to all of our shooting problems, it is a great start, but others will have to knock down shots.  Especially when that shooter isn’t well rounded enough to deserve more than 20-25 mpg.

    I’ll miss Reggie, probably the only one.  He is certainly not the most talented ball player or well spoken individual, but he hustles and helped the team rally back to win some games with his energy.  He often thought he was a pg and made some poor plays offensively, but I think he made up for it most of the time defensively.

    I’ll take the traditional minus thad

    Miller / Lawson / Ivey
    Kapono / Iguodala / Lou
    Iguodala / Thad
    Brand / Thad /Speights / Smith
    Sam / Speights / Smith

    Keep Kapono to 20 – 25 mpg, 5-6 each 1/4, keep Thad around 30-35 as the 6th man.

  10. deepsixersued says:

    Strictly from Toronto!s perspective it clears cap room, gives them physicalness and leaves them wingless, except for J.Graham. They were said to have interest in Blair, but just last night I read there are questions about him physically, and they were said to be trying to resign Parker and Delfino and this trade makes that a little more possible.

  11. Sexilicious Beast (dakota burrow) says:

    yeah how does this affect the sixers offseason? and was this a good trade? who do you think were drafting now?

  12. Sexilicious Beast (dakota burrow) says:

    this is completly off subject  but do the sixers have a shot grabbing lebron?

  13. jurnee16 says:

    Sexalicious Beast: the answer to your question is 0% chance…they have no money to pay someone of Lebron’s caliber with how much the paid Brand and Iggy….

  14. 2one5 says:

    Sad to see Reggie go, Game 3 against the pistons chanting Reggie! Reggie! Reggie!

    With that said this is a good move I like kapono better than korver I think he is a little more well rounded and a slightly better shooter. I do think this gives us less of a chance to resign Miller which I’m not for anyway. Our outside shooting woes are def not completely covered but he is a great step in the right direction. As Dannie pointed out we got him for basically a player that wasn’t gonna see much time anyway so what do we lose? If we can find a way to trade up and get curry or hope lawson falls to us at 17 I will be extremely happy. I think if we can draft Curry than we will pretty much have our outside shooting woes covered just lock Iggy and Thad in the gym with a shooting coach. If we can’t get Curry id still be very happy with lawson.

  15. Dave T says:

    Not to rain on the parade, but:  this move has some serious weaknesses. 

    1.  Kapono has, quite possibly with the exception of Matt Carroll, THE WORST contract in the league as far as what he is capable of producing.  He doesn’t do anything aside from hit 3′s.  We are paying a guy 6, then 6.5 million for three years (or is it four more?) to hit threes?  Shooters are relatively inexpensive players…especially when they don’t offer much except shooting.  We could have picked up another good shooter for 1/5th the money.

    2.  Kapono is a terrible defender.  Period.  We now have another black hole on the defensive end, for what should be a team built specifically to be a defensive beast.  Huge issue.  

    3.  Kapono proved to be a versatile offensive player at UCLA.  Thus far, these skills have not translated to the NBA, and he has offered little in terms of being a long distance threat, similar to Korver.  Again, why would we pay this much money for a guy that does ONE thing?  Toronto was KILLED for signing Kapono to the contract he got, and Kapono barely cracked the rotation for 15 mpg.  There is a reason for that.  

    Reasons to be optimistic: 

    a.  Cleared up much needed minutes at PF spot…opens things up for Speights, Thad, and J Smith to split time as bigs.

    b.  Kapono, for the one thing he does do, IS a light’s out shooter that we desperately need.

    c.  As another person mentioned, he has a high bball IQ, understands floor spacing well, and played for a UCLA team that involved emphasis on moving/screening without the ball.

    I guess shedding a bloated PF contract for a logjam position, for a huge need, is a good idea…but let’s not forget Kapono has a long and horrendous contract, and will get eaten alive on defense.  Why not trade for a second 1st round pick and draft Budinger or Ellington, both of whom have FAR more complete games and are also pure shooters…that would cost about $1-2 million a year?  

  16. Dave T says:

    I mean…this would basically be like paying Kyle Korver SIX MILLION A YEAR.  That is utterly insane when there are a dozen shooters out there as 8th – 12th men on teams…not to mention the D-League or Europe…to be had for financial squadoosh.  

    Kapono will certainly help, but IMO pricetag not worth it.  

  17. Dannie says:

    Dave T – I can’t disagree more with what you said.

    First off please tell me what shooters the caliber of Kapono are available for 1/5 the price?  We went that route last season with Kareem Rush that worked out real well.  Veteran/proven NBA shooters are NOT inexpensive because it’s a highly coveted basketball skill most players lack.  That game is filled with athletes, slashers and dunkers not 45% CAREER three point shooters. 

    Unless you get lucky by drafting a guy who comes right in and is a legit NBA shooter you are going to have to pay  at least a few million bucks a season for a very good consistent shooter.

    Kapono is a better pure shooter than Korver.  Career you are talking 45% vs. 40% from three that is significant.  Furthermore, Korver hasn’t shot 40% since the 06-07 season.  The one season Kapono got a consistent 25+ minutes per game he shot 49.4% from the field and 51.4% from three and 89.2% from the line.

    The money argument makes little sense in this case.  We aren’t signing Kapono as a free agent.  We had to pay Reggie Evans $4.96M this season and $5.08M next season (all guaranteed money) no matter what and next season I think it’s easy to project he wasn’t going to play much if at all aka no production for the money at all.  His minutes dropped to 14.4 last season with Elton Brand AND Jason Smith not playing.  It’s safe to assume that’s dead money sitting on the bench right there.  So by acquiring Kapono you unclog a logjam in the front court, remove a player who wasn’t going to play and was marginally productive on one side of the ball just like Kapono and it cost you a little more than $2.81M more over the next two seasons.  That’s a BIG WIN no matter how you look at it. 

    If that’s not enough for you Kapono’s final year contact (’10-’11 just like Reggie) is only a player option so you also created an opportunity to lose that $6.6M in salary which you didn’t have in Reggie’s case.  So Stefanski was able to acquire a player with a skill of need, while marginally increasing overall salary, keeping the contract duration at least the same with the possibility of it being a year shorter.

    Also replacing a Reggie Evans in terms of rebounding, SOME defense and energy I can do with a veteran min player like they did last year by signing Theo.  I would have to be extremely lucky to get a 45% three point shooter for the vet minimum.

    You aren’t saying anything new to anyone about Kapono being weak defensively.  He is a one dimensional player. BUT so was Reggie Evans.  And the dimension Kapono offers we do not currently have AT ALL.  This was a step in the right direction towards having more diverse skillset on this team.  The fact that Kapono is just a catch and shoot three point shooter isn’t a bad thing at all because he fits the role, opportunity and type of shots he will get on this team.  He will keep his defender close for our slashers and Brand.  He will make shots when guys collapse on Brand and our slashers.

    Like I said I can’t agree at all with what your saying.

  18. The Greek says:

    Dave,  JK contract is the same in length as Reggie’s.  2 more years, that can actually just be 1 year because JK has a opt out option after next year.  Money well spent in my books, they would have been paying Reggie 10 million for riding the pine for the next 2 years.  Now our bench, and our perimeter game is greatly improved.

    With our slashers, JK will have a field day from deep. 

  19. The Greek says:

    You beat me to the punch Dannoe, glad that we agree.

  20. The Greek says:

    lol, Dannie not Dannoe!   Never heard that one before.   Great move by Stefanski!

    Now we have Kapono
    Next is a draft pick
    Then we get a vet for the MLE(letting Miller walk ofcourse)
    Plus the return of Brand and Jason Smith

    That’s exciting!

  21. Dannie says:

    Greek - This was a very good and unexpected deal by Stefanski.  If Brand is healthy and productive with Kapono making shots the Sixers are a better team than when Stefanski got here.  That’s doing his job well and like I said he just needs time. Champions are rarely built in one off-season.   Let’s see if it translates into more wins and more importantly more playoff wins. And go from there.

  22. The Greek says:

    Agreed Dannie,  but now when I speak of 2 years from now and getting rid of dead weight I no longer have to mention Reggie’s name along with Willie’s and Sammy’s.  That’s a hell of a thing.  I wish that Sammy could just grow up,  buy into the system, accept any role that he is given, and just be a team player who will do anything to improve at his craft.  Sadly I see him coming up short in all those areas. 

  23. deepsixersued says:

    Dannie, since addressing a need and saving a little cap money is in vogue why not consider more housecleaning; Houston has 2 shooting guards under contract,McGrady [always hurt] and Barry [no time in the playoffs].We could use a physical defender at the 4 [a position of strength] for Houston.Does Willie for C.Hayes and Barry work. They save 500 g!s on the cap, have a Hayes replacement [Dorsey] waiting in the wings and get a serviceable backup s.g. [Willie] that can start in a pinch.

  24. Duracorr says:

    Doesn’t Kyle Korver make over $5M per year?  Kapono costs only a little more.  This is a great deal.  Only a typical Philly nay-sayer coould argue otherwise.

  25. Dave T says:

    Dannie:  I’m not saying this is a bad move…it’s a good move…clearing up the big jam logjam is a huge plus, and getting a shooter is a huge plus.

