March 6, 2015

Who is YOUR untouchable prospect?


Since we are talking a lot about Roy Halladay trade scenarios, I thought it would be interesting to see which prospects people most want to hold on to. Below (and on the side bar) is a poll with just that question. I think that most of us would trade pretty much anyone for Halladay, but I’m sure there are certain players we would want to keep over others. Feel free to explain your answer in comments.

If the Phillies trade for Roy Halladay, which prospect would you LEAST like to see involved in the deal?

  • Kyle Drabek, SP (46%, 149 Votes)
  • Michael Taylor, OF (26%, 85 Votes)
  • JA Happ, SP (15%, 47 Votes)
  • Dominic Brown, OF (5%, 16 Votes)
  • Carlos Carrasco, SP (2%, 7 Votes)
  • Antonio Bastardo, SP (2%, 6 Votes)
  • Lou Marson, C (2%, 5 Votes)
  • Jason Knapp, SP (1%, 3 Votes)
  • Other (Please Specify) (1%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 321

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  1. Pete says:

    just from the initial results, I think it is interesting that Carrasco and Marson have 0 combined votes.

    Had I done this poll prior to the season – they both would have had plenty and Drabek and Happ wouldn’t probably have very few.
  2. Pete says:

    also interesting to me that Michael Taylor is getting many more votes than Brown – as Brown is considered the higher ceiling prospect.

  3. Zach says:

    although Drabek has incredible upside and potential, I’d be willing to part with him more than Happ because Happ has experience, and so far has proven himself to be a solid starter. Keep Happ and your rotation is:Halladay

  4. Jeff says:

    Drabek would be my choice.  Happ is a nice pitcher and is already established in the bigs, but Drabek has a far higher ceiling.  I’d trade anyone else to get Halladay.  But I think the Jays would insist on Drabek.

  5. Mark says:

    There is no way you can even compare Happ with Drabek. Drabek can hit 94-95 consistantly and even push his velo up to 96-97. His curveball is a hammer and his fastball has late movement. While he projects as a solid number 2 or a closer, Happ has already proven that he belongs near the back of a rotation. It just happens that since Moyer and Blanton have struggled Happ looks good.

  6. Pete says:

    Jeff does have a point though in that Drabek has been healthy for all of 1/2 season so far. We know what have in Happ (a solid, not spectacular rotation guy), but Drabek, while clearly having more upside, is still an unknown quantity. Maybe his arm won’t be able to take the beating it gets throwing that hard, he’s already had Tommy John surgery for that reason. Maybe they decide to make him a closer. Who knows. I’d rather keep Drabek because of his potential, but Happ is an interesting case.

  7. RAAAAUUULLLL!!!! says:

    riveting guys. just riveting. keep up with the amazing insight.

  8. bski says:

    I think I have to agree with Zach and Pete (from Phils Turning the Corner? and here) that we should keep Happ.

    Happ is much more of a known commodity at this point.  Granted he’s not a top of the rotation guy, but if we’re getting Halladay we don’t need him to be one.   With Halladay, Hamels, and Blanton, Happ will be just fine as a #4 starter.

    I get that Drabek’s ceiling is higher than Happ’s.  It’s just that I don’t know if it’s worth it to create another hole in our rotation right now and gamble on Drabek reaching that ceiling at some unknown point in the future.

  9. bski says:

    Another country heard from.  Here is what Jon Heyman says about Halladay:

    “if halladay is really available. i see #yanks and #phils as early favorites, followed by #angels

  10. JayGee says:

    Everyone is right and wrong with the assessment of Drabek. However injury concerns are a REAL concern with guys coming off that kind of surgery. It’s usually only a matter of time before something flares up. I voted Carrasco and only because this guy has too much talent to keep performing as bad as he has. He WILL work it out and he WILL be in the rotation next year.  As for Happ,  siyanara if it means Halladay is coming to town. Happ is decent but not so much so that we can’t replace him with Halladay and bring up a guy or sign a guy to replace him. At this point, regardless of who it is, we can’t do much worse in the rotation. Just my two cents.

  11. Drolz says:

    The “established player” vs “higher ceiling”  argument also comes up with Dominic Brown and Michael Taylor, although to a lesser degree because neither player has played in the bigs yet. From what I’ve heard, Brown has the higher ceiling but Taylor is absolutely raking it at Reading.  
    According to the Phillies’ website, Taylor’s latest stats are .339 BA, 15 HR, 62 RBI, and .985 OPS in 79 games. Brown’s numbers with the Clearwater Threshers are .299/9/38/.919 in 51 games.  The fact that Taylor’s numbers are from Double A  makes me feel more confident that he’ll do well at the major league level.  At the same time, scouts are positively drooling over Brown’s potential.

