March 6, 2015

WTF Eagles

Frank GoreThe “dream team” is now the 1-3 and the season is seriously in jeopardy of becoming a debacle.

I have so many things to vent and talk about. I am sure you do too, which is the sole purpose of this post. VENT! YELL! Get it all out.

I am writing a post that will be up in Monday morning quarterback fashion to discuss this teams struggles going into next weeks game vs. the Bills.

Until then – let your frustrations out here and take solace in:

  • The fact that Michael Vick played and finished the game on the field
  • The Cowgirls blowing a lead and going down to the legit Detroit Pistons
  • The Giants losing to the Cardinals 20-10 late in 3rd quarter
  • The Phillies have Cliff Lee on the mound tonight primed to go up 2-0.
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  1. The Real Rob says:

    I think my day will go from AAAAHHH to OOH, AAH from one sport to another today.  Heaven help us, if tonight does not go well!

  2. phillyfan says:

    Will LEe did nothing to bring us solice. 
    Asumagdo – yikes on that signing.  Never give a 30-year old football player a big salary.  Never!

    • Adam B. says:

      Nnamdi is fine. He allowed one or two passes last week and made four tackles. He also did a hell of a job on Vernon Davis. Corners age better than any other position in the NFL. They take the least amount of hits and typically have the least amount of injuries.

  3. joof says:

    did anyone see last weeks press conference? I heard reid was really arrogant…but I couldnt find the clip. I dislike the press conferences, but I’m curious how hes handling them now.  At todays, he appeared very uncomfortable at the growing sentiment towards Castillo, the LB’s,  etc

    • Pat says:

      Last week’s press conference was just really short. He seemed upset with the loss and didn’t want to take any questions. Every answer was cryptic and borderline condescending. It was under five minutes too.

  4. Mike Donnelly says:

    It’s time to panic !

  5. Mike Donnelly says:
    “After watching last three games, I understand fan frustration,” Reid said. “We’re going to work hard to get better. We have the players and coaches to turn this around.”
    Reid said that the three coordinators (offense, defense and special teams) will remain “intact.” Specifically asked about first-year defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, Reid added that Castillo will remain the playcaller on defense.
    “I think Juan’s doing some good things,” Reid said.
    Denial ain’t just a river in Eygpt, it’s where Big Red lives.

  6. jkay says:

    ‘with great expectation come greater disappointments.’
    It’ll probably take another year of drafting and tuneups to get the Eagles D to where it needs to be for any playoff run.
    Concerning the teaser Eagles, I practice indifference which is the ultimate preventive measure, but that is my personal choice concerning football itself. But for any passionate Eagles fan; there will be plenty of positives to take away from this season once it is over, just not … you know …

  7. Garvey says:

    People dissing Asomugha, need to consider the role Casillo has him in. Throughout his career in Oakland Nnamdi was asked to be a shutdown corner. He was put on an island and simply played his guy man to man, usually using press coverage.

    In this defense Nnamdi has played a ton of zone coverage. Now is this an excuse for an elite CB? I think not, but for a guy who is changing his style of play, it definitely takes time, and without any pre-season to speak of, and horrendous safety support on zone and man coverage early season struggles should be expected.

    Personally I’d think Darelle Revis may have the same problems if he were in this spot. 

    Oh, and Vince Young’s dream has seriously become a nightmare. 

  8. Adam B. says:

    Turnovers, the worst run defense in the last two decades, horrible scheming in the secondary, horrible playcalling in the redzone, horrible defense in the redzone, missed chipshot FG’s from a kicker that was nothing but clutch in college, and a one-year offensive line coach as a defensive coordinator.
    Oh, and Andy refuses to draft any amount of talent at the linebacking position. Two 6th round picks and 7th round pick were our starters on Sunday. What the fuck is that.

  9. Adam B. says:

    And now Trent Cole and Jason Peters are out for at least the next two weeks each. Great.

    • phillyfan says:

      did you see that total annihalation of the defender by Peters on the play where he got hurt?  He is a heck of a player.  I don’t recall him being as good as he had looked so far this year.  I am glad he “just” hurt his hammy.  They way he dropped I thought it was more serious like and achillies or blown out knee.

  10. phillyfan says:

    I think the Eagles will win the next two and be 3-3 into the bye.  As amazing as it seems, Vegas still had Eagles opening as a 3 point favorite in 3-1 Buffalo, who is coming off of a tough loss and should be ampted.  That tells you something.  Eagles still have alot of talent even with Peters and Cole sidelined. They are going to put up alot of points and  I think they beat Buff somehting like 34-24 and then slog out a win over the Skins 20-14. 

    • phillyfan says:

      Actually, looking at the schedule, a 6-game winning streak is not out of the question at all.  We are averaging something like 27 points a game and all the offensive weapons are healthy.  May have to outscore some teams, but don’t be surprised if this team is 7-3 or 6-4 in late Nov.