    That said…I’m not on board with this deal as “WOW IM BLOWN AWAY!”  Strictly from a financial sense, we traded an already bad contract (Reggie Evans at roughly 4.5 – 5.0 million a year) for an even worse contract (Kapono at 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 million per year).  But you are right in that Kapono is a shooter’s shooter, and one of the top, automatic light’s out guys in the NBA.

    But I’d say THE SINGLE BIGGEST MISTAKE in the NBA is overypaying role players.  If I have a choice between signing a very good 3 point shooter in the $1-2 million range, versus paying a total of $18 million for 3 years of an extremely good 3 point shooter, I’m going to grab the less expensive, and yes, slightly less skilled roleplayer to retain max cap flexibility.

    Also, with the Korver comparison, I don’t see how anyone could argue that one is better than the other.  Kapono has had ONE legitimately productive year in the NBA…and it is inredible to shoot 50% from downtown.  That said, he has taken less shots, and played FAR less minutes than Korver has.  The more you play, it’s pretty much a given your shooting %’s will go down, solely due to law of averages.  Let’s also not forget the fact Kapono has only hit over 100 3′s once, while Korver has done so four times, and the one season he hit 225 3′s is nothing short of remarkable.  Also, Korver shot: 41%, 42%, 43% from downtown three years in a row, all steller marks, and if his “dip” in Utah is to the 39% range, that’s still shooting at a pretty damn good clip.   They are both two of the best shooters in the NBA, and pure shooters in the classic Reggie, Mitch Rich, Dale Ellis sense of the word.  

    I agree exchanging a bad contract for a logjammed spot for a bad contract that provides a need is a good move…but as I said…5.5, 6.0, 6.5 million is an absurd number to be paying someone that ONLY shoots.  We could have worked out a deal to get another 1st round pick to get Ellington or Budinger, BOTH of whom are far more versatile on offense, that can also hit 3′s, for one sixth of the price.  

    Or how about: Rasual Butler, on a team immensely logjammed at the SG/SF spots, that desperately could have used a bench PF that can defend, rebound and give toughness, whose salary would have matched Reggie Evans…giving us a very good (not as good as Kapono, I’m aware) 3 point shooter that plays great defense and rebounds effectively.

    -Steve Novak (amazing shooter, costs less then a bag of peanuts)
    -Anthony Morrow (great shooter, young instant offense, cheap)
    -Raja Bell (very good D, slightly less money, good passer)…on a team that also is desperate for frontcourt help

    -Maurice Almond (check out his college & D-League sooting stats to be wowed) for a cheap-o that could have been had for nothing.  
    -Or trading for Azuibuke (good defense, less money) 
    -James Jones (good defense, less money) 
    -Anthony Parker (wonderful all around game, good 3 point shot, could be had for far cheaper)

    Roger Mason, DJ Augustin, and the regular rotation of college players and Europe players that can hit 3′s from anywhere that you could sign for pennies that could stand there and hit an open shot.

    Is Kapono a top 5 shooter in the NBA?   Absolutely.  Does he improve our team, and has the trade made us better with making the rotation make a lot more sense?  No one can argue that, and he will really help space the floor.  But there were less expensive ways of doing this, and if there is one thing you shouldn’t overpay for, it’s one dimentional shooting.  

    Let’s not forget just a few years ago people were constantly complaining…ALL THE TIME… about the Korver contract…which was for less money than Kapono, and for a guy that just got killed on defense.  The ideal signing or trade would have been a good 3 point shooter that brings other things to the table.  This is a good, not great trade, IMO.

  26. Dannie says:

    Korver is set to make slightly more than $5.3M this season if he doesn’t opt out.

    Suede - Why would Houston do that?  Chuck Hayes is a good player for them.  Just because they have Dorsey doesn’t mean he is a reliable replacement.  I don’t see Willie Green playing much at all for them.  They have Von Wafer in the role you are suggesting Willie would play.

  27. deepsixersued says:

    I thought Wafer was a free agent? If  he signs back that would change it but he may try for more money.

  28. Dave T says:

    Dannie:  Not saying Korver’s contract is great either, more just commenting on the fact that when we were paying him $4 million a year (before the salary escalated once traded to Utah)…there were a LOT of unhappy Sixer fans bemoaning his contract for a guy that only did one thing well.

    Kapono is a top shooter in the NBA and will be a nice assett…I just hope he gives us SOMETHING more on offense (as he showed capable of during UCLA days) to justify the money he earns.  Will be very curious to see how many mpg he plays.  

  29. dre says:

    Dave T -

    I hear where you’re coming from, but the moves you’ve stated are better said than done. It’s easy to make “video game trades” that makes lots of sense, but in the NBA it takes two to tango.

    I believe Ed Stefanski does his due diligence when looking at players (atleast I hope so). As The Real Rob mentioned “Stefanski is known for pulling a lot of “heists”  (Carter, Nachbar, Brand,Kapono).”
    I like the move and it gives us somthing to look forward too like T. Lawson or moving Sammy or some other rabbit out of the hat trick.

  30. Dannie says:

    Dave T – Like I said earlier you and I aren’t really on the same page with this.   I look at this move completely differently than you are.

    I think you can expect Kapono to make anywhere from 90 to 100 threes this season minimum if Jordan puts him in the right spots (expected) and he knows his role (shoot more threes than twos).  That is significant when you consider:

    1. The team only made 341 total threes last season and at a poor rate.  We won’t be losing three point shooting with Reggie leaving so it increases mades and efficiency.
    2. And the cost is relative which is where you simply don’t get where I am coming from.  You are looking at it like we just pay $6+ million more dollars for him.  We paid $1.25M more over what we had to pay Reggie to sit on the bench and provide what?  Bench enthusiasm and teammate hugs?

    This is a WOW deal for me because it came out of know were and provides some excitement for the pure fan in me and got the shooter we needed and it costs us no expected on-court production and marginal salary with the potential to even alleviate some salary early if Kapono doesn’t like it here.  Not to mention if we don’t like him here or it doesn’t work out he is a much, much more tradeable commodity at than Evans at next season’s trade deadline and the trade deadline of his final year when teams will absolutely be looking for perimeter shooting.

  31. anon says:

    as a raps fan, all i can say is, holy crap, good riddance. kapono was much maligned in TO, mainly because he had a tendency to NOT do the one & only thing he’s capable of doing at an NBA level. granted, this was partly due to the fact that the raps have no drive-&-kick game to speak of, so he was very rarely left open…and trust me, he needs to be open. if he senses a defender coming at him, he’ll pump fake – but instead of letting the overzealous defender fly by & still take the 3, he’ll take a dribble & a step or two in, taking a long-range two, or worse, he’ll try these dumpy little floaters. actually, what’s worse is that he tends to travel on the up-fake & dribble move.

    as has been said, he’s simply the worst defender…you’d think he’d be able to use his size (he’s 6’7″-ish), but no, his cement-like feet keep him from being anything other than a complete & total liability on that end…which isn’t as big a deal if you’ve got other guys who can pick him up.

    at the end of the day, both teams are picking up a need & relieving themselves of a ‘bad’ contract, at least in terms of what that player contributed (or will contribute), going forward. since evans wasn’t going to be much of a factor for philly anyway, kapono’s minimal contributions (and they will be, for the most part) aren’t so bad…as a 15-20 mpg guy, in the right situation & with the right guys on the floor with him, he can be a valuable asset. just realize that he couldn’t get consistent minutes with the raps, who were terrible last year.

  32. Jake says:

    I was thinking about potential lineups.  If Miller doesn’t resign and we don’t pick up someone like Gortat with the MLE, we’re either looking at…

    Draft Pick/LouWill


    Draft Pick

    Man, that second possible lineup could be SMALL, particularly if the draft pick is Lawson.  I’d prefer a variation of the first lineup (with Gortat as the starting center and Lawson beating out LouWill as the starting PG)… but that leaves us with a backcourt of a rookie (Lawson) and Iggy, neither of whom has garnered a reputation as a lghts out shooter.

    So, does the small lineup (frontcourt of Brand, Thad, Iggy) work better?  I think only if the backcourt can shoot the lights out.  Should we draft either Curry (by moving up somehow) or Ellington as our starter at SG and find a way to trade (or use the MLE) on a veteran PG who can also shoot?  If we use the MLE on a PG, we can’t get Gortat, but that’s not a guarantee anyway. 

  33. Dannie says:

    Anon – One team’s trash is another team’s treasure.

  34. RRose says:

    There are only a few players in the NBA without any noticeable deficiences.  Those players are top 5 in the league.  You can’t have a system predicated on passing, cutting and shooting and have no real shooters on the floor.  Evans was too big of a liability in this system to keep around sitting on the bench  for that kind of money.  At least having the real threat of a shooter changes how this team is defended on the floor.  No more packing the paint waiting for iggy or miller to drive.  It shows that ES and EJ are thinking about what this team needs and did something about it.  Great move, smart move.

  35. Randolph says:

    Who has Jordan coached in the past that is comparable to Kapono? In terms of his skill sets and limitations. . .

  36. Jake says:

    …or could it work best with…


    This is potentially very doable.  Move up to draft Curry; use MLE on Gortat.  We wouldn’t be starting a true PG, but Jordan doesn’t seem to think that’s necessary… so it’s all good.

  37. dre says:

    Gortat? starting? based on what exactly?