    What would you do if Toronto insisted that either Brown or Taylor be included in any deal for Halladay?

    Also, are there any updates on our chances of actually making a deal for a Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, etc? Amaro didn’t seem too optimistic last time he commented on this.

    Looking forward to tonight’s game. Hope the Phils aren’t worn out from circling the bases so much last night :)

  12. bski says:

    Good point re: Taylor vs. Brown, Drolz.  (It’s why I voted for Taylor, btw, as I usually tend to value actual production at a higher level more than higher potential at a lower one). 

    One thing though.  IMO, the decision of whom to choose between Brown and Taylor is closer than the one between Drabek and Happ, especially considering where we are right now.  Brown, in Clearwater, is closer on the developmental curve to Taylor, who is in Reading, than Drabek, who is in Reading, is to Happ.  Happ is actually producing well on the major league level.  We have a pretty good idea what Happ can do because he is already doing it,  whereas we do not know what we will get from Drabek, nor when we will get it.

    I do realize that trading Drabek could turn out to be a regrettable move if he ends up reaching his potential and Halladay leaves us after the 2010 season, but I’m still for making the deal if we can.

  13. Jeff says:

    “What would you do if Toronto insisted that either Brown or Taylor be included in any deal for Halladay?”

    I’d include one of them.

    But I’m leaning to picking up a marginal starter, like Martinez or Brian Bannister, and sticking with the prospects.  Both Carrasco and Drabek could be in the rotation next year.  We can afford to be patient.

  14. jurnee16 says:

    I voted for Taylor…I think Drabek is expendable if we trade for a righty as good as Halladay and resign him…I think the Phillies are going to try to trade Werth after the season and we only have Ibanez for two more years so we need to keep our outfield prospects and I value Taylor higher than Brown right now because he has had success at a higher level….

  15. bski says:

    OK, switching tracks, here is an update from Jayson Stark on our interest in Pedro Martinez which was posted at 10:12pm tonight:

    PHILADELPHIA — Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. told that the Phillies were “just exploring all possibilities” when they watched Pedro Martinez throw a simulated game in the Dominican Republic on Tuesday afternoon. But another source, who works for one club that has been monitoring Martinez, thinks the Phillies are more interested in the 37-year-old righthander than they’re letting on.
    The source said his understanding of the workout – a late-afternoon simulated game against the Phillies’ Dominican Summer League prospects — was that Martinez was told “if he throws well, they’ll do something.”
    The source, who is well-connected in the Dominican, says he was also led to believe the Phillies have let Martinez know what they were willing to pay him for the rest of this season and that that amount was likely to be less than the prorated $5 million contract, plus incentives, that he has been seeking.
    “The decision to sign him depends on the front office, but as far as we are concerned, we saw a Pedro Martínez ready to help a team,” Phillies scout Robinson Garcia told’s Enrique Rojas after the workout.
    Phillies’ GM special assistant Charley Kerfeld was also present at the workout. It’s believed that no other clubs were present.
    Phillies front-office officials declined to comment on Martinez’s workout.
    “I am surprised, I didn’t think he would be in such good shape,” Garcia told Rojas. “His fastball was good, between 88 and 91 miles, and all his breaking pitches were moving very well.
    “Pedro won’t have problems throwing his fastball at 93 miles per hour. He really had a great session with us,” he said.
    Jayson Stark is a senior writer for

  16. Pete says:

    that would just be strange to have Pedro on the Phils.

    I personally think he would be a bust…
  17. bski says:

    Yeah, Pete, me too.  If it is true that no other clubs were there to watch him, doesn’t that tell you something, especially considering how pitching-hungry everyone is?

    BTW, the INKY picked this topic up in today’s Blog Zone article.

  18. Jeff says:

    I’d give Martinez a shot.  What do they have to lose?

    Maybe there were no other teams because it was an individual workout for the Phillies.

  19. Richie says:

    Let me ask you something pertaining to the Happ vs Drabek argument. If this same argument came up last year, maybe in May and the argument was about Kendrick (established starter at the time, seemed to be cruising along). You probably would say the same thing, keep the guy who is doing better in the Bigs, but how did that work out. I am not saying that I don’t like Happ, but is he really established in this league? Drabek clearly has the better stuff. I’m rollin my dice with Drabek.