  11. phillyfan says:

    Uggh – what a weekend.  I still am not writing off the Eagles, even at 1-4.  NFC EAst STINKS.  Giants loss at home to the seahawks much worse than the Eagles loss at a decent Buff team.  Obviously, need to win this week at Wash.  Still 2 against Dallas.  9-7 could win the division this year.

    Offense still averaging 25 a game even with dumb turnovers.  Just knock it down to 1-2 a game and we could score over 30 a game easily.  Defense can’t be this bad can it?

    As far a Reid, I just don’t see the team quitting.  Why would they quit on the year when they must see the same things I see.  NFC east stinks and we have alot of talent. Wash, Dallas after a bye and then Zona.  Lets get to 4-4 at halfway with momentum.  Take it from there.

  12. Ken Bland says:

    Today, 10/16, if you’re scoring at home is a big day for the Iggles.  A huge day!

    First, it gives Mike Vick a chance to change his record from 1-6 in his last 7 games as a starter to 1-7. 

    Perhaps even more importantly, it gives the Eagles a chance to step closer to the threshhold of becoming the first team since the early 70′s to put at least a touch of validity into a water cooler arguement of would a pro team lose to a college team.  A lot’s happened in college sports since the 1970s.  And there’ve been 2 or 3 college athletes I could name since that how could you not know college athletes since you’re in college period of one’s life.  But back then, even considering that the deepest part of an NBA roster consisted of former college capables, if not stars, it was a lively discussion as to if the Bill Walton led UCLA Bruins could beat the 9-73 76ers.  Greg Lee probably swayed that arguement back in favor of the 10-9-8-76ers, but then you think of John Block and Roy Rubin, and you just don’t know. Ah, the days of John Q. Trapp.

    The Eagles, on the other hand, probably aren’t quite as bad as the team that lost the OJ Bowl, and settled for Leroy Keyes back around 1968.  That’s the last time until this year that football enthusiasts watched Thanksgiving football because the Lions were in it, and excitement levels peaked when Sam Baker toed 4 field goals to lead the Birds to a 12-0 win, and the Eagles all but locked up the rights to Keyes. 

    If the Eagles do lose today, and losing to Rex Grossman is always a strong possibility, talented passer that he is everytime he throws accurately, it should make for a heated discussion as to whether the Birds could beat the neighboring Temple Owls of whatever conference they are in this week.  You can’t tell me that Bernard Pierce wouldn’t run over this touch football tackle comparable Eagle unit.  Chances are the Eagles win today and kill this theorizing.  But if not, look for still another major change at Sportstalk WIP tomorrow, when they followup last month’s frequency change with a format flip from all sports radio to all Flyers radio.           

  13. Ken Bland says:

    Nothing like a little negativity to start out a Sunday.  But hey.  You can thank the media subject of my rant for that.

    Because of the lengthy list of posts on the Pigskin subject since my last offering on this side of town, perhaps we should update that in the ensuing weeks, the Birds have thrashed the Cowpunks, and lost to the Cardinals in their highs and lows of life.  Their record feels like it stands at 3-2,057.  And now, the Freaking Bleacher Report comes out with a piece on “How The Eagles Can Still Win the NFC East”.  Dated this week.  Not 2.056 losses ago.

    I never understood the Bleacher report.  Never read it much.  Never liked it much.  The Onion offers fine fiction, but that’s intentional.  I didn’t read the ways the Eagles could win the NFC East, I just assumed it was if the Giants had a plane crash, the Cowscum an Amtrak derailment, and the Redskins outlawed from demonstrating the best quarterbacking skills east of Tim (4-1 somehow) Tebow.  But the Eagles aren’t winning any East.  The only division they could win is the Little Sisters of the Eastern Poor, and that’s more disrespect to the Sisters than they deserve.  But all is not lost.  Many teams strive to win a Super Bowl, and seasons are judged by that standard.  The Eagles date back to a time when a good season was defined by beating the Dallas Cowclowns twice.  That success is still doable.  Doable isn’t to be confused with made up of maybe 2 or 3  reasons it could still happen if the Bleacher report is looking for a realistic subject to do their next list on.

    A year ago, spirits were rocking around the Delaware Valley off Cliff Lee doing a homecoming act, and DeSean Jackson starring in meadowland Miracles, The Reprise.  Now…Mike Vick makes you hope for somehow someway some Luck at quarterback, Cliff fights off you’re only as good as your last game imagery, and the 1-2-3-4-5 6ers are on pace to win fewer games than their 9-73 predecessors.  At least there’s the Wanamaker’s light show to enjoy.

    Ain’t no Eagles winning no NFC East.