  38. The Greek says:

    First off Hell No on Gortat, why not bring back his twin brother Matt Geiger if you want a stiff in the middle.   If we signed this guy we would be crying about his untradable contract the next day.   Don’t tell me about his rebounds per minute, that sort of logic had the sixers attempting to sign Andrew Declerq back in the day.  I pass, and I hope that Ed passes as well on this Polish Stiff.

    Anon, you said it all  when you said that the Raptors had no drive and dish.  That’s all we have, Kopono will make it rain Pac Man Jones style at a strip club.   Please enjoy Reggie Evans never passing the ball once he gets it, I am sure he will electrify the crouds with his triple spin bricks!

  39. Jake says:

    Well, there’s the thing… how many minutes would it make sense for Brnad to play at center?  Most of his minutes or just a few?  Because if he’s not the center, then the options are:

    someone else (e.g. Gortat)

    In reality, none of these guys is probably the ideal answer.  Speights is more of a PF, Jason’s coming off injury, and Sammy is the conundrum that Sammy is.  Of those three, I’d honestly take Sammy… but I don’t want Sammy.  My opinion… Gortat has proven that he’d be a better option than Sammy if we want to keep most of Brand’s minutes at PF.   

  40. Dannie says:

    Randolph – Jordan coached Roger Mason.  Different positions similar style.  Perimeter shooter who provides little else in terms of defense, rebounding, assists, steals, etc.

  41. Jake says:


    Funny you bring up Geiger.  I never hated the guy on the court.  Yeah, he screwed us with injuries and refusing that big trade package we wanted to include him on.  But when he dedicated himself to actually playing some basketball, he was OK.  He bodied up Shaq like a son of a bitch… better than most other centers were able to do.

    Like I said above, Gortat would simply be a better option at C than anyone else on the current roster.  I know you’re a fan of Speights, but I can’t see him as a better center prospect than Gortat.

  42. Dannie says:

    Greek – Disagree about Gortat.  Talking about a 24 year old 7-0 footer that plays hard all the time, doesn’t turn the ball over, can run the floor (have you seen him keeping up with Odom in transition defense?) and yes his per minute numbers rebounding and blocking shots are very good.  More importantly he isn’t as dumb as Sammy, is a good defender, doesn’t care much about shooting or getting offensive touches (important) but can catch the ball better and outlet the ball better and he can be gotten for the MLE.  That’s half of what we are paying Sam.  How exactly would his $5.8 per year contract be untradable?  I’d argue in would be highly coveted in 2-3 years into his deal when the market shifts positively again.

    If this was a better market and more teams had cap space he would get more than the MLE in my opinion from someone in need of a defensive/rebounding starting center.  Getting him for the MLE would be a bargain when you look at what similar players have been paid over time.  Look at the market for that type of player and their salaries: Ben Wallace, Sammy, Tyson Chandler, Zaza Pachulia, Anderson Varajo, Dampier, Kwame, Biedrins, Blount, Dan Gadzuric, Jason Collins, Joel Przybilla, Etan Thomas.  Just go look at the salaries of those guys.

  43. Jake says:


    If we could move the 17 pick and someone like Speights (I can’t see who else), would that lineup (Curry, Iggy, Thad, Brand, Gortat) work for you?  Subs are Kapono, LouWill, Ivey, Jason, Sammy. 

  44. dre says:

    Speights could play center for the Sixers. He should be trying to add muscle to frame as we speak. Todays NBA only have what 4 true centers, Howard, Yao, O’Neal, and Camby. You could add Bynum and Chandler to make that six. Everyone else is a PF playing in the middle.

    Is it ideal to have MS at the five, no, but with Brand rebounding it could work for short spurts during a game without Sammy. The problem would be his defense on the names listed.  

    Reaching for guy like Gortat based on this years playoffs is exactly what “earned” Dalembert is untradeable contract. 

  45. Dave T says:

    Dre:  You make a valid point about “video game trades”…too much trade fodder thrown out on any NBA forum is full of fluff trade talk that would never actually be feasible to happen.  ”Why don’t we just sign Chris Bosh!  Let’s just go get Chris Paul!”…obviously there is, especially with the NBA, complexity in any trade because of the salary cap, luxury tax, and the fact that we are up to the point where half the time financial aspects of a deal are almost as important as on court production.

    That said…there is such a thing as being too UNcreative in the NBA, and not thinking outside the box.  I’ll say this again: I LIKE THE TRADE…it improves our team while getting rid of a logjammed position…but personally, I think we could have realistically gotten more bang for the buck, with a player that was slightly less expensive, and someone that actually provides defense and offensive versatility.

    For instance, trading for a second 1st round pick is not exactly shooting for the moon.  This is a very weak draft, pretty much uninamously agreed on by all scouts, GMS, columnists, etc…low-mid 1st round picks this year from the 18-25 range aren’t exactly being talked up as being able to produce incredible players.  That said, given our needs, this year happens to be PERFECT for us to utilize a second first round pick to nab a PG as well as a SG/SF that could shoot, AND provide defense.  It has been widely reported teams are actively looking to move 1st round picks far more than usual this year.

    Second…I’m talking acquiring players from teams where the logistics would already be in place to make a trade, not just plucking some player off another team without thought as to what their interest might be.   The players with higher end role player salaries I’m most interested in are either logjammed on their own teams, or are teams that could use a tough bruiser like Reggie Evans: Rasual Butler, Kelenne Azuibuke, Anthony Parker…and would be realisitically available via a trade if we made the right offer.  All three of the above cost less then Kapono, and we would be able to give them more minutes because of what they provide at the defensive end.  

    And players that earn $900k – $2 million in salary…such as Steve Novak, Anthony Morrow, James Jones and Maurice Almond…are pieces that tend to always be very easy to move, often for only 2nd round picks or other minor role players that the other team might be interested in.  I don’t exactly think what I’m proposing is some crazy dream scenario trade…it’s pretty realistic.  Especially given the fact that we DO have some intriguing pieces to move…Reggie Evans for toughness, Lou Williams for someone that wants a project with potential and some scoring punch, Willie Green for scoring punch, defense/energy, Jason Smith for a project big, and future 1st or 2nd round picks.  Deals can ALWAYS be worked out.

    Again, I like this deal, and it really helps us.  But I’m a perfectionist asshole, feel the ideal 3 point shooter on any team is one that can play D or provide excellent passing as well so you can feel comfortable putting him on the floor at all times…and Kapono is not that.  Nice move by Stefanski, I just would have gone about it differently.  

  46. dre says:


    Looks like I was typing my post as yours was being posted. I assume you mean if we coule unload Sammy. Or do you mean with Sammy still on the team?

  47. Dave T says:

    Gortat:  This guy can actually ball.  There might be a tendency to run out and over pay role players the mid level contract when they have one good season or playoffs…but if you actually watch Gortat play, he’s no Jerome James, and certainly no Dalembert.  

    He’s a good passer out of the post, has a high bball IQ, is a European of the “tough, Biedrins breed” and enjoys banging and rebounding, and honestly often shows better footwork in the post and looks more comfortable on the low block then Dwight Howard does.  He also has that Boozer/Brand/Gasol knack for being fundamentally sound around the basket…he doesn’t miss bunnies around the rim, if he gets the ball within a few feet of the basket, he knows how to put it in without excuses.

    I don’t think he’s incredible, but I do think he’s a legit starting NBA center.  One of the few times EVER a role player has actually consistently proved over a season to have skill worthy of a mid level contract, or at least $4 million IMO.

  48. Mike P says:

    Everyone shares the same optimism we had with kapono. he is so afraid of being blocked that he elects to pump fake, step in and take the 18 foot jumper. he only releases a three when he is super wide open, he won’t shoot over a player ever.
    nevertheless, you have iggy, a player that can create (something we don’t have), possibly draw a double and get it to kapono. kapono makes his threes off of guys who can draw doubles and find the open man. he doesn’t make shots running around the court off of screens, at least not consistently. he’s does have a funny personality. 

  49. Dannie says:

    Dre – Ideally if we can move Sammy period I am cool with that.  BUT I think Gortat provides good insurance

    1. If we can move Sam is a solid replacement (don’t see it happening but we can hope)
    2. If Sammy doesn’t buy in and we need to bench him (real possibility)
    3. If Sammy gets injured we don’t get worse defensively which is important to me with Jordan as the coach and Lou and Kapono expected to play 15-25 minutes a piece on the perimeter.

    And again Gortat is only a 24 years old 7-footer who can rebound, defend and run, catch and he doesn’t throw the ball away.  That’s an upgrade at center for us immediately.   And again I am tell everyone getting a player like Gortat for only the MLE is a bargain some team is going to take advantage of during this weak economy.

    Also I’ve watched Gortat play all season it’s not just the playoffs.  I think a number of teams will be vying for him this summer with their MLE.

  50. The Real Rob says:

    Anon– Thank you for your input from Raptorville, but I have to go with what Dannie said earlier– one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.   Now, let me tell you something about Reggie Evans.  He is a hard worker and perhaps the Raptors’ toughest minded player.  To quote our commentator Marc Zumoff, he will “turn garbage into gold”.    He works very hard on the boards and is very irksome to opponents.  Even though he has little to no offense, this guy works hard and plays dirty.  Rarely do Sixers fans chant names, but they chanted his name a number of occassions.  Prior to his arrival, the Sixers were not a good rebounding team.  Since then, we have been one of the best rebounding teams.  This guy speaks volumes without scoring!  He is going to beat Kris Humphries for minutes in the rotation!    