  20. Dan says:

    I’d trade any of our pitching prospects for Halladay. While you can talk about their ceilings and what the project to all you want, you just have to look at guys like Scott Mathieson to know that nothing is set in stone. If you can get another #1 pitcher, one of the best – if not THE best – pitcher, then you go get him as quickly as possible. You have 2 more years to replace the prospects you traded for him before they are actually needed. If he really is available then Amero better get it done.

  21. Pete says:

    Richie -

    Good point. But I will say that Happ has always been a far better prospect than Kendrick. It was very easy to predict Kendrick’s downfall because of his H/9 and K/9 stats in the minors and majors. Regular readers here know that I never thought Kendrick would be any good and that 2007 was just a whole lot of luck. Happ, on the other hand, has peripherals (H/9, K/9) that indicate a much better career.

    However, you make an excellent point that it might be a stretch to say that Happ is “established” after only a handful of starts, but his stats indicate that he has a far brighter future than Kendrick ever did.

  22. Pete says:

    This is a very interesting debate for me.

    First of all, there is no right answer here, but you can see that everyone has different opinions on the basic ideology of how to run a team.

    1. Put long-term success first – This would be the Eagles philosophy, and would support the idea of keeping your best prospects so that you can be competitive for years to come.

    2. Put short-term success first – This would be the Flyers philosophy (especially with the recent Pronger trade) where you trade your future assets for what can help you right now, with the risk that it might hurt you long-term.

    There is no right answer to this. I tend to lean towards option #1, but Halladay is the type of player I might make an exception for.

  23. Richie says:

    I agree completely Pete, I like Happ much better than Kendrick for the reasons you stated about the H,K/9,  I remember watching Kendrick pitch with one eye peeking open waiting for him to fall and have much mroe confidence in Happ. As far as your next point, here is my thought process on this whole thing –  a good system for any team should be to win a world series or two with every generation of young players like   (Howard, Hamels, Utley) mixed with players left over from the last generation(Burrell, Rollins, Myers). With this in mind, we have a good if not great opportunity to make this happen. With Drabek, Taylor, Brown and Knapp mixed with leftovers Utley, Hamels, Howard, and Rollins. This is how dynasties are constructed. Look at the mid-90’s yanks(Jeter, Posada, Rivera, Pettitte mixed with Tino, O’neill…etc.) We just won a WS with this team and added a great quality bat in Ibanez…yes we lost Myers, but just replace him with 2nd Tier starter….PLEASE DON’T SPEND THE FARM!!
    It’s the first time in years that we have this type of talent down there…possibly the first time in our 130 year history!!!

  24. Drew says:

    I agree Pete, I am a no. 1 keep your prospects kind of guy. BUT, for the best pitcher in baseball for at least a year and a half I’d give up the farm. 

    Also, don’t forget that Halladay is lauded for his work ethic as well.  It is rare to find top work ethic plus top talent (ie. Utley). His presence would give Hamels and other pitchers an example on what it means to pitch in the bigs.  I read an article on Burnett where he spoke on how he didn’t know what it meant to prepare for a game until he pitched with Halladay.

    Furthermore, I can’t believe sports writers haven’t talked about his potential trade value next year if we get him this year. If it looks like we aren’t making the playoffs next year due to injuries or something we could trade him for a bit less then we are giving away. It’s unlikely since the Phils look to be competitive again next year and are in a weak division but it’s a possibility.

  25. Drew says:

    You guys got some coverage on today:

  26. Pete says:

    Yeah, the Inquirer picks us up from time to time, I think that’s our 8th appearance. Thanks for the heads up though.

    You’d think we’d get some traffic from it, but pretty much no one clicks on that link they have.
  27. Richie says:

    Andy Martino is having a live Phils chat right now about trades and stuff at

  28. Pete says:

    another update, from SI’s Jon Heyman…

    One early favorite could be the Phillies, who have the wherewithal and need, and also reside in the right league. Plus they possess a decent group of prospects and young players, including outfielders Dominic Brown, Michael Taylor and John Mayberry Jr., pitchersJ.A. Happ, Carlos Carrasco, Antonio Bastardo and Kyle Drabek, catcher Lou Marson and shortstop Jason Donald. While Donald doesn’t rank as the best shortstop prospect in the game, the Jays did seek him in a trade last year, dangling pitcher Brian Tallet and slugger Matt Stairs.”