    • Ken Bland says:

      <<Ain’t no Eagles winning no NFC East.>>

      Sports is an amazing thing.  Hell, life is.  2004, I’m rock solid positive I’ve seen it all in sports as the Red Sox come back from 3-0 to beat the Yanks in the MLB LCS.  But we sit here tonight, frankly amazed that the Eagles playoff chances are described as so outside.  I mean they are hardly a favorite, but they’ve regrouped enough to have a realistic shot.

      First of all, should they position themselves to win and in with a last game win over freaking Rex Grossman and the Skins, if they lose….I can’t even begin to tell you how pathetic that’d be.

      But one step at a time.

      Next Saturday is at piece of shit Dallas.  Dallas sucks.  Used to be if the Eagles beat Dallas twice in a year, to fair weather fans like myself, it was as good as winning the Super Bowl.  A win next weekend might not be as big as 44-6, or 4th and 26, or 20-7, circa 1980 NFC title game at the Vet against the same stupid franchise the Birds need to crush next weekend, but hey, real time conquers all.

      Last weekend, it was “all hail the New York Football Giants” who ripped out Dallas’s hearts, and it’s even more all hail the G men tonight for their pathetic result today against the Skins.  That helped the Birds eons, and now it’s hate the Giants again this week when they play the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets, who of course at the final gun today, became the 2nd favorite NFL team on the map.  Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  Can this miracle follow the wanted course?  Hell yeah.  At least to the final weekend.  A lot better than seemed possible.  Specially since the Eagles have decided to play defense again.  

      At least if the Eagles win out, its some semblance of self respect in the final chapter.  And 2 wins against Dallas.  But it’d be a shame to settle fo0r the consolation at this point.

  14. Ken Bland says:

    It’s not that the Eagles don’t have skill, but they’ve just buried themselves so deep in the standings as the season gets into it’s later stages.  But, like the Yankees, and other examples aplenty, when a team is considered good, they live off a reputation.  Both Bob Ryan and Rick Gosselin wrote pieces this week warning of the danger of the Eagles, and you could easily see the flexibility of the record based on something like 5 4th quarter leads gone with the wind.  I don’t know which it is more of…sad, or pathetic.

    Dallas, which sucks, still has a 2 game lead over the Birds with a win today.  But the Birds have a potential advantage of tiebreaker if they can overcome the continuation of Dallas’s soft schedule.  The Giants could lead the Birds by but a game today, playing the Saints.   

    So there are reasons to think optimistiacally about the Eagles within confines.  Even in the rare poor years of the Reid administration, the team never quit on the guy.  You’d think that’d continie, and underlie whatever hope there is.

    But when you remember there’s another team on the field, and it’s the Belichick/Brady led Pats, you realize reality is a legitimately tough opponent, and how a win today is still more longshot than not.  The Iggles may be kinda sorts teetering on the peripheral suburbs of hot at the right time positioning, but the outcome I feel most comfortable expecting is Pats, by and large controlling the game, and outdistancing by 10-17 points.  That’s in part based on the assumption that the Patriot defense is better than it’s shown at times earlier in the year.

    What a sad expectation.  But what do you expect when you lose to the Arizona Cardinals.


  15. Ken Bland says:

    Remember….4 weeks ago today…

    VJ: Let’s switch gears to the NFL; give me the best future bet to win the Superbowl.

    RW: Dallas Cowboys. Perhaps the most underrated team in all of football right now is the Pokes. The rest of their division is in turmoil with Philadelphia imploding and the Giants hurt at every single position besides quarterback. Dallas has a one game lead in the division and two games to come against the second place Giants. Besides those games against Big Blue, the Cowboys have layups at Arizona, at Tampa and home to Philadelphia. Already winners of four in a row, I expect the Boys to win the rest of their games in this calendar year and head into New York on New Year’s Day 11-4. In big match-ups Dallas is going to be a great bet. They are a little bit under the radar right now and have a sharp bettor’s best friend, Tony Romo. Romo is despised by the public and will never get the support guys like Rodgers, Manning and Brees will, even though he deserves it. Romo has a great running game behind him and one of the best weapons in the passing department (Dez Bryant). They also have a very strong defense and can muster a pass rush against any QB. As the weather gets colder and colder, the Cowboys will get tougher and tougher. Come this January, look to bet the Cowboys. Listed at 20-1 right now to win the Superbowl, Dallas is at a great price.

    What a clown.

  16. Ken Bland says:

    This stuff, especially around the holidays is supposed to be just a game.  The entertainment department.  Good sportsmanship.  May the best team win.

    Man, screw all that. 

    Bleep the New York Football Giants, and motherbleep the Dallas Cowbleep.

    Lets go Jets, and let’s go Eagles.

    My feeling is the woebegone Giants pull it out, and make the Eagle game standings meaningless from the Philly view.  The Eagles, pointlessly in that regard win anyway.  But here’s to hope that Mark Sanchez plays a terrific game and proves me wrong.