    Also, we Sixers fans have questions about Anthony Parker.  I know he played briefly with the Sixers one year, but we fans do not know him completely.  Would a guy like Parker be worth it for the Sixers?  The truth is our current SG Willie Green is truly more efficient as a bench player.  Thanks and good luck with your Raptors!


  51. The Real Rob says:

    Gortat would be a very interesting backup for the Sixers.  Game 6 was evidence there!  He and Stan have a rocky relationship and maybe he might come for something. 

  52. Dave T says:

    Dannie:  I’m absolutely with you on Gortat…he’s proved consistently throughout an 82 game season that he’s a very capable, skilled big man, a rarity in the NBA.  One other point to add to your three of pursuing him…acquiring Gortat would also allow us to use Jason Smith as a nice trade piece, if Dalembert couldn’t be moved.  And I actually like the idea of a two headed monster at C splitting equal time with Sammy/Gortat…would be an interesting move.

  53. anon says:

    ‘Also, we Sixers fans have questions about Anthony Parker.  I know he played briefly with the Sixers one year, but we fans do not know him completely.  Would a guy like Parker be worth it for the Sixers?  The truth is our current SG Willie Green is truly more efficient as a bench player.  Thanks and good luck with your Raptors!’

    Real Rob:

    AP is a fantastic teammate.  he’s an adequate defender, who tends to over-help (you have no idea how hoarse i got screaming for him not to leave team X’s sharpshooting 3-pt shooter open in the corner so he can provide token ‘help’ in the post against an evan’s-like offensive player).  for a guy with supposedly high bball IQ, he has his share of brain farts, but at least they tend to be errors of commission, as opposed to errors of ommission (i.e. he tends to get in trouble when trying to do too much).

    offensively, he’s a very decent 3-pt shooter from the corner, but less effective elsewhere.  he doesn’t have great footspeed, lateral quicks or athleticism, but for the most part, plays within himself & is technically sound (the over-helping notwithstanding).  he really has no ability to create off the dribble, and seems incapable of finishing in traffic OR drawing fouls (seriously, i can’t think of another player who gets less respect than AP in terms of not having fouls called).  a big part of that is because he tends to shy away from contact, as opposed to looking to create it, so he never really gets the benefit of the doubt.

    most raptor fans wouldn’t mind him coming back, but in a reduced role off the bench as either a SG or part-time PG (a role he’s actually decent at, though by ‘decent’ i mean he wasn’t a complete disaster – he’s careful with the ball & doesn’t attempt risky plays).  he’s not an overly strong ball-handler, so once teams figured that out, they would pick up the pressure on the ball, & he definitely struggled with that aspect.  he doesn’t have the quicks to turn the corner without benefit of a screen, and while he’s a good shooter, he’s best while catching in the corner or coming off a curl/screen & taking a fadeaway.  since his game isn’t predicated on athleticism anyway, i don’t foresee a huge drop-off in overall production.  he’s a below-average rebounder.

    but as was the case with kapono, the raptors had probably the worst collection of wing talent in the league, and AP was a big part of that.  they also had perhaps the poorest back-up PGs in the league, and again, he was a primary back-up PG for stretches.

    just saying…he’s great in the clubhouse, and the beat reporters will love him ’cause he’s just so darn accomodating & nice (and kapono is really funny – and nice! – as well). 

    of course, seeing as how yet another of the raps’ big problems last year was that they were ‘too nice…’

  54. Drew says:

    Ok with the move but the Sixers are still steeped in mediocrity.  Kapono will help against bad teams that can’t defend the 3.  We beat bad teams already.  I don’t see this move being a difference maker in terms of us moving up in the conference power rankings. Our biggest issue is still the fact that we don’t have a starting shooting guard that can shoot. Iggy looks like my mom on pain killers trying to shoot the ball. Until we get one, good defensive teams will always beat us.

  55. The Real Rob says:

    Hey guys, Dei Lynam has a chat session open at 3PM today on CSN!!

  56. Dannie says:

    Drew – It’s a difference maker when you look at it in conjunction with all the new factors that are expected this season: Brand, Smith, Kapono, #17 and Jordan bringing in some offensive organization and continuity.

    Also the Sixers lost too much to bad teams (15 losses to lottery teams) which is why they only finished 41-41.  That’s important when you were only 2 games out of 5th and 6 games out of 4th place in the conference.

    Anyone that thinks the Sixers are all of a sudden in a single off-season or with a single move going to become the Celtics aren’t looking at this thing right.  It’s going to take a series of moves, player departures before we really become a contender.  This Kapono deal was just one step in a better direction.

  57. Drew says:

    I won’t be satisfied until they get a starting shooting guard that can shoot.  Without one we have no chance against upper echelon teams. Iggy isn’t going to cut it. They need to move either Thad or Iggy, preferably Iggy. I don’t know I just can’t get excited about Kapono. He’ll probably give up just as many points as he adds to the team.

  58. Dannie says:

    Drew – Just so I hear another person’s perspective but why should we trade Iguodala rather than Thad to clear the logjam at small forward?

  59. The Real Rob says:

    Here is the chat with Dei Lynam:

    She’s a nice person who really loves her job as a Sixer Insider.  We need more people like that! 

  60. The Real Rob says:

    I had the opportunity to ask Dei the first question regarding the next draftees for the Sixers next audition. 

    The group will be:
    -Dionte Christmas
    -Wayne Ellington
    -Darren Collison
    -Jack McClinton
    -Marcus Thorton

    Also, NBADraftNet updated their draft board and have us projected to pick Chase Budinger.  What do you guys think?

    I don’t know about you guys, but since Stefanski became GM, our offseasons have been more interesting than the past couple of years!

    GO SIXERS!! 

  61. Drew says:

    I like Iggy but I think we’ve seen his ceiling, which I believe is a solid no.2 or 3 option that passes very well, can defend the top scorer, and can get baskets without plays being drawn up for him.  However, he can’t create his own shot and has to play in space to be effective. 

    With Thad, he’s still very young and we’ve only begun to see his upside. I like that he has shown promise by beginning to develop a mid range shot, is smooth as silk down low, and he has even  started developing a decent 3. His passing skills will probably never be as good as Iggys and he probably won’t be a top defender but his offensive upside is light years ahead of Iggys. 

    With all that said, realistically, I’m not sure AI part 2 is tradeable with the contract we gave him.

  62. jurnee16 says:

    ESPN.com’s Chad Ford has the Sixers taking Maynor in his latest mock draft….


  63. Ryan F says:

    First off Kapono is not going to be logging 40 + min guarding the other teams premier offensive player, he’s not going to be getting crazy minutes at all. If the TEAM plays solid defense you can mask a poor defender somewhat,  so we shouldn’t be any worse off then we were last year, especially if Miller isn’t back.

    Second we traded a poor contract for another, but gained something the team lacked tremendously.

    THIRD, enough of this trade Iguodala because Thad has so much upside.   When Thad becomes our best on the ball defender, puts up 19ppg / 5+ reb and assists, Ill listen.  Until then, you keep them both unless it is a trade you can simply not turn down.  People act like having 2 good players at the same position is a bad thing, shit is crazy, especially when they are both interchangeable at different positions and can both play heavy minutes no matter who is in the lineup.  Iguodala’s contract is not bad at all, find me someone making incredibly less who does more, better yet find me someone else on this team who would take his place and do everything he does.

  64. The Greek says:

    Dannie, Jake, and Dave all I’m going to say on Gortat is that he does  most of his damage versus opponents second teams.  Luckily the Knicks are rumored to be after him, and I wish them the best of luck.  In my opinion that MLE money needs to be spent on a guard. 

    My starting team

    2nd team
    PG Lou (Lou the Terrible)
    sg/sf Kapono(must be paired with Sammy)

  65. Dannie says:

    Greek – How do you know Gortat does most of his damage vs. second teams?  Sounds nothing more than an basketball assumption to me.

  66. Dave T says:

    Greek:  Have to agree with Dannie on that one.  Just because you are a bench player does not by any stretch of the imagination mean you are only going up against another team’s inferior players.  

    I’ve caught a lot of Magic games throughout this past year, and was continually impressed with Gortat’s play against all talent level of opposing teams.  And aside from the fact that he actually has fundamental back to the basket post skills, a great attitude, does not whine about minutes…he is literally not intimidated against whoever he’s going up against.  Practicing against Dwight Howard for a year will do that.  He is the bizarro Jerome James: a backup C with true talent that deserves a pay raise, and has shown consistency instead of just having a good playoff series.  

    Real Rob:  I would have been thrilled to pick up Chase Budinger…until we landed Jason Kapono, now drafting a backup SF would be redundant, and basically shows our hand that we will be taking Lawson or another PG.  Budinger, while clearly not a go-to-guy type at Arizona, really impressed the hell out of me with his game.  For a college player his IQ and court vision were a 10/10 for someone at his position and size…his 3 point shot has perfect form, is beautiful to watch, and will only keep on improving.  His passing ability is great, and while he’s not the quickest cat, he is crafty and understands how to get a defender off balance.  

    Ryan F:  Really liked your comments about Iggy/Thad comments.  Especially since EJ is known to take huge advantage of a player’s versatility between positions on offense.