    Ricciardi, who first mentioned that he might “listen” to offers in a story by Danny Knobler of, wisely won’t rule out anything publicly and will indeed weigh all offers, but Philadelphia is presumably a much more palatable landing spot than Boston or the Bronx from Toronto’s perspective. According to the Jays connected source, “The Yankees and Red Sox might be tough for Toronto to do in terms of publicity. They’d have to face him for the next year and a half.””

    1. Phillies. Halladay would make the perfect righty complement for ace lefty Cole Hamels, and Philly is the only contender that has come out publicly to say that they would seek a top-of-the-rotation starter. The Phillies have been reluctant to trade their best prospects, but for Halladay, they would have to. One talent evaluator said that Halladay would be “sick” in the National League, and he meant it in a good way.”

  29. Chris says:

    That last comment from Heyman’s article is an important part of these trade discussions that I don’t see many people bringing up. Halladay has put up spectacular numbers while pitching in the AL East. Think about his numbers if he were to face the Mets, Marlins, Braves, and Nationals lineups instead of the Red Sox, Orioles, Rays, and Yankees about 15 times per year. (Not to mention the other teams in the National League.) His numbers would be astounding. Now I am not saying that I would give up everything we have on the farm for him, but I do think that he would be a much better pitcher in the National League than the already great pitcher he is in the American League.

  30. Pete says:

    Man – Buster Olney really just got my hopes up.

    Was just watching SportsCenter and he said “without a doubt” the Phillies were the frontrunners to land Halladay and that when talking the GMs last night, they said the Phillies “absolutely” could put together a package to land him. He inferred that Drabek and Jason Donald would like be included in the deal.

    He said it’s “50/50″ that Halladay is traded before the deadline.

  31. bski says:

    I just found basically the same story (through another source, Pete.

    Ed Price from reports this:

    Because of the many factors involved in a possible trade of Roy Halladay, it’s “50-50 they trade him, maybe less,” a person familiar with the Blue Jays front office told FanHouse.

    Another source familiar with the issue said he believed the “Phillies are the leaders at this point.”

  32. bski says:

    One of the factors involved in a trade for Halladay is that either A) Halladay might require a contract extension in order to waive his no-trade clause or B) Since the Phils would be giving up a lot for him, they would require Halladay to sign an extension.  Either way you are talking about opening a window to negotiate a deal with Halladay, which of course will come after we reach an agreement with the Jays on the players we’d be trading for him.  Makes it easier to understand why it might only be a 50-50 chance.

  33. JD says:

    bski – you brought up the factor that has been bothering me in this whole thing.  I don’t want to give up the farm for a year and a half pitcher.  I would definately like to see him sign on for say 3 years, to justify everything that the Jays want us to give up!  What are the chances that he would sign on for more??

  34. bski says:

    JD………I’m sure the Phils would love to keep Halladay beyond 2010 and it wouldn’t surprise me if he wants an extension, too.  Problem is, the Phils are probably thinking more in the 2-3 year range, whereas Halladay might be looking for a 5-6 year extension.

    Working out a longer term extension with Halladay could end up being a bigger stumbling block, possibly a deal breaker, than the agreement we first need to make with the Jays regarding the quantity and quality of minor leaguers we will include in trade.

  35. Pete says:

    from Olney -

    The early line on who could win the Halladay trade sweepstakes

    Phillies 5:2
    Dodgers 8:1
    Angels 8:1
    Brewers 12:1
    Red Sox 15:1
    Rockies 20:1
    Rangers 20:1
    Yankees 20:1
    Cardinals 50:1
    Mets 100:1
  36. bski says:

    OK, here’s another wrinkle.  Joel Sherman from the New York Post says:

    “Jays GM Ricciardi tells me he wouldn’t allow acquiring team a window to do extension with Halladay.”  about 1 hour ago from web

  37. Pete says:

    Fangraphs, one of the most sophisticated baseball sites around, says the approx value of Halladay would start with a package of Drabek, Brown and Carrasco.

  38. Richie says:

    Interesting answer I received in a Chat with a scout from Baseball America, Jim Callis, highly touted scout, I said to him pick one Michael Taylor or Dominic Brown and he said Taylor. This coming from the same place that before the year had Brown much higher.

  39. Pete says:

    haha – saw that question Richie. and you are right, he had Brown as our #1 prospect before the season.

