March 4, 2015

Tournament: Who Is The Best Phillies Team Ever?

phillies tourny

Who is the best Phillies team of all time?

There is no way to say for certain, but WhatIfSports gives us fans a unique opportunity to simulate the possibilities, and that is exactly what I will be doing this off-season.

WhatIfSports uses very sophisticated techniques to simulate each pitch and each play of a match-up of your choosing. I suggest you check out the link above and mess around with it yourself. It’s free, and this is not an ad for the website, though it may sound like one.

So what Phillies’ team would make the cut for this tournament? I’m going with 8 teams, like a normal playoff year and I’m not including teams before 1910, because the game was just too different then. Obviously the 2 Championship teams are in (1980, 2008), as are the 2 highest Win % teams (1976, 1977). 1993 and 2009 are both in as the only squads besides ’76 and ’77 with 93+ wins, and were both World Series squads. The final 2 teams are World Series participants from different eras, 1915 and 1950.

I’m going to seed them by Win %, with the tie-breaker being run-differential. The seeding is as follows:

  1. 1976 Phillies
  2. 1977 Phillies
  3. 1993 Phillies
  4. 1915 Phillies
  5. 1950 Phillies
  6. 2009 Phillies
  7. 2008 Phillies
  8. 1980 Phillies

WhatIfSports does not simulate 7-Game Series (which these will be), so I will be doing them game-by-game and doing a post for each series with very brief recaps of each game. Each team will use a 4-man rotation, and I will pick an MVP of each series based on the stats (they give you a full box-score and play-by-play for each game).

As the match-ups are done, I will link them all to this page and keep an updated bracket at the top…

First Round

1976 vs. 1980

1915 vs. 1950

1993 vs. 2009

1977 vs. 2008

Second Round (TBD)

1980 vs. 1950

2009 vs. 1977

Final (TBD)