    Anon:  I’m a huge Anthony Parker guy, and am curious with your opinion on this…why did he dip this year?  From the few games I saw with them and following his stats, he was certainly productive again, but didn’t seem to have the same “umph” or impact as he did last year.  07-08 he really seemed like the unsung hero of that team, Mr. Do everything…3 point shot, midrange shot, great passing, good defense.  This year he slid a little…would you blame that on NBA defenses knowing his game better, or the Raptors just mentally being a mess this past year?  I think AP is ideally suited to be in a Delonte West type role…combo guard 6th man off the bench getting 20-25 mpg that does a little of everything.

  67. The Greek says:

    Your right it is an assumption, but I am basing it on the fact the he averaged 12.6 minutes a game this year and didn’t start he 1st or 3rd quarters.   I just don’t want him, I’m sick of rooting for a mediocre team.   Want a center then wait until next year when we either trade Sammy’s expiring contract or wait 2 years for his contract to expire.   We need to make smart moves from here on out.   Like I said before, the knicks are interested and Gortat said that he loves NY…good luck

  68. Dave T says:

    Greek:  You’re right in that Gortat isnt even worth arguing about, as there’d be a 1% chance of signing here anyway (I’m sure he’d want to go somewhere where he’d get a larger contract AND hugely increased PT)…but if you had watched him play when he was getting 30 mpg filling in for Dwight Howard and injured Lewis/Turkoglu at many stretches during the season…you’d want him on your team.  

    I’m with you in that guys that put up a few productive nights in 15 mpg or whatever isn’t a good gauge for anything in general…all minor role players are bound to have a good game every now and then (see: Burton, Willie) but I think one of the BEST gauges for players are when they only play 10-15 mpg…and then for whatever reason have to step into major roles during the season, prove themselves…and then return to the bench again for their 10-15 mpg.  Gortat is an example of this…Brad Miller was the same as well way back in his Charlotte Hornet days before people realized how talented he was.  

  69. guest says:

    Did anyone else see Andre Iguodala on ESPN’s First Take this morning?  

    I thought he held his own against Skip Bayless, but it was especially interesting when they talked about Steph Curry.

    Andre said: (and I’m paraphrasing) I think Curry is the best overall player in this year’s draft. He has the basketball IQ to make up for his lack of strength/athleticism that is necessary to play the PG position in the NBA. 

    He also was wishing/hoping that he would drop down to around the “17 pick or so”.

  70. deepsixersued says:

    Dannie, I love this trade but !!!!! We are losing 1.6 mill. of cap space and a late 1st rounder costs appr. 1.3 mill. I believe; I hope this doesn!t hamper us from making an additional draft night move.

  71. The Greek says:

    Agreed Dave,  he will be able to guarantee himself a lot more playing time elsewhere for sure.  

    Speights develpment from a defensive standpoint will go a long ways into how succesful we are next season and the years to come.   If this kid can become a good defender then we are golden because offensively he is a perfect fit with Brand.  He is even a better fit then Jason Smtih because unlike Smith Speight showed a low post game, when his selfish teamates were nice enough to let him post up.   It was sickening watching the sixers dump the ball down low to Evans and Sammy and never to Speights. 

    As far as free agent talk goes, I really think that were getting ahead of ourselves.  Fellas, right now it’s all about the draft.  
    1 Lawson
    2 Ellington
    3 Maynor

    I wish that I had seen more of Maynor.  The one game I saw was when he was matched up against Collison, and I thought he was clearly a better player. 

  72. deepsixersued says:

    Greek, What is your opinion of S.Williams on the basketball court. He is reasonably priced, a knucklehead I know, but as a Turiaf type 15 min. a night shotblocker is he worth getting if Sammy is moved? You are from up there right?

  73. The Greek says:

    Suede that kid has crazy hops, and yes he is a serious shotblocker.  His rookie year he was also showing a nice little hook shot.  I like him a lot but the problem is I think he smokes a ton of weed,  probably as much as the average 5-6 nba players do combined.    That leads to missed practices and being late for meetings.  If that assumption is right then Stefanski would know about it.  Even with him being the King of the Marry Jane, I would still love to have him.

    Shawn Williams if your reading this just know that I am just assuming  and have no proof so please don’t go all Raul Ibanez on me.

    Sammy on the other hand, if you have a problem with me riding you then let the world know that the Greek makes you cry late at night while you count all the money that you stole from the Sixers organization.   Your a nothing but a losing player, and I am counting down the days on your contract to expire.  You will be much more fun to watch when your on the clippers in 2 years, and that’s exactly where you belong getting big man coaching from Keith Santa Clauss

  74. Dave T says:

    Greek:  Great point about Speights.  If he ever learns to become a legitimate defender, he has the potential to be a true beast in a few years.   

    The mix of skills Speights has already shown at Florida and with us: 

    -Flashes of a legit back to the basket post game.
    -Very quick with his footwork.
    -Able to hit the 15-18 footer from the high post.  
    -A true 6’10 PF, that has a good sized body to match 
    -Rebounds the ball hungrily (although shows a lack of fundamentals with boxing out and using his center of gravity)
    -Athletic enough to run n’ gun in the open floor. 

    …if you really stop and think about how good of a prospect we drafted with pick #16, the above is an INSANELY rare combination of talents, just a total coup, as Thad was.  He adds defense to that mix?  My god, we could shuffle him between PF and C, use him in halfcourt and full court offenses…Speights has true potential to be scary.  If he works on his game and conditioning like Thad does…we’ve got a bright future.

  75. The Real Rob says:

    Also Gortat had the guts to block LeBron twice in a game!  That is guts right there and he just plays!

  76. The Real Rob says:

    Dave T– I would still take Anthony Parker over Willie Green as a starter.

    Guys– On Sixers.com, Ed Stefanski is going to have a web chat from 12-1PM.  This is your chance to let your voice be heard and where we can express our thoughts to Stefanski from one recliner to another.  Reclinergms, assemble!


  77. The Real Rob says:
  78. Dave T says:

    Real Rob:  Couldn’t agree more!  Anthony Parker is a superior NBA player in pretty much every aspect of the game to Willie Green, so I’m with you and would absolutely start him over W Green in an eye’s blink…although Willie is probably a quarter rung up the latter on defense to A Parker, as good as Parker is.  But off the bench, A Parker has 6th man of the year potential.  

    Unfortunately, AP will not end his professional career where it started.  

  79. spirow says:

    Trust me guys im from toronto and Kaponno sucks. . . The reason why we had a bad season was because of guys like kaponno. . . I remember one game he had like 5 crucial turnovers in the last 5 minutes. . . Just giving him the ball to pass to another player was a problem. . . But every game he had crucial turnovers and the man is  not a game shooter. . . soo over rated, no matter how many looks we gave him the guys simply sucked!

  80. spirow says:

    And dave t trust me Anthony parker is good. . . He’s a very useful player, any team that gets him will be lucky. . . Hopefully he’s a 6th man on the raps because he can be that offensive guy who can dominate on the second unit. . . As For kaponno, trust me mark my words, this is the beginning for a bad season the 76rs might have. . . Evans gave you guys a lot of defensive toughness. . . And that rubs off on the guys in the locker room to. . . There was an article posted in toronto media and even all the guys confirmed it that the first guy to leave the gym always is Kaponno, no matter what he’s always the first guy to leave the gym! thats the kinda player ur getting

  81. Dave T says:

    Spirow:  I feel you man.  I do think Kapono improves our team and provides a valuable asset, but to ignore his showing in Toronto and the absolutely ludicrous contract he earns is foolish.  I pray Kapono makes me eat my words and hits 150+ threes this year and does something other then just stands there and be atrocious on defense…but shooters that are more versatile were available for FAR less money.  And if people were so concerned with the Reggie Evans logjam, we could have just bought him out and signed/drafted a less expensive (and more talented) shooter and saved money that way.

    Amusing note:  Anyone else find it slightly comical that we had one of the best 2nd round steals of the ’07 draft in the 6’11, hard working, rebounding/shot blocking Herbert Hill.  He gets a major injury for the year…and we severe ties with him, even after it was reported he had healed wonderfully from the surgery and was healthy.   We then proceed to draft a less talented 6’11 center in Jason Smith, he gets a major injury, and we stick by him, where management seems genuinely convinced he counts as an actual cog for our team.

    Herbert Hill, if you are out there, get your agent to give Stefanski a call so you can come back and earn less then a million dollars to outplay a man that was drafted 40 spots ahead of you for absolutely no reason.

  82. spirow says:

    Well Evans solves a lot of problems for the raptors. . . I personally think raps should trade bosh and take a run at griffen . . . Even the 76rs need a rebuild to compete with the top level teams. . . They should start trading their good players for draft picks and rebuild. . . Both these teams will not make major strides next year. . . Although if bosh stays and raps get a guy like tyreke evans or derozan things could change. . .

  83. The Greek says:

    They should start trading their good players for draft picks and rebuild. . .

    With all due respect Spirow, you worry about your team and let us worry about our team.   Enjoy Reggie Evans selfish ball on offense,.  Yeah he grabs a lot of offensive rebounds but he doesn’t pass it out to the open man to restart the possestion.  Instead he preferes either travel, put up a brick with the right hand, or shoot a  prayer with his left.  He is a good player for a team that is planning on not going anywhere, much like our sixers these past 2 seasons.   That’s what you get for starting Willie Greene, you have no hopes of going anywhere.