  40. Richie says:

    haha – u saw that? I try to get in on some of those chats when there is a hot topic. I think i saw you commenting in Phuture Phillies blog too. I go on recliner, Phuture, and usually Phillies Nation, but ever since Tim left it has went to sh*t. It has been slow as all hell, the halladay topic has been hot for two days now and they still haven’t posted about it. The content just doesn’t come close to you guys, Phuture, or when Tim Malcolm was there.

  41. Pete says:

    where did Tim Malcolm go? I’ve haven’t been over there in awhile.

    Yeah, I figured the Phuture Phillies people might be interested in seeing the poll results. That’s a fantastic site. Could use a little style though.
  42. Richie says:

    Oh yeah Phuture is pretty plain, but good content nonetheless. Tim left last week, he said he is done blogging, but he was always on top of all things Phillies. Glad to be here more often though. I will recommend your site to those over at “the Nation.”

  43. bski says:

    Pete……Here is Tim Malcolm’s farewell post from a couple weeks ago.

  44. bski says:

    Todd Zolecki just posted (4:43pm) a Q & A he had with Amaro this afternoon.  Here it is:

    Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. spoke with reporters a few minutes ago at Citizens Bank Park. He would not comment specifically about Halladay, who is available via trade. But he talked about trading for the theoretical stud pitcher. He also said little about Pedro Martinez other than “we are trying to do what we can to add to our club, and if we feel at the end of the day Pedro is going to help us than we’ll make a run at him.”
    Question: Can you go out and get a stud pitcher?
    Answer: We have some flexibility. A lot of it depends on the player that we’re talking about. But we have some flexibility. It’s not unlimited. And as you know, we have the highest payroll we’ve ever had. We’re well over $130 million, and there is a limit to what we can spend.
    Q: Are there untouchable players in your farm system?
    A: There are some untouchables in our system. We feel that we’re building a pretty strong farm system. … We have to be prudent about what our future is about. It is important to win now, and we understand the importance of that. But that said, there are players we would like to keep for our future. And I would say they’re not as touchable as others.
    Q: But it is a situation where you absolutely would not trade somebody? If the best player in the Major Leagues is available, are there still players you would not consider trading?
    A: There are.
    (Those players are right-handers Kyle Drabek and Jason Knapp and outfielder Dominic Brown.)
    Q: Last year you reportedly finished second in the CC Sabathia sweepstakes …
    A: Really? If you’re second, you’re last, I guess.
    Q: Are you in better position to make a trade for somebody like a Halladay this year?
    A: I think we’re in good position to do some things overall. Like I said, I think our farm system has improved. Again, when you’re talking about doing trades of any type, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We may think our guys are much better than they think our guys are.  We’ll try to be aggressive with the right deal. At the same time, we have to be prudent about what some of these moves might impact our future, too.
    Q: You understand fans and the manager don’t like to hear that?
    A: Oh, yeah, I understand that. The goal is to win this year. There’s no question about that. That doesn’t change. But we didn’t get CC last year and we didn’t get Manny (Ramirez) last year and most of these guys on the field right now are toting rings around.
    Q: Would you substract from the Major-League roster to make a trade?
    A: The goal is to add, not to subtract. That’s really the goal, so subtracting doesn’t necessarily help us.

    Q: If there is a guy you’re pretty sure can help you win a World Series this year, but you’d have to give up a guy you think might be a superstar … is that a tough call to make? Kind of like Doyle Alexander for John Smoltz. Is it worth giving up a guy like Smoltz for a World Series?
    A: Well, if you can guarantee me that it’s going to win a World Series then probably, yeah. You don’t get a chance to win too many World Series. But that’s the thing. When teams put a really huge investment in a move they expect to win. Some pretty big names got moved last year and while those teams made the playoffs, they didn’t necessarily make for a championship club.

  45. deepsixersued says:

    Stark on E.S.P.N. today said any package starts with Happ,Drabek and Donald plus at least 2 more top prospects and it is likely for 1 year plus because Holliday will want Sabathia money, minimum 20 per for 5 years, and Phils will never do it. He also said Phillies have more than a passing interest in Pedro.

  46. Drolz says:

    Toronto is probably going to ask for everything — Happ, Drabek, Taylor, Brown, Donald, Marson, Carrasco, The Phanatic, McNabb, Jackson, Curtis, Iguodala, Pronger, Carter, Richards, and Gagne. I trust Amaro will use good judgement and try to negotiate it into something more reasonable.

    The more I think about it, the more I’d be willing to deal Drabek for Halladay IF – and only IF – it doesn’t require gutting the rest of the farm system.  

    The way I look at it, we’d be trading a potential ace for someone who already is an ace. This isn’t a no-brainer for me – this is the kind of trade where I’d do it, but would be saying “Oh bleep, oh bleep, oh bleep, all right,  it’s a deal.”
    By the way, great game tonight. Victorino is sure to pull in a ton of votes after this. In addition to winning the game he also bailed out our bench. Our bench just doesn’t have as much depth as I’d like. It’s nice that Dobbs is getting some at bats so he’ll be sharp as a pinch hitter when Ibanez returns, but… I’m starting to think that if we can’t get Halladay we should really go after a Spilborghs-type player.

  47. Jeff says:

    Watch out for the Cardinals.  MLB Rumors indicates that they’re willing to give up their top five prospects.  Plus Halladay and Chris Carpenter started out together in the Blue Jay organization.  Plus their park if a better pitcher’s park.  A top three of Halladay, Carpenter and Wainwright would make the Cards tough in the playoffs.

  48. Pete says:

    Baseball America just released it’s midseason Top 25 prospects. Three Phillies made the list…

    17. Dominic Brown, OF
    23. Michael Taylor, OF
    24. Kyle Drabek, SP

    In the pre-season, we had 0 in the top 25.

  49. bski says:

    I found this take from the Toronto Sun:
    The first instalment of the summer book odds on the running of the first Roy Halladay Sweepstakes leading up to the July 31 trade deadline:
    Jered Weaver, plus shortstop Brandon Wood, and a pitching prospect such as lefty Trevor Reckling or Jordan Walden. Will Halladay go to the coast? Angels also want either Scott Downs or Brandon League and could expand the deal.
    Ex-Jay Dave Bush is injured, lefty Manny Parra took a step back. They added CC Sabathia a year ago and co-GM Ryan Braun would approve. Prospects: Infielders Alcides Escobar and Mat Gamel, catchers Angel Salome and Brett Lawrie.
    Phil Hughes plus prospects, but the Yanks don’t have a shortstop to give. Would Jays deal Halladay within the division? Jesse Barfield and Dale Murray are two Jays sent to N.Y. Not exactly Halladay.
    Dream situation for the Jays: A Yanks-Red Sox bidding war ensues and one of them overpays. Most recent Jay dealt to the Sox? Eric Hinske.
    With a team payroll of $85 million US, savings on Manny Ramirez’s suspension and the post-season ahead, he is affordable. They have lefty Clayton Kershaw plus minor-league prospects.
    Defending champs have a need with Brett Myers out, but say they won’t move anyone off the major-league roster or prospects Kyle Drabek or pitcher Jason Knapp. Are outfielders Dominic Brown or Michael Taylor enough?
    Ryan Dempster, a 17-game winner in 2008, fell climbing the dugout fence and is out for a month.
    Kenny Williams is crying poor with attendance woes, but they went after Jake Peavy. Shortstop Gordon Beckham could be the key part of a package.
    Would Halladay want to return to home? He grew up near Denver, but now lives in the Tampa area.
    Detroit Tigers 20-1, Texas Rangers 20-1, San Francisco Giants 25-1, New York Mets 100-1.

  50. Richie says:

    Here goes the next 25 from BA:

    The Next 25: Tim Alderson, rhp, Giants; Pedro Alvarez, 3b, Pirates; Lars Anderson, 1b, Red Sox; Jake Arrieta, rhp, Orioles; Jhoulys Chacin, rhp, Rockies; Lonnie Chisenhall, 3b, Indians; Christian Friedrich, lhp, Rockies; Jeremy Hellickson, rhp, Rays; Aaron Hicks, of, Twins; Brad Holt, rhp, Mets; Eric Hosmer, 1b, Royals; Austin Jackson, of, Yankees; Casey Kelly, rhp/ss, Red Sox; Jason Knapp, rhp, Phillies; Mat Latos, rhp, Padres; Jordan Lyles, rhp, Astros; Jennry Mejia, rhp, Mets; Matt Moore, lhp, Rays; Mike Moustakas, 3b, Royals; Derek Norris, c, Nationals; Martin Perez, lhp, Rangers; Ben Revere, of, Twins; Esmil Rogers, rhp, Rockies; Josh Vitters, 3b, Cubs; Nick Weglarz, of, Indians.

    I guess Carrasco really has slid down and no Savery either!

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