  84. Dannie says:

    Suede – We don’t have any cap space technically.  We are over the cap regardless of the Kapono deal and that’s even without Andre Miller on the books.  All conversation is about how much closer we get to the luxury tax line and whether or not the Sixers are willing to go over it at all.

    When you say a late first round pick costs $1.3M what exactly do you mean?  Do you mean trading for the pick cost that much (I think that is something negotiated not a hard and fast number) or are you saying late first round picks salary are $1.3M against the cap (which is not accurate and based on the rookie scale).

    For example in the 2006 draft Phoenix sold the 27th pick (Sergio Rodrigquez) to Portland for $3M cash and in 2007 Phoenix traded the rights to #24 (Rudy Fernandez) again to Portland for $3M cash.  $3M is the maximum cash that can be involved in a trade which is why you often see that number.

    The question I don’t have a definitive answer to is does the cash paid to acquire a pick via trade count against the salary cap?  I don’t believe it does but like I said I don’t have a definitive source to support that – I will try to find out for sure though.

    Update: I searched around and posted this question on the realgm cap board and the answer is no the cash does not count against the cap. So it’s just a matter of how badly the team wants the player they are targeting at that pick and the likelihood of him actually being there because they are paying significantly more for it when you considering the cash and the salary. I think it’s a business decision as well if the team is financially sound they may be more willing to dish out $3M to improve the team via an additional draft choice. It’s a good question to ask Stefanski on that chat Rob mentioned to get the teams view on the subject.

  85. Tom Moore says:

    Almost positive money paid to acquire a pick doesn’t count against cap — only the players’ salary. For example, this year’s 17th pick is slotted as within 20 percent of $1.262 mill. Adding, say, the 23rd pick would count $973K against cap for first year.

  86. Tom Moore says:

    Sixers apparently laid some people off yesterday, including at least one in the PR department, yet they added an additional $2.8 mill in payroll (assuming Kapono picks up his 2010-11 option) Tuesday. Perhaps the two are not directly related.

  87. The Greek says:

    Well if they didn’t insist on starting Willie Greene for the past 3 years then maybe more fans would be willing to fork over there hard earned cash to watch them.   Who the hell wants to go see a team that runs plays  for an undersized shooting guard who can’t hit three’s?

  88. The Real Rob says:

    Here is the Ed Stefanski chat on Sixers.com.  Dannie and I managed to squeeze a question or two. 

  89. jjg says:

    OK, OK, you’re beatin’ a dead horse.  Yes, Willie Green is in the bottom half of shooting guards and makes a pretty penny (compliments of an   overly-generous, blundering, former GM); but at least he earns his limited minutes & shots (that many gripe about) with good caretaking of ball and hard work at the defensive end.  Also strikes me as a guy who accepts his role and is loyal to a cause bigger than himself.  If you think Green is a primary reason for the slop team that is the 76ers, I think you’re mistaken.  Look to the roster “limelighters” for a sharper explanation of the team’s monotonous minuet with mediocrity; but, 
    be careful, wear your flawvisors!  Coincidentally, this is ‘BE KIND TO RUBBER-SOLED PROLETARIATS’ WEEK.


  90. The Real Rob says:

    I will give Willie Green credit for being one of our best on the ball defenders.  That is why he starts at SG over Lou. 

  91. jjg says:

    Rob, Thanks for chat link.  In the sturdy tradition of most corporate heads, ES spoke to questions with cordial concision, said little of note in an hour’s time. 

  92. Dannie says:

    A few questions from the chat I asked that didn’t get answered:

    1. How involved is Eddie Jordan in the draft process and ultimate selection?
    2. How does the Kapono signing impact the Sixers cap situation?
    3. Are you looking at moving up in the draft (to get Curry)?  Do we even have the assets to do so and would you be willing to part with them for that reason?
    4. Acquiring a late first or second round pick?
    5. Feelings going into this season vs. last season?
    6. Type of player for the MLE if Miller doesn’t resign?
    7. Starting caliber guard with the 17th pick?
    8. With Jordan having to do a fair amount of teaching/coaching on offense, does he plan to have an assistant run the defense? I believe he had Randy Ayers in that role when he was in Washington. Might this be what Aaron Mckie’s role is?
    9. What’s it going to take to bring us a championship in your mind?

    Probably a few others I don’t remember as well.

    He answered my Maynor question directly and I also asked about a shooting coach which he answered (not really) when someone else asked.  I wanted to know specifically about having a full-time shooting coach on staff such as Dave Hopla was for the Wiz.  I know Jordan spoke about that during the conference call.

    These things are just PR plays.

  93. The Real Rob says:

    It’s not until July 1st when Stefanski can talk about free agency, that’s why it was a bit difficult to have him answer questions regarding free agency. 

  94. Dannie says:

    Rob – He can talk about whatever he wants so long as he isn’t mentioning specific players under contract on another team.

    At no point did I or should anyone else expect him to answer questions directly anyway.  It’s not what GMs do publicly for the most part.  I wanted to know the direction he would go if Miller couldn’t be signed.  He doesn’t have to mention names at all.  It’s just like the stance they have taken with the draft by saying they will draft the best available guard (point, shooting or combo).

    I’d just like to know if he would use the MLE for another shooter/SG who can start, a starting point, not use it at all etc. etc.  Nothing specific but a general philosophy on the matter.

  95. The Real Rob says:

    Dannie– I understand that.  What I am saying was that it is difficult trying to specific, without mentioning names of players on other teams, and end up asking broad questions.  I didn’t mention any names either, just positions.   

    Anyway, two more weeks until the draft and I can’t wait!!

  96. The Greek says:

    Rob in all seriousness I am starting to believe that you work for the sixers!  Someone had mentioned it before but I am starting to believe it now.  Are you Stefanski?  Dileo?  Lukko?  or one of there interns?

    JJG, dude you know I don’t think that Willie Beamon is the only one to blame.   He is just the one that I was picking on today.  The worst starting SG over the past 2 years, our own Willie G!

    The shame of it he played well coming off the bench early on in the season, but the sixers brass put there little minds together and got him back to starting lineup. 

  97. The Real Rob says:

    The Greek:  I’m just trying to be professional(as well as devoted fan).  I think the Sixers brass probably reads this stuff. 

    I think this Sixers team is capable of becoming those Nets teams from 2001-03 with their athleticism and versatility(as well as some additional high IQ players).  If they can learn this Princeton Offense from front to back, this will be a scary team that will dominate and overwhelm other teams.  This team has played well above 0.500 against the West, but needs to do a much better job against their own conference (include those sub-0.500 teams).  The Sixers need to avoid those slow starts in November & December, as well as the poor finishes in April.  A couple of games would have made the difference in obtaining homecourt in the 1st round.  If you guys like suspense, Jordan will provide it saying he did not have the right personnel to establish a defensive system in Washington.  The Sixers at least have some defensive players. 

    The Sixers are an intriguing team to the rest of the NBA.  They will make things interesting and I can’t wait to see what other moves Stefanski will make.  At least, he is making our offseasons a lot more interesting than before!

    GO SIXERS!!     


  98. deepsixersued says:

    Dannie, I meant the draft picks salary, I thought it slotted over a million in the late first. Jumpin, Jordan seems to like Willie from some comments but could be building him up for trade value. I personally think he can contribute in a 10 min. a night role till we get a better shooter there.

  99. The Real Rob says:

    Here is what Dei Lynam had to say about today’s workouts:

    I’m no Stefanski, but if I could predict a Stefanski type of move, it would be trying to obtain a second round pick and get Dionte Christmas, in addition to whoever their 1st round pick will be.  Address both PG and SG needs.  Plus, it puts less salary woes, since the rookie contracts are cheap. 

  100. jjg says:

    L.A. Steve’s 2 trenchant questions on team’s wanting perimeter defense and ES’s questionable choice of an offensive-minded head coach (of bent & reputation) were the best pressers, but yielded no juice, just generalized crap/evasions.  There was no league handcuff or restrictive determinant to responding to those with more elaboration and forthrightness.  Wake me up when he’s fired. 

    The Greek,  As long as you realize that my man Willie is down the list of real organizational problems – no problem.  By the way, your post 73 had me laughin’ this morning.

    suede,  Agree, Jordan may be marketing the goods; WG could be gone by Oct, but I don’t think it’ll happen.  Presuming he’s still here, I’m givin’ him 15-20 at least, given his present lame competition.  Wouldn’t it be funny if he turned out to be the player who most thrives in the heralded (and supposed opponent-shriveling) ’Princeton’ system?!

  101. Dave T says:

    Greek:  I think Willie Green is nothing but a plus for our team…as long as he’s playing on the bench.  We’re all agreed he’s a god awful starter, but between his defense, energy, slashing, and occassional 3 point bursts for 15-18 mpg off the bench?  I’ll take that.  

    Greek, the guy that pisses me off like Sammy D and Willie does for you, is Lou Williams.  I am so done with this kid it’s not even funny.  I was not a fan of him when he was torching people in the summer leagues (which means nothing) 3 years ago, was not a fan a year ago, and think all the him being a PG talk from the get go has been total foolishness.  I want him shipped off our team for any team willing to take a flyer on him.  He’s a gunner that plays no defense, has horrendous shot selection, and says all the “right things” to the media, yet never produces on the court.

    Dannie:  How did Stefanski answer when you brought up Eric Mayner?

  102. Dannie says:

    Dave T – He said:

    Ed Stefanski:  Dannie we are planning to bring Eric Maynor in for a workout.

    Ed Stefanski:  Eric is a combo guard that we are going to look at and he will also be coming in for a workout in the near future.

    I like that the Sixers are adding more media now though.  Check out the draft center. They have video of the workouts.

  103. Dave T says:

    Dannie:  Wow, great link!  I can watch how coaches conduct practices forever…whether it’s during training camp or trying out players…I think you can find out a lot about what type of person (and especially coach) you have on your team just observing how people go to work.  Love access to stuff like that when we don’t normally have it.  

    The NBA sometimes shows 1-2 hour long practices during training camps of random teams during the month of October right before the season starts, usually about five teams a year.  I’d love to see one for our Sixers.  

  104. The Greek says:

    Dave I am with you on Lou Williams stinking it up.  Another selfish undersized 2 guard who can’t hit three’s.  The guy was just terrible last season, on Offense and on defense.

    Stefanski’s chat was pretty lame but  I guess it’s better then nothing.  He might be mad at us the bloggers for giving him such a hard time.   

  105. jjg says:

    While another shooter is an obvious need (and would be a great psychological boost), as BALL POSSESSION & SCORING PREVENTION are winning priorities, 76ers also need: 

    1)  young PG with poise, exceptional handle & “thief” quickness 
    2)  forward who loves to rebound & stop others, but one who isn’t offensively anemic. 

    (True, the observing & mentioning is a lot easier than the acquiring in an industry of stiff competition and a limiting contractual/financial 
    framework with corresponding minutiae, but the exceptional pros “git’r done” somehow.) 

  106. jjg says:

    Just on face of “draft center” brief interviews (thanks, Dannie), I like Christmas over Ellington, though Ellington’s got the established prep school/Tar Heel pedigree and Final 4 last impression.  That Dunphy gives a glowing evaluation of Dionte says a lot to me.  Christmas might be a nice present to Jordan if 76ers could arrange to get another pick.   

  107. deepsixersued says:

    Jumpin, Ellington,Christmas and Thornton all would look good coming off screens, just like your boy Willie, and coming off screens seems to be a real strength of Dionte.

  108. Dannie says:

    If we can get a second round pick I want Danny Green.  I want a player who has the potential to defend three perimeter positions and like JJG said adequate offensively (potentially good).  Thorpe said Green is the closest he’s seen to Ron Artest.  I wouldn’t go that far personally but it is high praise either way.  Why could Green be our Trevor Ariza or Pietrus for example?

  109. Dave T says:

    Dannie:  Good call on Danny Green…UNC seems to have an oft neglected “do everything” SF each year that gets underhyped because of the other McDonald All Americans on their team each year.  He would be a great addition in the 2nd round…such a tough nosed player.  His stats would be far higher on any other team.  

    Other guys that will be great 2nd round gems:

    -Jerel McNeal   (a top 20 talent, imo) 

    -Jodie Meeks   (again, should be top 20) 
    -AJ Price
    -Josh Heytfelt 
    -Wesley Matthews 
    -Jeff Adrien 
    -Tony Douglas
    -Dante Cunningham  

  110. jjg says:

    suede,  And, being a Philly guy, he’s used to playing before the Philly “faithful” and a wide assortment of creatures.

    Dannie,  Green is a good name to consider if opportunity is there.  A tough Long Island kid who’s a ”glue guy” with athletic ability.  85% FT, nice.

  111. guest says:

    Dave T, did Jodie Meeks officially declare for the Draft?  I never heard.

    I think that Green will end up being a nice player in the NBA.  I think he is probably the most NBA ready on defense because of his athletic ability.  Personally I think Wayne Ellington will the best NBA player off of the Carolina Team.  I really like his game.

  112. Dave T says:

    Guest:  Jodie is still waffling.  If I had to put a wager on it, my money would be on him going back to school.  Kentucky has potential to be a top 10 team in college next year with the Meeks, Patterson and Stephenson core back, plus Calipari as coach, and Cali’s recruits (particularly DeMarcus Cousins).  Meeks, like Tenessee’s Tyler Smith, would both be HUGE benefficiaries of returning to school on improved teams.

    Brandon Jennings:  Did any of you hear his comments?  Check out RealGM…he broke the “brotherhood bond” of athletes and trashed Ricky Rubio.  It’s both a sign of total immaturity…yet at the same time, refreshing to actually hear an athlete answer a question without a media soundbite.  Basically said Rubio was completely overhyped, that people were in love with him only because he played at the Olympics, and that out of all the American college PG’s in workouts there’s no way Rubio is on top of that group in terms of talent, and said that he himself was better than Rubio.  

    I’m stunned he actually came out and said all this…what a boneheaded and cocky thing to do.  Especially since the major knock on Brandon Jennings is his propensity to shoot/score as opposed to leading a team with passing and selfless play.  Obviously I, like anyone in the States, hasnt seen him play in the Italy Premier League so can’t comment on his game…but him and Earl Clark are probably the two biggest risk/reward questions marks of this draft.  Congratulations Brandon…an entire country (Spain) now hates you. 

  113. deepsixersued says:

    Some interesting comments on Draft Express after workout in N.J. B.J.Mullins has a promise, another p.g. slides to us? Budinger did his typical Mr. Softee imitation, I don!t want him anywhere near this team.Casspi would be a great addition as a tall defensive wing for anybody wanting to beat the Magic, if Turk resigns. Vasquez sounds like a real leader on the floor, may be a good backup p.g. if we go s.g. with our 1st pick. Calathes measured 6!4.5 ” and seems very unathletic.

  114. Dannie says:

    Dave T – What exactly is the “brotherhood bond?”

  115. Tom Moore says:

    Jennings could slip to 13 or lower.  Sixers tried to see him at Eurocamp (he didn’t attend) and have in for an interview, but he’s not going to anybody below 8.


  116. Dannie says:

    Suede – Did you read Calathes vertical numbers?  That can’t be right, can it?  Under 11 inches?  That’s just not possible.

    Christmas and Ellington both had nice showings though.  Danny Green didn’t, but I still think he is going to help an NBA team right away.

  117. Tom Moore says:

    Must be a typo — perhaps they took Wes Unseld’s numbers …

  118. deepsixersued says:

    Dannie, I read early on that Green outplayed T.Williams in a workout ,[draftexpress forums?] but I guess it is up and down with all the travel. Yea, Calathes numbers,10.5 vert. compared to Harris 35! vert. is scary.Dannie & Tom, if Jennings doesn!t work out for us do they take him if he is there? And would you guys take him? Sounds like he is lightning quick but has a soso jumper.

  119. The Real Rob says:
  120. Tom Moore says:

    No offense, but the only reason Jackson came back was as the sixth guy so they could go 3-on-3. When the Maryland kid got hurt, they only had five anyway.

    Jennings would be a big risk, with his penchant for criticizing and comparisons to Iverson. I might think about trading the pick if he’s there if I get a good offer, assuming I could move down a spot or two to land Lawson or Maynor (kind of like Miami did with the Sixers two years ago — a future second-rounder for one spot).

  121. Tom Moore says:

    … 21st to 20th in the Daequan Cook/Jason Smith picks.

  122. ryano says:

    I’m excited about our team next year…but I think big Ed still needs to nail this draft.  Do whatever is necessary to move up for Curry and then buy Portland’s pick to draft Danny Green.   Curry has the chance to be special.  A friend of mine is hoping for Monta Ellis with range…which I thought was a good estimate.  I don’t know if Green has the mean streak to be Artest- but a slightly smaller version of Shane Battier would work for me.  Are these moves at all likely?  I don’t see this team being better than 48 wins and a second round exit next year as we are now.  Any thoughts?

  123. Tom Moore says:

    Might take trading Young and 17 to move up for Curry. That’s a steep price to pay.

    Also, would you take a chance on Brandon Jennings if he’s still on the board at 17? Let’s say at least Lawson or Maynor is also available.

  124. jjg says:

    Dell Curry didn’t/couldn’t (?) play D.  Wouldn’t expect his son Steven to, especially as he is slighter of build.  Is he the next Ray Allen?  Wouldn’t bet the house.  Sixers just acquired a no-D shooter; don’t need another 1-wayer.  Let’s fill a need (PG) at #17 w/best available.  Jennings’ refusal to show on invite & his pre-draft diss of Rubio (even if containing some truth), scratch him from my list.

  125. deepsixersued says:

    Jumpin, he may never be a great defensive player but he, in my opinion, will be a smart defensive player. He actually measured out stronger [reps] than expected at the combine and isn!t as unathletic as people think.I would love him here, but not at too great a cost, I see M.Bibby type talent.

  126. jjg says:

    suede,  How quick are his feet? (His pop’s were slow.)  How big is his heart (regarding WHOLE game)?  I’m sure he’ll contribute on O, but I wouldn’t trade up/sacrifice a player & #17 to get him.  Sixers need new ‘quickness & toughness & both way facility’ on guard line, not an 
    exceptional 1-trick pony.  Just my take. 

  127. The Real Rob says:

    Tom- Are there any more workouts coming up?

    Also,  Eddie House might opt out.  Is there an Eddie in the House?  Kapono is going to need some help out there and not be the ONLY perimeter option.  House converts some of the toughest shots, plus he has played for Stefanksi with the Nets.  Then the other thing we need is a starting SG.

  128. Dannie says:

    Rob – Did you read the article?  If he opts out he is looking for more than he is expected to make now ($2.86M).  Where exactly do you figure the Sixers play a part in any of it?  We have no money, he won’t leave Boston for Philly for a min deal  and we certainly aren’t (read better not) use our MLE on Eddie House that would be are horrible move.

  129. deepsixersued says:

    All good points, jumpin, I personally don!t like the whole offense first phylosophy and if Shaq comes east also [Cleveland?] than Sam will have to be involved come playoff time. E.S. has more riding than us I guess.

  130. Dannie says:

    I wouldn’t draft Jennings without having seen him play this past year, spoke to his Euro coaches and the guy that spent the most time with him (Nenad Trajkovic – insider only sorry) as well as working him out and interviewing him personally.

    I like Tom’s idea if he drops to 17 and someone really loves him below us I would trade the pick if I can move down to a spot to get the guy I really want (Lawson, then Maynor) and make sure to get another pick either late first round or early second round in this years draft to find that utility wing player that can shoot and defend.

  131. Dannie says:

    JJG - About Curry’s foot speed:

    Among point guards that tested at the combine he ranked 3rd worse in the pro lane agility drill and 2nd worse in the 3/4 court sprint.  He did jump well ranking 4th in no step vertical and 5th in max vertical jump.

    Agility and lateral quickness can be improved to a point with good training (peak level depends on the individual  of course).  What Curry already has that helps him in this area is strong instincts, reaction and basketball IQ. 

    Whether or not he actually wants to get dirty playing defense I can not speak to.  Offensively I think he will be very good.

  132. ryano says:

    My take on Curry is that he’s a special kind of scorer.  When Davidson made that run two years ago, he showed the killer instinct a late game assassin must have.  But, unlike a lot of scorers coming out of college, his game fits very well with the Princeton offense.  This guy doesn’t need to dominate the ball to be effective.  Remember, Iverson wasn’t much of an on the ball defender in terms of size or grit…but he was perfect paired with Iggy because he played the passing lanes and knew when to take risks.  Hopefully Curry could at least do that.  But I think with his size and very adequate athleticism he will be able to hold his own guarding the opponents second guard.  If we could get away with 17 and Speights for him, I’m on board.

  133. Tom Moore says:

    Sounds like you’d have to move up at least to No. 7 — possibly as high as 4 — to get Curry. Will take at least Speights or maybe even Young to get that done. Future first-rounder won’t be enough.

  134. guest says:

    There’s no probable way we will get Curry.  The Knicks will be willing to give up twice as much as us to get him.  I love Curry and I think he will translate well as a pro, but I don’t think there’s a chance for him.

  135. jjg says:

    Freddie Hetzel & Mike Malloy (late 60s) were great at Davidson too.  Check out how their NBA careers panned out.  It’s easier gettin’ it done against a steady diet of the likes of Furman & The Citadel rather than regular tests vs. major conference opponents.  On basis of competition quotient, I downgrade his potential some. 

  136. jjg says:

    Dannie,  Good link on tests.  I think those first two rankings of Curry are cautionary.  

  137. The Real Rob says:

    Royal Ivey opts out of his contract.

  138. jjg says:

    Ivey & Evans roster subtractions equal addition to ’09-’10 edition.  I give going away credit for their decent brands of defense/hustle, but there’s bound to be more offensive nutrition and overall upgrades available through draft, free agency & trades.  On NBA level, they’re treading water types; heart, limited talent – sporadic results.      

  139. The Greek says:

    Talking about getting Curry is a pure waste of time, it’s not going to happen. 

    It’s all about Lawson vs maynor.

  140. The Greek says:



    Jodie Meeks has a chance to prove himself against the SEC’s best.
    (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

    Athletic 2-guard
    Excellent speed
    NBA body
    Explosive scorer
    Excellent shooter from midrange
    NBA 3-point range
    Excellent free throw shooter

    Fellas this is from the paying section of the espn player profiles.  I don’t know much about this guy but these positives sound awesome, especially for our needs.

  141. Dannie says:

    Meeks is a straight up scorer primarily a shooter.  Didn’t do much else though.

    Disagree about having an NBA body he is 6-4 with shoes on with a short wingspan (6-4.5).  He is muscle bond like Iguodala which I probably why it’s says NBA body.  For the position (SG) he is undersized.

    His agility was middle of the pack but he was 2nd fastest in the sprint.

    With Royal gone it opens up a roster spot, but I still contend we need to draft a point guard and then start looking for two-way players not more one-dimensional players. I like Meeks though.

  142. deepsixersued says:

    B.J.Mullins is coming in for a workout, that is interesting.

  143. Dannie says:

    Suede - Due diligence is all I can think of with the Mullin’s workout.  Center of the future must be the thought since he isn’t ready to contribute heavily right now.  The only way I see them picking him is obviously if he drops below 16 (rumored promise from the Bulls) AND they can get another pick a few spots below 17th AND Maynor, Teague and or Lawson are still on the board.  OR if they draft a point at 17 and Mullin’s is still on the board as well so they trade for a pick to draft him later.

    Neither of which I find likely at this point.  But I will say the Sixers seem to keep a pretty tight lip and don’t let many rumors leak out this early leading up to an event/date.

  144. Tom Moore says:

    FYI: Iguodala and Young are two of the 24 named to the USA Basketball mini-camp that starts July 22 in Vegas.


  145. The Greek says:

    As I was the first to proclaim Thad as being a future dream teamer, Our very own Tom Moore just said that, well heres the link!

  146. The Greek says:

    Damn sorry Tom, didn’t see you posted that.  

  147. Dannie says:

    Made the practice squad and tryouts not on the team yet.  Rather both them dudes spend their time working on individual skill improvement and working out with their teammates rather than mass group practices during the summer with team USA hopefuls.  I care about the Sixers winning before all else.

    To be completely honest Thad on the dream team would be undeserving at this point in his career in my opinion or at least more a result of other, much better players opting out which in the end would suck and hurt our winning chances greatly.  If Thad and to a lesser degree Dala makes the team it means some combination of guys like LeBron, Kobe, Wade, Melo, Bosh aren’t returning.

  148. Tom Moore says:

    No problem, Greek. Better twice than not at all. Didn’t get a return call from Iguodala’s LA-based agent, Rob Pelinka.

  149. The Greek says:

    Dannie I actually agree with you on Thad being undeserving for now.    But in 2 years,  he will be more then deserving.   The olympics arent until 2012,   and by that point he will be a beast. 

  150. Tom Moore says:

    That’s it, Greek. USA Basketball tries to project 1-3 years down the road and thinks Young worth watching. It should also be good for his confidence.

  151. deepsixersued says:

    His trade value is up, lets move him. Just kiddin Greek!!

  152. jjg says:

    Young, a “jumbo” player on NBA map in a few years?  Not so fast!  The lad’s still got plenty of unexplored skill regions to mine.  And he & Iggy for 40 min on same floor is an unresolved problem.  Trade of one or the other for need (or plentiful reinforcement), best route imo.  

  153. The Greek says:

    lol Suede, if they trade Thad then Ed better run like the wind If i ever see him in public!

  154. The Greek says:

    Just kidding Ed,  I would just end my 30 year allegiance to the Sixers.

    Hey, can we get a word from someone who covered Maynor and Lawson?  Dannie, Tom do dudes have any connections on that matter?  I would love to hear what someone who has seen these guys play 20 to 30 times a season has to say. 

  155. Dannie says:

    Greek – I personally watched every televised UNC game myself.  And I got to see Maynor play live at the NCAA tournament in Philly against UCLA and watched Maynor eat up Duke two years ago in the tournament.

    I like both players I would be happy with either.  I am biased towards Lawson because I’ve seen him a lot more.

  156. The Greek says:

    Dannie I am with you on Lawson, being that they were on tv all the time I got to see him play a lot.  Definitely not as much as you for sure,  I am all for him running guns with Thad and Iggy.
    As far as Maynor, I too watched that UCLA game and came away thinking that he was a superior prospect to Collison.  But that’s the only game that I saw him play.

  157. eagles3217 says:

    Kapono is a good start to the offseason. We’ll see how it goes from here. I respect Reggie Evans and I know I speak for all Sixers fans when I say this.

  158. eagles3217 says:

    No way can you start Kapono over Thad unless Lou is starting. If Sweet Lou starts then we need a scorer off the bench and that would be Thaddeus Young. He would still play 30 min a game or so.
    But if Miller is here, I think you leave Thad in the lineup and let Williams be the punch off the bench


  1. [...] Recliner GM First let me say this deal came out of nowhere and it’s a beauty.  Moving Reggie Evans  player I projected not to see the floor next season for one of, if not the best catch-and-shoot three point shooter in the NBA.  Could Stefanski have done any better – seriously?  I guess this is the legit shooter he has been saying he will bring in since he got here and he did it by moving a player of little to no value to the Sixers going into next season.  Well done. If money is going to be spent on a one-dimensional player this is the guy we would want it spent on.  Stefanski probably bought himself a half a season free of criticism from many fans with this deal (and the right draft choice *cough* Ty Lawson *cough*). [...]